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Parker MI's
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Author:  Mel [ Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Parker MI's

St James Briercliffe MI's

In Affectionate Remembrance of
daughter of
William and Elizabeth PARKER
of Walshaw who died February 19th 1845
Also of Roert their
son who died January 14th 1847
aged 8 months
and Elizabeth Annie their
daughter who died August 9th 1866
aged 5 months
Also Thomas their
son who died February 24th 1877
aged 29 years
Also the above named
Elizabeth PARKER who died
August 7th 1887 aged 66 years
Also the above named
William PARKER who died
June 4th 1891 aged 70 years
Also of Robert Neil son of
the above named William and Elizabeth PARKER
who died December 3rd 1914 aged 59 years

Loving Memory
of the
New Sparrow Hawk
Who died Feb 22nd 1877
Aged 52 years
wife of the above
Born Dec 4th 1822
Died Oct 20th 1906
Also Thomas
Parker BUTCHER son of
Walter and Mary BUTCHER
Great grandson of above
Born 28th May 1909
Died Dec 22nd 1953

In Memory of
of Walshaw who died
September 7th 1865 aged
66 years
Also of Catherine his wife
Who died August 13th 1867
in the 66th year of her age
Also of Margaret FARNALL
their daughter
Who died August 18th 1897
aged 74 years
Also of Parker FARNALL
son of the above
Who died May 16th 1912
aged 69 years

In Memory of
James infant
son of John and Mary
PARKER of Burnley Lane
Who died June 17th 1864
Also of Annie their
daughter who departed
this life August 15th 1869
aged 5 months

In Memory of
who died June 19th 1865
aged 68 years
also of Mary his wife
Who died Sept 10th
1870 aged 74 years
Also Francis wife of
Richard HOYLE
of Rawtenstall
died Feb 20th 1869 aged 47 years

In Memory of
of Burnley
Who died Jan 24th 1878
aged 48 years
Also Jane his wife
Who died May 8th 1889 in her 62nd year
Also Edward PARKER
Died June 14th 1929 aged 76 years

In Loving Memory of William PARKER
Born January 30th 1857 Died January 16th 1950
Also Ellen dearly loved wife of the said William PARKER
of Widow Hill Burnley
Born March 15th 1857 Died Dec 24th 1925
Also John William and James Dearden
Thier sons who died in infancy
Left side
Also of Elizabeth Annie daughter of William and Ellen PARKER
Born October 11th 1887 Died July 17th 1966
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... arker2.htm

In Loving Memory of
John PARKER of Walshaw
Born Dec 18th 1842 Died June 4th 1903
Also of Hannah his wife
Born Nov 5th 1853 Died May 12th 1933
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... arker4.htm

In Loving Memory of
James PARKER of Burnley who died Jan 28th 1905 aged 56 years
Also Louisa PARKER wife of the above died Feb 20th 1927 aged 77 years
also of James Holt PARKER D.C.M. husband of Annie PARKER who died Aug 31st 1930 aged 42 years
And above Anie PARKER who died March 14th 1957 aged 71 years
"Thy Will Be Done"
In Loving Memory of
Adam PARKER of Burnley
Who died March 18th 1899 in his 45th year
Also of Agnes Annie PARKER
daughter of James and Louisa PARKER
Who died March 2nd 1963 aged 77 years
In Loving Memory of
Walter BUTCHER who died Dec 6th 1934 in his 38h year
Also Mary his wife, daughter of James and Louisa PARKER
Born Oct 9th 1882 Died June 23rd 1953

In Loving Memory of
Died Feb 20th 1928
Aged 50 years
"Lifes work well done"
Also John Wm
husband of the above
Died Dec 30th 1947
aged 73 years
Also Lance Corp. George PARKER
son of the above
Killed in action, France Sept 20th 1918
aged 21 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... arker5.htm

In Loving Memory of
the beloved husband
Who departed this life Octr
24th 1909 in his 68th year
Also Frances the beloved wife of
William RAMSBOTTOM of Ridge Bottom Farm Burnley
Who departed this life
June 11th 1899 aged 49 years
Also Hilda the beloved daughter of
James and Annie PARKER
and grandaughter of the above
Who departed this life June 5th 1900 aged 4 years
"Their end was Peace"
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth the first wife
of the above named
Who died Jan 25th and was interred
in this churchyard Feb 1st 1871
aged 28 years
Also Annie
daughter of the above
Who died Feb 7th 1924
aged 50 years.

Author:  Mel [ Sun Jul 08, 2007 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Worsthorne Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist MI

Worsthorne Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist MI

In Loving Memory of
the dearly loved wife of
Benjamin PARKER
died March 31st 1916 aged 67 years
Also of the above
Benjamin PARKER
died Dec 6th 1918 aged 74 years
Also Priscilla PARKER
their eldest daughter
died Oct 1st 1947 aged 74 years
worthy of Remembrance

Author:  Mel [ Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  St John Worsthorne MI's

St John Worsthorne MI's

In Memory of
Beloved wife of ???s SAGAR
who died November
21st 1884 in the
67th year of her age
Also Mary Ellen
their daughter
Who died July 22nd
1887 aged 29 years
Also Sarah PARKER
who died March 21st 1920 aged 80 years

