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Author:  Mel [ Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Emmott/Emmett

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section A Grave 22
In Loving Memory of
Beloved wife of Joseph EMMOTT
died May 25th 1892
Aged 70
Also Robert DUERDEN
Died May 16th 1883
Aged 30
Also Mary Ann DUERDEN
Beloved wife of the above
Died Dec 31st 1911
Aged 58
Also Betty EMMOTT
Died Jan 10th 1939
Aged 76
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... uerden.htm

Section A Grave 36
Joseph SHUTTLEWORTH of Burnley died Oct 21st 1884 aged 62. Alice his wife died April 4th 1905 aged 79. Fanny wife of Frederic INGHAM died Jan 19th 1915 aged 58. Ann daughter of above Joseph who died in infancy 1852 and was interred at Cowling Hill Chapel, Yorks. Elizabeth EMMETT their daughter died Oct 25th 1918 aged 62.

Section A Grave 70
In Loving Memory of
The beloved husband of
of Burnley
Died aug 16th 1914
Aged 53 years
Also Mary ann
His beloved wife
Died Nov 29th 1925
Aged 66 years
Also Sarah, John,
Joe and Annie,
Their children died in infancy
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... mmott1.htm

Section B Grave 135
In Affectionate
of Burnley Lane who died
December 22nd 1869
Aged 38 years.
Also of Nanny, his wife
Who died April 27th 1874 in her 32nd
Also of Sarah their infant daughter
Also of Sarah wife of
William EMMETT and Mother of the
above Nanny TATTERSALL, who died
January 12th 1875 aged 57 years.
Also of the above named
William EMMETT who died
May 12th 1889 aged 67 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... ersall.htm

Section B Grave 136
In Memory of
Ann, daughter of
Robert and Alice EMMOTT
of Haggate, who died
April 13th 1858 aged 7 years
and 1 months.
Also of Jane, Wife of John WYLD
Who died May 13th 1867:In the
24th year of her age.
Also of Robert son of the above John
and Jane WYLD, who died March 1st 1870
Aged 4 years.
Also of Betty, daughter of the above
Robert and Alice EMMOTT, who
Died April 30th 1870, aged 20 years.
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... 20Wyld.htm

Section B Grave 187
Rachel daughter of William and Sarah Ellen EMMETT of Burnley died November 28th 1915 aged 14 years
Above William died Janaury 15th 1933 aged 55 years
Sarah Ellen his wife died July 6th 1955 aged 83 years

Section C Grave 11
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Haggate
Who died July 11th 1849 aged
31 years
Also of Ann DUERDEN her daughter
Who died Sep 5th 1864 aged 23 years
Also of Joseph EMMOTT her husband
Who died June 9th 1866 aged 51 years
Also of Grace their daughter
Who died March 26th 1874 aged 28 years
Also of William her son
Who died Dec 23rd 1902 aged 64 years
Also of Robert FOSTER
Who died July 18th 1914 aged 67 years
Also of Ellen his beloved wife
Who died Oct 4th 1917 aged 69 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... uerden.htm

Section C Grave 30
In Loving Memory of
Who died 15th Feb 1897
In his 77th year
Alice the beloved wife of
of Burnley Lane
Who died 7th Nov 1889
In her 70th year
Also Robert ATKINSON
Who died March 21st 1924
Aged 72 years
Also Ellen the dearly loved
Wife of the above
Who died June 18th 1935
Aged 82 years
Also Jane Elizabeth LEE
The beloved daughter of the above
Who died July 23rd 1933
Aged 55 years
Also Ald. Hartley EMMOTT J.P.
Freeman of the Borough of Burnley
Who died August 6th 1925 aged 63 years
Also Martha Ann
The dearly beloved wife of Hartkey EMMOTT
of Haines Hill Burnley
Who died Dec 21st 1924
In her 66th year
Also Arthur son of the above Robert & Ellen ATKINSON
Who died Dec 21st 1935 aged 43 years
Hartley son of Robert and Ellen ATKINSON of Burnley and grandson of above died October 2nd 1883 aged 3yrs
Alice their daughter died March 23rd 1884 aged 5mths
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... %20Lee.htm

