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PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:06 pm 
Spider Lady
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Before And After An Air Raid

Borough of Nelson
Air Raid Precautions Sub-Committee
Chairman - His Worship the Mayor of Nelson (Alderman W. Bannister)
F.W.Roberts - Town Clerk.

Before And After An Air Raid
Do you know how you stand?
Here are the Answers

The Householder should keep this booklet with his Identity Card and see that every member of his household is acquainted with the contents.

This booklet shows a few of the things the town and country are doing or are prepared to do for you.

Forms of enrolment for the various air raid precautions services may be obtained at the Tow Clerk's Office.

Before And After An Air Raid

Should you become homeless through enemy action and have not fixed up with friends or neighbours, go to one of the following Emergency Rest and Feeding Centres according to the district in which you live, where you will be cared for until other arrangements are made:
Carr Road Baptist School.
Bradley Hall Methodist School, Leeds Road.
Co-operative Rooms, Clover Hill Road - Brunswick Street.
Labour Institute, Vernon Street.
Albert Street Co-operative Hall.
Cumberland Street Co-operative Rooms.
Woodlands Road Baptist School.
Cooper Street Methodist School.
These Centres are under the direction of the Area Public Assistance Officer, Oakleigh, Reedley. Provision has also been made for additional Rest Centres to be opened if the necessity arises.
The Police or Wardens will direct you to the nearest Rest Centre.
The Emergency Rest and Feeding Centres set out in the Appendix have been provided in neighbouring areas.

If an unexploded bomb is found near your home, you may be directed by the Police to leave your house temporarily. In that event you should
Obey the directions of the Police and Wardens;
Take your ration book, identity card, a blanket and pillow, toilet requisites and any foodstuffs readily available;
Leave all doors and windows wide open;
Leave your name and, if known, your temporary address on a card on the door;
Cut off your gas and electricity at the meters.
If you have no friends to go to, go to the nearest Emergency Rest and Feeding Centre.

If you have a friend or relative who can put you up temporarily, he will be entitled to a billeting allowance of 5/- a week for each adult and 3/- a week for each child.
Application for these allowances must be made at the Evacuation Bureau, Technical School, Market Street.
All householders should endeavour to make mutual arrangements immediately for temporary accommodation in case of an emergency. Arrangements will be made for persons in Rest Centres who have no friends to go to, to be billeted as quickly as possible.

If you are without money and clothing, or you have lost essential furniture, you should apply to the Area Officer of the Assistance Board at Forest House, Cobden Street (off Hibson Road), where money will be advanced to you to replace essential articles and to meet your immediate requirements. Payments may also be made for the replacement of tools of trade and small retailers' stocks.
If you are already in receipt of public assistance, you should go to your Relieving Officer and he will further assist you.
The Women's Voluntary Services have a depot in Nelson at which essential clothing is stored. Those who are in need should apply at the Women's Voluntary Services Headquarters, Laurel Bank House, Carr Road.

If you are injured in an air raid, you should apply for an injury allowance to the Area Officer of the Assistance Board at Forest House, Cobden Street (off Hibson Road). Injury allowances are not subject to any means test.
If, as a result of being injured, you are in urgent need before the first payment of an injury allowance is due, you should apply to the Area Officer of the Assistance Board, who will assist you.

If you are found to be suffering serious or prolonged disablement your case will be considered by the Ministry of Pensions for a disablement pension.
Widows of workers and civil defence volunteers killed on duty will receive £2-10-0 per week for ten weeks, after which a pension will become payable.
Pensions for orphan children and dependent parents are also provided.
Application should be made to the Chief Regional Officer of the Ministry of Pensions at Sunlight House, Quay Street, Manchester.

(1) INJURIES - If you are injured in an air raid, the A.R.P. Casualty Services will be quickly on the spot and will attend to you.
All serious casualties will be conveyed to the Reedyford Memorial Hospital.
Casualties able to walk must go to the nearest First Aid Post.
The First Aid Posts are situate at:-
The School Clinic, 11 Carr Road, and 284-288 Scotland Road.
If out-patient treatment is necessary you will be given a form by the Hospital or First Aid Post.
Injured persons should report themselves to a First Aid Post, otherwise allowances or pension rights might be prejudiced.
(2)GAS - If you are slightly splashed by liquid gas
(a) Do not touch any other person;
(b) Go straight home or to the house of a friend, where you can quickly a hot bath;
(c) Remove outer clothing as soon as possible and leave it outside;
(d) Have a bath in hot running water and bathe your eyes in salt water.
If you are seriously contaminated, report at once to a Warden, Police Officer, Member of the Casualty Services, or at a First Aid Post.
A Public Cleansing Station will shortly be available at the Public Baths, Bradley Road, and cleansing facilities will be available there for uninjured persons who are unable to decontaminate themselves at home.
(3) GENERAL - If all the members of your household have not been accounted for, inform the Warden on duty or a Police Officer immediately.
Steps will be taken at once to trace the whereabouts of your missing relative.
All enquiries about injured relatives should be made at the Casualty Bureau, Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall.
All information relating to casualties will be posted upon the notice board outside the Town Clerk's Office as soon as possible after an air raid.
Do not enquire at the Hospital or First Aid Posts about casualties.

