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New Kippax and Nuttall ancestry (incl. Simpson, Greenwood..)
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Author:  StephenBray [ Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  New Kippax and Nuttall ancestry (incl. Simpson, Greenwood..)

Some new local ancestry!

Hi folk! Long time no chatter, but I've still been keeping a hand in at genealogy. I have a few suggestions for some earlier generations than ones I'd previously found, so I'll put my suggestions up here to see if they match with what anyone else has got.

Firstly, my 6x Great Grandparent, Edward Kippax was the illegitimate child of Edward Kippax and Grace Simpson. It's likely that Grace herself was the illegitimate child of Richard Sympson and Grace Whitehead, baptised in 1674. Richard himself was probably baptised in Burnley in May 1641 to John Simson of Sunnymoorfoote.

The next lot all descend from Ann Nuttall of Briercliffe, wife of Robert Kippax (my 3x Great Grandparents).

Ann's parents appear to be William Nuttall (born Briercliffe 1757) who married Mary Greenwood (also Briercliffe 1756).

Ann's grandparents appear to be William Nuttall (of Briercliffe, died 1786). Seems likely he was the son of another William Nuttall (as one dies in Briercliffe in 1756). William (d. 1786)'s wife was Mary Midgley of Tunsted, Colne 1718. They married at St. Peter's, Burnley in 1744. The other set of grandparents if James Greenwood of Briercliffe (1731-1789) and Anne Shackleton (also Briercliffe, b. 1729)

Ann Nuttall's great grandparents appear to include John Midgley b. Winewall, 1686 and Martha Hartley (bap. Wellhead 1695). Other great grandparents include Paul Greenwood, who married Mary Halstead 1728 at Burnley. Mary died 1730 and Paul remarried Elizabeth Lonsdale in 1731. Paul died 1767 Briercliffe. Elizabeth Lonsdale likely died 1776. Further great grandparents include James Shackleton (married from 'Britcliffe' 1720) and Margret Symson of Briercliffe, who died 1739.

Great Great Grandparents include Robert Midgley (who lived at Heyroide and Winewall) and had children at the former in 1650 and the latter between 1651 and 1707 (!) suggesting there are, of course, two such Robert Midgleys! We also have a William Hartley of this generation who lived at Wellhead in 1695 and left a will from "Wellhead juxta Winewall" in 1722. Further people include John Symson of Briercliffe (d. 1718) and wife Maria Swayne, born 1665 at Colne/Trawden, who may have died as late as 1761!

Going back a generation further we see that John Symson is the son of eithe rJohn Simpson of Colne in 1663, or John Sympson of Habergham Eaves, Burnley in 1666.More concretely we also have Samuel Swayne, born Colne 1631 and his wife who died in 1666 at Colne.

Samuel Swayne's parents were John Swayne and Grace Ecroid, who married 1625 at Burnley. They had three children - Maria, Samuel and Lawrence. John is the son of either John Swayne of Burnley (1589), James Swayne of Colne (1606) of John Swayne of Colne (1608). I hypothesised that Grace was likely the daughter of William Eakroid of Worsthorne, but it's also possible that she is the widow of John Ackroyd - an early ancestor of one of the Quaker families - who she married (as Grace Dickson) a year after his wife's death in 1619.

And there we go! Would love to hear from anyone who's already trodden this path!

Warmest regards,


Author:  rexwatson [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Kippax and Nuttall ancestry (incl. Simpson, Greenwoo

Some extensive research here, Stephen !

In your second paragraph, 'Sunnymoorfoot' will really be 'Fennymoorfoot', I'm sure. Down Walverden valley from Lane Bottom, just above the reservoir.


Author:  Gloria [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Kippax and Nuttall ancestry (incl. Simpson, Greenwoo

Hello again Stephen, we've been down this Kippax route before and I agree with what you have written.
Did you ever have a good look at that inventory I sent you? I found it a hard slog to make sense of.

Author:  Gloria [ Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Kippax and Nuttall ancestry (incl. Simpson, Greenwoo

Stephen, I presume that inventory did arrive with you ??? As you are not responding to my query I am beginning to wonder if it did.

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