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 Post subject: Halstead MI's
PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:43 pm 
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Location: Staffordshire
Haggate and Hill Lane Baptist Church

Section A Grave 32
In Loving Memory of
of Burnley
Who departed this life February 3rd 1885
Aged 74 years
Farewell my friends and children dear
Ive toiled for you for many a year
I always strove to do my best
And now Im gone to take my rest

Section A Grave 32
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Swamp Top
Who departed this life July 9th 1882
aged 53 years
Them Also Which Sleep in Jesus
Will God Bring With Him
Also of Joseph
the beloved son of
William and Betty BRIERLEY
and grandson of the above
Who died March 18th 1888 aged 8 years
Also in Loving Memory of the
Above named William BRIERLEY
Who lost his life in the boating
Disaster at Morecambe September
3rd 1894 aged 41 years
Also in Loving Memory of
Maggie the beloved wife of
and daughter of the above
Who died Jany 10th 1908
aged 25 years
Home at Last, Labour Done
Safe and Blest, victory Won
Also the above named
Who died Jany 11th 1931 aged 73 years.
Being Weary, She Fell Asleep

Section A Grave 34
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Haggate Briercliffe
Who departed this life December
30th 1900 aged 76 years
Betty the beloved wife of Halstead HALSTEAD
of Haggate who departed this life July 2nd 1878
in the 53rd year of her age.
Also of John their beloved son who departed
this life April 1st 1881 aged 19 years
Also of Halstead SHOESMITH their son-in-law
who departed this life May 7th 1881 in his 23rd year
Also of Willie HALSTEAD their grandson
Who departed this life March 11th 1876
aged 2 years and 2 months
Also of Robert HALSTEAD
son of the above
Who departed this life Aug 25th 1931
Aged 81 years
Also of Martha the dearly beloved wife of
Who departed this life May 3rd 1932
Aged 80 years

Section A Grave 58
Died February 11th 1886
Aged 51 years
Also Mary, wife of the above
Died March 1st 1899
Aged 6? years
In Loving
The beloved husband of
Who died May 2nd 1933
Aged 66 years
Also Emily, wife of the above
Died Oct 22nd 1947, aged 79 years
Also Lawrence, son of the above
Died Nov 21st 1942 aged 38 years

Section B Grave 67
Loving Memory of
Daughter of
Robert & Nancy HALSTEAD
of Burnley
Who died May 5th 1886,
Aged 1 year.
Also Joseph & Robert,
Children of the above,
Who die din infancy.
Also William HARRISON,
Who died June 2nd 1908
In his 64th year.
Ever Remembered.

Section B 71
Memory of
The beloved wife of
John HALSTEAD of Burnley
Who died January 8th 1885
Aged 33 years.
Also James, their son
Who died April 8th 187?
Aged 5 years and 4 months.
Also Harry, their son
Who died September 10th 1874
Aged 6 weeks.
Also William, their son
Who died April 18th 1880
Aged 2 years and 4 months.
Also Mary HALSTEAD Mother of
the above John HALSTEAD
Who died August 20th 1880.
Aged 70 years.
Also Ellen the beloved second
wife of the above John HALSTEAD
Who died July 9th 1890 aged 38 years

Section B Grave 90
In Loving Memory
Died Feb 2nd 1907 in his 67th year
Also Elizabeth his wife died July 12th 1922
In her 81st year
Also Hugh their son
Died April 8th 1876
In his 2nd year
Also Fielden their son
Died June 20th 1878
Aged 9 months
Also Annie May HALSTEAD
Died April 13th 1931 aged 47 years

Section B Grave 100
In Memory of
of Haggate
Who died Jan 10th 1871
Aged 72yrs
Also of James her son
Who died Nov 28th 1871
Aged 39yrs
Also of
Husband of the above
Tabitha and father of
James who died Dec 25th
1844 aged 45 years
Also of
Beloved daughter of
James and Alice
Who died August 31st 1977
Aged 90 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... tead15.htm

Section C Grave 46
In Loving Memory of
of Burnley
Who died August 8th 1885
In his 82nd year
Also of Betty his wife
Who died March 17th 1882
In her 77th year
Also of William TURNER
Grandson of the above
Who died January 26th 1884
In the 21st year of his age
Also of Mary Ann
Beloved wife of
William Henry CLEGG
Who died Aug 18th 1947
In her 70th year
Also of the above
William Henry CLEGG
Who died May 25th 1958
In his 86th year

Section C Grave 93
In Loving Memory
Who died April 2nd 1935
Aged 83 years.
Alice the beloved wife
Who died June 24th 1923
In her 70th year
Also of Lawrence the
Beloved son of James &
of Harle Syke
Who died March 17th 1905
In his 26th year
Also of John their son
Who died April 18th 1905
Aged 32 years
Also of James Waring
Their son
Who died Nov 25th 1886
In his 3rd year
Also four children
Who died in infancy
Also of Jane their daughter
And wife of J.E.ATKINSON
Who died Feb 6th 1919
Aged 34yrs
At Rest

Section C Grave 132
In Loving Memory of
The beloved husband of
Mary HALSTEAD of Harlesyke
Who died Jany 17th 1905
Aged 78 years.
A Loving Husband and Father Dear
A Faithful Friend He Hath Been Here.
Also of the above named Mary
Who died Nov 8th 1910
In her 81st year
Also Sarah, Alfred and
A second Alfred, children of
The above, who died in their infancy
Also Sarah Jane
The beloved wife of
Who died May 22nd 1922
Aged 59 years.
Also the above named
Who died Jan 1st 1937
Aged 77 years
At Rest
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... tead14.htm

Section C Grave 176
Loving Memory
The beloved wife of
Bannister HALSTEAD
of Burnley
Who died Jan 10th 1904
Aged 57 yrs.
Also Ellen beloved
wife of Fred HOLDEN
Died June 10th 1945
Aged 65 yrs.
Also of
Bannister the
Beloved husband of
Who died May 22nd 1919
Aged 70 yrs.
Also of Fred
Beloved husband of
Died Sept 20th 1937
Aged 58 yrs
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... Holden.htm

Section C Grave 218
Affectionate Remembrance
of Burnley
Who died January 7th 1914
Aged 62 years
Also of Ann, relict of the late
of Fleetwood (late of Burnley)
Who died August 2nd 1915
Aged 64 years
Nature views the change with sadness
Faith contemplates it with gladness

Section C Grave 234
In Loving Remembrance of
The beloved wife of Hartley HALSTEAD
Died May 18th 1971 aged 79 years
Also Hartley HALSTEAD
Died Aug 15th 1985 aged 96 years
Also of Gladys
their infant daughter
died Jan 5th 1920 aged 4 1/2 months
Also their son
George Henry HALSTEAD
Died August 10th 1991 aged 60 years.

