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Author:  Mel [ Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Ashworth

St John, Great Marsden

ASHWORTH James died March 31st 1929 aged 82 years
Sarah wife died April 24th 1931 aged 75 years
Wilfred R.A.M.C. died at Military Hospital, Weymouth Dec 15th 1918 aged 30 years
Ernest DUERDEN died Sept 16th 1927 aged 40 years
Mary died June 17th 1968 aged 78 years
Herbert died Dec 13th 1970 aged 87 years

CHILD Caesar of Waterside died March 23rd 1864 aged 77 years
Mary wife died Oct 9th 1867 aged 77 years
ASHWORTH Sarah granddaughter and wife of James died July 26th 1868 aged 20 years
HARGREAVES Ann dau and wife of Richard of Burnley died Feb 14th 1878 aged 51 years
Richard husband died Dec 2nd 1900 aged 75 years

ASHWORTH George Robinson died sept 19th 1900 aged 54 years
Elizabeth Ann wife died Jan 18th 1912 aged 66 years
DRIVER Philip son in law died Oct 8th 1950 aged 83 years
Isabella wife died April 11th 1953 aged 77 years

ASHWORTH Henry of Bott House Lane, Colne died Oct 8th 1915 aged 50 years
Elizabeth wife died Nov 18th 1927 aged 69 years

ASHWORTH Ruth of Blackpool died April 12th 1931 aged 73 years
Thomas husband died Sept 29th 1903 aged 53 years
Edwin son died Dec 14th 1903 aged 24 years
Lizzie dau of Edwin died in infancy

ASHWORTH John Scholfield of Nelson died Jan 19th 1921 aged 60 years
Elizabeth Ann wife died April 28th 1935 aged 74 years

WALTON Hartley died March 16th 1918 aged 72 years
of Nelson
Ellen Ann wife died Dec 12th 1927 aged 77 years
Alice 1st wife died Sept 13th 1877 aged 33 years
Margaret Gertrude dau died Oct 23rd 1874 aged 10 weeks
ASHWORTH Alfred died June 28th 1947 aged 60 years
Alvena ASHWORTH died Jan 28th 1966 aged 74 years

ASHWORTH Hartley of Burnley died Dec 27th 1884 aged 44 years

ASHWORTH Fred died July 20th 1910 aged 34 years
Elizabeth wife died March 8th 1953 aged 79 years
Pte. Albert son died in Great War Nov 17th 1918 aged 19 years
HALSTEAD Sarah died June 29th 1875 aged 35 years

ASHWORTH Moses of Railway View, Nelson died November 1st 1882 aged 64 years
Mary wife died September 21st 1882 aged 72 years
Sarah dau died May 11th 1865 aged 17 years
Rebecca dau died in infancy
Mary Ann dau died April 10th 1907 aged 61 years
Maria dau died April 6th 1917 aged 77 years
Elizabeth dau died June 11th 1934 aged 77 years

ASHWORTH Frederick died Feb 24th 1952 aged 67 years

ASHWORTH Thomas of Nelson died Feb 7th 1898 aged 60 years husband of Alice
Asa son died March 26th 1888 aged 3 years 3 months
SALT Emma dau of wife of James died April 19th 1897 aged 27 years
HAWORTH Jane died march 22nd 1894 aged 71 years

ELLIOTT Richard died March 6th 1908 aged 75 years of Thomas St., nelson
Susan wife died July 9th 1881 aged 46 years
ASHWORTH Richard Ernest grandson, son of Isiah & Mary died May 2nd 1888 aged 11 months

DEAN Thomas of Nelson died Nov 22nd 1891? aged 52? years
Sarah wife died Dec 28th 1916 aged 75 years
Harriet dau died May 16th 1872
BRIGG Emma dau & wife of John William died March 23rd 1906 aged 35 years
ASHWORTH Martha dau & wife of Herbert died June 13th 1926? aged 57 years

