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Haggate Baptist Chapel

In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Steep Causeway, Brierfield
Who died Dec 27th 1915
Aged 75 years
Also of
Margaret, the beloved wife
of John DUERDEN, of Burnley Lane
Who died Feb 11th 1892
In her 52nd year
Also of
Thomas, Maria & Sarah
Their children who died in infancy
Also of
James Edwin DUERDEN
ARCS (Lond) M.Sc.Ph.D F2S
Emeritus Professor of Rhodes
University, Grahamstown, U.S.A.
Beloved husband of
Mary Haworth DUERDEN
And eldest son of the above
John and Margaret DUERDEN
Born April 7th 1865
Passed on 4th September 1937.
Also Priscilla, daughter of
John and Margaret DUERDEN
Who died Nov 14th 1948
In her 86th year
Also Mary Haworth DUERDEN
Wife of the above
Professor J DUERDEN
Who died April 27th 1950
(This part taken from MI)
aged 85yrs
Margaret, wife of Tom TAYLOR, and daughter of John and Margaret, January 21st 1939, aged 63yrs

Image Source = David Barker
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