Section C Grave 261
In Loving Memory of
of Kimberley St, Briercliffe
Died Dec 16th 1921
Aged 65 years.
Also Catherine
Wife of the above
Died Jan 17th 1935
Aged 77 years
Also Edith
Daughter of the above
Died May 17th 1947
Aged 56 years
Also Arthur son of the above
Died in infancy
Died Nov 25th 1947 aged 58 years
Wife of the above
Died October 31st 1965
Aged 78 years
Died November 30th 1996
Aged 76 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... ierley.htm

Section C Grave 288
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
Died Aug 7th 1929
Aged 65 years
Also the above named
Died April 23rd 1946
Aged 82 years
Also of Lizzie their daughter
Died Aug 21st 1961 aged 66 years
Also of Mary Ellen
Daughter of the above
Died Aug 14th 1893
Aged 3 years
At Rest

Section C Grave 297
Mary HALSTEAD died March 4th 1928 aged 56 years.
Dan her husband died October 7th 1956 aged 86 yrs.

Section C Grave 300
In Loving Memory of
George Henry
The beloved husband of
Who died June 4th 1930
Aged 70 years
Also the above
Who died March 3rd 1934
Aged 78 years
Also Grace their beloved daughter
Who died January 12th 1980
Aged 88 years

Section C Grave 317
In Remembrance of
The beloved wife of
Who died February 19th 1934
In her 68th year
Also the above named
Who died August 6th 1955
In his 90th year
Also Bertha the beloved wife of
Thomas Harold HALSTEAD
Who died December 1st 1936
In her 47th year
Also the above
Thomas Harold HALSTEAD
Who died May 3rd 1981
In his 90th year

Section c Grave 323
In Loving Memory of
Frederick William
Beloved husband of
Died March 26th 1935
Aged 70 years
Also Margaret, wife
of the above
Died March 20th 1949
In her 84th year
Also a dearly loved
Husband and father
Son of the above
Died November 12th 1965
Aged 66 years
Also Gladys Harriet
Wife of the above
Died June 9th 1969
Aged 70 years
As Thy Days, So Small Thy Strenght Be

Section C Grave 335
Mary and Fred HLASTEAD

Section C Grave 339
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Ellen
The beloved wife of Willie MASON
Died Jan 14th 1972 aged 72 years
Also the above Willie MASON
Died Aug 10th 1976 Aged 78 years
Also John Robert HALSTEAD
And Martha his wife

Ellis, husband of Ellen BANKS, February 18th 1953 aged 61yrs
Janet NUTTER, March 24th 1949, aged 73yrs
Nanny HALSTEAD, February 27th 1954, aged 63yrs

Section C Grave 385
Section C Grave 385
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
Who died Aug 2nd 1940
Aged 81 years
Their dearly loved daughter
Who died May 2nd 1959
Aged 77 years
Also Joseph FOSTER
The beloved husband of
Who died Feb 19th 1955
Aged 71 years
Also Edith FOSTER
His dearly loved wife
Who died Oct 5th 1973
Aged 81 years

Section D Grave 52
John LAMBERT, February 27th 1904, aged 53 years.
Sarah, wife, September 6th 1929, aged 86 years.
Henry HALSTEAD, april 22nd 1919, aged 72 years.

Section D Grave 61
Jas. CRABTREE, September 8th 1905, aged 41 years.
Mary Ellen, wife, December 21st 1932, aged 74 years.
Jane and Jas. Henry died in infancy.
Mary, grand-daughter, died in infancy.
Sarah Ann HALSTEAD, daughter, July 11th 1918, aged 29yrs.

Section D Grave 132
In Loving Memory of
of Briercliffe
Who died June 27th 1918
In his 57th year
Also of Martha
His beloved wife
Who died Sept 1st 1938
In her 83rd year
Also of Mary Alice,
John, Ada and John,
Children of Hartley
and Martha HALSTEAD
Also of Sarah
Their daughter & dearly
loved wife of
John William PROCTOR
Who died June 4th 1948
In her 61st year
Also of Emily HARTLEY, their daughter
A dearly loved wife and mother
Who died July 16th 1966, in her 72nd year
Also Rennie her beloved husband
Who died Feby 17th 1975 in his 86th year
Thy Will Be Done

Section D Grave 176
William, husband of Alice Ann HALSTEAD, January 1st 1945, aged 74 years.

Section D Grave 183
Samuel HALSTEAD September 11th 1941, aged 72 yrs.
Sarah Ellen, wife, March 5th 1952, aged 80 yrs.
James, son, August 17th 1960, aged 51 years.

Section D Grave 189
In Loving Memory of
The dearly loved wife of
Abraham Atkinson HALSTEAD
Died June 22nd 1964 aged 68 years
Also the above named
Abraham Atkinson HALSTEAD
Died Nov 27th 1975 aged 83 years

Section D Grave 205
Harold HALSTEAD, December 28th 1957, aged 64 years.
Laura, wife, September 7th 1963, aged 71 years.

Section E Grave 88
In Loving Memory of
James Uttley HALSTEAD
The beloved husband of
Who Sept 18th 1922
Aged 60 years
Also Wilfrid their son
Who died March 21st 1905
Aged 19 years
Also Edgar their son who was
Killed at Loos, sept 25th 1915
Aged 26 years
And Bertha his wife
Who died April 3rd 1912
Aged 21 years
Also Harold their son who was
Killed on the Somme Oct 4th
1916, aged 24 years.
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... tead13.htm

Section F Grave 29
In Memory of
Daughter of John and Mary
HALSTEAD, of Fulledge, Burnley
Who departed this life June 2nd
1860, in the 3rd year of her age.
Also the above named
John HALSTEAD, who departed
This life June 13th 1861
Aged 40? years
Also Mary, wife of the late
John HALSTEAD who departed
This life February? 2nd? 1867?
Aged 42?
Some of this info taken from MI's as this stone is quite eroded.

Section F 38
Robert HLASTEAD, January 27th 1936, aged 76yrs.
Elizabeth, wife, February 5th 1941, aged 73 yrs.

Section F Grave 62
Sarah, wife of Robert BRADSHAW, Haggate, December 11th 1838
Above Robert, February 11th 1841, aged 47 years.
Helen, wife of James HALSTEAD, Hillend Bottom, January 21st 1846, aged 74 years.
James, her husband, November 21st 1857, aged 78 years.

Section F Grave 93
Elizabeth, wife of William THORNBER, July 17th 1862 aged 36 years.
Mercy, wife of Shackleton THORNBER, May 4th 1864 74yrs.
Martha, wife of James ACKROYD, May 19th 1886, 45yrs.
Ann, wife of William THORNBER, June 5th 1886, 53yrs.
Above James ACKROYD, April 8th 1893, aged 63yrs.
All of burnley.
Martha Ann, wife of John William ASCOUGH, of Burnley September 19th 1904 aged 37 yrs.
Above William THORNBER, February 20th 1907, aged 81.
Elizabeth, wife of Jonas HALSTEAD, Burnley Lane, September 17th 1884, aged 56yrs.