Author:  Mel [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ashworth

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section B
Mary ann daughter of Richardson and Esther ASHWORTH of Burnley died dec 1st 1908 age 38 years
John their son died June 3rd 1883 age 11 years
Also Thomas, beloved husband of
Jane Hannah Mary ASHWORTH,
Son of the aforesaid,
Who died June 1st 1905 aged 26 years
Nathan Margaret Jane and Alice LUCAS children died in infancy
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... worth1.htm

Section B
James ASHWORTH of Burnley died August 14th 18?? age 64 years
Maria his wife died September 27th 1884 age 59 years

Section B
In Loving Memory
Mary Merrilda
The beloved daughter of
Edmondson and Martha ASHWORTH
of Burnley Lane
Who died April 8th 1874
Aged 2 years and 9 months.
Also three other of their
children who die din infancy.
Also the above named
Edmondson ASHWORTH
Who died Sept 17th 1897
in his 61st year.
Also Martha, his beloved wife
Who passed into Life Eternal
June 30th 1918
In her 82nd year.
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... worth2.htm

Section C
In Loving Memory of
of Burnley Lane
Who died March 31st 1884
Aged 52 years
Also Alice his beloved wife
Who died May 18th 1901
In hr 67th year
Mother of the above
Who died Septeber 20th 1884
Aged 76 years
Also James and
Sarah Alice JOHNSON
Grandchildren of the above
Who died in infancy
Also Richard JOHNSON
Father of the above
Who died April 7th 1922
Aged 63 years
Elizabeth JOHNSON
His beloved wife
Who died December 18th 1937
Aged 80 years
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... ohnson.htm

Section C
Joseph THORNTON of Burnley died August 15th 1906 aged 70 years
Alice his wife died September 21st 1918 aged 83 years
Susan wife of George KILBURN and daughter died December 18th 1911 aged 47 years
Elizabeth wife of James BARDSLEY and daughter died July 28th 1926 aged 62 years
Cryer THORNTON died January 9th 1947 aged 79 years
Betsy THORNTON died May 23rd 1949 aged 81 years
Ernest T., Joseph W., and sarah ASHWORTH grand-children died in infancy

Section C
In Loving Memory of
Saville Winston
The beloved husband of
Who died Sept 4th 1954 Aged 50 years
"It Was Gods Will Not Ours"
Also Mary, daughter of the above
Who died in infancy
Also the above
Who died Nov 14th 1981 aged 75 years
Also devoted son of the above
Saville Whitham ASHWORTH
Beloved husband of Barbara
Loving father of Saville
"A life of value ruled by
Love, Courage, Laughter and Friends"
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... worth4.htm

Section D
In Treasured Memory
Died Nov 7th 1928
Aged 75 years
Also Sarah wife of the above
Died May 24th 1931
Aged 76 years
Also Mary Ernestine
Daughter of the above
Died Nov 1st 1900
Aged 16 years
Also Thomas HOLDEN
Son of the above
Died Mar 25th 1935
Aged 37 years
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... Holden.htm

Section E
Richardson husband of Esther ASHWORTH of Burnley
April 15th 1910 age 65 years
Above Esther October 29th 1910 age 66 years

Section G
Sacred To The Memory of
A dear husband and father
Died Nov 26th 1953 Aged 75
"At Rest"
Also Susy wife of the above
died Decr 29th 1962 Aged 83
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... worth3.htm

Section G
Sarah Ann ASHWORTH, March 23rd 1944 age 61 years
William, husband, March 3rd 1949 age 67 years

Section G
James ASHWORTH July 16th 1938 age 77 years
Annie, wife July 14th 1945 age 79 years

Section G
Sarah Elizabeth ASHWORTH, May 16th 1925 age 54 years
John Willie, husband, May 9th 1926 age 58 years
Herbert Lawrence, son, January 22nd 1929 age 34 years

Hill Lane
In Memory of
James Henry ASHWORTH
Chartered Accountant of Burnley.
Who died 21st January 1926, Aged 56 years.
And of Emily Augusta ASHWORTH
His Wife
??o died 19th July 1945, Aged 74 years
http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Grave%2 ... hworth.htm

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