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 Post subject: Hargreaves
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:35 pm 
Spider Lady
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Joined: Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:23 pm
Posts: 8156
Location: Staffordshire
St John Worsthorne

CM means the monument is inside the church

Brass Plaque by Altar
In honour of God and In Memory of
John HARGREAVES Esq. of Ormerod House
Who died 5th April 1834 in compliance with
Whose wishes £1200 was given towards building and endowing this church by his daughters
Eleanor Mary THURSBY and Charlotte Anne SCARLETT
The latter of whom gave the organ

Altar window right
Blessed are thou among women
This window is placed here in memory of
by their daughter Edna Marian LATHAM also
in memory of Evelyn WHITTAM by her husband 1935

Loving Memory of
of Worsthorne
Who died Aug 11th 1888
Aged 35 years
Also Mary Ann his beloved wife
Who died Jan 14th 1912 aged 63 years
Their son
Who died Nov 16th 1881
Aged 6 months
Also Ada beloved wife of
Who died Dec 8th 1918
Aged 38 years
Thy Will Be Done
Also Sarah
Beloved wife of
Who died April 3rd 1950
Aged 70 years
Died March 15th 1960 aged 75 years

Loving Memory of
Who died Nov 8th 1924
Aged 56 years
Who died Feb 28th 1931
Aged 80 years
At Rest

In Memory of
Isabella HARGREAVES of Back
of-the-Hill in Cliviger who departed
Thislife February 25th 1837 in the
47th year of her age
Also Elizabeth sister of the above
The wife of Thomas SWAIN of Worsthorn
Who departed this life on the 21stday
of august 1844 aged 57 years
Also Margaret the wife of Edmund
SWAIN who died March 16th 1861
Aged 23 years
Also Thomas the above named who died
Sept 5th 1873 aged 88 years
Also the above named Edmund SWAIN
Who died Feb 25th 1894 aged 62 years
Also Thomas beloved husband of
Isobell SWAIN died May 6th 1921
Aged 59 years

In Memory of
The daughter of Thomas and
Alice HARGRAVES of Pike Hill
Who departed this life February 24 1817? (1847?) aged 9 years
Also the above named Thomas
HARGREAVES who died June 30th
1859 aged 62 years
Also Alice wife of the
above who departed this
life January 6th 1863 aged
63 years
Also James their son who
died April 5th 1?02 aged
77 years

In Loving Memory of
Harry the beloved son of
Thomas and Eleanor M HARGREAVES
Died Aug 12th 1936 aged 11 years
Also his beloved father
Died July 25th 1975 aged 80 years
Also his wife
Eleanor Mary
Died March 12th 1976 aged 83 years

Richard TODD
of Worsthorne
who died May 28th 1909
aged 70 years
Warden of this Church from 1903-1909
Also of Martha wife of
Richard HARGREAVES and daughter of the above
Who died Jan 4th 1908 aged 45 years
Also of
the beloved wife of
Richard TODD
who died Oct 13th 1910
aged 72 years

Loving Memory of
Died July 24th 1922
Aged 56
Martha Alice SIMPSON
Died July 29th 1927 aged 57
Also Harold William their son
Died Feb 11th 1923
Aged 25
Grace SIMPSON died in infancy
Also Sarah (Sally) daughter of
Charles HARGREAVES and Susannah SIMPSON
Died September 20th 1936 aged 29 years
"An Angel Called Home"

Loving Memory
of worsthorne
Who died Aug 11th 1888
aged 35 years
Also Mary Ann, his beloved wife
Who died Jan 14th 1912 aged 63 years
Also Ada,
beloved wife of
Who died Dec 8th 1918
aged 39? years
Thy will be done
their son
Who died Nov 16th 1881
aged 6 months
Also Marian Jane THORNTON
Who died Jan 7th 1997
Aged 81 years


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:50 pm 
Spider Lady
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Joined: Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:23 pm
Posts: 8156
Location: Staffordshire
Worsthorne Methodist & Wesleyan Methodist

In Loving Memory of
Sarah Jane
The beloved wife of
Died Sept 30th 1953 in her 66th year
Cremated at Rochdale Oct 3rd 1953
Also Harold, husband of the above
Died Feb 3rd 1963 aged 76 years
Cremated at Burnley Feb 6th 1963
Also Mary BROWN a dear sister
Died May 7th 1967 aged 63 years
At Rest

Who died July 29th 1852
Aged 12 years
Also H.H. aged 4 days
Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me
Also Hannah mother of the above
Who departed this life December 16th 1859 aged 53 years
Her End Was Triumphant

In Loving Memory of
of Worsthorne
Who died June 9th 1875
Aged 64 years
Also of Grace his daughter
Who died May 26th 1866
Aged 20 years
Also of William his son
Who died Aug 26th 1881
Aged 43 years
Also of Mary wife of
Who died Nov 24th 1889
Aged 50 years
As The Day So Shall Thy Strength Be

In Loving Remembrance of
The beloved husband of
of Burnley
Who died May 14th 1886
Aged 45 years
Also Evelyn May
Grandaughter of the above
Who died Sept 6th 1899
Aged 4 years and 3 months
Wife of the above
Who departed this life
Feb 27th 1915 aged 78 years
Grandaughter of the above
Died Aug 30th 1917
Aged 9 years
Gone but not Forgotten

In Loving Memory of
Margaret Alice HEAP
Who died Nov 10th 1914
aged 45 years
Also Arthur
her beloved husband
died Sept 25th 1927 aged 62 years
Also Dyson beloved husband of
Died Nov 14th 1920 aged 50 years
Also of the above
died Feb 18th 1953 aged 81 years
Also Edgar their son
died April 13th 1923 aged 26 years


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:21 pm 
Spider Lady
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Joined: Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:23 pm
Posts: 8156
Location: Staffordshire
Haggate and Hill Lane

Section A Grave 59
Hannah HEYS wife of Robert of Burnley died Oct 27th 1869 aged 64
Also the above Robert who died Nov 11th 1896 aged 88
Sara Jane SWEENEY died May 4th 1878 aged 28
Ann WALTON died Feb 6th 1902 aged 70
Alice daughter of Willy and Mary HARGREAVES died Aug 19th 1899 aged 2 years and 4 months
Fred, son, died Feb 9th 1904 aged 4 years

Section B Grave 3
In Loving Memory of
of Burnley,
Who died June 23rd 1882, aged 37 years.
And Elizabeth, his wife,
Who died August 27th 1914, aged 71 years.

Section B Grave 59
In Memory of
Died January 22nd 1919,
Aged 77 years.
His wife,
Died Ocitber 8th 1912,
Aged 70 years.
Their Son,
Died January 14th 1900,
Aged 31 years.

Section C Grave 71
Henry HARGREAVES of Burnley died November 16th 1888 aged 52yrs
Sarah Jane, Thomas and Mary Alice died in infancy
Esther Hannah daughter and wife of Albert KIPPAX died September 2nd 1893 aged 31yrs
Alma grand-daughter age 1mth
Ralph son and husband of Agnes died January 2nd 1901 aged 35yrs
Annie daughter age 11mths
Elizabeth wife of Henry died Febrary 20th 1912 aged 73yrs
Sarah daughter and wife of Albert WIGGLESWORTH died February 18th 1918 aged 48yrs

Section C Grave 128
In Loving Memory of
1849 - 1907
Also Ann his wife
1850 - 1948
Also Clara HORN
Their daughter
1877 - 1965
Also Christopher HORN
Her husband
1870 - 1929
Also Ellen daughter
of the above
George and Ann HARGREAVES
1894 - 1977
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... 20Horn.htm

Section C Grave 137
William Carey HARGREAVES J.P. born September 29th 1840 died December 20th 1900
Ellen his wife born February 28th 1851 died December 16th 1923

Section C Grave 333
Ellen HARGREAVES, March 13th 1935 aged 81 years
William, husband, June 6th 1935 aged 83 years
Jane, daughter, born January 7th 1885, died April 20th 1936

Section D Grave 49
Thos HARGREAVES, Burnley, August 7th 1886 aged 54
Sarah Ann, wife, September 6th 1899 aged 68 years
Jas OGDEN, Harle Syke, March 3rd 1928 aged 70 years
Ellen his wife, June 15th 1940 aged 80 years

Section D Grave 140
Robert DUERDEN, June 21st 1941, aged 92yrs
Bessie, wife, December 11th 1923, aged 68yrs
Lily DUERDEN, March 1st 1919, aged 28yrs
Levi HARGREAVES, November 22nd 1955, aged 63yrs
Maud, his wife, August 15th 1961, aged 64yrs

Section E Grave 99
Loving Memory
Wife of James H HARGREAVES
Died March 17th 1914
Aged 54 years
Also Elizabeth Ann his wife
Died August 18th 1925
Aged 53 years
Died January 30th 1967

Section F Grave 72
Table Tombstone
Betty, wife of George HARGREAVES of Haworth Fold Nr Burnley, November 14th 1822 aged 76 years

Section F Grave 98
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of
of Burnley
Who died Dec 5th 1916
In her 77th year
Also of the above named
Who died Dec 4th 1923
In his 79th year
Also of Betsy
The beloved wife of
Sagar Thomas
of Burnley
And daughter of the above
Who died May 31st 1891
In her 24th year
Son of the above
Who died Jan 27th 1943
Aged 71 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... cliffe.htm

Section F Grave 104
In Affectionate Remembrance of
The beloved wife of
William HARGREAVES who died
May 18th 1883 aged 52 years
Also of the above named
Who died Jany 21st 1909
Aged 78 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... eaves3.htm

Section G Grave 121
Treasured Memories of
A devoted husband and dad
Edwin HARGREAVESWho died September 6th 1948
Aged 65 years
Also Elizabeth his beloved wife
And a devoted mother
Who died February 13th 1950
Aged 62 years

