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Simpson MI's
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Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Simpson MI's

St James

In Loving Memory of
Thomas Henry SIMPSON
formerley of Burnley
Died Oct 5th 1932
aged 70 years
Also Margaret Ann
his beloved wife
Died June 21st 1933
aged 74 years
Also Emel their son
died Dec 9th 1892
aged 3 years
Also their grand-children
Tom Simpson LAYCOCK
died May 10th 1923
in his 10th year
And Betty RILEY
died in infancy
March 22nd 1919

In Affectionate
Memory of
Elizabeth Ellen
The beloved wife of Edward CROSSLEY, Nelson
Born Nov 13th 1868 Died July 31st 1893
Also Elizabeth SIMPSON
Died Aug 25th 1938 in her 64th year
Also Henry
the dearly beloved husband of Alice SIMPSON
Died Nov 6th 1942 aged 64 years

Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section B Grave 114
In Affectionate Remembrance
of Betsy, daughter of James
and Hannah PICKLES, of Ex-
twistle, who died March 31st 1869
Aged 5 years.
Also of Mary, her sister, who died
April 8th 1869 aged 7 years.
Also Elizabeth Alice their sister
Who died Jany 31st 1876 Aged 15 years.
Also of the above named James
Who died Feby 9th 1886,
In the 55th year of his age.
Also of Rose Ann, the beloved wife of
James Henry PICKLES
Who died July 14th 1898, aged 22 years.
Also of Hannah, wife of the above named
Who died July 19th 1915, in her 80th year.
Also of Susannah SIMPSON
Daughter of the above,
Who died Oct 18th 1936, in her 71st year

Section B Grave 44
In Affectionate Rememrance of
of Burnley
Who died September 26th 1882
Aged 69 years.
also of Mary, his wife
Who died July 11th 1888,
Aged 63 years.
Also Mary, their daughter
Who died February 15th 1892
Aged 39 years.
Also Mabel Grace SIMPSON
Grand Daughter of the above
Who died November 2nd 1868
In her 2nd year.

Section B Grave 156
In Memory of
Wife of
of Haggate who died March
30th 1869 in the 61st year of her
Also of the above named
Who died February 27th 1879
In the 78th year of his age
Also William son of the above
Who died October 7th 1907
In his 62nd year

Section B Grave 163
Ann wife of Stephen SIMPSON of Burnley Lane died February 27th 1871 aged 35?yrs
Margaret his second wife died December 27th 1906 aged 72yrs
Above Stephen died September 11th 1924 aged 88yrs

Section B Grave 182
Ann SIMPSON died Janaury 1st 1882 aged 46yrs
Annie wife of Thomas SIMPSON died November 9th 1910 aged 44yrs
Thomas James SIMPSON died July 5th 1934 aged 68yrs

Section C Grave 33
John SIMPSON of Harle Syke born March 14th 1824 died August 22nd 1882
Ellen his wife died June 4th 1894 aged 72yrs
Beatrice Hannah daughter of Richard and Susannah SIMPSON died March 16th 1898 aged 1yr 4mths
Above Richard of Harle Syke died January 29th 1901 aged 43yrs

Section C Grave 94
Henry SIMPSON of Brightville Terr. Harle Syke died March 5th 1900 aged 65yrs
Grace his wife died August 17th 1909 aged 78yrs
Maria daughter in law died June 23rd 1915 aged 43yrs
Dickey Henry SIMPSON her husband died August 17th 1948 aged 78yrs
Grand-children Maggie, 4yrs
Allen, 2yrs
Hiram 3yrs

Section C Grave 225
William SIMPSON died September 28th 1920 aged 60yrs
Margaret his wife died May 29th 1917 aged 50yrs
George Medley SIMPSON died May 29th 1931 aged 33 yrs
Alice Mary their daughter died April 26th 1916 aged 23yrs

Section C Grave 281
Headstone and Kerb
Thomas HARTLEY of Briercliffe died May 11th 1956 aged 76yrs
Sarah Ann his wife died April 7th 1935 aged 54 yrs
Samuel SIMPSON died September 22nd 1960 aged 62yrs
Mildred his wife died April 4th 1965 aged 60yrs

Section D Grave 85
In Loving Memory of
The beloved husband of
Of Colne Rd Burnley
Who passed into the higher life Aug 23rd
1919 aged 45 years
Just Across The Border
He Lives, And Loves Us Still
Also their little son
William L. SIMPSON
Who passed away Dec 21st
1910 aged 9 1/2 months
Also Margaret
The dearly loved wife
of Henry SIMPSON
Died August 31st 1922
Aged 88 years
Also Robert GRAHAM
Brother-in-Law of the above
Who passed away July 24th 1913
Aged 50 years
Ever Remembered With Deepest Affection