Section C Grave 37
Mary wife of Joseph EMMOTT of Nelson born July 31st 1835 died June 5th 1888
Above Joseph born April 24th 1839 died July 29th 1921
Emma daughter of Mary died November 3rd 1928 aged 73 years
Margaret Ellis their daughter died December 4th 1962 aged 88 years

Section C Grave 69
In Loving Memory
of Haggate
Who died December 12th 1889
Aged 70 years
Also Mary wife of the above
Who died January 6th 1889
Aged 63 years
Also Ann wife of Moses GREENWOOD
Who died January 19th 1890
Aged 30 years
Also Grace EMMOTT
Their Grand-daughter
Who died April 27th 1892
Aged 17 years
Also Mary EMMOTT, daughter
of the above named James EMMOTT
Who died March 3rd 1919
In her 76th years
Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... enwood.htm

Section C Grave 141
Thomas TATTERSALL died March 6th 1903 aged 76 years
Ann his wife died March 7th 1875 aged 51 years
Isabella wife of James TATTERSALL died November 17th 1910 aged 48 years
Harry son of above James fell in Flanders October 10th 1917
Aged 25 years
James TATTERSALL died November 17th 1944 aged 82 years
Lena daughter of James died February 23rd 1946 aged 50 years
Tom TATTERSALL died January 20th 1957 aged 69 years
Ann EMMOTT died July 28th 1945 aged 61 years
Children of William H. and Ann EMMOTT - Nellie died July 22nd 1914 aged 6 years
Isabel died July 25th 1914 aged 2 years

Section C Grave 228
In Loving Memory of
Who died December 13th 1919
Aged 50 years
Also Annie
His beloved wife
Who died February 21st 1945
Aged 77 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... mmott2.htm

Section D Grave 90
John Edward WESTON, son of John and Alice WESTON, Briercliffe, 5th March 1901, born, died July 12th 1915
Frank, son, died in infancy
Above alice, march 25th 1924, aged 60 years
Above John, July 12th 1939, aged 75 years
Alwyn EMMOTT, grandson, February 16th 1923, 10 years

Section G Grave 75
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
John Willie EMMETT,
Died January 8th 1942, aged 72 years
Also the above
John Willie EMMETT
Died March 27th 1951, aged 79 years
Also Beatrice Ethel the beloved wife of Ernest EMMETT
And daughter-in-law of the above
Died May 5th 1970 aged 79 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... Emmett.htm

Section G Grave 266
Sarah Ellen EMMETT September 11th 1930 aged 63yrs
Anne BURROWS September 28th 1949 aged 78yrs
James BURROWS, husband, October 13th 1954 aged 82yrs

Section G Grave 350
In Loving Memory of
Dearly beloved husband of
Died Dec 23rd 1933 aged 73 years
Also Mary EMMETT
Died Feb 13th 1943
Aged 75 years
Also James their son
Died April 26th 1924 aged 26 years
Also Job their son
Killed in Action (France)
May 9th 1915 aged 19 years
Also Frank COULSON their grandchild
Died in infancy
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... oulson.htm

Author:  Mel [ Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

St John, Worsthorne


Author:  Mel [ Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

The Preston Guardian

Saturday November 27 1852

Death From Intemperance
An inquest was held on Wednesday last, at the Turf Tavern, East Gate, on the body of William Emmett, of the Ridge, in the township of Burnley. The deceased, who has always been a man of very intemperate habits, was last seen at the White Lion, in a state of intoxication. At about twelve o'clock on Saturday night last, he seems to have made an effort to reach home, as he was found on the Sunday morning, at about eight o'clock, in one of the fields leading thereto. He was lying with his face in a small stream of water. He must have been utterly incapable of making the slightest effort to save himself. When found he had in his pockets the sum of 5s. 2 ½d. He was only forty-three years of age, and was by trade a gardener. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally drowned.” Thus is added another to the catalogue of victims of that most fearful vice, Intemperance.

