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Family Trees

Members genealogical research relating to Briercliffe

Some of the forum members have sent in a copy of their family tree for inclusion on the site.
Many thanks to all concerned.

This page was last updated 24 April 2011

Please note, the Society has little expertise in family history matters and cannot undertake research for individuals. If you have any queries relating to the history of your family, please feel free to join the forum and post your query there.

The following files will open in a new window and are pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them, available free from Adobe

Kindly submitted by John Nutter

Descendants of John Halstead

Kindly submitted by Moh

Descendants of James Shoesmith

Kindly submitted by Fiona Shoesmith (via Moh)

Descendants of Thomas Shoesmith

Kindly submitted by Sue Regan

First, download the Zip file to your computer. Once downloaded, open the Zip and double-click on the Redman file. You will of course require Microsoft Excel, or a compatible application in order to view the contents.

These files were created using the PAF software, available free from the FamilySearch website. They will open in a new window but software is not required to view them.

Kindly submitted by Darren Catlow

Descendants of Lawrence Catlow

Kindly submitted by Tim Hadfield and Richard Parker.

Descendants of Johannes Parcarius

Some of the death dates in this file simply say "Bef ****". This is not a guide as to when the death may have occurred. It is a random date entered by myself so that the individuals details would be shown. Without a death date, the individual would be listed as "living" and no information given.

If anyone wishes to contact any of the above submitters, please use the "contact us" page and your message will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Alternatively, some of these submitters are forum members and you can contact them through the forum.

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