Section G Grave 134
Thomas Wilfred HARGREAVES August 18th 1949 aged 66
Sarah Jane wife, May 18th 1973 aged 86 years

Section G Grave 234
Edith Alice, wife of James Allan HARGREAVES, December 11th 1950 aged 65 years. Mother of Irene and Stanley

Section G Grave 288
Arthur HARGREAVES December 19th 1931 aged 58 years
Maude Marion, wife, February 21st 1921 aged 62 years

Section G Grave 294

Section G Grave 386
Ernest HARGREAVES died Mar 24 1943 aged 66
Florence (wifE) died Dec 10 1945 aged 62

Section L Grave 67
In Loving Memory of
The beloved daughter of
of Harle Syke
Who died Jan 19th 1892
In her 3rd year.
Also Vernie, their beloved son
Who died Oct 20th 1899
In his 2nd year.
Also Florrie
Their beloved daughter
Who died Oct 28th 1919
Aged 26 years.
Also the above named
Who died May 24th 1931
In his 75th year.
Also Sarah, his beloved wife
Who died Jany 28th 1937
In her 79th year
At Rest
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... reaves.htm

Loving Memory of
The beloved son of
William & Mary A EDMONDSON
of Harle Syke
Who died Oct 26th 1933
Aged 29 years
Also of the above
Who died July 29th 1951
Aged 70 years
Also of Linda Hargreaves
Who died Jany 25th 1977
Aged 80 years
To Memory Ever Dear


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:51 pm 
Spider Lady
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Joined: Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:23 pm
Posts: 8156
Location: Staffordshire
St James, Briercliffe

In Affectionate Remembrance of
The beloved daughter of
John and Fanny HARGREAVES
Who died July 3rd 1863 aged 9 years
Also the above named
of Blackburn
Who died December 14th 1884
In the 57th year of his age

Loving Memory of
A dear husband and father

Sacred to the Memory of
Daughter of
John and Betty HARGREAVES
Who died July 24th 1870
Aged 20 years
Also Margaret aged 6 weeks
Also Barrett Hudson, 1 year
Also Elizabeth Jane, 9 months
Also John Yorke, Aged 1 month
Also the above named
Who departed this life April 2nd 1901
In his 73rd year
Gone But Not Forgotten
Also of Betty wife of the above named
Who departed this life September 29th 1901
In her 73rd year
She Rests In Peace
Also of John PILLING their grandson
Who died in South Africa April 26th 1900 aged 19 years

In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Briercliffe
who died January 29th 1891
in his 52nd year
Also Mary Ann
wife of the above
who died April 17th 1920
aged 78 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... eaves4.htm

In Loving Memory of Smith HARGREAVES Died Nov 9th 1916 aged 52 years
Also Sarah his wife died Dec 1st 1950 aged 85 years
Also Ernest ATKINSON died Aug 10th 1953 aged 63 years
Also Mary his wife died Jan 14th 1973 aged 78 years

In Loving Memory of a dear mother and sister Annie May HARGREAVES Died 23rd April 1969 aged 61

In Loving Memory of Harry HARGREAVES who died June 15th 1931 aged 58 years
Also Florrie his beloved wife who died Feb 10th 1959 aged 81 years
Also John HARGREAVES who died Oct 31st 1923 aged 79 years

In Loving Remembrance of
Margaret the beloved wife of
Timothy HOWARTH of Harle Syke
Who died Feby 28th 1897
In her 61st year
Also of the above named Timothy HOWARTH
Who died April 9th 1906
In his 73rd year
Also Jane Elizabeth
the beloved wife of
Who died Dec 6th 1913
Aged 28 years
Son of the above
Who died January 5th 193? in his 20th year


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 11:10 pm 
Willfinder General
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Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
The Burnley News. Saturday, February 10, 1917
Information is wanted of the whereabouts of the wife and family of William Hargreaves, of the A.V.C., or Engineers, who was killed in France. Before dying he said to a comrade, “Take my cap badge, and if you can find my wife, give it to her.” This has been left with Mr. Hargreaves, of the Royal Butterfly Hotel, Burnley.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:11 pm 
Spider Lady
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Joined: Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:23 pm
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Location: Staffordshire
Not on the MI's but found at Haggate


In Loving Memory of
Beloved husband of Mary HARGREAVES
Died Feb 22nd 1979 Aged 49 years
And the above named mary
Died Dec 22nd 1960 aged 78 years
Also Alwyn BERRY dear husband of Lucy
Died Oct 9th 1965 Aged 63 years
Also the above named Lucy
Died Oct 30th 1980 Aged 80 years
"Sweet memories"


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 Post subject: Re: Hargreaves
PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:02 am 
Spider Lady
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Preston Chronicle

Saturday January 8 1831

On the 31st ult., aged 56, James Hargreaves, Esq., of Bank Hall near Burnley, one of the Justices of the Peace for this county.


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 Post subject: Re: Hargreaves
PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:30 am 
Spider Lady
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Preston Guardian

Saturday October 31 1846

On Thursday week, aged 18, Jane, daughter of Mr. William Hargreaves, builder, Burnley


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 Post subject: Re: Hargreaves
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:45 pm 
Spider Lady
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Kris asked me to add these for Burnley Cemetery. They are ordered by date.