In Memory of
John SAGAR who
died Nov 2nd 1853
aged 1 year and 9 months
Also Thomas SAGAR
April 6th 1866 aged
6 years
Robert SAGAR
May 31st 1873 aged
19 years
In memory of
Died Jan 16th 1881
in the 33rd year of his
Also Henry SAGAR
Who died January
28th 1885 in his
35th year
Also James SAGAR who died July 20th 1925 in his 62nd year
On scroll
Loving memory of
the beloved husband of
Sarah Jane SAGAR
of Burnley
Who died Sept 21st 1926
aged 70 years
Also Sarah Jane wife of the above
who died May 9th 1956
aged 83 years

to the memory of
Catharine daughter of John
and Catharine PARKER of Lea
Green who died April 11th 1837 aged 2 years
Also an infant son who died feb 18th 1839
Also Catharine their Gran
daughter who died Feb 3rd 1844 aged 3 years
Also Nicholl their son who died Nov 10th 1849 aged 5 years
Also of HArtley son of Daniel
and sophia PARKER of Burnley who
departed this life September 7th 1856
aged 4 years
Also Mary Ellen their daughter
who departed this life Aug 7th 1865
aged 8 years

In Loving Memory of
the beloved husband of
of Oldhall Farm
Who died June 21st 1904
in his 73rd year
Also the above named Alice
who died June 10th 1907
in her 74th year
Also Sarah Ann
the beloved
wife of Henry ORMEROD
who died March 16th 1902
in her 27th year
Also Sarah PARKER the
beloved grand-daughter of
the aforesaid
John and Alice ORMEROD
who died Sept 5th 1904
aged 23 years
Also Frank their son
who died July 18th 1911
aged 35 years
Also George their son
who died August 15th 1912
aged 45 years
Also Henry beloved husband of the above
who died April 9th 1937 aged 66 years
Stone 1
Also Harry their son
killed in action (France) March 4th 1917 aged 19 years
Stone 2
Also James beloved son of
James and elizabeth Hannah ORMEROD
Who died September 15th 1937 aged 29 years
Stone 3
Also John beloved husband of
Who died April 15th 1938 aged 44 years
Stone 4
Also James the beloved husband of
Elizabeth Hannah ORMEROD
who died Dec 30th 1939 aged 66 years

Author:  Mel [ Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Haggate and Hill Lane MI's

Haggate and Hill Lane MI's

Also of Sarah their daughter
Who died January 3rd 1901
Aged 24 years
Also of Bertha their daughter
Who died March 1st 1903
Aged 35 years
John PARKER of Nelson
Who died March 15th 1910
Aged 73 years
Also of Lucy his wife
Who died Feb 18th 1912
Aged 76 years

Lucy daughter of John and Sarah Ann PARKER, Nelson, October 6th 1908 aged 4 years
Milton, son, January 24th 1911, 5 months
Sarah Ann METCALF, September 16th 1940 aged 58 years
John, husband, April 27th 1912, aged 31 years
Fred, son, July 13th 1912 aged 8 years

Headstone & Kerb
Martha PARKER, March 1913 (?) aged 76 (?)
James, husband, died 1920 (?)
James, husband of Margaret Jane PARKER, October 15th 1938, aged 65 years

Nancy wife of David PARKER of Nelson died April 3 1891 aged 29

Loving Memory
of Holt Hill
Who died March 12th 1895
Aged 78 years.
Also Mary, his wife
Who died Nov 9th 1857,
Aged 38 years.
Also Sarah Ellen
Their daughter,
Who died Jan 5th 1854,
Aged 11 years.
Also Mary Ann,
their daughter
Who died March 28th 1915
Aged 67 years.
Also Betty
Second wife of the above
Who died Dec 12th 1890
Aged 60 years.
Also Mary PARKER
Who died Jan 5th 1854
Aged 67 years

Author:  katharine [ Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thank you for your welcome.
Benjamin Parker (B38 Worsthorne Wesleyan graveyard) was one of my great grandfathers. (I am looking for Lucy, his other daughter.)
Benjamin's son James married Annie, daughter of
William Ramsbottom (D96 Briercliffe churchyard.)


Author:  Mel [ Wed Jul 18, 2007 9:36 am ]
Post subject: 

I think Gloria has Parkers. I wonder if she knows of Lucy? I have added all of the Parker MI's that I have. Did she marry? There's a chance I've not done her surname yet?

Author:  Gloria [ Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Don't know of a Lucy Parker, sorry. I have quite a few James Parkers on a gedcom file, if you give me an idea of dates I will dig up what I can find.

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Parker MI's

Burnley Express
Saturday 16 April 1904
PARKER. -On April 9th, at Blackpool, William, third son of the late Daniel Parker, of Extwistle and Burnley, aged 55.

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Parker MI's

Express and Advertiser

24 October 1906

Death of Mrs. D. Parker -We regret to record the death, which took place unexpectedly on Saturday, of Mrs. Sophia Parker, a lady widely-known and highly-esteemed among the older generation of the inhabitants of Burnley and district. Born at Lea Green, Extwistle, in the year 1822, she was the last survivor of the children of the late Mr. James Holt, a descendant of the old Lancashire family of Holt, of Stubley, who was a cotton spinner and manufacturer, and ran Extwistle Mill in the thrid decade of the last century. She was married to the late Mr. Daniel Parker in 1844. After her marriage, she lived for some years at Holden Farm, Extwistle, and afterwards removed to Burnley, where she kept the New Sparrow Hawk Inn, church-street, for many years, and from which she retired in 1904. Her husband pre-deceased her by almost thirty years. She leaves three children (two sons and a daughter). The interment takes place at Briercliffe Church to-day.

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