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Pickles and Simpson

Haggate Baptist Chapel, Briercliffe

In Affectionate Remembrance
of Betsy, daughter of James
and Hannah PICKLES, of Ex-
twistle, who died March 31st 1869
Aged 5 years.
Also of Mary, her sister, who died
April 8th 1869 aged 7 years.
Also Elizabeth Alice their sister
Who died Janry 31st 1876 Aged 15 years.
Also of the above named James
Who died Feby 9th 1886,
In the 55th year of his age.
Also of Rose Ann, the beloved wife of
James Henry PICKLES
Who died July 14th 1898, aged 22 years.
Also of Hannah, wife of the above named
Who died July 19th 1915, in her 80th year.
Also of Susannah SIMPSON
Daughter of the above,
Who died Oct 18th 1936, in her 71st year

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