14/09/1856 Joseph Hargreaves 61, Old Lane Grave no.2327
01/02/1857 Ellen Hargreaves 72, Gannow Grave no.9443
08/02/1857 Hannah Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Penny Street Grave no.2002
19/04/1857 Mary Hargreaves 64, Bk South Parade Grave no.2130
24/05/1857 John Hargreaves 38, Sawer Lane Bridge Grave no.2311
05/12/1857 James Hargreaves 52, Workhouse Grave no.3589
20/04/1858 Elizabeth Hargreaves 7, 4 Vernon St Grave no.1824
16/05/1858 William Hargreaves 36, Cripple Bk Finsley St Grave no.1818
23/06/1858 Ann Hargreaves 5, Wood Top Grave no.3285
14/07/1858 Betty Hargreaves 60, Roberts St Grave no.1840
06/08/1858 Daniel Hargreaves 13, Market St Grave no.7761
09/01/1859 John Hargreaves 1mth, Oxford Road Grave no.4027
25/01/1859 Elizabeth Jane Hargreaves 6mth, King St Grave no.4025
26/06/1859 Henry Hargreaves 25, Miner Wood Top Grave no.9304
24/08/1859 Joseph Hargreaves 13, Berwick St Grave no.4335
01/11/1859 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 0, Oxford Road Grave no.3919
19/11/1859 John Hargreaves 13, Burnley Wood Grave no.4768
05/05/1860 Jane Hargreaves 23, Brunshaw Bottom Grave no.4923
23/07/1860 Alice Hargreaves 28, Oxford Road Grave no.4127
27/07/1860 Sarah Hargreaves 18, Workhouse Grave no.2719
13/09/1860 Margaret Hargreaves 26, Gannow Grave no.9443
07/01/1861 Ellen Hargreaves 24, Finsley Gate Grave no.12641
24/01/1861 Martha Hargreaves 73, Dark St Grave no.8017
30/01/1861 Elizabeth Hargreaves 42, Blackout Fm, Ross Grave no.7568
12/05/1861 Alice Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Vernon St Grave no.3915
26/05/1861 Elizabeth Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Wood Top Grave no.3285
26/08/1861 James Hargreaves 50, Tackler Hammerton St Grave no.3183
28/08/1861 Thomas Hargreaves 36, Mechanic Whipp St Grave no.12639
19/11/1861 James Hargreaves 3mth, Whitaker St Grave no.1406
27/11/1861 James Hargreaves 72, Manager, Cot-ml Slater Terrace Grave no.9240
02/12/1861 Betty Hargreaves 66, Widow Slater Terrace Grave no.9240
04/01/1862 Robert Hargreaves 41, Mechanic Bk Hammerton St Grave no.12639
12/02/1862 Mary Ann Hargreaves 4mth, Bk Hammerton St Grave no.12639
29/03/1862 Sarah Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Havelock Terrace Grave no.7504
15/04/1862 John Hargreaves 40, Miller Yorkshire St Grave no.7762
01/07/1862 Alice Hargreaves 21, Finsley Gate Grave no.12641
14/08/1862 John Hargreaves 48, Miner Oxford Road Grave no.5478
06/12/1862 Samuel Hargreaves 31, Tailor Tentor St Grave no.12639
28/01/1863 James Hargreaves 44, Painter Parker Lane Grave no.11215
08/02/1863 James Thomas Halsted Hargreaves 0, Penny St Grave no.13255
25/03/1863 Sarah Hargreaves 58, Oaken Eaves Grave no.1308
26/05/1863 Henry Hargreaves 4yr 9mth, Trafalgar St Grave no.9463
27/06/1863 James Birtwistle Hargreaves 23, Weaver Tragalgar St Grave no.11199
21/10/1863 Ellen Hargreaves 51, Hargher Clough Grave no.13073
30/11/1863 James Hargreaves 61, Workhouse Grave no.13243
06/12/1863 Reginald Hargreaves 35, Mechanic Pickup Croft Grave no.13243
08/01/1864 Sarah Hargreaves 29, Workhouse Grave no.5920
21/05/1864 Mary Hargreaves 2yr 6mth, Wood Top Grave no.9304
18/07/1864 Joseph Hargreaves 0, Rock Row Grave no.13183
26/07/1864 Hobson Sutcliff Hargreaves 5mth, Wood Top Grave no.5266
10/08/1864 Hannah Hargreaves 38, Moseley St Grave no.1628
14/11/1864 Elizabeth Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Ashton u Lyne Grave no.5248
09/03/1865 Mary Hargreaves 61, Whip St Grave no.13231
04/06/1865 Thomas Hargreaves 38, Weaver Sandy Gate Grave no.13191
10/09/1865 James Hargreaves 65, Block Printer Sandy Gate Grave no.4449
28/10/1865 Robert Hargreaves 23, Cabinet Maker Mill Lane Grave no.5934
31/10/1865 Hannah Hargreaves 51, Parsonage St Grave no.11662
09/11/1865 Mary Eliza Hargreaves 6yr 3mth, Victoria Buildings Grave no.15684
02/01/1866 Rowena Mary Hargreaves 1yr 8mth, Springfield Terrace Grave no.9710
01/02/1866 William Hargreaves 5mth, Wood Top Grave no.15688
07/02/1866 Hannah Hargreaves 41, East Gate Grave no.7762
13/02/1866 Ann Hargreaves 1 hour, Tunnel End Grave no.15688
10/03/1866 Thomas Hargreaves 64, Weaver Hill Top Grave no.3787
20/03/1866 James Hargreaves 52, Mechanic Hammerton St Grave no.12641
15/04/1866 James Hargreaves 1, Morpeth St Grave no.15886
21/07/1866 William Hargreaves 8, Heaps Court Grave no.15806
30/08/1866 Jane Hargreaves 52, River St Grave no.3183
10/11/1866 John Francis Hargreaves 11mth, Blackburn St Grave no.15992
22/11/1866 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 3yr 9mth, Tenter St Grave no.11143
16/12/1866 Willie Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Winn Hill Grave no.15990
25/12/1866 Margaret Hargreaves 1, Wood Top Grave no.3285
30/12/1866 William Henry Hargreaves 2yr 9mth, Wood Top Grave no.9304
23/02/1867 Mary Hargreaves 20, Wood Top Grave no.15762
23/03/1867 William Hargreaves 1mth, Jenkin St Grave no.9646
04/04/1867 Mary Jane Hargreaves 10yr 6mth, Fulledge St Grave no.4424
19/04/1867 Ann Hargreaves 30, Hattersley St Grave no.3585
01/05/1867 Sarah Jane Hargreaves 11mth, Ince St Grave no.4869
21/05/1867 Martha Hargreaves 19, Gannow Grave no.15872
02/06/1867 William Hargreaves 5mth, Wood Top Grave no.15984
22/06/1867 Dinah Hargreaves 81, Pickup St Grave no.10717
25/07/1867 Mary Hargreaves 66, Sandy Gate Grave no.9263
28/08/1867 Joseph Hargreaves 4mth Fulledge St Grave no.4424
01/10/1867 Ann Hargreaves 67, Keighley Grave no.4768
07/11/1867 Sarah Hargreaves 2, Coal Clough Lane Grave no.10825
11/11/1867 Richard Hargreaves 68, Labourer Workhouse Grave no.16322
20/12/1867 Henry Hargreaves 63, Miner Wood Top Grave no.9304
24/12/1867 Thomas Hargreaves 2mth, Wood Top Grave no.9304
26/12/1867 Catherine Hargreaves 37, Wood Top Grave no.3285
10/06/1868 John Robert Hargreaves 7mth Roberts Row Grave no.15820
12/08/1868 Ada Hargreaves 4mth, Ince St Grave no.4869
06/02/1869 James Hargreaves 62, Shaw St Grave no.1870
18/02/1869 Luke Hargreaves 34, Calder St Grave no.4249
20/02/1869 Edwin James Hargreaves 6mth, Ormerod St Grave no.5902
01/03/1869 James Hargreaves 82, Workhouse Grave no.10883
04/03/1869 Joseph Hargreaves 44, Cheapside Grave no.4973
03/04/1869 Margaret Hargreaves 34, Derby St Grave no.4869
15/04/1869 Betty Hargreaves 72, Bedford St Grave no.4523
22/04/1869 Alice Hargreaves 11mth, Shaw St Grave no.5524
22/04/1869 Margaret Ellen Hargreaves 5mth, Riding Croft Grave no.11091
01/06/1869 Mary Hargreaves 42, Cogg Lane Grave no.13325
19/06/1869 John James Hargreaves 11mth, Coal Clough Lane Grave no.10807
23/08/1869 Henry Hargreaves 60, Trafalgar St Grave no.11229
02/09/1869 Charlotta Hargreaves 10, Trafalgar St Grave no.5634
29/09/1869 Samuel Henry Hargreaves 4mth, Cogg Lane Grave no.13325
17/11/1869 Robert Hargreaves 9, Wood Top Grave no.13325
07/12/1869 Richard Hargreaves 32, Anne St Grave no.9570
10/02/1870 Sagar Hargreaves 4yr 3mth, Wood Top Grave no.13956
18/02/1870 Martha Jane Hargreaves 6yr 3mth, Wood Top Grave no.13956
21/02/1870 William Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Brown St Grave no.2860
26/02/1870 Mary Jane Hargreaves 6mth, Vernon St Grave no.14884
05/03/1870 Joseph Hargreaves 63, Napier St Grave no.11235
16/03/1870 Robert Hargreaves 42, Cogg Lane Grave no.9443
28/04/1870 Ellen Hargreaves 11mth, Hattersley St Grave no.7044
22/07/1870 Luke Hargreaves 73, Shaw St Grave no.4336
08/09/1870 Joseph Hargreaves 6mth, Calder St Grave no.4424
13/10/1870 John Hargreaves 31, Rake Foot Grave no.1730
22/10/1870 Mary Ann Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Bk Croft St Grave no.15012
30/10/1870 Joseph Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, Wood Top Grave no.7430
29/11/1870 James Hargreaves 85, Workhouse Grave no.15038
05/12/1870 John Willie Hargreaves 2mth, Albion St Grave no.5504
25/01/1871 Mary Hargreaves 86, Mill Lane Grave no.11699
26/02/1871 Peter Hargreaves 39, Boot St Grave no.7466
23/05/1871 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 1mth, St James St 4929
11/06/1871 Walter Hargreaves 3mth, Lord St Grave no.15198
30/06/1871 Jane Hargreaves 7mth, Whittlefield Grave no.7466
07/08/1871 Hannah Maria Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Penny St Grave no.13667
10/09/1871 Ruth Hargreaves 3, Slater St Grave no.6601
22/10/1871 Mary Ellen Hargreaves 3mth, Knott Lane, Ashton, Grave no.12427
