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Author:  Mel [ Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Edmondson

St James

In Memory of
Daughter of John and Elizabeth
EDMONDSON who died July 8th 1858
Aged 6 years
Also of Christopher their son
Who died October 16th 1858 aged
1 year and 9 months
Also of the above named John
Who departed this life November 13th
1872 aged 43 years
Also Alfred their son
Who died April 16th 1893
Aged 31 years

In Memory of
Hartley Son of
Henry and Sarah
May 24th 1848 Aged 1 year.
Also of William, their Son, who
Died May 21 1854 Aged 1 year.
Also of Mary, their daughter,
Who died August 11th 1860
Aged 4 years and 6 months.
Also of Mary, their daughter
Who died January 8th 1867
Aged 5 years.
Also the above named Sarah, wife of
Henry SUTCLIFFE, who died Jan 29th 1888
Aged 66 years.
Also the above named Henry SUTCLIFFE
Who died Nov 8th 1896, Aged 74 years.
Also of Ann EDMONDSON,
daughter of the above.
Who died Sep 13th 1889.
In her 35th year.
Also in memory of Sarah WINT,
Daughter of the above.
Who died Sep 20th 1925, in her 69th year.
Also in memory of Ellen GREENWOOD,
Daughter of the above
Who died April 22nd 1933, in her 83rd year.

To the memory of
Henry EDMONDSON of Hag
Gate who died Feb 23rd 1846 aged 72 years
Also of Mary his wife
Who died July 3rd 1849
Aged 75 years

In memory of
Joseph EDMONDSON of Haggate
Who died April 10th 1860 aged 77 years
Also Mary his wife
Who died June
16th 1874 aged 91 years
Be Ye Therefore Ready Also For The
Son of Man cometh At An Hour When
Ye Think Not

Author:  Mel [ Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section A Grave 38
In Memory of
of Holt Hill
Who died February 26th 1879
Aged 79 years
Sarah the beloved wife of the above
Who died November 5th 1874
aged 78 years
Robert EDMONDSON son of the above
Who died December 8th 1902
aged 71 years

Section A Grave 51
In Loving Memory of
Who died June 26th 1881
Aged 33 years
Also Hiram, son of the above
Who died at Standerton, South Africa
Feb 25th 1901 aged 29 years
Though Lost To Sight To Memory Ever Dear
Also Fanny, wife of the above
Who died Dec 18th 1916
Aged 65 years
Also of Herbert Hiram
The beloved son of
Fred and Edith Frances WEST
& grandson of the above
Who died July 1st 1919
Aged 17 years
It Was Gods Will Not Ours
Also of the above Edith Frances WEST
Who died Aug 19th 1949 Aged 55? years

Section B Grave 54
Charles Haddon son of James and Sarah Ann EDMONDSON of Briercliffe died June 8th 1915 aged 27 years

Section B Grave 122
In Memory of
Daughter of Joseph and Mary
EDMONDSON, of Extwistle
Who died June 4th 1873
Aged 16 weeks
Also of James, Susanna and
Smith, who died in infancy.
Also of the above named Joseph
Who died November 11th 1890
in his 51st year.
Also of Mary his wife
Born March 24th 1842
Died July 14th 1907

Section c Grave 91
William son of Thomas and susannah WIGGLESWORTH died September 2nd 1889 aged 39yrs
James their son died April 30th 1892 aged 18yrs
Agnes wife of John WIGGLESWORTH 90 Melville St, Burnley died October 15th 1921 aged 50yrs
Mary Ann WIGGLESWORTH died June 5th 1940 aged 64yrs
Nancy daughter died in infancy
Henry WIGGLESWORTH husband of Mary Ann died August 10th 1949 aged 79yrs
Shirley GABBOTT died in infancy May 23rd 1941
Thomas WIGGLESWORTH of Burnley died April 24th 1907 at Morecambe aged 76yrs
Susannah his wife died September 21st 1904 aged 71yrs
Thomas their son aged 43yrs
Louisa his wife aged 30yrs
Arthur Ernest their son died May 17th 1925 aged 37yrs
Sarah Ann wife of William DUERDEN died at Morecambe April 13th 1910 aged 53yrs
Above William died at Morecambe December 13th 1930 75?
Ellen wife of William Thomas DUERDEN 90 Melville St, Burnley died January 4th 1950 aged 68yrs
Above William died September 17th 1966 aged 85yrs
Alice wife of Higgin EDMONDSON 28 Ivy St, Burnley died July 1st 1915 aged 59yrs
Above Higgin died July 24th 1919 aged 70yr

