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 Post subject: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 1:42 pm 
Willfinder General
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1899 – GREENWOOD William of 7 South View, Harle Syke near Burnley, yeoman, died 30 April 1899. Probate London 20 May to Albert Sutcliffe, cotton manufacturer and Mary Ann Collinge (wife of John Sutcliffe Collinge). Effects £2,362 1s. 4d.


Marriage – 1870 Apr-May-Jun
COLLINGE John Sutcliffe – Burnley, 8e, 333
ALLEN Mary Ann – Burnley, 8e, 333
Burnley Register Office or Registrar Attended

1881 Census - RG11; Piece: 4150; Folio: 75; Page: 1
73 Todmorden Road, Habergham Eaves, Burnley
John S. Collinge, Head, Married, 35yrs, Cotton Manufacturer, b. Burnley
Mary Ann Collinge, Wife, Mar, 31yrs, b. Burnley
Thomas Allen Collinge, Son, 8yrs, Scholar, b. Burnley
Isabel Mary? Collinge, Daughter, 7yrs, Scholar, b. Burnley
Edgar S. Collinge, Son, 6yrs, Scholar, b. Burnley
Alfred ? Collinge, Son, 4yrs, b. Burnley
William H. Collinge, Son, 2yrs, b. Burnley
Gilbert Collinge, Son, 12 months, b. Burnley
Ellen Allen, Mother in Law, 64yrs, Annuitant, b. Colne
Jas. E. Sharpe, Servant, 22yrs, Housemaid Domestic Servant, b. Yorkshire
Alice Gregg, Servant, 19yrs, Nurse Domestic Servant, b. Herefordshire
Margaret Thompson, Servant, 24yrs, Cook Domestic Servant, Northumberland

1871 Census - RG10; Piece: 4149; Folio: 62; Page: 23
3 Carlton Road, Habergham Eaves, Burnley
John S. Collinge, Head, Mar, 25yrs, Cotton Manufacturer, b. Cliviger
Mary A. Collinge, Wife, Mar, 21yrs, b. Burnley
Maria Andrews, Servant, 17yrs, General Servant, b. Norfolk

1861 Census - RG9; Piece: 3289; Folio: 63; Page: 34
Soyland, Yorkshire
John Sutcliffe Collinge, Pupil, Unm, 15yrs, Scholar, b. Burnley

1851 Census - HO107; Piece: 2251; Folio: 33; Page: 18
Mereclough, Cliviger
Luke Collinge, Head, Mar, 40yrs, Furniture Broker, b. Cliviger
Mary Collinge, Wife, 32yrs, b. Cliviger
Isabella Collinge, Daughter, 13yrs, b. Cliviger
Thomas Collinge, Son, 11yrs, Scholar, b. Cliviger
William Collinge, Son, 7yrs, b. Cliviger
John Collinge, Son, 5yrs, b. Cliviger
Alice Collinge, Daughter, 3yrs, b. Cliviger
Agnes Collinge, Daughter, 1yr, b. Cliviger

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 Post subject: Re: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 2:16 pm 
Willfinder General
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Some information about the Collinge business.

http://www.burnleyexpress.net/peek-into ... 2860929.jp
Dynasty with social conscience
Published Date: 08 May 2007

THERE will be no difficulty in recognising where we are this week. The photo is of the building many of you will remember as Burnley's first Woolworths store though, now, it is occupied by a well-known sports clothing firm.

We are at the corner of St James's Street and Hammerton Street, though, in the past, the name for the part of the present St James's Street, to the right in the picture, was Goodham Hill. There was a large mill of that name (it was demolished in 1885) roughly where you can see the Empire Theatre, extreme right of the picture. To give you more idea of where the mill was, opposite stood Brown Street Mill which was on the right as one approached Brown Street from what was then Goodham Hill. Both of the mills were used for cotton spinning.

Returning to the picture, notice the Hammerton Street stores of the Burnley Co-op (left) but we should consider the principal building. Here it is occupied by W. & J.S. Collinge. They were cabinet makers and upholsterers and their address, in the 1883 Commercial Directory, was at 110 St James's Street, Burnley. By 1914 the firm is listed as Collinge & Co. Ltd and they described themselves as cabinet makers, upholsterers, house furnishers and decorators.