06/11/1871 Alice Ann Hargreaves 15, Burnley Wood Grave no.11215
08/11/1871 Elizabeth Hargreaves 26, Gannow Lane Grave no.10835
06/12/1871 Jane Hargreaves 6mth, Wood Top Grave no.15576
07/12/1871 Martha Hargreaves 65, Gannow Grave no.10092
15/12/1871 Thomas Hargreaves 74, Burnley Wood Grave no.4768
28/12/1871 Cornelius Hargreaves 4mth, Burnley Lane Grave no.10835
29/12/1871 Elizabeth Hargreaves 3yr, 2mth, Wood Top Grave no.15576
22/02/1872 Esther Hargreaves 11mth, Morpeth St Grave no.10240
30/03/1872 Fred Hargreaves 8mth, Lord St Grave no.12481
04/05/1872 Henry Hargreaves 1mth, White Lion St Grave no.5504
08/05/1872 James & Ann Hargreaves 1 day, Trinity St Grave no.10226 (twins)
09/05/1872 John Hargreaves 21, Whipp St Grave no.10302
19/05/1872 Daniel Hargreaves 8, Cow Lane Grave no.10304
26/07/1872 Margaret Hargreaves 18, Hebrew Row Grave no.1772
03/09/1872 Richard Hargreaves 84, Back Lane Grave no.9462
19/09/1872 Mary Hargreaves 2, Moss St Grave no.7338
02/01/1873 Ormerod Hargreaves 27, Rake Foot Grave no.1730
14/02/1873 Mary Ann Hargreaves 7mth, Bk Wood St Grave no.2771
15/02/1873 Joseph Hargreaves 4mth, Wood Top Grave no.15576
17/02/1873 William Hargreaves 3mth, Finsley Gate Grave no.2121
26/02/1873 Elizabeth Hargreaves 33, Hyde St Grave no.11235
29/03/1873 Herbert Hargreaves 2mth, Hallwell St Grave no.11235
04/05/1873 Ellis Hargreaves 8mth, High St 1738
17/06/1873 Emily Hargreaves 2mth, Hattersley St Grave no.7044
23/06/1873 Mary Hargreaves 53, Clifton Grave no.11318
13/07/1873 John Robert Hargreaves 10, Rowley St Grave no.5524
08/08/1873 Nancy Hargreaves 67, Workhouse Grave no.2109
25/08/1873 George Hargreaves 1 6 Greenhill Grave no.2119
09/09/1873 William Henry Hargreaves 3mth, Rowley St Grave no.5524
30/10/1873 William Hargreaves 75, Shorey Green Grave no.6379
13/11/1873 Clara Hargreaves 9mth, Cheapside Grave no.5270
10/12/1873 John Hargreaves 63, Carey St Grave no.10727
04/02/1874 Ellen Hargreaves 30 mins, Trinity St Grave no.1829
07/05/1874 Sarah Jane Hargreaves 1 yr9mth, King St Grave no.7470
07/05/1874 John Hargreaves 7mth, Wood Top Grave no.9304
26/05/1874 Thomas Shackleton Hargreaves 5mth, Hyde St Grave no.5300
06/06/1874 John Hargreaves 2yr 6mth, Brunshaw Road Grave no.5830
03/07/1874 Albert Hargreaves 2, Penny St Grave no.2037
07/07/1874 Elizabeth Hargreaves 60, Gannow Lane Grave no.9462
04/08/1874 John Hargreaves 25, Primrose Bank Grave no.13525
09/08/1874 Joseph Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Back Lane Grave no.10338
10/09/1874 Ann Hargreaves 53, Workhouse Grave no.2194
18/10/1874 Samuel Hargreaves 4, Robert St Grave no.11061
01/11/1874 Robert Hargreaves 33, King St Grave no.3834
08/11/1874 Hannah Jane Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Anne St Grave no.1793
09/11/1874 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 5mth, Moss St Grave no.12222
29/12/1874 Caroline M Hargreaves 3mth, Bk Saunder Bank Grave no.2306
25/01/1875 Annie Hargreaves 1mth, St James St Grave no.6379
24/02/1875 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Richmond Hill Grave no.3095
17/04/1875 Mary Ellen Hargreaves 22, Berkeley St Grave no.11814
20/08/1875 Albert Edward Hargreaves 1mth, Belgrave St Grave no.9305
06/09/1875 Joseph Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, Ashton -u- Lyne Grave no.3698
29/09/1875 Fred Hargreaves 3, Master St Grave no.11280
07/03/1876 Alice Ann Hargreaves 2, Blackburn Grave no.15576
28/06/1876 Henry Hargreaves 11, Keppell St Grave no.2726
29/08/1876 John Hargreaves 1yr 7mth, Gannow Grave no.16037
23/10/1876 John William Hargreaves 10mth, Gannow Grave no.4929
24/10/1876 James Hargreaves 60, Twister Sandy Gate Grave no.4181
29/10/1876 Eliza Hargreaves 46, Nairne St Grave no.10394
22/11/1876 Albert Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Temple St Grave no.11143
23/11/1876 Herbert Hargreaves 2mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.10396
02/12/1876 James Hargreaves 74, Labourer Hebrew Road Grave no.1772
17/12/1876 Mary Harris Hargreaves 46, Watkinson Court Grave no.12657
06/01/1877 James Hargreaves 18dys, Cog Lane Grave no.2050
07/06/1877 John Robert Hargreaves 1, Hird St Grave no.5693
10/06/1877 Mary Hargreaves 69, Peel St Grave no.4086
28/07/1877 Susannah Hargreaves 3mth, Miller St Grave no.16323
03/08/1877 James Hargreaves 6mth, Calder St Grave no.5760
01/10/1877 William Hargreaves 45, Weaver Marlborough St Grave no.10486
06/10/1877 Albert Edward Hargreaves 5mth, Anne St Grave no.16211
20/11/1877 Giles Hargreaves 1wk, Hulme St Grave no.6601
30/11/1877 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 34, Scarlet St Grave no.12020
10/12/1877 Sarah Hargreaves 64, Whitaker St Grave no.11229
30/01/1878 Elizabeth Hargreaves 44, Norton St Grave no.4424
02/02/1878 Clara Hargreaves 8mth, River St Grave no.8093
07/02/1878 Benjamin Hargreaves 53, Gentleman Accrington Road Grave no.11422
10/02/1878 Smith Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, Blackburn St Grave no.5794
02/03/1878 James Hargreaves 3, Roebuck St Grave no.1870
28/03/1878 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 24, Anne St Grave no.15823
03/04/1878 Clara Hargreaves 2mth, King St Grave no.7470
05/04/1878 Mary Ellen Hargreaves 3mth, Albany Terrace Grave no.11814
12/04/1878 Harrison Hargreaves 67, Twister Workhouse Grave no.15825
16/05/1878 John Hargreaves 74, Farmer White Lee House Grave no.1308
04/07/1878 Robert Hargreaves 1mth, Meadows St Grave no.12639
13/07/1878 Undecipherable Hargreaves 2mth, Miller St Grave no.15937
27/07/1878 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 3mth, Union St Grave no.5760
15/08/1878 Elizabeth Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Miller St Grave no.15719
28/08/1878 Sarah Hargreaves 71, Accrington Road Grave no.4842
14/09/1878 Margery Ann Hargreaves 10mth, Brunshaw Road Grave no.15945
22/10/1878 Arthur Hargreaves 5, Albany Terrace Grave no.11813
18/01/1879 Albert Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Rowley St Grave no.5524
20/01/1879 Ellen Hargreaves 1mth, Robinson St Grave no.4210
06/02/1879 Alice Hargreaves 41, Rowley St Grave no.5524
08/02/1879 Thomas H Hargreaves 2mth, Lisbon St Grave no.A831
28/02/1879 Ann Hargreaves 58, Padiham Road Grave no.5377
28/02/1879 Charlotte Hargreaves 39, Winn Hill Grave no.12288
30/04/1879 James Hargreaves 51, Miner Rose Valley Grave no.9216
01/05/1879 Mary Hargreaves 67, Rake Foot Grave no.1730
11/06/1879 Henry Hargreaves 2mth, Rake Foot Grave no.1729
18/07/1879 James Hargreaves 25, Overlooker Accrington Road Grave no.11317
19/08/1879 Elizabeth Hargreaves 17, Blackburn St Grave no.2861
16/10/1879 William Hargreaves 18, Weaver Barrett St Grave no.5807
29/11/1879 George Hargreaves 1mth, Sandy Gate Grave no.12958
18/12/1879 Priscilla Hargreaves 74, Workhouse Grave no.7884
31/01/1880 Robert Hargreaves 44, Joiner Lord St Grave no.12481
06/02/1880 John Hargreaves 7mth, Union St Grave no.5761
08/03/1880 Mary Alice Hargreaves 10mth, Kings Terrace Grave no.11317
30/05/1880 Eleanor Hargreaves 43, Cog Lane Grave no.5911
12/06/1880 William Hargreaves 36, Weaver Cheapside, Habergham Grave no.11120
26/06/1880 Richard Hargreaves 41, Corn Miller Manchester Road Grave no.9180
30/06/1880 Elizabeth Hargreaves 62, Belvedere Road Grave no.7761
01/07/1880 Eliza Adeline Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, Griffin Buildings Grave no.1564
18/08/1880 James William Hargreaves 1mth, Cross Gun Alley Grave no.12976
04/09/1880 Parker Hargreaves 14dys, Union St Grave no.5761
06/11/1880 Laura Hargreaves 23, Berkeley St Grave no.11318
20/11/1880 James Hargreaves 68, Blacksmith Calder Vale Road Grave no.9569
27/11/1880 William Hargreaves 3mth, Gannow Top Grave no.13242
22/01/1881 James B Hargreaves 8, Canal Terrace 6584
24/01/1881 George Hargreaves 1mth, Marlborough St Grave no.10782
27/01/1881 Roger Hargreaves 74, Miner Calder St Grave no.13182
31/01/1881 Tom Hargreaves 4mth, Park View Grave no.1729
23/02/1881 Thomas Hargreaves 28, Miner Lorne St Grave no.13138
17/03/1881 Alice Hargreaves 2mth, Lane Head Grave no.13180
06/05/1881 William Hargreaves 64, Spinner Workhouse Grave no.13236
06/06/1881 Whitam Hargreaves 5mth, Hampton St Grave no.15576
08/06/1881 John Hargreaves 81, Winder Calder Vale Road Grave no.2396
