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Kindly submitted by Marie Normansell with the following comments...

I believe this to be Varley Halstead. How harrowed and gaunt he looks. Varley suffered from the effects of gas poisoning as well as kidney stones. He had one kidney removed in 1918. Family story says that it was the wrong kidney that was removed. He later suffered from bladder stones and an operation to remove these in 1929 resulted in his death in Reedyford Hospital, Burnley. Perhaps the strain of a poorly functioning remaining kidney was more likely to have been the cause of his death.

Q. What convalescent hospitals, in Lancashire, were used post World War 1?

I have correspondence from Varley to his son Ronald dated in the early 1920s, from:

Knotty Ash Hospital, Liverpool

Moor Park Hospital, Preston

?? Wimslow Road ?

Grangethorpe Hospital, Manchester

There may have been others. The letters are incomplete.

Q. Do these hospitals still exist?
Q. Where can I find hospital records for this period in history for these hospitals?

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