Section G Grave 68
Annie, wife of William HALSTEAD, December 16th 1939, aged 53 years.
William husband of Lois HALSTEAD, December 19th 1958, aged 72 years.
Harry HALSTEAD, September 12th 1947, aged 35 years

Section G Grave 324
Fred HALSTEAD, April 18th 1934, aged 48 years.
Elizabeth Ann, wife, July 23rd 1968, aged 81 years

Section L Grave 20
In Loving Memory of
Charles GRAVES
Died Dec 9th 1916 aged 52 years
Also Lucy Jane
Beloved wife of the above
Died June 21st 1941 aged 75 years
Also Ellen Jane HALSTEAD
Beloved daughter of the above
Died Jan 4th 1924 aged 35 years

Section L Grave 97
Treasured Memory of
The dearly loved daughter of
Larence & Annie HALSTEAD
Died June 25th 1937 aged 23 years
Also Lawrence died Mar 29 1954 aged 71
Also the above Annie died July 24 1960 aged 78

Section L Grave 102
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
Who died August 22nd 1933
Aged 69 years
Also the above named
Who died July 10th 1945
In his 81st year
Also Mary their daughter
Died Feb 14th 1960 aged 66 years
Also Sarah their daughter
Died NOv 24th 1969 aged 67 years
Also Fanny their daughter
Died Jan 3rd 1973 aged 78 years

Section L Grave 110
In Loving Memory of
Who died March 3rd 1960
Aged 68 years
Also Martha Alice
his beloved wife
Who died June 23rd 1957
aged 67 years
Also Betty the beloved
sister of Arnold HALSTEAD
Died Jany 7th 1967 aged 76 years
Also Sarah the beloved
wife of Francis HALSTEAD
Died Dec 6th 1966 aged 50 years
Also the above Francis HALSTEAD
Who died Septr 25th 1993 aged 77 years
A dear husband, dad and granddad

Section L Grave 130
Loving Memory of
Died Dec 8th 1962
Aged 79 years
Aso Ellen
His beloved wife
Died Oct 19th 1939
Aged 60 years
Also Harry their son
Died Oct 11th 1949
Aged 46 years
Also Mary the beloved
wife of Walter HALSTEAD
Died Feby 27th 1961
Aged 53 years


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 2:32 pm 
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Mel, the William Brierley who died in the Morecambe Bay disaster was my 2x gt grandfather. There is a Halstead on the headstone, so I have connections with Halsteads, but not directly.


I'd be dangerous with a brain.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:06 pm 
Spider Lady
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A connection! Excellent!


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:02 am 
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thanks mel -

another excellent job - it will take me some time to sort through this list of Halsteads - I'm sure I'll find some rellies.

btw - did I mention before that my father's aunt Vera Stanbridge nee Halstead - past away recently aged 88 years - sad thing was that she had dementia for a few years before and had been in a nursing home -

I know that Vera used to return to England every now and then to visits relatives

nobody that I've spiken to yet knows these relatives - ahh -- and what is worse? Vera's address book has disappeared - probably lost when she was first admitted to the nursing home - so just maybe we've lost a wonderful resource of family connections?

I guess what i'm suggesting is - be sure to take care of the elderly family members and their address books...

best wishes




would anybody be able to supply me with the google earth co-ordinates for High Halstead?

cheers again.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:25 am 
Spider Lady
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You hadn't mentioned Vera. Sorry to hear it. Always sad when a rellie dies and even sadder when they have suffered dememtia. It's almost like losing them twice. The lack of recognition is heartbreaking.
My Nan suffered for about 8 years with dementia. I was only 15 when she died so I didn't get the opportunity to pick her brains before she went unfortunately. The amount of times both Mum and I have uttered the comment "I wish I has asked that"

Glad the MI's should be of use. I'm working on Nuttall and Catlow at the moment.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:11 pm 
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bob james wrote:
would anybody be able to supply me with the google earth co-ordinates for High Halstead?

I posted your query on the OGFB forum Robert and this was the reply left by Ringo. Hope it helps.

Here is the link for High Halstead on streetmap.co.uk


and these are meant to be the co-ordinates but dont ask me what they mean...

OS X 388240
OS Y 433520
Nearest Post Code BB10 3PF
Lat (WGS84) N53:47:52 ( 53.797850 )
Long (WGS84) W2:10:48 ( -2.180018 )
LR SD882335
mX -242678
mY 7097459
M Actual : FFFC4C0A_006C4C73
Street : FFFC4CBC_006C4AA8
Road : FFFC5680_006C2F50
Road64 : FFFD1200_006B6C00
Road128: FFFE0C00_006B6C00


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:21 am 
Spider Lady
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St James Briercliffe MI's

In Memory of Barker son of William
and Jane GREENWOOD of
Extwistle Mill
Who died March 4th 1862
Aged 1 year and 8 months.
Also of Alice their daughter
And the beloved wife of
John HALSTEAD of Rake Head
Who died Dec 4th 1865
Aged 21 years.
Also of Daniel their son who died
January 7th 1870 aged 4 years
and 6 months
Also of Jane the beloved wife
of William GREENWOOD who
Died June 15th 1875 in her 50th year
Also of the above named
William GREENWOOD who died
Feby 17th 1881 in his 57th year
Also of James son of the above
named William and Jane GREENWOOD
Who died Jan 24th 1908
In his 65th year
Also Priscilla wife of the above
Who died March 7th 1919 aged 71 years
"She Hath Entered into her Rest"

In Memory of
of Windle House who departed
this life October 11th 1856 in the
69th year of his age

In Memory of
of Jackwell House
Who died January 21st 1860
aged 75 years
Also of Daniel her son
Who died June 22nd 1876
Aged 61 years
Also Mary her daughter
Who died March 11th 1888 aged 74 years
Also Jane her daughter who died March 17th 1888 aged 66 years

In affectionate Remembrance of
the late
of Back Lane Briercliffe
Who departed this life July 18th
1864 in his 59th year
Also of Martha RHODES
of Houldsworth End
Who departed this life June 17th
1872 in her 71st year
Also of Ann RHODES
of 9 Stafford Street Nelson
Who departed this life September 27th 1903 in her 62nd year
"They rest from their labour and their works do follow them"
Also of Mary beloved wife of
John BARKER who departed this life
March 12th 1914 aged 79 years

In Memory of
Wife of William HALSTEAD
of Pratt Row, MArsden
Who died January 11th 1869
In the 59th year of her age
"Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord"

of Halstead HALSTEAD
of Burnley Lane Head
Who died Sept 8th
1872 aged 52 years
Also Mary wife of the above
Born April 7th 1872 Died
May 14 1890
Also James their son
Who died March 4th 1899 aged 43 years
Also of Harry son of the
above named James HALSTEAD
Who died June 13th 1910
in his 23rd year.
*Note to this MI reads
"Correction to B39 Date of Birth of Mary wife of Halstead HALSTEAD shown as Apr 7 1872 must be incorrect has she would then have been only five months old when her husband died on Sept 8 1872 @ 52 & she had a son James who died Mar 4th 1899 @ 43

In Memoriam
of Burnley
Who died June 28th 1883
Aged 58 years
Also of sarah HALSTEAD
wife of the above
Who died Jan 28th 1911
Aged 86 years
Also of John HALSTEAD
son of the above
Who died Aug 18th 1881
Aged 36 years
Also of Sarah Alice
Daughter of the above John
Who died Jan 11th 1872
Aged 3 years and 5 months
Also of Eliza
Daughter of the above John
Who died June 19th 1875
Aged 1 year and 10 months
"In the midst of life we are in death"

In Loving Memory of
The dearly loved husband of
Who passed away Jan 24th 1948
aged 53 years
"At Rest"

Treasured Memories of
Died Dec 2nd 1944
aged 53 years
Also Mabel the dearly
loved wife of the above
Died Aug 6th 1976
aged 86 years
Died Dec 7th 1972
Aged 79 years


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:04 am 
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Worsthorne Methodist & Wesleyan Methodist MI's

Loving Memory
of Halstead HALSTEAD
Died Dec 14th 1907
in his 78th year
Also Ellen his beloved wife
Died Sept 23rd 1885
In her 54th year
Also Jane his beloved wife died Dec 2nd 1896 in her 63rd year.