The bodies of persons killed in air raids will normally be taken to the Municipal Mortuary at the Cemetery, Walton Lane.
A list of casualties will be exhibited on the notice board outside the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall.
If relatives wish to claim a body for burial, they should apply at the Casualty Bureau, Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, where a Certificate of Burial will be issued by the Town Clerk and authority given for the removal of the body, in which case it will not be necessary to register the death with the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths.
In all other cases the Local Authority will arrange for the burial and a notification will be sent to the next-of-kin as early as possible, giving details of the time and place of burial.
In the event of a light bombing attack, relatives or friends may take charge of a body on their satisfying the Rescue or First Aid Parties or the Air Raid Wardens of their identity. It must be borne in mind that, in this case, the person taking charge of the body must register the death with the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths.
The Office of the Registrar is situate at 1, Mosley Street.

Notification should be sent to the Relieving Officer or Public Assistance Officer at No. 94, Hibson Road or No. 111, Clayton Street of any children who have become orphans as a result of air raids.

If your furniture and household effects have been damaged, obtain from the Information Centre, or the Town Clerk's Office, Form P.C.S.4, fill it in and return it to the District Valuer, Regent House, Regent Street, Blackburn, within 30 days of the date of damage.

If the house property you own has been damaged, you should obtain from the Information Centre, or the Town Clerk's Office, Form C.1, fill it in and return it to the War Damage Commission, Regional Office, Lancaster House, Whitworth Street, Manchester, within 30 days of the date of the damage.
If your house is mortgaged to a Building Society, consult the Building Society immediately.
If your house can be made habitable, immediate first aid repairs will be carried out by the Corporation through the Borough Engineer and Surveyor.

The Borough Engineer and Surveyor will assist you if you are unable to arrange for your furniture to be removed.
The furniture will be stored for a short period, if necessary.
If you have gone some distance from your destroyed home and cannot afford to have your furniture removed to your new house, you should apply to the Area Officer of the Assistance Board at Forest House, Cobden Street, and he will assist you.

If your place of employment is destroyed or damaged and you are unemployed, apply to the Employment Exchange, Seldon Street, for assistance.

The Nelson Corporation are in the course of providing kitchens and dining rooms to be used as feeding centres. These will at all times provide cheap meals for those who desire them and will assist in the feeding of those who are rendered homeless or who are unable to cook their own meals due to the failure of the utility services.

Arrangements have been made to ensure that adequate supplies of food will be available in the town for the requirements of the residents and particularly for those rendered homeless.
Mobile Canteens and Mobile Shops will be available, if necessary, to meet the needs of the public.
Temporary Food Offices will be opened (if necessary) to deal with enquiries and to give information.
The Community Kitchens and Dining Rooms, in course of being established, will be in constant use, and cafes, restaurants, works canteens, etc., will be called upon to assist.
The local tradesmen have been requested to arrange schemese for mutual assistance which will be put into operation for the benefit of those members of the public whose retailers have had their shops or premises damaged.
The propriietors of undamaged shops will, where possible, be requested to assist in serving the needs of the additional customers whose usual shopping establishments have been put out of action.
Further directions will be given to the public when the necessity arises.

(a) For emergency purposes, store in covered receptacles a small stock of fresh water for drinking and food preparation only.
For fire extinguishing and closet flushing, save water previously used for washing, etc.
Do not waste fresh water by filling the bath.
(b) When an air raid warning is sounded, do not draw any water unless compelled by dire need. Every drop in the main and every ounce of pressure may be needed by the Fire and Decontamination Services.
(c) After an air attack, boil for 15 minutes all water drawn for drinking and preparation of food and do so until notified that this precaution may be dispensed with.
If mains are broken, every effort will be made to supply drinking water from travelling tanks. This water should also be boiled before use.

If the sewer should be put out of action, you must not use your water closet, sink, or other drain until you have been informed that it has been repaired.
If you have a garden, or if there is waste land near at hand, then -
(1) Dig a trench as far away from dwellings as possible. The trench should be at least 2 feet deep, about 2 feet wide at the top and about 1 foot wide at the bottom, and as long as necessary.
Collect all liquid and solid kitchen waste and excreta in buckets and empty it into the trench, and immediately cover it with earth.
(2) If you have no garden or if there is no waste land near - Mix excreta and solid kitchen waste with ashes or earth in the dustbin. As far as possible keep other liquid waste material in buckets or other receptacles until such time as it can be collected by the Local Authority.
(3) Do not put into the trench, dustbin or buckets anything which you can burn either in the kitchen fire or at the bottom of your garden.

Injuries and casualties to animals are taken care of by the National Air Raid Precautions Animal Committee (N.A.R.P.A.C.)
The Regional Organiser is Mrs. T. H. Moorby, "Hill Carr," Carr Hall, Barrowford, (Telephone No. Nelson 1303), and the local Headquarters are situate at 130, Manchester Road.
Applications should be made to the local Headquarters for advice or assistance.