Section C Grave 100
Grace wife of Hiram EDMONDSON and daughter of William and Sarah ROBINSON of Burnley Rd Harle Syke died April 6th 1896 aged 24 years
Nora daughter of Obodiah and Ellen ROBINSON of Duke St Harle Syke, died April 15th 1899 aged 4 years and 8 months
Above William died April 6th 1913 aged 76 years
Sarah his wife died May 1st 1919 aged 78 years
Cecil son of John and Annie ROBINSON died November 29th 1904 aged 9 years and 2 months

Section C Grave 101
Thomas EDMONDSON of Reedley died March 27th 1925 aged 63 years
John his son died in infancy
Sophia his wife died November 14th 1946 aged 84 years
Nora daughter died February 8th 1930 aged 30 years
Aaron son died December 3rd 1961 aged 69 years

Section C Grave 154
Loving Memory of
of 40 Queen St Briercliffe
Who died Oct 7th 1912
In his 69th year
Son of the above
Who died March 27th 1960
In his 88th year
Also of Grace Ann
His beloved wife
Who died July 27th 1949
In her 70th year
Also of Sarah SPENCER
Who died June 8th 1898
In her 27th year
Also of Sarah wife of John W WHITEHEAD
Who died Dec 24th 1912 in her 21st year

Section C Grave 162
In Loving Memory of
The beloved daughter of
Wilson & Tabitha EDMONDSON
of Briercliffe
Who died Sept 25th 1907
Aged 4 years & 9 months
Also of the above named
Who died May 2nd 1941
Aged 63 years
Also of the above
Who died Oct 23rd 1951
Aged 76 years
Gone But Not Forgotten

Section C Grave 279
In Loving Memory of
Who died April 16th 1926
Aged 61 years
And Nanny
His beloved wife
Who died Jany 26th 1952
Aged 78 years

Section C Grave 354
Wilfred EDMONDSON, July 13th 1939 aged 52 years
Ellen, wife, April 13th 1958 aged 69 years

Section D Grave 29
Eliz. Ann wife of Wm EDMONDSON, Walverden Road Briercliffe May 16th 1910 aged 56 years
Thoms, son, June 10th 1900 1 year

Section D Grave 105
Annie daughter of Jas and Sarah EDMONDSON Queen Street Briercliffe, March 7th 1916 aged 42
Above Jas, January 3rd 1918 aged 68 years
Arthur son, killed in action in France, June 8th 1918 aged 27 years
Herbert son, June 21st 1920 aged 40 years
Above Sarah Ann May 7th 1924 aged 73 years
Alice Ellenor, daughter July 7th 1925 aged 39 years

Section D Grave 119
Betty EDMONDSON, February 19th 1918, aged 64 years
John, husband, April 19th 1920, aged 72 years
John PILKINGTON, February 23rd 1941, aged 71 years
Mary Jane his wife, February 5th 1956, aged 81 years

Section G Grave 22
Martha Ann wife of John EDMONDSON, April 20th 1945 aged 80 years
Pte James W EDMONDSON, son, killed in action, August 21st 1918 aged 33 years
Fred, their son, March 10th 1966 aged 73 years

Section G Grave 31
In Loving Memory of
Died 3rd July 1944 aged 76
Also Matilda his wife
Died 4th October 1944 aged 73
And of Lucy
The dearly loved wife of
Arthur Pickles EDMONDSON
Died 15th April 1973 aged 84
Also Arthur Pickles EDMONDSON
Her beloved husband
Died 7th February 1989 aged 93 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... ndson5.htm

