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Cop Row cottages
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Author:  lollylou7 [ Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Cop Row cottages

Hi, New to this site. I would like info on the Cop Row cottages. My mum lives a few doors down from the Commerical pub and Ive always wanted to know something of the history of these cottages. I can remember my dad decorating and finding a doorway blocked up at the side of the chimney breast, this most have connected with next doors cottage many moons ago. When he came to strip the beams he found lots of nails in them as though something had been hung from them. I was told by an elderly gentlemen that it might have been a cloggers shop and the wooden parts might have hung from them. Would love to find out more. Thanks. Carole

Author:  Jill on the A272 [ Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

Some of my ancestors lived there (not sure which address) James Heys was a handloom weaver there in 1841 and by 1851 was a weaver with a grocer's shop while his wife Nancy was an oatcake baker. He still had the grocers shop in 1861 but was a powerloom weaver & grocer so I guess it was actually Nancy running the grocers.

Author:  lollylou7 [ Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

Hi Jill, Thanks for the information, I found it interesting. If only those thick walls of the cottages could talk. I like the idea of oatcakes being made in one of them, I love stew and hard with lots of onions. I wonder how the cottages were numbered back then, if at all. Must have been overcrowded too. Once again thanks for the info. Carole

Author:  rexwatson [ Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

Cop Row built about 1819. New Row then Long Row then Cop Row ! You can tell all this from the Haggate registers.

Lots of my ancestors lived there, WATSON, HEAP, EMMOTT.

Nancy HEYS, nee WATSON, my relative too (Her father Henry my 3 gt grandfather). [Jill, have we had contact about this before, my memory fails me !?] If not, send me a 'private message', and we can exchange information.


Author:  suzycue44 [ Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

My paternal ancestors lived in Cop Row too for many years. 123 Burnley Road.
My ggggrandmother lived there, Betty Hirst (nee Brierley) with her family, which included my gg grandmother, Martha Halstead (nee Hirst) and her husband John Robert Halstead. My grandfather James, son of Martha and John Robert was born there, as well as their second baby, Elizabeth, who married Willie Mason in later years.
How they all squeezed into those tiny houses I'll never know. Unless....they made doorways to the house next door and doubled the space?

Author:  Gloria [ Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

Sue, we may have been down this route before, but I have a Benjamin Brierley who lived on Cop Row with his family in the 1861, 71 and 81 censuses. In the 1891 he had the grocers on Cop Row, and prior to all these he lived "down Cockden". He had a sister Betty born 1824, is this one yours?

Author:  suzycue44 [ Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

As far as I can tell, Gloria, my Betty was born in 1840. Perhaps a daughter?? My Betty married Edmund Hirst and died in 1911 aged 71.

Author:  suzycue44 [ Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

"Sue, we may have been down this route before,..." as many times as you want. Gloria. I am finding folk and making connections regularly....so this is all 'fluid' :wink:

Author:  rexwatson [ Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cop Row cottages

Now 200 years old. See my post under 'Memories' (no, I can't remember them being built). I do suggest there that some sort of commemoration would be good. Any ideas ?


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