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Inquest Jury Add A Rider on Lighting
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Author:  Mel [ Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Inquest Jury Add A Rider on Lighting

Burnley Express and News
February 17, 1951

'Accidental Death'
Inquest Jury Add A Rider on Lighting

Evidence that the street lighting in Briercliffe-road, Burnley, was "patchy" was given by several witnesses at a resumed inquest, held on Wednesday, on an aged man who died after having been involved in a car accident there.
The jury added a rider to their verdict of "Accidental death" calling the attention of the authority to the state of the lighting at the spot.
The inquest was on Lawrence Sutcliffe (77), a retired laundry foreman, of 81, Williams-road, who died on February 4th after having been involved in the accident on January 19th.
John Sutcliffe (45) said that his father enjoyed good health but his hearing was somewhat affected, and recently, when tested for his eyesight, he was told that the sight of one eye was almost gone.
Dr. G. Behr, pathologist, who performed a post-mortem examination, said that the cause of death was coronary thrombosis. There was a healed scar at the back of the head, but there was no evidence of any fracture of the skull. Dr. Behr told the Borough Coroner (Mr. H. Ogden) that the man's heart was in a bad condition, and the extra shock of the accident might have accelerated his death, though the accident was not the cause of his death.

Slowed Down
David Crowther (28), of "Brandreth," Higham-road, Padiham, cotton manufacturer, said that at 5-25p.m. on January 19th he was driving his car along Briercliffe-road towards the General Hospital, and, seeing a horse-drawn cart coming out of Melville-street, slowed his speed to 20 miles an hour. On reaching the junction of Wynotham-street, he saw, when 10 yards away, a man walking across Briercliffe-road. Mr. Crowther added that he had his side lights on, and thought he had his headlights on and dipped.
He said that he braked and tried to swerve behind the man. Owing to the wet state of the road he could not pull up in time to avoid striking the man. The car hit the man in the back.
It was dark at the time, there was a drizzle of rain falling and visibility was very bad.
When he pulled up the man was lying in the road five yards from the back of the car.

Black Patches
Arthur Jenkins (30), painter and decorator, of 20, Hodder-street, who was riding on a horse-drawn cart along Melville-street towards Briercliffe-road at the time, said that the car's speed was between 20 and 25 miles an hour. He said the lighting on Briercliffe-road was bad, there being "black patches".
P.C. John Shepherd agreed that the overhead lighting at the place was "patchy," and visibility was poor. He said he took a statement from Mr. Sutcliffe in Victoria Hospital. In this Mr. Sutcliffe said that before crossing the road he looked up and down and saw what he thought was a 'bus near Moorfields, and a car seemed to be below Brennand-street. When he was "feeling for the kerb," he "felt a shock and fell down."

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