19. Immediate action is necessary to deal effectively with incendiary bombs.
All householders should have sand and water readily available. Any person desiring advice or training as to the best methods of dealing with incendiary bombs and the use of the stirrup hand pump should make application to the Fire Brigade Superintendent, Central Fire Station, Ellen Street, or to the Air Raid Warden of the district.
Have you cleared your loft of all combustible material? It is an offence not to do so. Protect your own property. Don't leave it to others.

The enemy is dropping booby traps of all descriptions. If during or immediately after a raid you find any articles of a suspicious nature, that were not there before, report the matter to the Wardens or Police. On no account should any attempt be made to remove them, as they are likely to be extremely dangerous.

An Information Centre will be opened at the Town Hall immediately after a bombing attack on the Borough for dealing with immediate post air raid problems.
If you are in doubt, enquire at this centre.
Additional Centres will also be opened as and when necessary.
If circumstances warrant, arrangements will be made for loud-speaker vans to come to the town to broadcast advice which should be closely followed.

All enquiries relating to evacuation (including billeting allowances, etc.), should be made at the Evacuation Bureau, Technical School, Market Street.

If any of the Offices or premises referred to in this booklet are destroyed by enemy action alternative accommodation will be provided and duly advertised.

In the event of severe damage by enemy air attack the Police will establish Incident Posts as near as possible to the damaged areas. These Posts will be indicated by a Cambridge blue and white check flag during the day-time and by two blue lamps during the night-time.
Urgent enquiries may be made at these Posts.

(a) Food Ration Maker.
Apply to the Local Food Office, Market Square.
(b) Gas Mask
If you have lost your gas mask as a result of an air raid, you can obtain another one free from the nearest Air Raid Wardens' Guard House.
The Air Raid Wardens' Guard Houses are situate at
"Fern Bank," Cooper Street;
157, Barkerhouse Road;
43, Wilkinson Street.
(c) Identity Card.
Application for a new Identity Card should be made at the National Registration Office (Local Food Office), Market Square.
(d) National Health Insurance Card.
Get a new card from the Post Office and notify the Ministry of Health, Insurance Department, Blackpool, Lancs., of the loss.
(e) Pension Book
For a new Old Age, Widow's or Orphan's pension book, write to the Ministry of Health, Pensions Branch, Blackpool, giving full name, former and new address, and nearest Post Office.
If you are in need in the meantime, apply to the Area Officer of the Assistance Board at Forest House, Cobden Street.
(f) Army Allowance Documents.
If your documents are lost, apply to the Area Officer of the Assitance Board at Forest House, Cobden Street.
(g) Unemployment Book.
Apply to the Employment Exchange, Seldon Street.

26.[/b/] (a) If you are under cover during an air raid remain there.
(b) If you are in the street go to the nearest public shelter.
(c) If you are not in a bombed area keep away from it unless required to go there as a member of one of the A.R.P. Services. [b]Don't go sight seeing.

(d) Don't talk about air raid damage.
(e) Don't use your telephone unnecessarily during an alert.
(f) Give temporary accommodation to homeless families.
(g) Always carry your gas mask.
(h) If you have any old clothing you do not require send it to the Women's Voluntary Services, Laurel Bank House, Carr Road.
(i) If you are in doubt upon any matter, apply for advice at the Information Centre, if established, or at the Town Clerk's Office.


(1) Primitive Methodist School, Skipton Road.
(2) Bethel Methodist School, Burnley Road.
(3) Church of England School, Exchange St.
(4) Langroyd Road Methodist School, Langroyd Road.
(5) Technical School.
(6) Park Senior School.
(7) Christ Church Sunday School.

(1) Congregational School, Colne Road.
(2) Ambulance Hall, Halifax Road.
(3) The Parochial Hall.

(1) Co-operative Assembly Rooms, Church St.
(2) Methodist School, Maud Street.
(3) St. Peter and St. Paul's R.C. School.

(1) Technical School, Burnley Road.
(2) Nazareth Unitarian Chapel, Knight Hill.
(3) Cross Bank Methodist Chapel.

(1) Church of England Room, Church Street.

(1) Victoria Institute, Holme.
(2) Methodist School, Walk Mill.

(1) Church of England Day School, Whitefield Street.
(2) Council School.

(1) Methodist School, Chapel Street.
(2) St. John's Church.

(1) Co-operative Assembly Rooms, Burnley Road.
(2) Haggate Council School, Burnley Road.

(1) Methodist School, Skipton Road.

(1) Church of England Day School.

(1) Methodist School, Wesley Street.
(2) Baptist School, Clitheroe Road.

(1) Congregational School, East Street.

(1) St. Anne's School, Fence.
(2) Methodist Sunday School, Wheatley Lane.

(1) National School.

(1) Methodist School, Gisburn Road.

(1) Church of England Day School.


Searching for lost relatives? Win the Lottery!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:14 pm 
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That was super.


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:52 pm 
Spider Lady
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I got it on ebay. The booklet is smaller than a passport with 12 pages.


Searching for lost relatives? Win the Lottery!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:13 pm 
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I remember the air raid shelters when I was a kid before they pulled them down. We used to play in them and use them as ghost trains. :lol:

Trish ...

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