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Haggate Baptist Chapel

In Memory of
of Extwistle,
Who died November 17th
In the 78th year of his age.
Also Hannah, his wife,
Who died September 30th
1864, aged 61 years
Also Mary, their
Who April 16th 1858,
Aged 29 years.
Memory of
Mary Ann,
The beloved wife of
Henry PICKLES, of Sweet
Well Farm, Extwistle, Who
died October 28th 1898,
Aged 53 years.
Francis, son of Henry and Mary Ann PICKLES, of Monk Hall, September 28th 1886,
Aged 7 years.
Betty, their daughter, November 22nd 1886, 4 years.
Memory of
The beloved daughter of
James and Nancy PICKLES
of Extwistle
Who died January 16th
Aged 14 years.
A flower when offered in
The bud is no vain sacrifice
Also the above named
James, who died
October 6th 188
Aged 58 years.
Also the above named Nancy,
Who died March 6th 1906
Aged 77 years
Rest After Weariness, Sweet Rest At Last
Also Joseph,
Their son,
Who died March 17th 1874,
In the 42nd year of his age.
Also Benjamin,
Their son, who died
August 14th 1858,
Aged 24 years.
Also Hannah,
Their daughter
& wife of James PICKLES,
of Roggerham Gate,
Who died May 18th 1887,
Aged 49 years.

Image Source = David Barker
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