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Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?
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Author:  Leigh Hunter [ Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

I've not seemed to be able to pin down a death or burial date for either of the married couple named above, in the Briercliffe area.
As far as I've been able to trace, they don't seem to appear on censuses after 1851. Both had ages in 1841 and 1851 censuses that would suggest a birth year of 1795 / 1796.
I've hunted around for months, all over Ancestry and other sites, looking for likely burials. They were the parents of a whole brood of Burrows ( Alice, Jane, Mary, John, Henry, Nancy, William, and Thomas, born between 1820s and 1840s) but I'd really like to try and pin them down - probably, I'd guess, Non-Conformist Chapel people?
Can anyone help me directly, or suggest a likely place to look, please? It's been hard enough trying to pin down exactly where they lived, let alone died ("Haggate" seems to cover a lot of houses!)

Author:  rexwatson [ Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

Can't find them in 1851, Leigh. Where were they ?

Marriage at Burnley 1820, Betty DICKSON.

Lived at Cop Row in 1841 (called New Row).

When I get home after a holiday, I can probably tell you something about them in 1843......

Watch this space.


Author:  rexwatson [ Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

Sorry, Cop Row called New Row in 1820 at Alice's birth (Haggate Baptist register), rather than 1841.

Cop Row built c. 1819, initially called New Row, also Long Row.


Author:  mosiefish [ Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

Hi Leigh,

I believe they were enumerated as Bowers on the 1851 - is that correct? They were living at 8 River Street, Habergham Eaves, Burnley.

By 1861 Henry had died:

8 Howarth Street, Habergham Eaves
Betty Burrows, Head, Widr, 67, House Keeper, born Haggate (Preston in 1851 :? )
Betty Daur, 18, Cotton Weaver, Haggate
Jane Burrows, 15, Lodger, Cotton Weaver, Burnley (probably the Granddaughter from the 1851)
Nancy Burrows, 1. Lodger, Burnley

Death of a Henry Burrows aged 64 registered in 1857 (see http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk )
Death of a Betty Burrows aged 78 registered in 1871


Author:  rexwatson [ Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

Interesting one this !

Henry's death reported in the Burnley Advertiser, still of River St.

Henry gives born Marsden in 1851. This was in Colne chapelry, and the register does show some BURROWS families in the 1790s.

Henry not registered it seems at any of the conformist chapels in Colne (Baptist, Methodist, Inghamite).

Perhaps his parents just failed to baptise him, or record his birth if they were Baptists.


Author:  Leigh Hunter [ Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

B 1851? Then that's not really the same Henry, is it, rexwatson? In the original post I was concerned about the death of Henry and Betty Burrows who seemed from the census details to have been born in the late 1790s - how does this one link with him, please? No idea about river Street, either. But thank you in any case for your effort and time.

(I've very recently been told that the Henry Burrows I've been seeking died in 1851, aged about 64, and was buried at Haggate Baptist, and that his wife, Betty lasted until 1871, and apparently both are in the same grave, "F41". I don't know if there's any headstone - I'd assume that was unlikely, but my informant seems very confident that this is the final resting place of Henry Burrows b 1831's parents.)

So that seems to be the solution - thank you for help and advice.

Author:  rexwatson [ Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Death Dates of Henry & Betty Burrows, both b 1790s?

Sorry for some confusion. I meant that in the 1851 census Henry said he was born in Marsden !

River St was a short street just off the top of Hammerton St, near its junction with Manchester Rd, to the east. Haworth St (where Betty was in 1861) was (is ?) nearby, the other side (west) of Hammerton St. [I don't live near Burnley now, so can't check out on the ground]

The Haggate MIs are on fiche (Lancs FHHS) :


JOHN BURROWS Feb 25 1856 aged 26
HENRY BURROWS his father May 20 1857 aged 64
NANCY DYSON his daughter May 2 1859 aged 25
BETTY BURROWS of Burnley Jan 9 1871 aged 78

Presumably Nancy here is the daughter of Henry, not John.

F40 may be of interest

NANCY wife of Henry BURROWS 9 Jan 1860 aged 34

In my first post I promised some information from 1843, as follows.

Quaker charity efforts produced for the Briercliffe/Gt Marsden area in 1843 what amounted to a 'census', or at least a survey. There is information about this on the site.

At Haggate. Henry BURROWS, working 'Dole' (meaning working for the township, Briercliffe, probably on the roads), 11 people in family, total weekly income 14/-, ages (for ten people) 49,49,23,20,16,14,11,9,7,3 ; 3 beds. Needs 3 pairs of blankets, bolster covers, 2 quilts, 9 year old needs clogs, stockings for all. [It was February].

We may be related. My 4 gt-grandmother was Betty BURROWS, married Richard WATSON in 1795, and they lived in the area. There may be a connection to John BURROWS, one of the inaugural trustees of the Baptist chapel in 1767. [See my booklet, still available if you wanted one !]

Hope this all is of interest,


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