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Halstead Hartley and Proctor

Haggate Baptist Chapel in Briercliffe

In Loving Memory of
of Briercliffe
Who died June 27th 1918
In his 57th year
Also of Martha
His beloved wife
Who died Sept 1st 1938
In her 83rd year
Also of Mary Alice,
John, Ada and John,
Children of Hartley
and Martha HALSTEAD
Also of Sarah
Their daughter & dearly
loved wife of
John William PROCTOR
Who died June 4th 1948
In her 61st year
Also of Emily HARTLEY, their daughter
A dearly loved wife and mother
Who died July 16th 1966, in her 72nd year
Also Rennie her beloved husband
Who died Feby 17th 1975 in his 86th year
Thy Will Be Done

Image Source = David Barker
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