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St James Briercliffe

In Memory of Barker son of William
and Jane GREENWOOD of
Extwistle Mill
Who died March 4th 1862
Aged 1 year and 8 months.
Also of Alice their daughter
And the beloved wife of
John HALSTEAD of Rake Head
Who died Dec 4th 1865
Aged 21 years.
Also of Daniel their son who died
January 7th 1870 aged 4 years
and 6 months
Also of Jane the beloved wife
of William GREENWOOD who
Died June 15th 1875 in her 50th year
Also of the above named
William GREENWOOD who died
Feby 17th 1881 in his 57th year
Also of James son of the above
named William and Jane GREENWOOD
Who died Jan 24th 1908
In his 65th year
Also Priscilla wife of the above
Who died March 7th 1919 aged 71 years
"She Hath Entered into her Rest"

Image Source = Kris Baxter
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