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Number 27, November 1988

Forthcoming Events

(1) MONDAY 14th NOVEMBER. Tennyson Street, 7.30p.m. ‘CLIVIGER PAST AND PRESENT’.
This is an illustrated lecture by Mr R Crook who is a well—known local speaker. (Also presentation)

This event replaces our Annual Christmas Dinner (see below) and is a joint production between the Briercliffe Society and the Mid-Pennine Arts Association. It has been designed on the same lines as our last successful joint venture. M.P.A.A. describe the evening as follows: “A barn dance with stories, songs and sketches presented in a festive atmosphere. A small company of entertainers with an infinite wealth of talents bring you visual entertainments coupled with feats of skill, strength and daring, and plenty of music and dancing” ENTRY IS BY TICKET ONLY which must be purchased before the event. Please contact any Committee Member — soon! Prices: £2.50 (Concessions £1.50), Refreshments available.

(3) MONDAY 19th DECEMBER. ANNUAL CAROL SERVICE at St. James’, Briercliffe Parish Church, Church St, Harle Syke. 7.30 p.m.

(4) MONDAY 9th JANUARY 1989. Tennyson Street, 7.30 p.m. ‘COAST TO COAST WITH A CAMERA’.
An illustrated talk by Mr Tony Mitchell of Burnley. Tony is an excellent photographer and has presented some most entertaining lectures. He has been to us before when we had a most successful evening.

(5) MONDAY 13th FEBRUARY 1989. Tennyson Street,7.30p.m. ’FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE AREA’
An illustrated talk by Mr Norman Ward. Norman is a most entertaining speaker and is very knowledgeable about his subject.

Society News

The Cancellation of the Christmas Dinner

The Committee has decided not to take up its option on a Christmas Dinner at the Fence Gate. We have decided to work with the M.P.A.A. to present you with something different — at least so far as Christmas in concerned. A description of what is going to happen is given above, but we hope that as many as possible of you will come.

We would like to remind you that the evening is designed for the whole family - young and old alike. The event is open to non—members, but we prefer booking to be through members. Haggate School Hall is limited in terms of space — so it will have to be ‘first come, first served’.

The Society is determined to do more things for the family as a whole. This is one of the ways by which we can reach an audience across the whole age range. (See you on 3rd December).

A Dinner for the Society

We don’t intend to forget that we have had some very enjoyable Christmas Dinners over the years and, with this in mind, the Committee is going to look at the possibility of having a Society Dinner (with entertainment) in the Spring. Further details later.

Tattersall Wilkinson Booklet

At the time of writing Ken Spencer’s booklet on Tattersall Wilkinson is not available but it will be on sale in November. A price of £2.00 has been settled by the Committee. You will appreciate that this finely produced booklet will make a suitable Christmas present.

Bythell-Taylor Awards

The Society has received a letter from Mr Jack Stuttard, Headmaster of St James’, Lanehead. In it he says that he would like to thank the Society for its donation of the Bythell—Taylor cup and medal.

It is pleasing that this important venture has got off to a good start and the Society is pleased also to be in a position to perpetuate the memories of two men who have done so much for us.

June Trail Price Increase

The Committee has decided that the price for refreshments (pie and peas, tea etc) for the June Trail must go up for next year. Costs have risen so don’t be surprised when we ask you for 75p.

We hope that everyone will understand.

The Flower Show

THE FLOWER SHOW — turned out to be a super occasion. The displays were the best ever, and, on a fine day, we had large crowds attending. Congratulations must go to our Committee of John Cartmel, Jack France and Arnold Greenwood. Mrs Lishman did a wonderful job of presenting the trophies.

Red Rose Awards

The awards will now be presented at our November meeting.

Mr. Ron Hodges

Mr Ron Hodges who attended the Paraplegic Olympics In South Korea — was presented with a cheque for £122.50 as a result of a Briercliffe Society event held at Tennyson Street. We would like to thank Hill Lane for their kindness and support in this venture.

