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Parker and Butcher

St James Briercliffe

In Loving Memory of
James PARKER of Burnley who died Jan 28th 1905 aged 56 years
Also Louisa PARKER wife of the above died Feb 20th 1927 aged 77 years
also of James Holt PARKER D.C.M. husband of Annie PARKER who died Aug 31st 1930 aged 42 years
And above Anie PARKER who died March 14th 1957 aged 71 years
"Thy Will Be Done"
In Loving Memory of
Adam PARKER of Burnley
Who died March 18th 1899 in his 45th year
Also of Agnes Annie PARKER
daughter of James and Louisa PARKER
Who died March 2nd 1963 aged 77 years
In Loving Memory of
Walter BUTCHER who died Dec 6th 1934 in his 38h year
Also Mary his wife, daughter of James and Louisa PARKER
Born Oct 9th 1882 Died June 23rd 1953

Image Source = Kris Baxter
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