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Number 45, December 1992

Tenth Anniversary Get-Together

The end of another year. I've been looking over the Newsletters that have been produced by the Society over the last ten years or so. From small beginnings the Society has continued to expand and is still expanding. We have more members now than we have ever had - so we must be doing something right!

This is very gratifying especially for the Committee, the members of which work very hard on your behalf. At their last meeting they discussed our forthcoming 10th Anniversary and it was decided to hold an Anniversary Get-Together, probably at Haggate School in the Spring.

Fuller details will follow but we expect that outside caterers will be brought in and that we will keep the price down, to about 6 perhead, by subsidising the event from our funds. (This will include food and entertainment.) After all, you have helped to build up our funds with your annual 'subs' - so the money is yours anyway.

At the end of this Newsletter you will see a return form. If you would like to attend the 'Anniversary Get-Together' please fill in the form and return it to our Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Susan Meeks. It would be most helpful if you would do this as soon as possible - certainly before the end of January - as it will help us to organise the event better. (We are planning an event to remember so if you have any ideas let us know).

Seasons Greetings

The Chairman and Committee would like to wish all members and their families a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Forthcoming Events

Monday 14th November 1992 [sic]
'The Briercliffe Society Service of Carols and Readings' will be held at St. James Church, Harle Syke, at 7.30 p.m. Bring your family and friends and start the Christmas Season with us. Everyone is welcome! (Unfortunately we will not be able to provide festive fayre on the evening as we indicated before)/

Monday 11th January 1993.
'The Story of Brierfield' an illustrated talk by Mr. J I Bentley, past Chairman of the Society. Venue: The Community Centre, Jubilee Street, Harle Syke. 7.30 p.m. (25p including refreshments). John has given several talks - most recently one on local murders and these have been enjoyed so we expect another full house!

Society News

Around Briercliffe

'Around Briercliffe', the ParishMap, produced by Briercliffe Art Group is selling very well, so the Society is going to get its investment back. Will those people who have ordered maps from Roger Frost please contact him about collection or to make arrangements for the delivery.

Social Evening

This event, which was held on 28th November, was another great success and was well-attended. All those involved in making the arrangements are to be thanked as well as the entertainers. (We had a bit of a panic about the piano, but that was sorted out just in time.)


The Society has commissioned the Briercliffe Art Group to make some designs for Notelets. We hope that these will be on sale soon. They will feature scenes from Briercliffe and Extwistle and hopefully they will meet the requirements of those of you who have suggested that we prepare some Notelets.

Other News

Burnley & District Historical Society

- wish to announce that Briercliffe Society members will be welcome to attend their meetings which are now held in the New Church, Briercliffe Road, Burnley. (The New Church is on the corner of Swinless Street and the lectures are on the third Thursday in the month and begin at 7.00 p.m.)

Burnley Road Christmas Decorations

Have you seen the Christmas decorations on Burnley Road, Harle Syke? This is a joint effort by the Parish Council and the individual tradespeople. I think Burnley Road looks much better for the seasonal decorations and I hope that the scheme can be extended next year. The brackets which support the treescan be used for hanging baskets next summer so let's hope that we see a few of these in the months ahead.

There is some sad news to report, or at least it is sad for those of you who like Lancashire Dialect, for the Lancashire Dialect Society is no more. It was wound up in the Autumn. This is surprising when you consider how popular Mrs Holgate's poetry books have been and how much enjoyed have been her cassettes. These are now almost sold out, but the Society will look into ordering some more from the studio which recorded them.

Entertainment Section

The first is submitted by Mary Bamford, one of our members. It is entitled 'A Child's Trip Through the '30's.

Memories of sunny weekends and families getting together for picnics to Catlow Bottoms, Thursden Valley and Roggerham (sandwiches an jugs of tea) and I.L.P. Race Day.
A rare treat going in the back room at Jimmy Robins 'chippy' for supper.
Mouthwatering torpedo and peas and 'loose potato pie' from Woods Yankee Bar. (Was I obsessed with food?)
Madam Ogden's hat shop! Not forgetting Madam O herself.
Great excitement! Helping(?) Miley Greenwood drive his cows from the farm across from the Craven Heifer to the field next to the Commercial Inn.
Rechiabite meetings at the 'Tin Tab'. "I declare this juvenile tent duly open" and the response, "And so it is", with great stamping of feet from the back row.
Seeing the weaving shed decked out with Christmas decorations. A sight worth remembering.
And, what of our very own Halstead Pickles telephoning for a taxi from the kiosk outside the Post Office to take him home - around the corner!
Another local character was 'Puff and Blow', named because he puffed his cheeks out all the time. (I don't remember his name - does anyone?)
Mary Bamford

Street Quiz

The answers are all the names of streets and roads within Briercliffe.

This was produced by the PTA of Briercliffe School but I thought you might like to see if you can do it as a sort of Christmas Quiz.

Note from Mel: I will post this quiz on the forum so that members can have a go.

Click here if you want to have a go at the quiz on the forum >>

(a) Founder of the Anti Corn Law League

(b) Bill and Dot in the Lakes

(c) Home of Mary Rose

(d) Scottish University Town

(e) Cheshire Forest

(f) Into the Valley of death!

(g) Lady Penelope's Butler

(h) Blackadder and Mr Bean

(i) Bonnie, Bonnie

(j) Does Arkwright's Assistant live here?

(k) Silver, gold or diamond

(l) Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, nearly?

(m) Vulpine inventor of photographs

(n) Make well in Yorks. valley

(o) Home of Geoff Love

(p) S.A. diamond mines

(q) "They also serve who only stand and wait"

(r) Devon Market Town

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