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Brierley MI's
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Author:  Mel [ Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Brierley MI's

Haggate & Hill Lane Baptist Church

Section A Grave 32
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Swamp Top
Who departed this life July 9th 1882
aged 53 years
Them Also Which Sleep in Jesus
Will God Bring With Him
Also of Joseph
the beloved son of
William and Betty BRIERLEY
and grandson of the above
Who died March 18th 1888 aged 8 years
Also in Loving Memory of the
Above named William BRIERLEY
Who lost his life in the boating
Disaster at Morecambe September
3rd 1894 aged 41 years
Also in Loving Memory of
Maggie the beloved wife of
and daughter of the above
Who died Jany 10th 1908
aged 25 years
Home at Last, Labour Done
Safe and Blest, victory Won
Also the above named
Who died Jany 11th 1931 aged 73 years.
Being Weary, She Fell Asleep

Section B Grave 150
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Willie Albert
Son of Thomas and
Ellen NUTTALL of Haggate
Born January 8th 1871 died December 29th 1871
Ada their daughter
Born April 1st 1875 died February 4th 1878
Mary their daughter in law
Born December 26th 1861 died December 19th 1888
Willie Albert her son
Born December 7th 1883 died January 31st 1884
Also of Sarah the beloved wife of
And daughter of Thomas and
Ellen NUTTALL of Nelson
Who died June 19th 1905
In her 42nd year
Also of the above named
Who died July 10th 1910
Aged 75 years
Also of Mary their daughter
Who died August 5th 1910
Aged 44 years
Also Ellen wife of the above
Thomas NUTTALL who died Oct
28th 1918 aged 80 years
Also Herbert NUTTALL
Who died Dec 14th 1942
Aged 69 years
At Rest

Section C Grave 107
In Loving Memory of
of Cop Row
Who died March 14th 1894
Aged 65 years
Also of MArtha wife of the above
Who died December 1st 1896
Aged 65 years
Grand-daughter of the above
Who died March 31st 1906 aged 4 years
Also Sarah Ellen BRIERLEY
Grand-daughter of the above
Who died May 23rd 1896 aged 15 years
Also Richard Watson BRIERLEY
Grandson of the above
Who died March 13th 1894 aged 1 year
Grand-daughter of the above
Who died August 14th 1894 aged 8 months
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... kleton.htm

Section C Grave 261
In Loving Memory of
of Kimberley St, Briercliffe
Died Dec 16th 1921
Aged 65 years.
Also Catherine
Wife of the above
Died Jan 17th 1935
Aged 77 years
Also Edith
Daughter of the above
Died May 17th 1947
Aged 56 years
Also Arthur son of the above
Died in infancy
Died Nov 25th 1947 aged 58 years
Wife of the above
Died October 31st 1965
Aged 78 years
Died November 30th 1996
Aged 76 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... lstead.htm

Section C Grave 282
In Loving Memory of
Joseph Luther BRIERLEY
of 1 Queen St Briercliffe
Who died Oct 5th 1928
Aged 36 years
Rest After Weariness
Also of jesse the beloved
Husband of Margaret BRIERLEY
Who died August 22nd 1931
In his 53rd year

Section C Grave 369
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of the late
Who died September 5th 1937
Aged 58 years
Also Francis Edward
Son of the above
And beloved husband of
Elizabeth May BRIERLEY
Who died May 14th 1950
Aged 48 years
And Elizabeth May
Who died November 9th 1991
Aged 88 years
At Rest

Section L Grave 92
Memories of
A Dear Sister
Died Dec 19th 1972 aged 76 years.
Also her loving husband Albert
Died Sept 1st 1967 aged 68 years.
Also the Mother, Father and Sister of Albert
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... ierley.htm

Author:  Mel [ Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Worsthorne Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist

Worsthorne Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist

Loving Memory
of Mary Ann
the dearly loved wife of
who died May 21st 1924
in her 70th year
Also of William the
beloved husband of the above
Who died July 27th 1933
in his 83rd year