Loving Memory
died May 20th 1869
In his 70th year
Also Ann his beloved wife
Died May 21st 1876
In her 70th year

In Affectionate
Thomas OATES
of Burnley
Who died May 23rd 1893
at Cannies Waddington
in his 65th year
Also of Mary
the beloved wife of
the above who died
April 18th 1893
aged 54 years
Also of
John Thomas BAILEY
Who died March 3rd 1887
Aged 2 years and 3 months
Also of Walter BAILEY
Brother of the above
Who died in infancy
Also of lizabeth HALSTEAD
sister of Mary OATES
Who died Dec 16th 1881
Aged 38 years

In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Ellen
wife of Richard HALSTEAD
Who died 26th Feby 1930
Aged 79 years
Also of the above
Who died 15th Oct 1939
aged 84 years
Also of Sophia their daughter
Who died 18th March 1941
Aged 49 years


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 Post subject: St John Worsthorne MI's
PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:08 pm 
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St John Worsthorne MI's

CM means the memorial is inside the church.

Stained glass window
"She has washed my feet with her tears"
Given in memory of Lawrence William HALSTEAD
Stained Glass Window
"He took Them in His arms and blessed them"
And Susy his wife by their daughter Mary 1936.

Centre Altar Window
The Light of the World behold
I stand at the door
and knock to the Glory of God and in memory of my wife
Bessie HALSTEAD 1935

In Affectionate
of worsthorn who dpearted this life
July 9th 1948 aged 83 years
In Sacred Remembrance of John
HALSTEAD son of the above Robert
HALSTEAD who departed this life November
6th 1863 aged 66 years
Also Robert HALSTEAD grandson of the
Above Robert HALSTEAD who died June 18th 1911 aged 65 years.
Also Susannah HALSTEAD
Born February 8th 1854
Died August 20th 1913
Also Tattersall WILKINSON
grandson of the first named
Died Dec 12th 1921
Aged 96 years
In Fondest Memory of
James BAILEY Who died March 6th 1953 aged 69 years
Also Susannah his dearly loved wife
and daughter of
Robert and Susannah HALSTEAD
Born Oct 19th 1888
Died Oct 27th 1957

In Loving Memory of
Lawrence William HALSTEAD
of Hecknest
Died December 26th 1899 aged 86 years
Also suzy beloved wife of the above
Died March 30th 1871 aged 50 years
Also Martha their daughter
Died July 14th 1861 aged 21 years
Also James their son
Died May 23rd 1891 aged 26 years
Betty their daughter
Died Aug 25th 1883 aged 34 years
Also Martha wife of
died October 28th 1945
Aged 92 years
Also Mary beloved daughter of Lawrence William
Died April 22nd 1949
Aged 83 years
Also James Daniel
The beloved husband of
Died Sept 17th 19-5 aged 77 years

In Loving Memory of
Lawrence William HALSTEAD
of rochdale late of Worsthorne
Who died Aug 18th 1914
Aged 63 years
Also of Jane
the dearly beloved wife of the above
Who died MAy 21st 1913
Aged 62 years
Also of their son
James HALSTEAD died in Australia
June 9th 1950
Aged 68 years
Also of Martha their daughter and
Died July 12th 1943
Aged 56 years

In Loving Memory of
of Hecknest
Died MArch 9th 1900 aged 45 years
Also Susan his beloved wife
Died Jany 18th 1955 aged 82 years
of HEcknest
Died Aug 3rd 1907 aged 70 years
Also Ellen beloved wife of the above
Died March 25th 1922 aged 72 years
of Hecknest
Died July 17th 1921
Aged 79 years
Richard TODD
of Cheadle, Cheshire
Died July 21st 1925
Aged 65 years
Also Mary TODD daughter of the above
Died Nov 10th 1939 aged 55 years
Also Sarah
Wife of Richard TODD
Died Aug 28th 1943 aged 84yrs
This scroll is erected
To the memory of
Richard TODD
as a token of
the affectionate regard
in which he was held by
his many friends at
Cheadle Royal Hospital

Treasured Memories
of Nancy
the beloved wife of
Died Oct 4th 1938
aged 57 years
Also John Halstead
son of the above and dearly
loved husband of
died May 2nd 1954
aged 75 years

In Memory of
of Pike Hill
Born 2nd September 1846
Died 26th September 1918
Also Betty his wife
Born 17th October 1848
Died 25th August 1883
Also Amy their daughter
Born 16th July 1876
Died 6th October 1914
Also Susie LAWSON
their daughter
Born 6th April 1875
Died 21st July 1962
Also Bessie HALSTEAD
their daughter
Born 2nd Novr 1882
Died 4th Octr 1929
In Memory of
their son
Born 26th Novr 1876
Died 21st August 1945
And Edith Ellen
his beloved wife
Born 18th March 1877
Died 12th May 1950

In Loving Memory of
Who died Feb 8th 1953
Aged 67 years
Also Robin her son
Who died in infancy

William Herbert HALSTEAD
Born 16th June 1878
Died 27th March 1929
Also Nora
his dearly loved wife
Born 2nd Dec 1878
Died 21st August 1938
Also Kathleen their daughter
Born 26th April 1910, Died 19th Dec 1910
and Bessie their daughter
Born 12th July 1907 Died 8th April 1911

In Loving Memory of
dearly loved husband
of Ann Born August
11th 1883 Died September 18th 1959
"Rock of ages cleft for me"

In Loving Memory of
Henry Chadwick HALSTEAD
Died Feb 20th 1946
Aged 74 years
Also Mary Jan HALSTEAD
his beloved wife
Died March 4th 1948
Aged 72 years
"Ever Remembered"
Also Herbert HALSTEAD
Died Oct 24th 1952
Aged 50 years and
Died May 14th 1975 aged 71 years
Mother and Dad

In Loving Memory of
Born 1887 Died 1934
Also Ethel HALSTED
sister of the above
Died Sept 11th 1950 aged 72 years
Also Elizabeth wife of
Died Sept 1st 1965 aged 77 years


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Section C Grave 339
Elizabeth Ellen, wife of Willie MASON, January 14th 1972, aged 72 yrs.
John Robert HALSTEAD, 1870-1932.
Martha, his wife, 1874-1946

There is a picture of Elizabeth Ellen & Willie Mason on the site

Also John Robert & Martha Halstead


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Not included on the MI's but found at St James


of Reedley Hallows
Who died May 29th 1868
In his 81st year
Also of Susannah his daughter
Who died May 7th 1872 aged 62 years
Also of Henry his son
Who died Jan 29th 1873 in his 51st year
Also of
Elizabeth WHITTAKER his daughter
Who died March 27th 1910 in her 84th year


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The Preston Guardian

August 31 1850

Death From Fighting

On MOnday last, about 11 o'clock, a fight took place between some men from Worsthorne, near Burnley, and from Lane Bridge. Wm. Halstead, of Worsthorne, and Thomas Turner, of Lane Bridge, were engaged in fighting, when a bystander, named James Whittaker, a blacksmith, of Lane Bridge, kicked Halstead in the throat. When the fight was over, Halstead and his party went home. He was seen walking about on the following day, but on Wednesday he got worse, and died at 12 o'clock on Wednesday night. Information reached the police-office on Thursday morning, when Serjeant Parker proceeded to Lane Bridge, and took Whittaker into custody. He gave him the names of the others, who were all taken to the lock-up, where they will remain till the inquest. Their names are Jas. Whittaker, Thomas Turner, Thomas Booth, Samuel Stanworth, Chas. Baldwin, and Joseph Burrows.