Section G Grave 147
Albert E EDMONDSON, March 19th 1965 aged 75 years

Section G Grave 176
John Robert EDMONDSON September 17th 1959 aged 68
Grace Elizabeth EDMONDSON December 1st 1972 aged 80

Section G Grave 348
David DAWSON, born May 1st 1859 died May 19th 1924
John Cox EDMONDSON, February 6th 1927 aged 29 years

Section G Grave 352
Sarah Alice EDMONDSON January 13th 1925 aged 57 years
James, husband, January 18th 1933 aged 64 years
Cora, daughter, December 19th 1898, 11 weeks
Thomas EDMONDSON, brother, January 15th 1944, 78 years

Section L Grave 11
Thy Will Be Done O Lord
of Extwistle, who died
February 14th 1887
Aged 77 years.
Ellen wife of
of Extwistle who died
June 12th 1840 aged
35 years.
Also Rachel his wife
who died February ?
1885 aged 55 years.
of Roggerham Gate
Who died July 17th 1886
Aged 3? years.
Also Rachel daughter
of John and Margaret
Who died November 16th
1884 aged 2 years

Section L Grave 27
Eliz. wife of Robt. NUTTALL of Nelson died June 9 1874 aged 42. Sarah their daughter and wife of Stephen EDMONDSON died Nov 1 1871 aged 24. Also the above Robert died Dec 31 1891 aged 77

Section L Grave 100
Loving Memory
Who died Feb 4th 1933
Aged 44 years.
Also Mary Jane EDMONDSON
Who died Jany 28th 1960
Aged 74 years.
Also Harry the dearly loved
Husband of Amy EDMONDSON
Who died March 15th 1961
Aged 66 years.
Also Amy his beloved wife
Who died May 1st 1974
Aged 78 years.
Also Dorothy their beloved daughter
Who died July 27th 1991
Aged 67 years.

Section L Grave 118
Loving Memory of
The dearly loved wife of
Who died July 12th 1958
Aged 74 years
Also her beloved husband
Who died November 27th 1962
Aged 81 years
Kathleen Mary EDMONDSON
The beloved wife of Hubert
Who died September 10th 1993
Aged 66 years
Also her dearly loved husband
Who died August 9th 2000
Aged 83 years

Section L Grave 119
Loving Memory of
The beloved son of
William & Mary A EDMONDSON
of Harle Syke
Who died Oct 26th 1933
Aged 29 years
Also of the above
Who died July 29th 1951
Aged 70 years
Also of Linda Hargreaves
Who died Jany 25th 1977
Aged 80 years
To Memory Ever Dear

Section L Grave 133
In Loving Memory of
The dearly loved husband of
Sarah Elizabeth
Who passed away Jan 4th 1949
Aged 73 years
Also Sarah Elizabeth
Wife of the above
Who passed away Dec 12th 1960
Aged 86 years

At Hill Lane (additional to section L above)
In Affectionate
Remembrance of
The beloved wife of
Robert NUTTALL of Nelson
Who died June 9th 1874
In her 42nd year
She hath done what she could
Also of Sarah their
Daughter. The beloved
wife of Stephen EDMONDSON
Who died November 1st 1874
In her 24th year
Also of the above named
Who died Dec 31st 1906
In his 83rd year

In Loving
Memory of
and his wife

Author:  Mel [ Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

St John Worsthorne

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Extwistle who died Nov 21st 1888 aged 81 years
Also Elizabeth wife of the above
Who died Sept 3rd 1885
Aged 80 years
Also John son of Thomas and Ellen
EDMONDSON and grandson of the
Above who died Dec 1st 1885
Aged 24 years
Also Joseph son of the above named
John and Elizabeth EDMONDSON
Who died April 30th 1910
Aged 78 years
And Jane his wife
Who died May 11th 1910
Aged 84 years
Also William EDMONDSON
of Saville Green Far, son of the above
who died October 31st 1913
Aged 50 years