Author:  Mel [ Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Brierley MI's

Burnley Express and News

February 27 1943

Mr. R.H. Brierley

The interment took place on Wednesday in St. John's Church Burial Ground, Great Marsden, Nelson, of Mr. Richard Horace Brierley (46), of 28, Adelphi-street. Mr. Brierley, who died on Saturday last, was born in Stoneyholme, and latterly had been employed by the Burnley Corporation. Much sympathy has been extended to his wodow. The Rev. H. Hardman offered prayers at the home, and the Rev. J. morgan officiated at the burial ground. Arrangements by Burnley Co-op.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Brierley MI's

Burnley Express
Saturday 11 July 1885
BRIERLEY -On July 3rd, Mary Brierley, Cockden, Briercliffe, aged 53 years

Author:  Mel [ Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Brierley MI's

The Burnley News

Saturday, July 22, 1922


Death of Mr. William Brierley.- The death occurred on Monday morning of Mr. William Brierley, the second son of Mrs. Brierley, of 20, Talbot-street, Briercliffe. Mr. Brierley, who was 32 years of age, had been bedfast about five weeks with an attack of malaria which he contracted whilst serving with the forces in Solonika. Bronchial pneumonia set in, and resulted in his death. He was formerly a weaver at Harle Syke Mill Company, and was well-known and respected in the district being a member of the Briercliffe Working Men's Club. The funeral, which was of an impressive character, took place on Thursday at Haggate Baptist Chapel. There were many floral tributes including a wreath from the Briercliffe Brass Band Institute, and a wreath from the Harle Syke Mill Company.

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Brierley MI's

Express and News

14 May 1938

The interment of Mrs. Elizabeth Brierley, a well-known Harle Syke octogenarian, of 125, Burnley-road, took place at the Haggate Baptist Churchyard last Wednesday. Mrs. Brierley was a native of Burnley, but removed to Harle Syke at 11 years, when her parents took over the Craven Heifer Inn. For over 30 years she was a member of Haggate Baptist Church, but later became identified with the Harle Syke Methodist church. She was 81 years of age, and leaves one son and three daughters. By many older residents in the district she will be remembered as "Libby" Watson.
Mr. J. R. Quirk officiated at the home and Mr. Halstead and Mr. Thornber at the graveside. Floral tributes were sent by:- Daughter Sarah; daughter Mary, Joe and family; daughter Janie, Cyril and Harry; son Ben, Annie and family; Mrs. Ormerod; Mr. and Mrs E. Watson (Harle Syke); Aunt Susie; James Thornton, Fred and Doris; Mrs. Howarth; Mr. and Mrs. Jones and family (Worsthorne); Mr. and Mrs. Crowther, Maggie and Eva; Winnie, Alban and Margaret; Mrs. Heap; niece Mary, John and family (London); Mrs. Firth (Cleaver-street); Clifford, alice and Cynthia; family of the late Mrs. Cowgill; Mary, Amy and Annie; Stanley and Ellen; Harle Syke Methodist Church; family of the late William Brierley; Mr. and Mrs. W. Mason; Harle Syke Sisterhood; Nellie and Jessie; Mrs. Barker; Mrs. Walsh, Annie and Joe; Florence-street Sunday School; Mr. and Mrs. H. Sharples and Florence; brother, sister and family; nieces Alice and Maggie; Mrs. Patchett and family; Mrs. McCleave and family; Auntie Janie and Lily; Aunt Bella and Uncle Ernest; Richard, Bertha and Evelyn; Sam, Alice and the boys; Nellie Herbert and great-grand-daughter Joan; Mrs. Catterall and family; Bill, Mary and Brian; Mr. James Halstead; Mrs. Banks; Willie, Mary Ann and Jean; Janie; Norah, Bill and Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. Stuttard (Craven Heifer); Josh, Nora and baby Roddy; Mrs. Howarth and family (Harle Syke); Mrs. whittaker and family; Herbert, alice and Clifford; Mr. and Mrs. Blakey (Barrowford).
Arrangements by Messrs. W. and A. Crabtree, of 218-220, Padiham-road.

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