Hornby Castle

The Committee is in the process of arranging the promised trip to Hornby Castle and the village, it will take place in April, 1989.

Other News

Haggate Lectures

The Socials Committee of Haggate Baptist Church has arranged a SLIDE SHOW on Tuesday 15th November when Mrs Willwohl will present ‘From the Pacific to the Rockies’. (Venue: Haggate School, 7.30 p.m. Tea and Biscuits will be served.)

A Guide to Shedden Clough

Lancashire County Council has produced a leaflet entitled ‘A Guide to Shedden Clough’ — an area of Cliviger which contains some spectacular limestone hushings. The more active of you might like to have a look. Copies are available, free, from local libraries.

Huncoat Power Station

One of the most dominant features of our local skyline, and clearly visible from Briercliffe for the past thirty-six years, has been Huncoat Power Station. In mid October, the cooling towers were blown up and now this feature has gone and some would say ‘good riddance’.

Unfortunately, for one of our members, Mr George Atkinson of Yeomans Farm, the explosion sent a shock—wave towards Briercliffe which killed 24 of his turkeys. This may seem incredible, given the distance between Huncoat and Briercliffe, but it actually happened. It must have been a shock for Mr & Mrs Atkinson too.

Changes in Harle Syke

Who would have thought that the changes that have taken place in Harle Syke could have happened — in the last ten or so years?
Chinese Take Away, Italian Restaurant (now replaced by another Take Away), a Museum — well, we now have another — an Antique Shop is opening in Burnley Road!

Of course Briercliffe has been the home of the Sutcliffe family’s antique business, but, as yet, we have not had an Antique shop. This represents another addition to our local economy which is becoming much more varied.

Community Centre

At a recent meeting of the Community Centre Association we heard that plans have been approved and that we are moving towards our goal. Mrs Anne Kelly, a Briercliffe Society Member, has accepted the position of Treasurer of the Association. The Society will be holding some money raising events soon. Please give us your support.


In our last letter we mentioned how lucky we are to have so many footpaths, but it seems that we might be in line for several bridleway routes. One might include Shay Lane and Blackhouse Lane and others are possible in Extwistle. A meeting is being held to which the Hon. Secretary has been invited. We’ll keep you informed.

Extwistle Hall

EXTWISTLE HALL — was the Manor House for Extwistle from c1600 to 1695, but, for much of that time, it was falling into decay. Ambitious plans have been produced to rebuild the complete building and make part of it into country cottages and a pony-trekking centre. Let’s hope that the work is ‘sympathetic’ and that the venture is a success.

Local History 2. Robert Mosley Master and St James' Church

Our Parish Church was built largely because of the efforts of Robert Mosley Master who was Curate of Burnley, 1826 —55. Mr Mosley Master was one of the most interesting of our local figures. He came from the influential Croston family of that name and was a very active churchman.

I have written about the Parish Church in my book (A Lancashire Township) and in the Guide to the church, but I thought that you might like to read a letter to a supporter sent by Mr Mosley Master. Unfortunately, the benefactor is not named.

The letter is written in the style of a man who has not got much time to spare. It reads:

Dear Sir,
I have many apologies to make for not replying earlier to your favour of the 21st inst. and acknowledging your very liberal donation of 5£ towards the erection of Briercliffe Church.

I was unfortunately called away from home for a few days last week which must be my excuse for the delay which has taken place. Mr Master, however, did send on Saturday a receipt for the money to the Manager of the Lancaster Bank.

I do feel most grateful for the generous assistance you have afforded me, and I feel assured you will be pleased to hear that, from the kind manner in which my application has been generally received, I have every encouragement to hope for complete success.

My father and three uncles were all educated at Clitheroe and I do not doubt but some of them were the companions you speak of.

I return you, Mr Newsham’s note with many thanks.

Believe me, Dear Sir.

Yours Sincerely, obliged and faithfully,

Robert Mosley Master
Burnley. April 26, 1841.

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