In Loving Memory of
Grace wife of Joseph EDMONDSON of Extwistle
Who died June 22nd 1871 aged 36 years
Also Harry the beloved son of John and Ellen
EDMONDSON of Camden St Nelson and
Grandson of the above who died October 8th
1902 in his 6th year
Also of Ellen
Wife of John EDMONDSON
Who died Dec 2nd 1904 in her 34th year
A Token from Hurstwood

In Loving Memory of
Died Jan 1st 1959
Aged 72 years
Also Elenor
Daughter of the above
Died May 19th 1917
In her 2nd year
Died August 17th 1972
Aged 88 years
Also Robert beloved son of the above
Died Sept 24th
1978 aged 66 years

Author:  Mel [ Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Not on the MI's but found in St James Churchyard

Author:  DAVID B [ Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:17 am ]
Post subject: 

That link not working at the mo Mel.

Author:  Mel [ Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:06 am ]
Post subject: 

Have edited it, there was an 'f' missing from Briercliffe. Thanks David

Author:  Mel [ Mon May 19, 2008 8:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

Private James Whittaker Edmondson


Author:  Mel [ Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Manchester Times

Friday 14 November 1890

A Gentleman Found Drowned At Burnley

Early on Tuesday morning the dead body of a gentleman named Joseph Edmondson, of Roggerham Gate, near Worsthorne, was found in the river Brun, near Royle Road, Stoneyholme, Burnley. The body was lying about two feet from the side of the river in only one foot of water, the head being covered. As soon as the body was taken out of the river it was found that there had been a large gash on the forehead over the right eye, but this is supposed to have been received, not from any foul play, but from falling on a stone in the water. It is supposed that the deceased lost his way and fell into the river. He was formerly employed by the North of England Preserve Company, but for some time past had lived a retired life. He had a considerable amount of money in his pockets. He was about 51 years of age, and leaves a widow and three children.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

From Obituary Index for Burnley Advertiser at Burnley Reference Library (Date of paper, not date of death)

EDMONDSON - On the 30th ult., Allen Edmondson, Haggate Briercliffe, aged 58. 9/6/1866

Author:  Mel [ Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Advertiser
Saturday 03 April 1858
On the 25th, ult., Wilson Edmonston, Lane bottom, Briercliffe, aged 37.

Author:  Mel [ Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 15 August 1863
On the 6th inst., aged 67 years, Susan Edmondson, Haggate

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 06 June 1874
On the 31st ult., aged 68 years, Nanny Edmondson, Hag-gate

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 16 June 1866
On the 8th inst., aged 23 years, Mary Edmondson, Holden Clough

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 20 June 1874
On the 16th inst., aged 91 years, Mary Edmondson, Haggate

Burnley Express
Saturday 09 July 1881
Edmondson. -On the 26th ult., Joseph Edmondson, Haggate, aged 32 years

Burnley Express
Publication date:Saturday 14 October 1893
Oct. 12. -Betty Edmondson, Haggate, 86yrs

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Express
Saturday 21 September 1889
Sept. 13. -Ann Edmondson, Extwistle, 34 years

Burnley Express
Saturday 14 February 1885
EDMONDSON. -On Feb. 9th, Rachel Edmondson, Extwistle Hall, aged 55 years

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 01 July 1871
On the 22nd ult., Grace Edmondson, Extwistle, aged 35 years

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Express
Saturday 05 September 1885
EDMONDSON. -On Sept 3rd, Elizabeth Edmondson, Extwistle, aged 80 years

Author:  Mel [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Express
Saturday 28 September 1889
Sept 18 -Joseph Edmondson, Cockden, 48 years

Author:  Mel [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edmondson

Burnley Express

Saturday 14 February 1885

Sudden Death

On Sunday afternoon last, about a quarter to four, there died at Extwistle Hall Farm, Briercliffe-with-Extwistle, Rachel, wife of James Edmondson, farmer, at the age of 55 years. Deceased had been suffering from paralytic rheumatism for some time, and had been attended by Dr. Burns up to about three weeks prior to her demise. About a quarter to three o'clock on the morning of Sunday last, deceased complained of being unwell, and asked for a drink of water, which was supplied to her. She gradually sank, and died as stated above.

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