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Walton MI's
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Author:  Mel [ Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Walton MI's

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section A Grave 13
Wm WALTON of Lowerhouse died July 20th 1878 aged 76
Susannah his wife died Jan 3th 1871 aged 60
Also Robert WALTON of Lowerhouse died Feb 4th 1886 aged 51
Barbara daughter and wife of Robert WILKINSON died March 24th 1896
aged 64

Section A Grave 14
Table Tomb
Jas. WALTON of Thornleigh Burnley born Jan 13th 1823 died April 1st 1897
Sarah his wife born Feb 17th 1824 died Nov 9th 1901
Robert WALTON of Willow Bank Burnley their eldest son Born Dec 13th 1845 Died Aug 30th 1918
Sarah Ann wife of Walton WALTON Elim(?) St Burnley born June 18th 1857 Died Jan 10th 1893.
Elizabeth wife of Robert WALTON born Oct 18th 1852 Died Nov 11th 1889
Also Smith WALTON of Burnley died Feb 26th 1876 aged 27
Jane his wife died March 19th 1882 aged 35
Fred their son died April 17th 1876 aged 13 months

Section A Grave 18
In Loving Memory of
Mary Jane
The wife of William Henry WALTON
Carr Rd Nelson
Born January 6th 1843
Died July 27th 1910
Also of the above named
William Henry WALTON
Born January 2nd 1847
Died March 13th 1919
Also Harry Smith their son
Who died in infancy

Section A Grave 20
Sacred to the Memory
Wife of Harry WALTON
Born March 11th 1861
Died August 21st 1928
Also Jesse son of
Harry and Nancy WALTON
Born May 8th 1899
Died July 10th 1899
Also Harry WALTON
Born March 31st 1866
Died Sept 20th 1947

Section A Grave 57
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Mary Ann
The wife of
Charles STARK
and daughter of
John and Ann WALTON
of Burnley Lane
Who died March 31st 1882
Aged 31 years
Also of John WALTON
Father of the above named
Mary Ann STARK
Who departed this life Nov 11th 1896
Aged 77 years
Also of Ann, wife of the above
Who departed this life March 5th 1900
Aged 73 years
At Rest
Also John WALTON
Died Sep 15th 1932 aged 76 years

Section A Grave 59
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Hannah HEYS
The beloved wife of Robert HEYS
of Burnley
Who departed this life Oct 27th 1869
In the 64th year of her age.
Also the above named Robert HEYS
Who departed this life Nov 11th 1896
Aged 88 years
Also Sarah Jane SWEENEY
Who departed this life Sep 12th 1882
Aged 27 years
Also Alice SWEENEY
Who departed this life May 4th 1878
In the 20th year of her age
Also Ann WALTON who departed
This life
Feb 6th 1902 aged 70 years
Also Alice, the beloved daughter of
Who departed this life Aug 19th 1899
Aged 2 years & 4 months
Also Fred their son
Who departed this life Feb 9th 1904
In his 4th year

Section B Grave 162
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Wife of
of Blackhouse Lane who died Jan 6th
1871 In her 80th year.
Also Thomas WALTON the
above named who departed this
life July 29th 1873 in his 79th year
Also of Halstead their son
Who departed this life October
28th 1873 in his 41st year

Section C Grave 49
Thomas husband of Sarah SUTCLIFFE of Burnley died August 1st 1887 aged 67yrs
Above Sarah died December 12th 1906 aged 82yrs
Ernest son of Smith and Mary Ann WALTON died October 8th 1895 aged 1yr 4mths
Above Mary Ann daughter of Thomas SUTCLIFFE died January 30th 1915 aged 48yrs
Above Smith WALTON died March 15th 1920 aged 54yrs

Section C Grave 54
Gabriel WALTON of Nelson died December 29th 1884 aged 63yrs
Margaret his wife died August 18th 1864 aged 40yrs
John husband of Jane died September 26th 1909 aged 55yrs
Above Jane died October 29th 1910 aged 57yrs
Albert WALTON died October 9th 1938 aged 74yrs
Ruth his wife died June 26th 1931 aged 67yrs

Section C Grave 135
Mabel daughter of Richard and Jane ???? WALTON of Burnley died May 22nd 1900 aged 2yrs 6mths.

