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Number 13, October 1985

Forthcoming Events

Monday October 14th
Tatterall Wilkinson, by Ken Spencer of Burnley.
As you will recall this is an additional event. Mr Spencer informed the Hon. Sec. that this October would see the 160th Anniversary of the birth of Tattersall Wilkinson, the "Sage of Roggerham" and one of our most interesting citizens of old. To mark the anniversary of this event Mr. Spencer will lead what might becalled an "open discussion" on the life and achievements of "Owd Tatty". Remember, come along as usual bringing with you Wilkinson memorabilia and stories of the old man. The meeting will, as usual, be at Tennyson Street at 7-30pm.

Saturday 26th October
Victorian Concert produced by the M.P.A.A. and the Briercliffe Society, for the Centenary Appeal of the Victoria Hospital. Bookings are already coming in for this event. Look out for information in the press and on village notice boards. Venue - Haggate School, 7-30pm Refreshments.

Monday 14th November
Open Day at Corrin House
Another extra event. John and Carol Bentley are opening their house, formerly the Reading and Recreation Rooms, to members of the Briercliffe Society, and their friends. A number of members have expresseda desire to see what has been done to this well-known land mark in Haggate and so the house will be open from 2pm to 9pm on the 14th November. Entrance fee, 40p. Bring and buy stall. Proceeds to be split between the Briercliffe Society and Haggate Chapel. Refreshments; coffee, tea, biscuits, cakes etc. (Add this event to your diary or membership card.)

Monday 11th November
Illustrated feature by Dr. Keith INgham of Glasgow university. The main theme will be that of "Photography" and Keith will be showing many interesting local scenes not printed or shown before. Tennyson Street, 7-30pm.

December - Details will be announced shortly.
(1) Carol Concert
(2) Christmas Dinner

The Wycollar Trail

About 45 members and their guests enjoyed a very pleasant evening at Wycollar. They were led by John and Carol Bentley who toured the village with and enthusiastic following. The evening was concluded by a visit to the Craft shop/Cafe. A number of members enjoyed this event so much that they said that more such evenings might be planned. Have you any comments or suggestions? Contact the Hon. Secretary.

A New Book

The Department of the Environment and H.M.S.O. have recently published an authorative study of the buildings of N.E. Lancashire. It includes much information on Briercliffe and Extwistle and is beautifully printed and illustrated - a super Christmas present.
The details are; 'Rural Houses of the Lancashire Pennines,' by sarah Pearson H.M.S.O., 16.95 (paperback) 24 (hardback) (212 pages).

Calendar for 1986

There will be no calendar this year. We hoped to produce a colour version but though the initial quote was satisfactory the final price was too much. Should we have one in 1987? Have you any ideas?

Walverden Trail

In the last 'Newsletter' we referred to the newly created Walverden Trail. Since then the Hon. Sec. has walked it and found it much more interesting than he expected. The whole area of Pighole is much improved with the work undertaken on Pighole Farm, the Laith and the Mill (Fern Valley). The Reservoir site has easy to walk paths and the birs sanctuary has small wooden hides. This is certainly worth a visit. Combine it with a walk up to Southfield Hall and Chapel.

Flower Show Report

Despite the bad weather this year the Flower Show was a success and the committee have decided to continue the event next year, though there will be changes. John Cartmell, Arnold Greenwood and Jack France are to be congratulated for their work.

The Briercliffe Community Centre Association

Many of you are aware that the area is lacking in meeting places for local people. The community Centre Association is doing all it can to remedy this situation and has been working towards such a facility. The former Methodist chapel proved to be too difficult a proposition - insurance being the main problem for such a building.

However, the Association held a very successful series of four play-schemes at Haggate, Brunlea and Lanehead. These events were enjoyed by dozens of young children and it is hoped to do something of this kind next year.

Ron Severs

Those of you who attended Ron's lecture in September will know that he suggested that it might be of interest to undertake our own 'Postal History'. If anyone is interested please contact Roger Frost and if enough 'sign up' perhaps we can start a local studies group with this as our first subject.

Family History

Are you interested in tracing your family history? If you are this address will be of use to you: The Manchester and Lancs Family History Society, The General Secretary, 3 Lytham Rd, Manchester, M19 2AT

Another Briercliffe Publication

'Walks in a Lancashire Township, No. 1 The Villages of Briercliffe,' by Roger Frost and Malcolm Higgin is now available in local shops. It costs 95p. If you live away from Briercliffe you can obtain a copy from the Hon. Secretary. (add 25p for Post and Packing. don't send cash, but use Postal Orders or Cheques)

For Sale

Briercliffe Society Badges 75p (Available from the Hon. Treasurer)
The History of Lanehead School 1 each (Available from the Hon. Sec.)


It is sad to record the death of Mr Ernest Sutcliffe, one of our members, at Christie Hospital in Manchester. A minutes silence was observed at our September meeting.

Keeping in Touch: A Digest for those living away from Briercliffe

(1) The Elm Tree we wrote about in our last Newsletter has sadly succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease and has had to be removed from its site at the Bowling Green. Another tree has been planted, but it will be some years before this spot is the same again.

(2) The Walton Cross. High technology is taking over here and Mrs. Birch's plans to save this old monument have found favour at the Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford. Plans are afoot to rebuild the cross shortly.

(3) Conservation in Harle Syke. As we write to you many residents of Harle Syke will be replying to a letter from the Burnley Planning Officer about the extension of the Harle Syke Conservation Area. Those of you who have views remember to fill in the form provided by Mr. Walker and his colleagues, and remember that our village is probably the best late Victorian Weaving Village in the County. Lets try and keep what we still have got, whilst trying to improve Harle Syke as well.

(4) Queen Street Mill. Visitors have been flocking (well almost!) to Queen Street during the trial 'open period'. Several thousand have already visited the mill and over the winter the project will be finished. It looks as if theproject is now getting on its feet and those involved in it are very pleased by the interest shown.

(5) A Green Route. This is planned for our area and is a pathway which, hopefully, will connect Burnley, via Briercliffe, to the Pennine Way. Other local authorities have developed such facilities and they have proved a great success. Burnley's plans are, as yet, in the discussion stage, but we will keep you informed.

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