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Kris asked me to add these burials for Burnley Cemetery. Ordered by Grave number.

01/03/1905 CHARLES HALSTEAD, 1mth, CROFT STREET, Grave no.1178
06/05/1896 Margaret Emma Halstead, 1yr 8mth, Adelphi St, Grave no.1547
22/06/1898 Mary Halstead, 31, Hobart St, Grave no.1547
23/02/1891 Grace Halstead, 59, Standish St, Grave no.1651
11/04/1891 Charles Henry Halstead, 27, Book Keeper, Standish St, Grave no.1651
12/03/1897 John Halstead, 66, Roller Coverer, Standish St, Grave no.1651
16/11/1906 Emma Halstead, 60, Unknown, Grave no.1651
06/06/1875 Sarah Jane Halstead, 8mth, Clegg St, Grave no.2187
09/11/1856 John Halstead, 2, Sandy Gate, Grave no.2317
07/09/1875 John Halstead, 40, Cable St, Grave no.2340
28/03/1875 William Halstead, 7mth, Cable St, Grave no.2514
21/11/1876 James Halstead, 24, Weaver, Park St, Grave no.2738
23/03/1891 Emily, Halstead, 6mth, Swainbank St, Grave no.2780
10/07/1899 Clarence Halstead, 2, Milton St, Grave no.2780
18/07/1873 Ashworth Halstead, 9mth, Clyde St, Grave no.2828
20/04/1897 Hannah Halstead, 47, Willow St, Grave no.2828
14/06/1905 THOMAS HALSTEAD, 58, WILLOW STREET, Grave no.2828
05/02/1871 Tabikia Halstead, 65,Brown St, Grave no.2858
11/12/1871 Richard Halstead, 1, Mt Pleasant St, Grave no.2858
14/09/1889 Ellen Ann Halstead, 6mth, Brown St, Grave no.2858
27/10/1899 Ellen Halstead, 69, Brown St, Grave no.2858
26/06/1900 Richard Halstead, 65, Brown St, Grave no.2858
21/08/1858 Marta Jane Halstead, 3yr 4mth, Russell St, Grave no.3269
23/11/1878 Amelia Halstead, 21, Brunswick St, Grave no.3269
30/07/1889 John Halstead, 59, Junction St, Grave no.3269
15/02/1902 Mary Ann Halstead, 71, Colne road, Grave no.3269
14/05/1914 WILLIAM HALSTEAD, 44, PAVIOUR, 13 BRENNAND ST, Grave no.3550
03/05/1895 Walter Halstead, 1yr 4mth, Dall St, Grave no.3551
07/04/1900 Florrie Halstead, 4dys, Brunswick St, Grave no.3551
28/11/1857 John Halstead, 78, Clogger, Workhouse, Grave no.3589
08/10/1873 Isabella Halstead, 8mth, Pickup St, Grave no.3808
25/06/1873 Hannah Halstead, 24, Roberts St, Grave no.3822
02/04/1873 Arthur Halstead, 11mth, Bk Ridings Croft, Grave no.3906
15/05/1861 Mary Jane Halstead, 2yr 6mth, Susan St, Grave no.3907
23/05/1874 James Halstead, 10mth, Bk Riding Croft, Grave no.3924
04/06/1861 Thomas Halstead, 57, Weaver, Workhouse, Grave no.4009
11/10/1859 Sarah Halstead, 34, Workhouse, Grave no.4095
22/09/1866 John Robert Halstead, 1yr 6mth, St Peter St, Grave no.4245
21/04/1880 Elizabeth Ann Halstead, 25, Elmwood Terrace, Grave no.4283
16/01/1862 Amelia Halstead, 4, Richmond Hill, Grave no.4327
18/01/1868 Emma Halstead, 32, Albion St, Grave no.4327
13/11/1861 Frank Halstead, 1mth, Brunshaw Road, Grave no.4497
05/03/1879 William Halstead, 1, Blackburn, Grave no.4497
22/02/1883 Louise Halstead, 11, Blackburn, Grave no.4497
17/06/1887 Susannah Halstead, 11, Blackburn, Grave no.4497
17/05/1873 James Halstead, 2, Accrington, Grave no.5082
09/09/1918 William Henry Halstead, 63, Quarryman, 5 Earl St, Grave no.5149
13/05/1916 Ellen Halstead, 67, Victoria Hospital, Grave no.5459
20/03/1877 Hugo Halstead, 5dys, Belgrave St, Grave no.5591
16/05/1859 Priscilla Halstead, 1yr 10mth, Roberts St, Grave no.5642
21/12/1861 Priscilla Halstead, 2mth, Roberts St, Grave no.5642
12/01/1868 Elizabeth Halstead, 45, Robert St, Grave no.5642
18/08/1872 Richard Halstead, 48, Robert St, Grave no.5642
20/04/1874 Margaret Halstead, 15, St Pauls Court, Grave no.5643
29/05/1872 Betty Halstead, 50, West Gate, Grave no.5678
28/05/1878 Mary Halstead, 61, Padiham Road, Grave no.5678
23/12/1880 Ephraim Halstead, 14, Horace St, Grave no.5678
04/04/1885 Ephraim Halstead, 3mth, Livingstone St, Grave no.5678
09/04/1895 John Halstead, 71, Angle St, Grave no.5678
02/04/1861 Ruth Halstead, 1yr 6mth, Winn Hill, Grave no.5860
31/07/1877 Charles Halstead, 53, Currier, Curzon St, Grave no.5860
24/04/1888 Henrietta Halstead, 8, Fairburn St, Grave no.5860
06/11/1905 JANE HALSTEAD, 81, SWAINBANK STREET, Grave no.5860
06/05/1924 Albert Hartley Halstead, 59, 118 Briercliffe Road, Grave no.5860
15/07/1898 John William Halstead, 22, Anne St, Grave no.5861
17/04/1906 WHITTAKER HALSTEAD, 57, UNION INFIRMARY, Grave no.5861
23/02/1895 Charles Halstead, 1mth, St Johns Road, Grave no.6889
17/11/1897 Fred Halstead, 3mth, Albert St, Grave no.6989
29/01/1876 James Halstead, 3, Albert St, Grave no.7010
29/11/1876 Arthur Halstead, 4mth, Albert St, Grave no.7010
19/11/1881 Ellen Halstead, 22, Albert St, Grave no.7010
14/10/1889 Barnard Halstead, 49, Weaver, Albert St, Grave no.7010
17/05/1911 SARAH HALSTEAD, 69, 11 ALBERT ST, Grave no.7010
14/07/1922 James Halstead, 57, Butcher Warrington, Grave no.7138
13/03/1863 Isabella Halstead, 41, Bull St, Grave no.7340
22/02/1869 Alfred Walker Halstead, 1yr 6mth, Littleborough, Grave no.7340
07/04/1869 Thomas Walker Halstead, 5, Littleborough, Grave no.7340
02/04/1955 Richard Leigh Halstead, 70, 44 Rossendale Ave, Grave no.8389
10/12/1869 Ann Halstead, 67, Cogg Lane, Grave no.9339
18/02/1880 George Halstead, 28, Weaver, Tentre St, Grave no.9372
05/11/1920 Mary Halstead, 66, 118 Briercliffe Road, Grave no.9372
03/10/1861 James Halstead, 3yr 6mth Yorkshire St, Grave no.9373
12/12/1861 Henry Halstead, 5yr 6mth, Yorkshire St, Grave no.9373
26/04/1863 John Simon Halstead, 35, Butcher, Yorkshire St, Grave no.9373
20/01/1881 Ellen Halstead, 55, Tentre St, Grave no.9373
14/01/1860 Halstead Halstead, 48, Clogger, Wood Top, Grave no.9539
09/07/1875 William Halstead, 68, Wood Top, Grave no.9539
16/06/1887 Margaret Martha Halstead, 36, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9542
03/08/1888 Charles Harold Halstead, 1yr 4mth, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9542
24/05/1889 Margaret Ellen Halstead, 4, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9542
16/06/1891 Jane Halstead, 69, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9542
06/04/1894 Annie Isabella Halstead, 32, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9542
07/06/1867 John Edwin Halstead, 4yr 3mth, East Gate, Grave no.9543
27/10/1877 James Halstead, 17, Belvedere St, Grave no.9543