Section C Grave 241
SmithWALTON died July 7th 1920
Alice Maud WALTON died May 14th 1948
Philip WALTON died August 19th 1931

Section C Grave 262
Elizabeth WALTON died November 9th 1921 aged 74yrs
Daniel her husband died October 22nd 1928 aged 80yrs

Section C Grave 379
Stephen WALTON, September 29th 1939, aged 64yrs
Annie, wife, September 25th 1949, aged 73yrs

Section D Grave 113
William WALTON, Burnley, February 8th 1917, aged 66
Ellen, wife, April 1st 1919, aged 55 years

Section D Grave 186

Section E Grave 74
Dan WALTON, M.G.L. Killed in action in France October 9th 1918, aged 23yrs

Section F Grave 13
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who died Jan 27th 1868
Aged 37yrs
Also Ann, wife of the above
Who died Nov 27th 1905?
Aged 76 years
Also Willie their son
Who died Dec 27th 1865
Aged 2yrs
Also Elizabeth
Their daughter
Who died Jan 2nd 1878
Aged 21 years

Section F Grave 26
Stephen SIMPSON, of Burnley, died January 24th 1877, aged 61yrs
Nancy, wife, March 6th 1890, aged 74yrs
Stephen, son, April 30th 1858, 8 years 10 months
Stephen, son of John and Ellen WALTON, of Burnley died in infancy
Above Ellen, October 31st 1930, aged 77yrs
Above John, April 23rd 1940, aged 83yrs
Peter, James WALTON, sons of John and Lilian WALTON, died in infacy November 9th 1949

Section F Grave 63
Table Tombstone
Nanny, wife of John WALTON, of Burnley, died February 14th 1834, aged 46yrs
Elizabeth, daughter, July 11th 1851, aged 19 (?)
Above John, April 21st 1861, aged 72yrs
Ann STOTT, daughter, March 7th 1911 (?) aged 79yrs

Section F Grave 106
In Loving Memory of
William WALTON
of Swains Platt Farm
Who died Sept 17th 1902
Aged 76 years
Also of Ellen his beloved wife
Who died Jan 12th 1892
Aged 64 years
Also In Loving Memory of
of Swains Platt
Son in Law of the above
Who died Feby 10th 1904
Aged 49 years
Also of Mary Ellen
Wife of the above
Who died August 12th 1944
Aged 87 years
William WALTON, June 27th 1905, aged 42yrs

Section G Grave 92
Sarah WALTON, April 8th 1937, aged 58yrs
John, husband, June 15th 1940, aged 62yrs

Section G Grave 159
Francis K. WALTON, February 7th 1970, aged 69yrs

Author:  Mel [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:15 am ]
Post subject: 

Found in the old part of Haggate Chapelyard but not on the MI's. This stone is eroding and some of the text is difficult to see.

In Memory of
The late
Hannah WALTON wife of
John WALTON of Nelson
Marsden who died on the
8th day of A?? (August?) 1863 in
the 46th year of her age
Also John WALTON
Who died ???? 1892?
Also Ann???????? daughter
Who died in infancy
Aso James their son
Who died Sept 4th? ????
Aged 58? years

Author:  Mel [ Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Walton MI's

From Obituary Index for Burnley Advertiser at Burnley Reference Library (Date of paper, not date of death)

WALTON - On the 19th inst., Ellen Walton, Haggate Briercliffe, aged 38. 26/5/1866

Author:  Leaver [ Sat May 08, 2010 9:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Walton MI's

In Affectionate Remembrance of WILLIAM, the beloved husband of Mary Walton, who departed this life September 25th, 1911, Aged 70 years, and was interred at Burnley Cemetery, Sept. 29th.

When in my health I little thought,
The time was come so near,
That I should leave all earthly friends,
And my relations dear.

47, Gannow Lane, Burnley

Author:  Leaver [ Sat May 08, 2010 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Walton MI's

In Loving Memory of MARY WALTON, who departed this life October 25th, 1913, in her 75th year: and was interred at Burnley Cemetery on October 29th.

47 Gannow Lane, Burnley

She was patient in her suffering,
When no hand could give her ease;
God, the helper of the helpless,
Saw her grief and sent her peace.

A loving wife and mother dear,
A faithful friend lamented here:
She’s left us in this world of care,
We hope in heaven to meet her there.

“Until the day break, and the shadows flee away.”

Author:  Mel [ Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Walton MI's

Burnley Advertiser
Saturday 24 December 1870
WALTON. - On the 12th inst., Edmondson Walton, Briercliffe, aged 17

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