16/06/1881 Mary Hargreaves 79, Sandy Gate Grave no.4449
04/07/1881 Mary Alice Hargreaves 2, Brunshaw Bottom Grave no.10792
01/08/1881 Fred Hargreaves 4dys, Kings Terrace Grave no.A805
06/08/1881 Arthur Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Burnley Lane Grave no.1163
27/08/1881 Johnson Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Cog Lane Grave no.13132
25/10/1881 Elizabeth Hargreaves 1mth Union St Grave no.5761
08/11/1881 Walter Suthers Hargreaves 4mth, Ashworth St Grave no.3259
15/11/1881 Mary Hargreaves 3dys, Parker Lane Grave no.7466
15/11/1881 Lucy Hargreaves 3dys, Parker Lane Grave no.7466
01/12/1881 Samuel Hargreaves 2mth, Arch St Grave no.10802
31/01/1882 Thomas Hargreaves 7mth, Vernon St Grave no.8902
07/02/1882 Jonathan Hargreaves 4mth, Gannow Walk Grave no.15126
11/02/1882 Robert Hargreaves 63, Weaver Guildford St Grave no.4523
28/02/1882 William Edmund Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Gannow Walk Grave no.14940
04/03/1882 May Hargreaves 9mth, Clifton St Grave no.14940
14/04/1882 Alice Hargreaves 58, West Gate Grave no.12657
17/04/1882 John Frederick Hargreaves 15, St James Row Grave no.5902
28/04/1882 Joseph Hargreaves 4, Gresham Place Grave no.10896
04/05/1882 Mary Hargreaves 61, Berry St Grave no.10994
24/05/1882 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 8mth, Canal Terrace Grave no.6584
30/06/1882 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 35, Hartley Houses Grave no.5300
09/08/1882 John Hargreaves 1mth, Marquis Place Grave no.10998
17/08/1882 Ada Hargreaves 5mth, Belgrave St Grave no.11813
22/08/1882 John Hargreaves 11mth, Brunshaw Bottom Grave no.10998
27/08/1882 John Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Thorn St Grave no.11318
04/09/1882 Sarah Hargreaves 60, Accrington Road Grave no.4335
30/09/1882 Ann Hargreaves 60, Barrett St Grave no.1688
02/10/1882 Richard Hargreaves 34, Shoemaker Rochester St Grave no.11813
16/10/1882 Richard Hargreaves 9mth, Howarth Court Grave no.10986
30/10/1882 James Hargreaves 58, Draughtsman Cliviger Grave no.6662
01/11/1882 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 36, Warwick St Grave no.6172
18/11/1882 Alice Jane Hargreaves 2, Cog Lane Grave no.2050
22/11/1882 John Hargreaves 53, Miner Nairne St Grave no.9216
06/12/1882 Robert Hargreaves 38, Stonemason Charlotta St Grave no.10170
26/03/1883 Haworth Hargreaves 1dy, Anne St Grave no.13740
31/03/1883 Sarah Hargreaves 60, Cannon St Grave no.13746
31/03/1883 Herbert Cook Hargreaves 6, Healey Wood Road Grave no.A825
11/04/1883 Sarah Hargreaves 55, Gresham Place Grave no.4448
17/07/1883 Marth Jane Hargreaves 3, Adelphia St Grave no.5504
27/07/1883 Jane Hargreaves 5hours, Abel St Grave no.13750
17/09/1883 Mary Hargreaves 41, King St Grave no.11143
29/09/1883 Ada Hargreaves 9dys, Union St Grave no.5761
19/11/1883 Benjamin Hargreaves 8hours, Anne St Grave no.13752
05/01/1884 Jane Hargreaves 68, Lindsey St Grave no.6379
09/01/1884 Thomas Hargreaves 71, Piecer Workhouse Grave no.10315
23/02/1884 Jane Hargreaves 44, Brown St Grave no.2861
26/02/1884 Thomas Edwin Hargreaves 12dys, Lindsay St Grave no.10032
05/03/1884 Ada Hargreaves 3, Woodland St Grave no.2771
08/03/1884 Sarah Hargreaves 56, Ash St Grave no.5503
15/04/1884 Martha Ann Hargreaves 55, Roebuck St Grave no.6601
22/05/1884 Linda Hargreaves 9mth, Ridge Row Grave no.10738
26/05/1884 Benjamin Hargreaves 31, Taper Abel St Grave no.A831
11/06/1884 Richard Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Charlotta St Grave no.10309
15/08/1884 Annie Hargreaves 2mth, Frankleton St Grave no.10305
01/09/1884 Nellie Hargreaves 1mth, Devonshire Road Grave no.A805
20/09/1884 Margaret Jane Hargreaves 1mth, Anne St Grave no.10125
24/09/1884 John Hargreaves 72,Carter Hargher Clough Grave no.10237
01/10/1884 Benjamin Hargreaves 3, Ridge Row Grave no.10730
07/10/1884 Harrison Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.A1535
25/10/1884 Elizabeth Hargreaves 8, Cotton St Grave no.10736
04/12/1884 Benjamin Hargreaves 2wks, Sandy Gate Grave no.10716
12/01/1885 John Hargreaves 5mth, Brooks St 1282
18/03/1885 James Hargreaves 3, Workhouse Grave no.15093
20/04/1885 Jane Alice Hargreaves 14, Regent St Grave no.2711
17/06/1885 Arthur Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, Griffin Houses Grave no.10534
17/06/1885 Edward Hargreaves 5mth, Gannow Grave no.A1535
09/07/1885 Alfred Hargreaves 34, Painter Parliament St Grave no.11215
16/07/1885 William Hargreaves 21, Albany Terrace Grave no.3285
28/07/1885 Sarah Hargreaves 70, Bank Parade Grave no.7230
29/08/1885 Walter Hargreaves 9, Gannow Lane Grave no.5300
05/09/1885 James Hargreaves 8, Foulridge St Grave no.10534
14/09/1885 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 11mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.A677
15/09/1885 Thomas Hargreaves 50, Corn Dealer Coal Clough Lane Grave no.6805
22/10/1885 John Hargreaves 63, Bank Parade Grave no.A1395
22/10/1885 Annie Hargreaves 1mth, Anne St Grave no.15084
07/11/1885 Richard Hargreaves 27, Weaver Esketh St Grave no.15175
04/12/1885 William Hargreaves 42, Beerseller Temple St Grave no.11143
05/12/1885 Elizabeth Hargreaves 71, Hebrew Road Grave no.1772
05/01/1886 Margaret Alice Hargreaves 27, Roebuck St Grave no.6601
16/01/1886 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Caldervale Road Grave no.15171
18/01/1886 Israel Hargreaves 22, Labourer Gannow Lane Grave no.14856
28/01/1886 Richard Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Peter St Grave no.6450
10/02/1886 James Hargreaves 69, Corn Miller Belvedere Road Grave no.7761
13/02/1886 Jane Alice Hargreaves 4mth, Gannow Grave no.14856
20/02/1886 Mary Ann Hargreaves 70, Brown St Grave no.2861
23/02/1886 George Hargreaves 66, Mason Old Turnpike Grave no.6786
24/02/1886 Louis Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Woodbine Road Grave no.2050
26/02/1886 Edwin Hargreaves 57, Overlooker Ardwick St Grave no.10032
24/03/1886 Tom Hargreaves 18, Penney St Grave no.9664
27/03/1886 Dinah Hargreaves 84, Scar Passage Grave no.12500
10/05/1886 Caroline Hargreaves 7mth, Brook St Grave no.1282
14/05/1886 Elizabeth Hargreaves 58, Caldervale Road Grave no.6855
17/05/1886 Elizabeth Hargreaves 47, Albion St Grave no.11229
26/06/1886 Jane Hargreaves 70, Simpson St Grave no.4316
11/10/1886 Richard Hargreaves 7dys, Anne St Grave no.16006
28/10/1886 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Accrington Road Grave no.16006
30/10/1886 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Rochester St Grave no.12494
09/11/1886 Albert Hargreaves 2dys, Sandy Gate Grave no.14978
16/11/1886 Caroline Hargreaves 7mth, Saxon St Grave no.12905
11/12/1886 Joseph Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Ridge Row Grave no.12434
18/12/1886 Wray Hargreaves 1, Nelson Grave no.A1163
04/01/1887 Robert Hargreaves 75, Porter Brown St Grave no.2861
19/01/1887 Nancy Hargreaves 62, Ardwick St Grave no.10032
18/02/1887 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Blackburn St Grave no.16402
24/02/1887 Ann Hargreaves 68, Parliament St Grave no.11214
26/02/1887 Hannah M Hargreaves 2dys, Anne St Grave no.A753
05/03/1887 Agnes Hargreaves 72, Belford St Grave no.A1031
10/03/1887 Mary Ann Hargreaves 54, Tarlton St Grave no.6895
28/03/1887 Martha Hargreaves 73, Briercliffe Road Grave no.A366
12/04/1887 John Hargreaves 6mth, Clock St Grave no.6763
04/05/1887 Henry Hargreaves 44, Chaffer Yard Grave no.1729
11/05/1887 Sarah Beatrice Hargreaves 9mth, Hesandford Grave no.6805
04/06/1887 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Daneshouse Road Grave no.16080
06/06/1887 Peter Hargreaves 77, Mechanic Higgin St Grave no.1730
01/08/1887 George Albert Hargreaves 7mth, Southey St Grave no.16307
08/09/1887 David Hargreaves 5mth, Marlborough St Grave no.2076
17/09/1887 Walls Hargreaves 5mth, Marlborough St Grave no.2076
17/09/1887 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Clock St Grave no.16278
27/10/1887 William Hargreaves 62, Gentleman Sefton Terrace Grave no.6785
06/12/1887 Alfred Hargreaves 8mth, Bridge End Grave no.1282
20/12/1887 Albert Hargreaves 18, Regent St Grave no.2711
17/01/1888 Margaret Ellen Hargreaves 15, Albion St Grave no.A316
17/01/1888 Nancy Hargreaves 58, St James St Grave no.11639