Section D Grave 95
J. Ernest JACKSON, March 23rd 1916 aged 44 years
Margaret JACKSON, Swindlehurst House, Burnley September 17th 1917 aged 87 years
Jane JACKSON, January 18th 1924 aged 62 years
Rachel SIMPSON, daughter of Margaret JACKSON, March 18th 1958 aged 88 years

Section F Grave 26
Stephen SIMPSON, of Burnley, died January 24th 1877, aged 61yrs
Nancy, wife, March 6th 1890, aged 74yrs
Stephen, son, April 30th 1858, 8 years 10 months
Stephen, son of John and Ellen WALTON, of Burnley died in infancy
Above Ellen, October 31st 1930, aged 77yrs
Above John, April 23rd 1940, aged 83yrs
Peter, James WALTON, sons of John and Lilian WALTON, died in infacy November 9th 1949

Section G Grave 87
Henry, husband of Ann Eliz. SIMPSON October 7th 1937 aged 70

Section G Grave 100
Annie Evelyn SIMPSON, April 1st 1958 aged 66 years
James husband, December 20th 1938 aged 49yrs
Also James LEAVIS

Section G Grave 292
In Loving Memory of
Dearly beloved husband of Sarah SIMPSON
Died july 26th 1932 aged 75 years
Also of the above Sarah SIMPSON
Died May 22nd 1938 aged 79 years
Also of Mary SIMPSON their daughter
Died may 8th 1968 aged 89 years
At Rest

Section G Grave 359
Wilberforce SIMPSON, killed in action in France May 31st 1917 aged 33 years
Martha Jane wife February 12th 1961 aged 77 years
Dennis, son, April 16th 1926 aged 17
Henry BAILEY January 23rd 1933 aged 59 years

Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:12 am ]
Post subject: 

Worsthorne Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist

Who died Sept 18th
aged 48 years
Also Susannah SUTCLIFFE
Who died Dec 31st 1898
Aged 65 years

Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:27 am ]
Post subject: 

St John Worsthorne MI's

Stained Glass Window
Installed by the choir
and congregation 1968
In Memory of James SIMPSON
Who served this church
As choir boy, organist and choirmaster
For 66 years

In Loving Memory of
Choirmaster of this Church 1899-1910
Born Jany 4th 1857 Died Jany 7th 1911
Also Elizabeth his beloved wife
Who died Dec 7th 1934
Aged 81 years
Also Henry born Sept 23rd 1884
Died April 7th 1885
John Born Dec 1st 1882 Died Dec 1st 1886
And Tom born Jan 18th 1891 Died Dec 23rd 1891
Also of William and Elizabeth SIMPSON
Also of
their son
and beloved husband of
Gertrude SIMPSON
Died Jan 20th 1959
Aged 72 years

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who died Oct 15th 1887
aged 48 years
Also Alice HEAP sister of the
above who died January 23rd
1887 aged 44 years
Also Margaret
the beloved wife of
who departed this life June
7th 1891 aged 49 years
Also Margaret Ann FIELDEN
daughter of the above
Henry and Margaret SIMPSON
who departed this life Dec
21st 1892 aged 21 years
Also Sarah the beloved wife
of the above William SIMPSON
who departed this life July
16th 1893 aged 51 years
Also Henry son of the
William and Sarah SIMPSON
who departed this life Augst
31st 1893 aged 25 years
Also the above named
born May 4th 1839
Died Dec 9th 1903
Also Moses SIMPSON
Born Jan 12th 1851
Died May 13th 1910
Also Cyril son of Moses and
Harriet SIMPSON who died Nov 25th
1888 aged 4 months
Also Editha their daughter
Who died May 22nd 1885 aged 2 weeks
John Molyneux son of
Moses and Harriet SIMPSON
died 12th November 1950
aged 68 years
Also Lucinda dearly loved
wife of John Molyneux SIMPSON
Died Oct 23rd 1954 aged 65 years
Cremated at Skipton
Also in loving memory of
the dearly loved wife of
who died 11th April 1933
in her 80th year
In loving memory of
Hargreaves SIMPSON
who departed this life
July 5th 1893 aged 60 years
Also Thomas SIMPSON
who departed this life April 11th 1898
in his 64th year
Also Benjamin SIMPSON
who departed this life Dec 7th 1917
aged 72 years
Also Alice SIMPSON
the beloved wife of the above
James SIMPSON who departed
this life Nov 2nd 1930
aged 71 years

