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Mollies Attic
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Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Mollies Attic

I have removed the link to Mollies Attic as Mollies Attic is no longer on the site. However, the links to individual pictures should still work. Mel

We have a new section in the Photo Archive titled 'Mollies Attic'.

Marie Normansell sent these pictures, postcards, news cutting etc to me in the hope that someone will be see them and be able to answer at least one of the many questions she has about them.

This was what she had to say on sending this treasure trove to me.

My father, Ronald Halstead, was the second son of Varley Halstead and Sarah Ellen (nee England). The first child, Ernest, died in infancy before Ronald was born. Dad married Mollie in 1940. Dad left Blacko, Lancashire in 1938 following the death of his mother. Although effectively an only child Dad was part of a large and loving extended family on both the Halstead and England sides. At the time of his mother’s death I believe that there were very few close family members remaining. Dad died in 1987, in Cardiff, Wales. Mollie died in 2003. After Mollie’s death and whilst clearing her home for sale, two large cardboard boxes were discovered in the attic. Inside these boxes was a treasure trove of photographs, press cuttings, WW1 War Medals, postcards and letters. All have the potential to tell me the story of Dad’s life in Lancashire, from his birth in Barrowford to the time he left Lancashire from Blacko and even beyond this from Nelson Leader newspaper cuttings carefully preserved until about 1969. Sadly, in many instances, I have no idea who the people are who are depicted in the photographs etc. I am hoping that someone may be able to come forward and help me discover more about the most loving, caring, quiet and private man that you would ever meet. In the process of this journey I intend to write a story about Barrowford/Blacko and its people that were so important to my Dad. However, before I can do this I must begin to identify the people in my photographs and find out about how life was in this bygone era.
What I do know about any of the photographs, I have jotted either beneath or alongside each of them.

Author:  Gloria [ Fri May 30, 2008 12:07 pm ]
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Going for a furtle in Mollies Attic. I may be some time.

Author:  Burnleymasher [ Fri May 30, 2008 12:10 pm ]
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Already replied to one of her questions. :P

Author:  Gloria [ Fri May 30, 2008 12:23 pm ]
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How interesting. My dad was well into pigeons and I vaguely recognise a couple of the men in the pic, but don't ask me who they are. They would probably be from Nelson Pigeon Club (which I believe is no more) as my Dad had quite a bit to do with that.
Have you tried contacting BJ on the www.oneguyfrombarlick.co.uk site, he is a mine of info on Barrowford?

Author:  Gloria [ Fri May 30, 2008 12:27 pm ]
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Where did you reply to it Stephanie?? and to which one?

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 12:39 pm ]
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Stephanie sent me an email in response to the tackler pic and then I thought....why not discuss them here!! Hopefully Marie will join up when she has access to the internet.

I thought the pigeon ones might ring a bell with you Gloria.

I have posted a link on OGFB and will be sending BJ an email this afternoon just to point him in this direction.
I thought some of those pics were really interesting and not the sort that you see everyday. I'm referring to the amateur dramatics pictures mainly.

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 1:11 pm ]
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I've sent an email to John and I have also forwarded Stephanies email to Marie.

Author:  Leaver [ Fri May 30, 2008 1:49 pm ]
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Nice photos.

Re: http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Pho ... Quants.htm

It is difficult to tell from the photo, but I think the soldier is in the Manchester Regiment.

An image of the badge can be seen here:

http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgur ... n%26sa%3DN

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 2:00 pm ]
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Nothing in the ancestry database for a quant in the Manchesters

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 2:05 pm ]
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1901 census, RG13/3890 folio 26 page 16
8 Queen St Barrowford
John, Dora and Manfred Quant.

Manfred born Q3 1900, Burnley district 8e 294

Manfred married Q2 1923 Burnley district 8e 619. Spouse surname was Day

Author:  Leaver [ Fri May 30, 2008 2:05 pm ]
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No, I could not find one either. There are no Manfred Quants to be seen, but maybe he altered his name because Manfred is a German name.

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 2:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

He was using the same name in 1923 and Marie knew of him as Manfred so I would imagine he was always Manfred?

Gender: Masculine

Usage: German, Dutch, Polish

Pronounced: MAHN-fret (German, Polish), MAHN-frut (Dutch) [key]

Derived from the Germanic elements magin "strength" and frid "peace".
This is the name of the main character in Byron's drama 'Manfred'.
This name was also borne by Manfred von Richthofen, the German pilot in World War I who was known as the Red Baron

Author:  Mel [ Fri May 30, 2008 2:12 pm ]
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Varley Halstead
Royal Engineers
Received the Victory Medal, the British Medal and the Star.

Author:  Mel [ Sat May 31, 2008 2:10 pm ]
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BJ has replied to me. These are his comments...

Many thanks for alerting me to the photographs. I am certainly interested in the Blacko area as it was once part of Barrowford. I do not know anyone on the pics becuase of the period. The oval pic of the school is pre-1897; the School Board predated the Rushton Street Board School, classes were held in chapels before the new school was built in 1897. This particular pic was taken outside the Congregational Chapel on Church Street (now gone). http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Pho ... chool3.htm

The other school pics are all Barrowford, the one where they are weaving baskets is taken in the same place as an earlier school pic that I have where the board in the foreground clearly says Barrowford. http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Pho ... School.htm

The Blacko football team played on the ground at Beverley, in Blacko, at the time of these pics, they formerly played at Admergill. Most of the committe members were manufacturers of the district ( Henry Berry and Sam Holden) as it was considered good practice for them to support local workers in their sporting activities - this led to a happier and more productive workforce! http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Pho ... 20Team.htm http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Pho ... 20Team.htm

I will ask a friend of mine about the pidgeon trophies as he is an expert on the subject. The fact that Halstead family lived at Aubern House means that they would know the Stow family who lived next door at Dorset House. This family were avid pidgeon fanciers.

Author:  Mel [ Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:08 pm ]
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Irene (the tea lady at the meetings) has phoned me today. I missed the first part of her conversation as she was trying to tell me too much at once but she mentioned Mollies Attic and some pictures that she has for me. I am heading up north soon so will pick them up then. I got the impression she recognised someone in one of the pictures. Irene does not have access to the internet at home but her grandson shows her the site when she visits him.

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