13/02/1888 Alice Hargreaves 1mth Milton St Grave no.A949
20/03/1888 Maggie Hargreaves 9mth, Oxford Road Grave no.15356
18/04/1888 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Fleet St Grave no.16286
23/04/1888 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Gannow Grave no.15952
24/04/1888 May Hargreaves 1yr 11mth, Burns St Grave no.12771
05/05/1888 Benjamin Hargreaves 68, Cabinet Maker Accrington Road Grave no.4335
05/05/1888 Abraham Hargreaves 10mth, Oxford Road Grave no.14360
21/05/1888 William Ewart Hargreaves 2, Temple St Grave no.11813/4 (also 11814)
22/05/1888 Elizabeth Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Rosegrove Lane Grave no.16450
26/05/1888 Howarth Hargreaves 54, Weaver Anne St Grave no.15555
30/05/1888 Mary Jane Hargreaves 9mth, Brunshaw Road Grave no.A943
19/06/1888 Helen Hargreaves 1yr 7mth, Rose Grove Grave no.16450
23/07/1888 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Carr St Grave no.15958
25/07/1888 Mary Ann Hargreaves 24, Chalk St Grave no.16378
01/09/1888 John Robert Hargreaves 2, Berwick St Grave no.1738
15/09/1888 Phoebe Hargreaves 62, Accrington Road Grave no.7430
17/09/1888 Bertha Hargreaves 2mth, Anne St Grave no.15556
18/09/1888 Priscilla Hargreaves 79, Brougham St Grave no.A689
24/09/1888 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, South St Grave no.15180
06/10/1888 Robert Holt Hargreaves 8mth, Sandy Gate Grave no.1957
09/10/1888 James Hargreaves 63, Grocer Roebuck St Grave no.6601
13/10/1888 Robert Arthur Hargreaves 8mth, Barker St Grave no.9569
19/10/1888 John Hargreaves 58, Coal Clough Lane Grave no.4448
22/10/1888 Sarah Ellen Hargreaves 2mth, Stoops St Grave no.1961
29/10/1888 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 15, Gillow St Grave no.A1982
08/11/1888 Susannah Hargreaves 65, Padiham Road Grave no.4973
12/01/1889 Isaiah Hargreaves 3mth, Rose Valley Grave no.2484
16/01/1889 Edward Hargreaves 41, Engineer Hollingreave Road Grave no.11280
21/02/1889 Mary Ann Hargreaves 69, Hulme St Grave no.9240
23/02/1889 Mary Hargreaves 5dys, Oxford Road Grave no.14330
13/03/1889 Gertrude Hargreaves 17dys, Heath St Grave no.14994
21/03/1889 John Joseph Hargreaves 4, Dial St Grave no.9053
27/03/1889 Rebecca Hargreaves 53, Prospect Terrace Grave no.13945
02/05/1889 Edward Hargreaves 8hours, Anne St Grave no.14998
04/06/1889 Sarah Ellen Hargreaves 48, Dawson Square Grave no.13391
27/06/1889 Thomas Hargreaves 31, Weaver Curzon St Grave no.A1521
29/06/1889 Maria Hargreaves 3, Green Hill Grave no.15050
25/07/1889 Fred Hargreaves 12dys, Baker St Grave no.9569
27/07/1889 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, St Johns Road Grave no.16857
08/08/1889 Elizabeth Hargreaves 29, Sandy Gate Grave no.1957
08/08/1889 Joseph Hargreaves 51, Miner Fairburn St Grave no.A1429
17/08/1889 Elizabeth Hargreaves 5, Brunshaw Road Grave no.A2320
05/09/1889 Ethel Hargreaves 16dys, Burns St Grave no.13425
25/10/1889 Eunice Hargreaves 59, Cogg St Grave no.A1395
26/10/1889 Margaret Hargreaves 70, Workhouse Grave no.A2392
30/11/1889 John Harold Hargreaves 8mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.A677
03/12/1889 Alice Ellen Hargreaves 3mth, Calder Vale Road Grave no.1282
05/12/1889 Samuel James Hargreaves 1mth, Waterloo Road Grave no.6597
07/12/1889 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Tenter St Grave no.A2393
12/12/1889 Mary Maria A Hargreaves 7mth, Howard St Grave no.14921
21/12/1889 James Hargreaves 74, Farmer Rossendale Grave no.11318
06/01/1890 Grace Hargreaves 4, Laithe St Grave no.13462
11/01/1890 John Hargreaves 52, Moulder Smith St Grave no.9953B
18/01/1890 Margaret Ann Hargreaves 11dys, Cronkshaw St Grave no.14926
23/01/1890 Mary Hargreaves 71, Eastham St Grave no.3137
23/01/1890 James Arthur Hargreaves 2, Marlborough St Grave no.9569
15/03/1890 Arthur Hargreaves 24, Book Keeper Lord St Grave no.6377
18/03/1890 Albert Hargreaves 12dys, Nairne St Grave no.10396
18/03/1890 Harold Hargreaves 15dys, Nairne St Grave no.10396
24/03/1890 Israel Hargreaves 4mth, Wood Top Grave no.16401
28/03/1890 Alice Hargreaves 49, King St Grave no.7664
10/05/1890 Robert Hargreaves 2mth, Cog Lane Grave no.310
29/05/1890 Thomas Hargreaves 55, Grocer Padiham Road Grave no.9710
20/08/1890 Hannah Hargreaves 26, Murton St Grave no.11814
26/08/1890 Arthur Hargreaves 2mth, Miller St Grave no.A2314
06/09/1890 Mary Jane Hargreaves 4mth, Sydney St Grave no.16373
18/09/1890 John Hargreaves 7mth, River St Grave no.A16037
22/09/1890 John Hargreaves 61, Inn Keeper Rose Hill Grave no.1738
11/10/1890 Percy Hargreaves 2mth, Hollingreave Road Grave no.A1810
22/10/1890 Isabella Hargreaves 25, Sidney St Grave no.A8729
08/11/1890 Walter Hargreaves 0, Higher Plane Tree Grave no.12873
13/12/1890 Tom Cook Hargreaves 2, Gresham Place Grave no.A825
17/12/1890 Henry Hargreaves 67, Mechanic Sussex St Grave no.A317
27/12/1890 Ella Beatrice C T Hargreaves 2, Roberts Row Grave no.A8268
27/12/1890 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Sandy Gate Grave no.A8723
30/12/1890 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Doctor St Grave no.A8721
03/01/1891 William Hargreaves 54, Weaver Workhouse Grave no.A2491
26/01/1891 Amelia Hargreaves 1yr 7mth, Brunshaw Road Grave no.A2120
07/02/1891 Harold Hargreaves 2mth, Padiham Road Grave no.16309
11/02/1891 Harriet Hargreaves 12, Griffin St Grave no.9257
05/03/1891 John Hargreaves 3dys, Church St Grave no.16278
09/03/1891 William Hargreaves 3mth, Carr St Grave no.A8382
21/03/1891 Maud Hargreaves 5mth, Keith St Grave no.A2396
23/04/1891 John Hargreaves 18dys, Devonshire Road Grave no.A805
24/04/1891 James Hargreaves 29, Orchard Bridge Grave no.1282
27/04/1891 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Parkinson St Grave no.A8705
16/06/1891 Thompson Hargreaves 72, Garstang St Grave no.9240
04/07/1891 Ada Hargreaves 0, Rosegrove Lane Grave no.7234
29/07/1891 Thomas Hargreaves 1, Walton St Grave no.A8350
25/08/1891 John Hargreaves 64, Colour Mixer Workhouse Grave no.13325
12/09/1891 Richard Hargreaves 59, Miner Cog Lane Grave no.A8082
19/09/1891 Arthur Hargreaves 7mth, Orchard Bridge Grave no.1282
06/10/1891 Albert Henry Hargreaves 28, Solicitor Padiham Road Grave no.9710
08/10/1891 William Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Walton St Grave no.A8350
08/10/1891 Ada Hargreaves 7mth, Roberts Row Grave no.A8268
10/10/1891 Albert Edward Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Piccadilly Road Grave no.A9100
20/10/1891 Annie Hargreaves 7mth, Cross St Grave no.A16021
15/12/1891 Lily Hargreaves 8mth, Gordon St Grave no.12405
24/12/1891 James Hargreaves 29, Weaver Violet St Grave no.A261
12/01/1892 Margaret Hargreaves 68, Sussex St Grave no.A317
14/01/1892 Bannister Hargreaves 72, Labourer Belford St Grave no.A1115
14/01/1892 Fred Hargreaves 7mth, Higgin St Grave no.A9092
25/01/1892 Elizabeth Ellen Hargreaves 1yr 8mth, Shaw St Grave no.1561
26/01/1892 Mary Evelyn Hargreaves 22dys, Colne Road Grave no.11636
05/02/1892 John Hargreaves 65, Oldham Grave no.6856
06/02/1892 Mary Alice Hargreaves 8mth, Sandy Gate Grave no.2975
22/02/1892 Sutten H Hargreaves 1mth, Berkely St Grave no.15555
16/03/1892 Nellie Hargreaves 7mth, Crowther St Grave no.A2845
26/04/1892 Elizabeth Hargreaves 64, Finsley Lane Grave no.A8689
27/04/1892 Jane Hargreaves 64, Gannow Lane Grave no.13956
14/05/1892 Alice Hargreaves 53, Belgrave St Grave no.12481
11/07/1892 Flora Hargreaves 2dys, Anne St Grave no.A8831
05/08/1892 Martha Hargreaves 4mth, Clock St Grave no.2975
18/08/1892 Elizabeth Hargreaves 67, Merton St Grave no.11814
06/09/1892 Margaret Hargreaves 8dys, Meadow St Grave no.A9080
17/09/1892 Charles Hargreaves 3mth, Diligent St Grave no.A8346
20/09/1892 John Hargreaves 2mth, Barracks Road Grave no.A8112
18/10/1892 Ann Hargreaves 74, Workhouse Grave no.A15815
05/11/1892 Martha Ellen Hargreaves 7mth, Carr St Grave no.A8382
10/11/1892 Lily Hargreaves 10mth, Sidney St Grave no.A2734
23/11/1892 Margaret Hargreaves 49, Escar St Grave no.12641
29/12/1892 Margaret Hargreaves 57, Regent St Grave no.2711
31/12/1892 Richard Hargreaves 49, Mason Boot St Grave no.6936
01/02/1893 Ivy Hargreaves 2, Healey Wood Road Grave no.13462
04/03/1893 William Hargreaves 5mth, Firth St Grave no.9664
10/03/1893 Ethel Hargreaves 2dys, Dall St Grave no.A2406