In Loving Memory of
John SIMPSON who died
September 19th 1866
Aged 39 years
Also of Mary his wife
Who died Dec 13th 1905
In her 75th year
Also Louisa daughter of above
Died Jan 3rd 1932 aged 68 years
Also Alice daughter of above
Died Jan 27th 1951 aged 81 years

In memory of
Catharine the wife of Joseph
PICKLES of Holden within Extwistle
who died May 14th 1836 aged 27 years
Also Margaret wife of william
SIMPSON who died February 7th 1837
aged 37 years
Also James PICKLES of Holden who
died July 31st 1844 aged 70 years
Also Mary widow of the above
James PICKLES who departed this
life on the 22nd day of January 1847
in the 71st year of her age
Also Edmund the son of James
and Mary PICKLES of Worsthorn who died
November 17th 1852 aged 11 years
Also James SIMPSON
the son of the aboce named
William SIMPSON who departed this life
September 12th 1861 aged 30 years
Also the above named William SIMPSON
who departed this life June 9th 1874
aged 71 years

In Loving Memory of
beloved husband of
Priscilla SIMPSON
Died April 24th 1965 aged 76 years
Choirboy, organist and Choirmaster
At this church 1899-1965
Also Priscilla
His beloved wife
Died Jan 24th 1980 aged 89 years
Also Sarah E SIMPSON
Died in infancy

Loving Memory of
Died July 24th 1922
Aged 56
Martha Alice SIMPSON
Died July 29th 1927 aged 57
Also Harold William their son
Died Feb 11th 1923
Aged 25
Grace SIMPSON died in infancy
Also Sarah (Sally) daughter of
Charles Hargreaves and Susannah SIMPSON
Died September 20th 1936 aged 29 years
"An Angel Called Home"

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi, is anyone interested in a trip to Burnley, St. Peter’s, would anyone like to find these gravestones and take photos for me??

Date of Burial – 20 December 1826
Forename - Ann
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 14
Abode – Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 25 December 1839
Forename - Ann
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) – 3 ½ years
Abode - Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 24 December 1835
Forename - George
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 15
Abode - Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 20 April 1823
Forename - James
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 4
Abode - Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 17 October 1841
Forename - James
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) – 2yrs
Abode - Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 4 July 1835
Forename - John
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - infant
Abode – Lower House, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 31 October 1824
Forename - Mary
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 52
Abode – Lower House, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 19 January 1813
Forename – William
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 4
Abode – Lower House in Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Date of Burial – 28 July 1830
Forename - William
Surname - Simpson
Age (years) - 21
Abode – Lower Houses, Habergham Eaves
MI – yes

Author:  DAVID B [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

No worries Kris ,just check if Mel has any because I went down a couple of weeks ago and took a couple,but it was snowing so it was not easy to get clear photos.
Will get them next time the weather is fine.

Author:  Mel [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

I don't have any Simpson stones to add for St Peters. I couldn't add the table tombs David as I couldn't make out the wording. You'd think the snow would have melted of them by now! :wink:

Could you send me copies of any that you take down there please David? always handy for the site.

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

Much appreciated David, thanks for your help!!

Author:  DAVID B [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

Have just spent a couple of hours in St Peters and I think I have checked every legible grave.I have only found one Simpson in the whole place and that is a Maria Simpson not on your list died 1845 aged 10.
I took a photo of that one.I also unearthed ,literally, quite a lot of Sutcliffes which am sure will please Mel.I will start sending them to Mel if she is around.
Problem with St Peters is that it is an old graveyard and many of the monuments are laid flat and get buried under grass and leaves etc and gradually start to disappear.Also many are very worn and very difficult to read.
Have you any idea Kris where your Simpsons may be in St Peters?

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for looking David. Unfortunately I don’t know where the graves are located, it’s quite possible that they do not exist anymore or as you say they might have fallen over….

I will have a look at Maria Simpson, she could be connected!!

Author:  DAVID B [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

The Maria died 1843 not 1845 Kris.Have e mailed Mel the photo

Author:  Mel [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'll be around in the morning for the pictures David. I'm guessing you are off to the pub tonight.

Author:  DAVID B [ Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Well I sent them all before I went to the pub Mel.I hope they are not stuck in the ethernet somewhere down the M6.
Got some great photos tonight off a guy who lives next to Haggate graveyard on Chapel Row.
He took a series of photos as they were demolishing Haggate Chapel,I will scan them and forward later Mel.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:32 am ]
Post subject: 

I received 4 emails. Is that right?

Author:  DAVID B [ Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:49 am ]
Post subject: 

Yes Mel I sent 4 e mails with the St Peters memorials attached

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