29/07/1921 William Halstead, 69, Wheelwright, Grave over Sands, Grave no.9757+8
05/01/1973 Maud Ethel Halstead, 76, Manchester Road, Grave no.9757
03/10/1900 May Halstead, 1mth, Belvedere Road, Grave no.9758
08/05/1906 MARY HALSTEAD, 0, BELVEDERE ROAD, Grave no.9758
10/02/1908 Halstead Halstead, 85, 16 Belvedere Rd, Grave no.9758
31/10/1883 John William Halstead, 4mth, Shaw St, Grave no.10134
30/11/1886 Charles Halstead, 2, Shaw St, Grave no.10134
18/11/1896 Albert Halstead, 36, Miner, Healey Wood Road, Grave no.10134
19/09/1899 Edith Hornley Halstead, 6mth, Russell St, Grave no.10134
29/12/1884 Albert Halstead, 5dys, St James St, Grave no.10185
23/11/1905 MARY HALSTEAD, 77, UNION INFIRMARY, Grave no.10287
02/08/1872 Ann Elizabeth Halstead, 1mth, Parker St, Grave no.10312
17/06/1875 Eliza Halstead, 6yr 9mth, Mosley St, Grave no.10422
04/03/1878 John Halstead, 20, Warehouseman, Lindsay St, Grave no.10422
05/07/1878 Martha Halstead, 5mth, Bridge St, Grave no.10422
13/12/1884 Sarah Elizabeth Halstead, 3mth, Brief St, Grave no.10422
02/08/1897 Herbert Halstead, 9mth, Caldervale Road, Grave no.10423
01/08/1901 Elizabeth Halstead, 8mth, Red Lion St, Grave no.10423
23/03/1904 Herbert Halstead, 1yr 7mth, Moss Street, Grave no.10423
30/06/1915 Jane Halstead, 1yr 10mth, 41 Grimshaw Street, Grave no.10423
29/08/1916 Nicholas Halstead, 1, 41 Grimshaw Street, Grave no.10423
23/12/1876 Mary Jane Halstead, 1yr 6mth, Whittlefield St, Grave no.10667
11/06/1877 Rebecca Halstead, 27, Whittlefield St, Grave no.10667
16/10/1880 Annie Halstead, 1hour, Colne Road, Grave no.10667
20/12/1889 John Albert Halstead, 7, Spencer St, Grave no.10667
18/01/1911 SMITH HALSTEAD, 60, OVERLOOKER, 21 ACCRINGTON RD, Grave no.10667
01/06/1869 Robert Halstead, 1yr 9mth, Piccadilly St, Grave no.10807
25/07/1868 Robert Halstead, 1yr 3mth, Albert St, Grave no.10857
06/07/1870 John Halstead, 60, Water St, Grave no.10871
03/01/1872 Sam Halstead, 1yr 3mth, Calder Vale, Grave no.10961
31/03/1876 Henrietta Halstead, 3, Danes House Road, Grave no.10961
14/04/1876 Tom Halstead, 8mth, Danes House Road, Grave no.10961
02/08/1883 Whittam Halstead, 5mth, Gray St, Grave no.10961
28/04/1893 John Halstead, 58, Grey St, Grave no.10961
17/03/1869 Ada Halstead, 3mth, Picadilly St, Grave no.10995
23/04/1892 Ida Halstead, 9mth, Castle St, Grave no.11141
19/09/1899 Percy Halstead, 10mth, Brougham St, Grave no.11142
01/10/1886 William Halstead, 51, Tackler, Abel St, Grave no.11146
11/03/1891 Frederick Harold Halstead, 1yr 3mth, Keith St, Grave no.11146
30/01/1892 Thomas Halstead, 9mth, Padiham Road, Grave no.11146
11/07/1893 Harry Halstead, 23dys, Peace St, Grave no.11146
09/11/1901 Grace Halstead, 71, Abel St, Grave no.11146
05/03/1903 William Halstead, 19dys, Peace Street, Grave no.11146
17/08/1912 MARY HALSTEAD, 51, ROKEBY QUEENS GATE, Grave no.11598
18/04/1953 Emma E P Halstead, 79, Colne Rd, Grave no.11598 (Ashes)
27/04/1861 Elizabeth Halstead, 51, Nutford Place, Grave no.11667
19/02/1869 William Halstead, 60, North Parade, Grave no.11668
24/02/1910 Margaret Ellen Halstead, Park Cottage 66 Ridge Road, Grave no.11853
16/02/1915 JAMES HALSTEAD, 71, PARK COTTAGE THE RIDGE, Grave no.11853
01/05/1957 Jane Ann Halstead, 88, 82 Bank Parade, Grave no.11853
15/12/1880 Florence Jane Halstead, 2, Stafford St, Grave no.12120
27/03/1884 Bernice A M T Halstead, 1, Abel St, Grave no.12120
08/10/1888 Francis Percival Halstead, 2mth, Abel St, Grave no.12120
29/07/1901 Joseph Ernest Halstead, 27, Chemist, Ormerod Road, Grave no.12120
15/09/1917 Frances Drusilla Halstead, 69, 13 Ormerod Road, Grave no.12120
13/09/1902 Clifford Halstead, 4, Perth Street, Grave no.12507
22/01/1915 ROBERT HALSTEAD, 30, TWISTER, 5 MELVILLE ST, Grave no.12927
22/02/1863 Joseph Halstead, 32, East Gate, Grave no.12965
16/05/1865 Mary Halstead, 2mth, Rodney Court, 13089
17/01/1881 Margaret Ann Halstead, 11dys, Gas St, Grave no.13240
11/01/1918 Elizabeth Jane Halstead, 50, 33, Norton Street, Grave no.13377
29/05/1880 Margaret Halstead, 45, West Gate, Grave no.13785
16/10/1868 Sarah Halstead, 68, Gannow Lane, Grave no.13874
09/10/1871 Robert Halstead, 80, Workhouse, Grave no.13915
13/09/1912 ANN NORAH HALSTEAD, 27, 10 MOSLEY ST, Grave no.14429
06/07/1923 Mary Evelyn Halstead, 5mth, 85 Plumbe Street, Grave no.14759
03/05/1897 Alice Ann Halstead, 3, Chalk St, Grave no.14780
27/07/1899 John Halstead, 2mth, Blackburn St, Grave no.14780
05/01/1910 Robert Halstead, 6mth, 15 Blackburn Street, Grave no.14780
31/01/1910 John Richard Halstead, 42, carrier, 15 Blackburn Street, Grave no.14780
17/09/1921 Walter Halstead, 28, 61 Barden Lane, Grave no.14780
23/03/1870 Jane Halstead, 72, Workhouse, Grave no.14937
07/10/1885 John Halstead, 49, Imbecile, Workhouse, Grave no.15086
16/03/1885 Simeon Halstead, 1yr 9mth, Yorkshire St, Grave no.15093
06/04/1887 Alice Ann Halstead, 2mth, Burley Place, Grave no.15149
17/08/1878 John Halstead, 52, Spindle Maker, Eliza St, Grave no.15605
03/03/1886 John Thomas Halstead, 9mth, Healey Wood, Grave no.15605
09/09/1907 Ellen Halstead, 65, Union Infirmary, Grave no.15605
04/02/1915 NATHANIEL HALSTEAD, 50, LABOURER, 11 TENNIS ST, Grave no.15605
28/03/1867 Peter Halstead, 53, Labourer, Bk Curzon St, Grave no.15704
11/06/1868 Nancy Halstead, 42, Sutcliffe St, Grave no.15822
16/06/1888 Stillborn child Halstead, Caldervale Road, Grave no.15836
31/10/1868 Alice Halstead, 10mth, Cable St, Grave no.15864
19/03/1910 JOHN HALSTEAD, 1yr 2mth, 8 ROCHESTER ST, Grave no.15961
09/04/1878 Henry Halstead, 46, Weaver, Workhouse, Grave no.15971
10/01/1887 Elizabeth Ann Halstead, 1mth, Ardwick St, Grave no.16020
05/09/1911 CELIA HALSTEAD, 4mth, 0 KING ST, Grave no.16077
16/09/1911 FLORENCE HALSTEAD, 4mth, 50 KING ST, Grave no.16171
15/05/1909 Alfred Halstead, 15dys, 13 Hart St, Grave no.16179
06/08/1887 Albert Halstead, 8mth, Swainbank St, Grave no.16382
22/02/1912 ALICE HALSTEAD, 65, 29 BRANCH RD, Grave no.16681
23/03/1871 Walter Scott Halstead, 3mth, Cuerden St, Grave no.16721
17/05/1890 Sarah Halstead, 59, Danes House Terrace, Grave no.16721
07/01/1907 John Halstead, 73, Canning Street, Grave no.16721
07/04/1923 Ernest Halstead, 4mth, 1 Laurel Street, Grave no.47016