Author:  Mel [ Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

St Bartholomew, Colne

Here lieth
The remains of Robert
ROBINSON and Sarah his
Wife, late of Standroyd
Also of James their son, of Sarah the wife of
George EMMOTT, their
And Lawrence their
Son, which last departed
This life December 17th 1787
In the 76th year of his age


In Memory of
Grace daughter of Samuel and Pathenea EMMOT of Colne who
died January 11th 1840 aged 5 years

In Memory of
Isabella wife of John EMMOTT of
Colne who departed this life May
30th 1824 in the 23rd year of her age
Also of two of the sons who died in their infancy
Also of William son of John and Judith EMMOTT who died April
14th 1834 aged 21 months

In Memory of
Ellen EMMOTT of Colne who
Died December 30th 1840
Aged 73 years
Also John son of John and Isabella EMMOTT
and grandson
of the above Ellen EMMOTT who
departed this life April 5th
1850 aged 28 years
Also of Isabella the wife of Joseph HOLMES of Colne who
departed this life April 7th
1850 aged 38 years

Author:  Mel [ Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

Memorial Card from Hannah
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... Emmott.htm

Author:  Mel [ Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

Burnley Express and News

February 20 1943

Mrs. M. Emmett

The interment took place in the Haggate Baptist burial ground on Wednesday of Mrs. Mary Emmett (75), of 5, Barritt-street, whose death occurred on Saturday last. Mrs. Emmett, who was a native of Burnley, had lived in the Burnley Lane district the whole ofher life. In her younger days she was closely identified with the Salvation Army. Much sympathy has been extended to her three sons and two daughters, who survive her. Her husband pre-deceased her nine years ago. The Rev. Thos. Scott offered prayers at the home, assisted by Adjutant Wyatt, who also officiated at Haggate. Arrangements by Burnley Co-operative Society.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

From Obituary Index for Burnley Advertiser at Burnley Reference Library (Date of paper, not date of death)

EMMETT - On the 9th inst., Joseph Emmett, Haggate, aged 51. 16/6/1866

Author:  portia [ Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

This is Joseph, son of Hartley Emmett & Ellen Catlow. Married MAry Nutter 1839.

Author:  Mel [ Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

Westmorland Gazette

Saturday 11 November 1848


On Saturday night last, a young man named Hartley Emmet, whilst engaged, with several of his companions, in celebrating the 5th of November, at Haggate, in Lancashire, discharged and old gun barrel with a red-hot poker, was struck on the forehead by therecoil, and died instantly.

Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 16 June 1866
On the 9th inst., aged 51 years, Joseph Emmett, Haggate

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 04 April 1874
On the 26th ult., aged 28 years, Grace Emmett, Haggate

Burnley Express
Wednesday 04 May 1892
April 27. -Grace Emmott, Haggate, 17 years

Burnley Express
Wednesday 18 December 1889
Dec. 12. -James Emmott, Haggate, 71 years

Author:  Mel [ Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Emmott/Emmett

The Burnley News

Saturday February 24, 1923

Death of Young Rechabite

Master Alwyn Emmott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmott, of Burnley-road, died on Friday of last week after a long illness. The interment took place at Haggate Baptist Chapel on Tuesday last. Master Emmott was greatly liked in the district, and the floral tributes were numerous, including wreaths, etc., from Haggate Baptist Sunday School and Haggate Council School. He was a member of the local Rechabite Ten. and the Society was represented by Bro. Thomas Glenn, the local secretary, who took part in the service, along with Mr. Richard couch, his teacher, and Mr. James Halstead, deacon of the church, both at home and the graveside. The parents have sincere sympathy of the people in the district in their sad bereavement.

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