If you look at the building you might be able to make out an advertisement painted onto the red brick wall of the St James's Street election. It confirms the name Collinge and Co. Ltd, though the business is described as that of "Upholsterers and Carpets". There is another word under this but I am afraid I cannot make it out.

The principals of the company were William Collinge who in 1883 lived at Wood Nook, 41 Brooklands Road, Burnley and John Sutcliffe Collinge who resided at Park House, Todmorden Road, also in Burnley. They were the sons of Alderman Luke Collinge who had established the business.

Luke Collinge was born at Mereclough, in Cliviger in 1810. The son of poor parents he was never ashamed of his humble origins but he was given a rudimentary education at the village chapel and chapel school.
Like many of his contemporaries, he trained as a handloom weaver and, as a young man, his sympathies, not unexpectedly, were with the Chartists.

In about 1830 he came to Burnley and, a few years later, he became involved in the Temperance Movement which was very influential in our part of the world. When, in the 1840s, lots of people were campaigning against the hated Corn Laws, which kept food prices artificially high, Luke was very much involved.

The move to Burnley had been made possible when Luke was appointed to take charge of the toll bar where the Wellington Hotel (now the Duck and Boot) now stands. He became a bookseller and in 1839 he started the furniture business in Brown Street which bore his name. The actual address was 4 and 6 Brown Street but, in the mid-1870s, the firm, then managed by his sons, moved to the site your see in the photograph.

Luke was also involved in the cotton industry, firstly, with John Stephenson, who went to America, but, later, in the firm of Collinge & Crook who had Mount Olive Mill, Westgate, and Whittlefield Mill. In the years of the cotton famine, the 1860s, Mr Collinge was very concerned about its effect on those who worked in the mills. In fact the little that we know about him seems to indicate that, though a success in business, he was a man with a social conscience.

The furniture business went from strength to strength under William and John Sutcliffe Collinge. They were also the Burnley agents for the famous Singer Sewing Machine Company and they had a shop which specialised in this trade at 46 Manchester Road. Much of their furniture, in recent years, has been recognised by experts to have been of very good quality, and it is now collected. However, all I can say about when the firm closed is that Woolworths were in occupation of 106 to 110 St James's Street by 1926.

It might be of interest to some readers if I comment that Collinge appears to be a local surname. I did look it up for someone I used to teach and I was surprised to learn there were no early references to the name in Lancashire. Members of the Collinc family are mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) in both Shropshire and Derbyshire. There are other early references but none to Lancashire. However, there have been Collinge's in Lancashire for centuries and they have been particularly prolific in the Burnley area. The 1914 Commercial Directory lists 21 firms with Collinge in the name. They range, in size, from the usual small businesses like butchers, grocers and confectioners, including a pea salesman (Emmanuel Collinge, Parker Lane) and a botanical brewer (Roger College at 44-46 Waterloo Road, to the larger firms we have already noted.

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 Post subject: Re: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 8:49 pm 

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William Richard Townley married Eleanora Gertrude Collinge in 1924 at Burnley, St. Matthew the Apostle (from Lancashire BMD). I was wondering if there was any connection.

William Richard Townley could be my grandfather's cousin, but am not sure if he is the same William Richard Townley. b. 1895 Accrington. Father: William Townley.


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 Post subject: Re: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 9:31 pm 
Willfinder General
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Hi, it doesn’t look like there is an immediate connection.

Births Dec 1898
COLLINGE Eleanor Gertrude – Burnley, 8e, 201

Marriages Dec 1924
COLLINGE Eleanora G (Townley) – Burnley, 8e, 376
TOWNLEY William R (Collinge) – Burnley, 8e, 376