24/07/1918 Eleanor Halstead, 61, 26 Elm St, Grave no.139642
29/01/1882 Edith Ann Halstead, 1yr 4mth, Travis St, Grave no.A633
22/05/1884 Bertha Halstead, 1yr 3mth, Danes House Road, Grave no.A633
15/08/1903 Florence Halstead, 1yr 5mth, Carter Street, Grave no.A633
24/01/1916 Alice Halstead, 60, 22 Arkwright Street, Grave no.A634
10/01/1922 Ethel Halstead, 34, 6 Olivant Street, Grave no.A634
28/05/1924 John Archibald Halstead, 67, Preston Old Rd, B'po, Grave no.A634
05/05/1881 Charles Halstead, 34, Stockport, Grave no.A685
29/12/1920 Elizabeth Ann Halstead, 72, 4 Lomas Street, Grave no.A685
10/12/1919 Harry Halstead, 10mth, 7 Abbey Street, Grave no.A948
09/10/1880 Herbert Halstead, 5mth, Princess St, Grave no.A1171
02/11/1897 Ann Halstead, 54, Violet St, Grave no.A1171
16/02/1900 Henry Halstead, 54, Devonshire Road, Grave no.A1171
25/08/1900 Amy Halstead, 2mth, Devonshire Road, Grave no.A1171
19/02/1908 Ernest Halstead, 4mth, 65 Hurtley St, Grave no.A1171
28/11/1911 NELLIE HALSTEAD, 7mth, 5 HURTLEY ST, Grave no.A1171
15/10/1914 FRED HALSTEAD, 32, MASON, 65 HURTLEY ST, Grave no.A1172
20/07/1901 George Higgin Halstead, 19, Ashworth St, Grave no.A1395
09/05/1912 MARY ANN HALSTEAD, 74, UNION INFIRMARY of 11 WHALLEY ST, Grave no.A1505
26/02/1891 Harry Halstead, 5, Accrington Road, Grave no.A2112
10/01/1898 Harold Halstead, 1mth, Sandy Gate, Grave no.A2112
15/05/1909 Margaret Halstead, 36, Collyhurst, Grave no.A2112
03/03/1917 John William Halstead, 49, Hairdresser, Husband St,Manchestr, Grave no.A2112
14/04/1891 Stillborn child Halstead, Accrington Road, Grave no.A2493
11/06/1924 Herbert Halstead, 0, 74 Disraili Street, Grave no.A3817
12/12/1895 John Lancaster Halstead, 2dys, Parliament St, Grave no.A4051
09/02/1909 David Halstead, 66, 30 Patten St, Grave no. A4077
02/04/1925 Dorothy Halstead, 4, 6 Dale Street, Grave no.A4326
29/06/1962 James Halstead, 65, Netherwood St, Grave no.A4326
01/11/1912 MARY LIZZIE HALSTEAD, 33, 6 BARNES ST, Grave no.A4381
28/01/1910 Child Stillborn Halstead, 0, 33, Layfield Street, Grave no.A4511
31/07/1920 Annie Halstead, 30, 118 Briercliffe Rd, Grave no.A5276
07/09/1911 ELSIE HALSTEAD, 9mth, 84 ELM ST, Grave no.A6346
12/10/1920 Herbert Halstead, 38, 35 Bracewell Street, Grave no.A6710
30/03/1961 Emily Halstead, 69, General Hospital, Grave no.A7164
12/02/1897 Alice Halstead, 60, Fir St, Grave no.A7883
07/02/1903 Ormerod Halstead, 66, Hobart Street, Grave no.A7883
17/10/1907 Mary Ann Halstead, 15, 5 Perth St,Grave no.A8546
20/02/1908 Lily Halstead, 7, 5 Perth St, Grave no.A8546
01/03/1900 William Thomas Halstead, 2mth, Rochester St, Grave no.A8814
09/04/1901 Martha Ellen Halstead, 1yr 11mth, Earl St, Grave no.A8874
30/03/1904 Ellen Halstead, 2mth, Topper Street, Grave no.A8906
28/06/1905 PETER HALSTEAD, 0, JOINT STREET, Grave no.A8914
02/01/1894 Ada Halstead, 11mth, Tentre St, Grave no.A9017
25/09/1893 Richard Halstead, 3dys, Clifton Square, Grave no.A9054
24/02/1905 GEORGE HALSTEAD, 67, UNION INFIRMARY, Grave no.A9071
23/09/1907 Emma Halstead, 72, Union Infirmary, Grave no.A9077
29/09/1903 Stillborn Halstead, Rochester Street, Grave no.A9229
01/08/1908 Elizabeth Halstead, 1mth, 14 Sutcliffe St, Grave no.A9345
21/11/1906 Edward Halstead, 0, Sutcliffe Street, Grave no.A9353
10/08/1897 Nora Halstead, 2, Earl St, Grave no.A9409
31/07/1897 George Edward Halstead, 6mth, Raws St, Grave no.A9411
29/11/1906 Stillborn Child Halstead, 0, Moss Street, Grave no.A9510
11/06/1912 FLORENCE HALSTEAD, 5mins, 39 ARDWICK ST, Grave no.A9674
22/01/1961 Mary Halstead, 61, Victoria Hospital, Grave no.A10212
22/02/1967 Dinah Halstead, 82, Gannow Lane, Grave no.A10896
03/06/1957 Thomas Halstead, 76, Royal Halifax Infrmy, Grave no.A11092
15/01/1914 HILDA HALSTEAD, 7mth, 87 ANN ST, Grave no.A11519
08/02/1919 Mary Ann Halstead, 84, Union Infirmary, Grave no.A11535
23/12/1913 NELLIE HALSTEAD, 1, 15 HOPWOOD ST, Grave no.A11839
21/05/1920 Louie Halstead, 6mth, 13 Hopwood Street, Grave no.A11839
01/01/1918 Ellen Halstead, 20, 38 Rectory Rd, Grave no. A13547
19/02/1975 Mary Alice Halstead, 87, Ebor House, Grave no.A14448
06/10/1917 Mary Ann Halstead, 72, Hawthorne Rd, Bly, Grave no.A15024
25/02/1897 Henry Halstead, 48, Weaver, Holbeck St, Grave no.A15141
29/03/1899 Sarah Ann Halstead, 50, Devonshire Road, Grave no.A15151
01/10/1898 Matilda Halstead, 6dys, Bk Healey Wood Road, Grave no.A15304
19/06/1901 Sarah Elizabeth Halstead, 2dys, Back Healey Wood Rd, Grave no.A15776
11/02/1924 John Halstead, 2mth, Victoria Hospital, Grave no.A16081
29/05/1919 Eliza Halstead, 61, 6 Adelphi Street, Grave no.A16270
24/12/1962 Mary Alice Halstead, 77, Keighley, Grave no.A16678
16/08/1911 WALTER HALSTEAD, 4dys, 6 VERNON ST, Grave no.A17202
06/12/1909 Child Stillborn Halstead, 0, 18 Scott's Terrace, Grave no.A17496
20/12/1911 MARY HALSTEAD, 5mth, 6 VERNON ST, Grave no.A17609
13/01/1912 MONA MARY HALSTEAD, 1yr 7mth, 26 COAL CLOUGH LANE, Grave no.A17609
07/02/1914 ALBERT HALSTEAD, 10mth, 18 SCOTT'S TERRACE, Grave no.A17943
05/05/1959 Ann Ellen Halstead, 82, General Hospital, Grave no.A18971
03/08/1925 Child Stillborn Halstead, 0, 85 Plumbe Street, Grave no.NE2010
14/02/1963 Alan Halstead, 5mins, Bank Hall Hospital, Grave no.NE2500
12/02/1916 Thora Halstead, 4, 9 Earl Street, Grave no.NE2822
07/04/1964 Lily Halstead, 79, Hurtley St, Grave no.NE2822
18/03/1967 Walter Halstead, 74, Gorse Hill Hostel, Grave no.NE3476
16/02/1920 Emily Halstead, 52, 21 Lark Street, Grave no.NE5603
01/02/1923 Joseph Halstead, 61, 118 Briercliffe Road, Grave no.NE5747
25/05/1973 AO Edmund Halstead, 79, Glen View Road, Grave no.NE6394
23/03/1961 Harry Bannister Halstead, 66, Ronald St, Grave no.NE6453
16/09/1964 Rosina Florence Halstead, 73, Venice Ave., Grave no.NE7883
13/12/1958 James Halstead, 79, Sharoe Green Hosp, Grave no.NE8143
31/01/1961 Albert Halstead, 56, Wordsworth St, Grave no.NE8493
03/11/1961 Minnie Halstead, 63, Victoria Hospital, Grave no.NE8493
09/01/1968 Willie Halstead, 74, Furness St, Grave no.NE9408
21/04/1956 Mary Louisa Halstead, 79, Churchdown, Gl'cester, Grave no.NE9608 (Ashes)
13/04/1953 Ellen Ann Halstead, 64, 289 Barden Lane, Grave no.NE10633
11/09/1969 Mary Anne Halstead, 79, Cog Lane, Grave no.NE11933


