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Winnie Rawlinson

Auxiliary : ARP

Rank : Auxiliary

Regiment : ARP

Winnie worked as an auxiliary ARP (Air Raid Precaution) volunteer throughout the war. She was stationed at Throstle Mill on Daneshouse Road, just over the canal bridge in the direction of Elm Street. During the day she worked in the office with her Dad at the L.M.S Railway at Bank Top, now called Burnley Central. Jack Rawlinson was her brother

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I have received the King's command to express His Majesty's appreciation of the loyal service given voluntarily to her country in a time of grievous danger by Miss Winnie Rawlinson
as a Woman Home Guard Auxiliary

Signed by the Secretary of State for War.
The War Office, London

Thanks to Clifford Heap for kindly sharing the information and images with us.

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