1901 Census - RG13; Piece: 3870; Folio: 141; Page: 36
Higher ? Town?, Habergham Eaves
John Collinge, Head, Mar, 49yrs, ?, Employer, b. Hapton?
Minnie H. Collinge, Wife, Mar, 41yrs, b. Horfold, Wilts
Elenor Collinge, Daughter, 14yrs, b. Burnley
John Collinge, Son, 12yrs, b. Burnley
Louise Collinge, Daughter, 9yrs, b. Burnley
Richard H. Collinge, Son, 7yrs, b. Burnley
Giles Collinge, Son, 5yrs, b. Burnley
Arthur Collinge, Son, 3yrs, b. Burnley
Eleanor G. Collinge, Daughter, 2yrs, b. Burnley

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 Post subject: Re: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 2:33 pm 
Willfinder General
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Joined: Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:51 pm
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I think this is Mary Ann Allen who married John Sutcliffe Collinge (1870)

1861 Census - RG9; Piece: 3068; Folio: 59; Page: 29
Dane House, Burnley
Henry Allen, Head, Mar, 43yrs, Butcher Farmer 25 acres, b. Darwen
Ellen Allen, Wife, Mar, 44yrs, b. Marsden
Mary A. Allen, Daughter, 11yrs, Scholar, b. Burnley
Clara Allen, Daughter, 4months, b. Burnley
Mary Sutcliffe, Servant, Widow, 58yrs, General Servant, b. Briercliffe

Marriages Dec 1840
ALLEN Henry – Burnley, 21, 99
GREENWOOD Ellen – Burnley, 21, 99
Burnley, St Peter

1851 Census - HO107; Piece: 2251; Folio: 444; Page: 11
98 St. James street, Burnley
Henry Allen, Head, Mar, 34yrs, Butcher, b. Marsden
Ellen Allen, Wife, Mar, 34yrs, b. Marsden
Mary A. Allen, Daughter, 1yr, b. Burnley
Ellen Walton, Servant, 13yrs, b. Marsden

1841 Census - HO107; Piece 509; Book: 1; Civil Parish: Whalley; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 32; Folio: 7; Page: 6; Line: 3
Hole House, Great Marsden
Henry Allen, 20yrs, Weaver Cotton, b. Lancs
Ellen Allen, 20yrs, b. Lancs

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 Post subject: Re: COLLINGE
PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:31 pm 
Willfinder General
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Joined: Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:51 pm
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I purchased some documents that relate to this family. This is the description:

A small archive consisting of 31 paper documents dating from 1883-1924. It relates to Collinge and Co Ltd, a company founded by William Collinge of Burnley. A son of Luke Collinge, he was born in 1841. He followed in his father’s footsteps in his cabinet making business. After his father retired his brother John Sutcliffe Collinge joined him in the business. They were very successful, having premises in Brown street and the large building in James St, which was taken over by Woolworth in 1924, and is a Quicksave today. The brothers then went into cotton manufacture. They ran the Burnley Wood Mill, and had an interest in Whittlefield Mill and Orchard Mill at Padiham. In August 1883 William became a representative of the (old) Trinity ward and in 1889 he became an alderman of the Fulledge ward and in 1895 mayor of Burnley. He died in 1897 (for fuller account see site called Men of Burnley). The documents consist of: Legacy receipt of the estate of Luke Collinge 1883, oath in respect of the legacy of Luke Collinge signed by both brothers, legacy receipt for Isabella Collinge, their sister, 5 copies of a special resolution to wind up Collinge and Co Ltd 1924, original will of John Sutcliffe Collinge, cotton spinner of Burnley and codicil dated 1901, Way-Leave agreement between the National Telephone Company and Collinge and Co 1910, Application for Probate of will of John Sutcliffe Collinge, with list of debts 1890, A case in Chancery brought by Collinge and Co against Fred Hargreaves, who together with another ex employee of the company was wanting to set up in competition to them in Burnley (2 copies), 16 solicitors letters relating to the winding up of the company, a writ of Veniere Facias against a debtor of the company, an Elizabeth Ann Sayer, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company 1893, a receipt from the trustees of Luke Collinge, a Subpoena against Beatrice Mary Eaves in case brought against her by the company 1920, instructions to council to settle the draft will of John Sutcliffe Collinge 1907, 2 copies of an agreement between the corporation of Burnley and the Burnley Wood Mill Co as to laying a water main and supplying water to the wood mill for automatic sprinklers 1903, together with 5 solicitors letters relating to same.

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