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:50 am 
Spider Lady
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St Bartholomew, Colne

In Memory of Margaret wife of
George HALSTEAD of Colne, who died
August 10th 1819 aged 31 years
Also of John their son who died
May 10th 1814 aged 3 years

Here lieth the body
of Betty relict of
John HALSTEAD of Nave Hill
In Great Marsden, who departed this life on the 22nd
day of October 1803
In the 58th year of her age
Afflictions sore I often bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God please by death to seige
And ease me of my pain
Also of John HALSTEAD their
Son of Nave Hill, who departed
This life August 13th 1843
Aged 71 years
Also of Ann his daughter
Who departed this life April
17th 1828 aged 28 years
Also of Elizabeth
Wife of the above named
Died December 14th 1836
Aged 72 years

In Memory of
Sarah the daughter of
John & Martha HALSTEAD of
Colne, who died July 14th 1806
In the 12th year of her age
Also of Mary, William, and
Mary their children who died
In their infancy
Also of James their son who
Died July 14th 1818 aged 18 years

In Memory of
William HALSTEAD late of Marsden
Who died august 30th 1823 aged
59 years
Also of George his son who died
May 13th 1808 aged 15 years
Also of elizabeth his daughter
Who died August 24th 1813 aged
12 years
Also of Thomas and John his
Sons who died in their infancy
Also of Margaret his
daughter who died 23rd January
1827 in the 17th year of her age
Also of Nanny wife of
The above William HALSTEAD
Who died 21st January 1847, in
her 81st year

Here lieth interred
The body of John
RUSHTON of Colne
Who departed this life
The 20th day of May 17
In the 74th year of
His age
Also Ann BAINTON (Bentham?) his daughter who
Died the 29th of
March 1799 aged 74 years
In Memory of
of Dobson Syke in Great
Marsden, who died
December 16th 1857
Aged 70 years


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The Leeds Mercury

Saturday June 26 1875

HALSTED - On the 21st inst., at his residence, Cockden, near Burnley, aged 55, Wm. S. Halsted.


Searching for lost relatives? Win the Lottery!

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