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Haggate Baptist Chapel

In Loving Memory of
Died October 6th 1933
Aged 81 years
Also of Merinda
His beloved wife
Died August 26th 1943
Aged 79 years
Also of Thomas
Their dearly loved son
Killed in France June 1st 1918
Aged 19 years
Also of Walter
Their dearly loved son
Died December 30th 1960
Aged 59 years
Also of Evelyn Mary
Wife of Walter THORNTON
Died June 17th 1965
Aged 65 years
Also of Thomas their dearly loved son
Died MArch 15th 1971
Aged 39 years
Worthy of remembrance
Also of Jane, their??????????
Died November 5th 1974

Image Source = David Barker
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