03/04/1893 Jane Hargreaves 44, Keppel St Grave no.1542
25/04/1893 James Hargreaves 14dys, Clock St Grave no.2976
05/05/1893 Annie Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, Cog Lane Grave no.2049
17/05/1893 William Morris Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Westmoreland St Grave no.A9066
01/06/1893 Emma Hargreaves 1, Tarlton St Grave no.A9066
21/06/1893 Margaret Hargreaves 5mth, Waterloo Road 6597
22/06/1893 Alice Hargreaves 79, Albert St Grave no.A15757
18/08/1893 Richard Hargreaves 60, Penny St Grave no.9664
23/08/1893 Parker Hargreaves 71, Workhouse Grave no.A8917
14/09/1893 Albert Hargreaves 12dys, Keppel St Grave no.A866
07/10/1893 Eveline Hargreaves 2, Newhall St Grave no.A2434
13/10/1893 Ernest Robert Hargreaves 11mth, Newhall St Grave no.A2434
10/11/1893 James Hargreaves 65, Miner Gannow Lane Grave no.13956
12/12/1893 Bennett Ann Hargreaves 1yr 6mth, Cog Lane Grave no.2579
14/02/1894 Stephen Hargreaves 4, Keith St Grave no.A866
01/03/1894 Lily Hargreaves 2, Keith St Grave no.A866
06/03/1894 Ernest Gilbert Hargreaves 11, Hesandford Grave no.6806
13/03/1894 Benjamin Hargreaves 2, Albion St Grave no.A3145
30/07/1894 Cornelius Hargreaves 89, Queensberry Road Grave no.A3491
31/07/1894 Joe Hargreaves 34, West Gate Grave no.4973
01/08/1894 James Hargreaves 72, Blacksmith Gannow Lane Grave no.16450
03/08/1894 Richard Hargreaves 67, Tea Dealer St James St Grave no.11639
07/09/1894 Sarah Hargreaves 59, Byerden Lane Grave no.A8675
18/10/1894 Thomas Hulby Hargreaves 1yr 7mth, Catlow St Grave no.A9046
11/12/1894 Richard Hargreaves 42, Inn Keeper Gannow Lane Grave no.2049
20/12/1894 William Newton Hargreaves 49, Weaver Burdett St Grave no.A15728
19/01/1895 Henry Hargreaves 55, Store Keeper Hollingreave Road Grave no.6172
12/02/1895 John Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, Cross St Grave no.A15656
20/03/1895 Annie Jane Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Peter St Grave no.A9195
25/03/1895 Sagar Hargreaves 64, Rosegrove Lane Grave no.3285
03/04/1895 Walter Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Riding St Grave no.13301
18/04/1895 Alice Matilda Hargreaves 1yr 10mth, Queensberry Road Grave no.A9011
04/05/1895 Eleanor Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Lower Ridge Farm Grave no.A9009
13/05/1895 Ann Hargreaves 44, Coal Clough Lane Grave no.13525
17/05/1895 Jane Hargreaves 61, Raglan Road Grave no.11322
18/05/1895 Sarah Edith Hargreaves 9, Walton St Grave no.A8350
21/05/1895 William Hargreaves 27, Workhouse Grave no.A9364
04/07/1895 Mary Hargreaves 85, Walton le Dale Grave no.4869
01/08/1895 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 1, Padiham Road Grave no.9569
28/08/1895 James Hargreaves 3mth, Calder Vale Grave no.9903
05/10/1895 Mary Ann Hargreaves 4mth, Waterloo Road Grave no.6598
05/10/1895 Charlotte Maria Hargreaves 4mth, Waterloo Road Grave no.6598
10/10/1895 Thomas Hargreaves 5mth, Lower Ridge Grave no.A8999
26/10/1895 Lily Hargreaves 2mth, Cog Lane Grave no.3095
02/11/1895 Fred Ludlam Hargreaves 21, Simpson St Grave no.9288
08/11/1895 Elijah Hargreaves 72, Merton St Grave no.11814
09/11/1895 James Herbert Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Catlow St Grave no.A9046
26/12/1895 Mary Ann Hargreaves 76, Adelphi St Grave no.6497
30/12/1895 Thomas Allan Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Todmorden Road Grave no.16347
14/01/1896 Richard Hargreaves 4, Byerden Lane Grave no.10534
01/04/1896 Sarah Jane Hargreaves 60, Merton St Grave no.7173
06/04/1896 Ann Hargreaves 84, Escar St Grave no.12641
27/04/1896 Stillborn Child Hargreaves 0, Dixon Terrace Grave no.A9422
22/05/1896 Jonathan Hargreaves 15mins, Bank Parade Grave no.A15532
27/06/1896 Frances Hannah Hargreaves 12mth, Anne St Grave no.15555
01/07/1896 Hannah Hargreaves 38, Gannow Lane Grave no.A9430
29/07/1896 Richard Hargreaves 6mth, Whittam St Grave no.A8983
01/08/1896 Edward Hargreaves 2mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.A8983
27/08/1896 Herbert Hargreaves 25dys, Calder Vale Road Grave no.9903
24/10/1896 Annie Hargreaves 22, Victoria Hospital Grave no.10727
29/10/1896 Charlotte Hargreaves 55, Canning St Grave no.4448
12/11/1896 Edward Pedder Hargreaves 1yr 8mth, Healey Wood Road Grave no.13462
13/11/1896 Robert Hargreaves 58, Sandy Gate Grave no.10727
12/12/1896 Alice Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, Glebe Terrace Grave no.A2845
01/01/1897 Eliza Rebecca Hargreaves 37, Angle St Grave no.A2734
07/01/1897 Mary Ann Hargreaves 70, Raglan Road Grave no.A40
06/02/1897 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 9, Padiham Road Grave no.6736
10/02/1897 Mary Hargreaves 66, Workhouse Grave no.9664
11/02/1897 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 2, High St Grave no.A8070
02/03/1897 James Hargreaves 4mth, Holbeck St Grave no.11317
20/03/1897 William Hargreaves 2, Cog Lane Grave no.A1535
25/03/1897 Isabella Hargreaves 36, Caldervale Road Grave no.9903
31/03/1897 Rachel Hargreaves 6, Heasandford Grave no.6806
06/04/1897 George Hargreaves 5, Heasandford Grave no.6806
13/04/1897 Tom Wilding Hargreaves 12, Heasandford Grave no.6806
26/04/1897 Amelia Hargreaves 2, Junctions Grave no.6763
10/05/1897 Sarah Hargreaves 57, Peel St Grave no.15389
10/05/1897 Elizabeth Hargreaves 66, Mile St Grave no.1738
25/05/1897 William Hargreaves 1yr 3mth Tentre St Grave no.A8382
12/06/1897 Anthanina Margaret Hargreaves 44, Brooklands Road Grave no.A43
12/06/1897 Sarah Elizabeth Hargreaves 5mth, Oxford Road Grave no.A2453
24/07/1897 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 8mth, Moss St Grave no.A4399
31/07/1897 James Hargreaves 66, Rumley Road Grave no.3137
06/08/1897 Sarah Hargreaves 0, Fern Bank Grave no.6805
09/08/1897 Ernest Hargreaves 4mth, Brunshaw Bottom Grave no.A4185
23/08/1897 James Booth Hargreaves 12hours, 0 Oxford Road Grave no.A9523
21/09/1897 William Hargreaves 1mth, Hinton St Grave no.A4237
28/10/1897 Rose Emma Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Padiham Road Grave no.9568
20/11/1897 Jane Annie Hargreaves 1mth, Randall St Grave no.A9573
28/12/1897 Gertrude Hargreaves 3, Gannow Lane Grave no.A3422
07/01/1898 Caroline Alice Hargreaves 4, Gannow Lane Grave no.A3422
22/01/1898 Edward Hargreaves 61, Caldervale Road Grave no.2711
26/01/1898 Elizabeth Hargreaves 68, Albany Terrace Grave no.4523
04/02/1898 John Richard Hargreaves 2, Riding St Grave no.A9440
25/02/1898 Elizabeth Hargreaves 72, Keppel St Grave no.A866
28/02/1898 William Hargreaves 5mth, Parliament St Grave no.A10042
05/03/1898 Joseph Hargreaves 72, Workhouse Grave no.5503
07/03/1898 James Hargreaves 10dys, Whittam St Grave no.A9563
25/03/1898 Sarah Alice Hargreaves 33, Caldervale Road Grave no.1281
26/03/1898 Ann Hargreaves 67, Brougham St Grave no.9216
26/03/1898 Margaret Hargreaves 83, Todmorden Grave no.10727
02/05/1898 Alice Hargreaves 23, Foulridge Grave no.A1982
15/06/1898 Ernest Hargreaves 11mth, Foulridge Grave no.A1982
25/06/1898 Ernest Hargreaves 3dys, Carr St Grave no.A9549
01/07/1898 Henry Hargreaves 50, Sutcliffe St Grave no.7470
02/07/1898 Walter Hargreaves 13, Hinton St Grave no.A5768
14/07/1898 Maud Hargreaves 3dys, Guy Court Grave no.A9549
17/09/1898 Ernest Barcroft Hargreaves 7mth, Lisbon St Grave no.A1572
26/09/1898 Peter Hargreaves 4mth, Anne St Grave no.1729
30/09/1898 James Hargreaves 67, Back Lane Grave no.10338
01/12/1898 Harry Hargreaves 22, Sutcliffe St Grave no.7470
04/01/1899 William Hargreaves 33, Oxford Road Grave no.A2453
28/01/1899 William Hargreaves 60, Fish Dealer Workhouse Grave no.13334
01/03/1899 Alice Hargreaves 76, Hufling Lane Grave no.6786
22/03/1899 Eliza Hargreaves 39, Clock St Grave no.A4567
25/03/1899 Walter Hargreaves 8mth, Cog Lane Grave no.A1535
02/05/1899 Mary Ann Hargreaves 31, Lindsay St Grave no.13363
13/06/1899 Mary Hargreaves 52, Bk Albion St Grave no.A5691
14/07/1899 Elizabeth Hargreaves 5mth, Padiham Road Grave no.A8038
26/07/1899 William Henry Hargreaves 8mth, Stoneyholme Gas Hous Grave no.A5275
16/08/1899 Mary Ann Hargreaves 2, Nairne St Grave no.A8268
28/08/1899 Thomas Hargreaves 56, Haslam St Grave no.5300
31/08/1899 Evelyn Hargreaves 1yr 10mth, Hampden St Grave no.A14689
23/09/1899 Daniel Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Finsley Lane Grave no.9156
28/09/1899 Ada Hargreaves 2, High St Grave no.A8070
11/10/1899 Barcroft Hargreaves 1mth, Keppel St Grave no.A15728
30/10/1899 Norah Ferguson Hargreaves 2, Howarth Court Grave no.A16036
04/11/1899 Herbert Hargreaves 1, Cog Lane Grave no.12873
23/11/1899 John Hargreaves 64, St Matthews St Grave no.5902
25/11/1899 Percy Hargreaves 3mth, Bracewell St Grave no.A4351
27/11/1899 William Edward Hargreaves 25, Hollingreave Road Grave no.11280
28/11/1899 John Hargreaves 4, Hampden St Grave no.A14689
31/01/1900 Margaret Hargreaves 56, Accrington Road Grave no.11422
28/03/1900 Albert Hargreaves 12hours, Woodbine Road Grave no.4929
04/04/1900 George Hargreaves 58, Hufling Lane Grave no.15576
19/04/1900 Harold Hargreaves 3, Clitheroe Grave no.3095
01/05/1900 Sarah Hargreaves 75, Rumley Road Grave no.12296
15/05/1900 Ellen Hargreaves 61, Cog Lane Grave no.A8082
16/05/1900 Thomas Hargreaves 20, Plumbe St Grave no.A5531
22/05/1900 Thomas Hargreaves 62, Padiham Grave no.4448
28/05/1900 Baden Powell Hargreaves 1hour, Hampden St Grave no.A8696
02/06/1900 Charles Hargreaves 73, Workhouse Grave no.A4527
19/06/1900 William Edmund Hargreaves 1yr 7mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.16450
19/06/1900 Grace Hargreaves 10mth, Grey St Grave no.A8830
30/06/1900 Susannah Hargreaves 65, Crowther St Grave no.A2844
05/07/1900 Isabella Hargreaves 78, Workhouse Grave no.A10042
18/08/1900 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 58, Workhouse Grave no.A14349
13/09/1900 Elizabeth Hargreaves 56, Elm St Grave no.A5415
02/10/1900 Ann Hargreaves 51, Gannow Lane Grave no.16450
06/10/1900 Elizabeth Hargreaves 39, Grosvenor St Grave no.A5275
22/10/1900 Elizabeth Hargreaves 54, Charlotte St Grave no.5504
26/11/1900 John James Hargreaves 35, Manchester Road Grave no.9180
06/12/1900 Adam Hargreaves 42, Cog Lane Grave no.16570
27/01/1901 William Hargreaves 53, Blacksmith Gannow Lane Grave no.16450
05/02/1901 Mary Hargreaves 67, Todmorden Road Grave no.11639
06/02/1901 Mary Jane Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Baker St Grave no.9568
01/03/1901 Margaret Hargreaves 76, Mount Pleasant St Grave no.A8921
16/03/1901 Nellie Hargreaves 7mth, Bracewell St Grave no.A8874
15/05/1901 Sarah Ellen Hargreaves 3mth, Queensberry Road Grave no.2332
28/05/1901 Arthur James Hargreaves 35, Cheadle Grave no.11639
01/06/1901 John Thomas Hargreaves 6, Ardwick St Grave no.16015
01/06/1901 Albert Hargreaves 6mth, Harrison St Grave no.A14357
11/07/1901 Harold Hargreaves 9mth, Finsley Gate Grave no.9156
12/09/1901 Mary Hargreaves 59, Cornwall Terrace Grave no.A9155
14/09/1901 Annie Hargreaves 3mth, Hampden St Grave no.A14689
22/10/1901 Margaret Ann Hargreaves 48, Cog Lane Grave no.2049
23/11/1901 Catherine Ann Hargreaves 4mth, Gannow Lane Grave no.16449
28/12/1901 Alice Hargreaves 0, Ridge road Grave no.A9000
22/01/1902 Ellen Anne Hargreaves 2mth, Junction Street Grave no.A866
27/01/1902 Bessie Darlington Hargreaves 4, Lyndhurst road Grave no.A5229
04/03/1902 Richard Hargreaves 62, Brougham Street Grave no.12222
23/04/1902 Susannah Hargreaves 58, Gross Gun Alley Grave no.A5525
03/05/1902 James Hargreaves 24, Tentre Street Grave no.A5768
06/05/1902 Florence Amelia Hargreaves 18, Carter Street Grave no.A2276
19/05/1902 Violet Hargreaves 1yr 8mth, Clive Street Grave no.1961
05/06/1902 Mary Ann Hargreaves 71, Russell Street Grave no.A14689
28/06/1902 William Hargreaves 3mth, Bivel Street Grave no.2332
28/06/1902 Benjamin Hargreaves 19dys, Meadow Street Grave no.A8894
02/07/1902 Thomas Hargreaves 69, Workhouse Grave no.4424
24/07/1902 Joseph Hargreaves 3dys, Belford Street Grave no.A15984
20/09/1902 Martha Blanthorn Hargreaves 1mth, Stanley Street Grave no.A8896
25/09/1902 Alice Hargreaves 59, Accrington Road Grave no.9350
30/09/1902 James Hargreaves 30, Perth Street Grave no.A1429
21/10/1902 Thomas Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, Hufling Lane Grave no.15405
24/10/1902 Nelie Hargreaves 3dys Grey Street Grave no.A9046
28/10/1902 James Hargreaves Stillborn, Gannow Lane Grave no.A9381
07/11/1902 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 31, Gannow Lane Grave no.16449
11/12/1902 Charles Erving Hargreaves 7mth, Berkley Street Grave no.A10677
19/12/1902 Henry Hargreaves 78, Raglan Road Grave no.A40
14/01/1903 Tom Hargreaves 3dys, Gannow Lane Grave no.A8994
14/01/1903 Rose Hargreaves 3dys, Gannow Lane Grave no.A8994
21/01/1903 John Hargreaves 1yr 4mth, Hapton Grave no.13325
24/01/1903 Douglas Hargreaves 6mth, Union Street Grave no.A8994
31/01/1903 Thomas Hargreaves 49, Victoria Hospital Grave no.2124
04/02/1903 Harry Hargreaves 11mth, Junction Street Grave no.6763
04/02/1903 Harold Thomas Hargreaves 9, Hapton Grave no.13325
05/02/1903 James Hargreaves 66, Swainbank Street Grave no.4523
19/02/1903 John Thomas Hargreaves 43, Calder Vale Road Grave no.A9514
28/02/1903 George Hargreaves 13, Hapton Grave no.A8112
05/03/1903 James E Hargreaves Stillborn, Shaw Street Grave no.A9514
12/03/1903 Frank Hargreaves 1yr 3mth, Grey Street Grave no.A9046
21/03/1903 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 35, Sandy Gate Grave no.A4067
31/03/1903 John Hargreaves 55, Clyde Street Grave no.4335
28/04/1903 Maria Hargreaves 70, Padiham Raod Grave no.9711
28/04/1903 William Hargreaves 44, Cross Street Grave no.A16538
15/05/1903 Hargreaves Stillborn Hunslet Street Grave no.A9514
16/05/1903 Peter Hargreaves 78, Belford Street Grave no.5634
23/05/1903 Sutcliffe Hargreaves 48, Healey Wood Road Grave no.A9614
09/06/1903 Albert Hargreaves Stillborn, Padiham Road Grave no.A4341
19/06/1903 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 10, Brookland Road Grave no.11636
25/06/1903 Susannah Hargreaves 70, Sentry Gate Grave no.10338
09/07/1903 Hargreaves Stillborn Nuttall Street Grave no.A9424
18/07/1903 Harry Hargreaves 1mth, Thorneybank Street Grave no.A8990
10/08/1903 Peggy Hargreaves 79, Sefton Terrace Grave no.6785
22/08/1903 William Hargreaves 48, Woodbine Road Grave no.1957
25/08/1903 John Hargreaves 6, Junction Street Grave no.6763
12/09/1903 Mary Hargreaves 38, Nelson Grave no.13384
07/10/1903 Thomas Hargreaves 3mth, Back Lane Grave no.10339
17/10/1903 Fred Hargreaves 4mth, Zion Terrace Grave no.1420
28/11/1903 Ann Hargreaves 77, Belford Street Grave no. 5635
23/12/1903 Robert Hargreaves 46, Healey Wood Road Grave no.13462
29/01/1904 William Hargreaves 57, Higham Grave no.A5415
28/03/1904 Florence Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, Laithe Street Grave no.A4399
20/04/1904 Thomas Hargreaves 62, Workhose Grave no.4150
04/06/1904 William Hargreaves 3mth, Sabden Grave no.A8556
07/06/1904 May Hargreaves 1mth, Parliament Street Grave no.A8984
11/07/1904 Hargreaves Stillborn, Hargher Street Grave no.A4645
04/08/1904 Mary Hargreaves 68, Temple Street Grave no.A1429
13/08/1904 Walter Harold Hargreaves 19, Brooklands Road Grave no.A43
22/08/1904 Margaret Blanthorn Hargreaves 4mth, Stanley Street Grave no.A8982
25/08/1904 Joseph Hargreaves 79, Oak Street Grave no.7430
10/09/1904 Martha Jane Hargreaves 19, Cross Street Grave no.A16538
21/09/1904 Fred Hargreaves 3mth, Garstang Street Grave no.11060
30/09/1904 Robert Hargreaves 55, Plumbe street Grave no.A7958
19/11/1904 ELIZABETH HARGREAVES 2mth, COG LANE Grave no.12873
21/01/1905 Frederick Ishmael Hargreaves 26, Mitchell Street Grave no.6073
18/02/1905 JOHN HARGREAVES 64, UNION INFIRMARY Grave no.7664
23/02/1905 ALLISON HARGREAVES 8, MANCHESTER Grave no.6496
03/03/1905 WILLIAM HARGREAVES 73, LUNATIC ASYLUM Grave no.6377
09/03/1905 BERTIE HARGREAVES 5, PADIHAM ROAD Grave no.A5537
29/03/1905 JAMES HARGREAVES 49, MONTFORD, R'LEY H'LL Grave no.6805/6
05/04/1905 MARY JANE HARGREAVES 11mth, HAMPDEN STREET Grave no.A14689
18/05/1905 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 1yr 9mth, Lord's Yard Grave no.A4068
11/07/1905 STEPHEN HARGREAVES 79, NAPIER ST Grave no.A866
20/07/1905 RICHARD HARGREAVES 63, CANAL STREET Grave no.A9006
06/09/1905 EDITH HARGREAVES 16, HINTON STREET Grave no.A5768
24/10/1905 JOHN HARGREAVES 50, CHURCH COURT Grave no.A4703
09/11/1905 RACHEL JANE HARGREAVES 44, MONTFORD, R'LEY HAL Grave no.6805&6
17/11/1905 FRANCIS HARGREAVES 1yr 5mth, HUMPHREY STREET Grave no.6585
30/03/1906 FRED HARGREAVES 5, WOODBINE ROAD Grave no.1958
01/05/1906 THOMAS HARGREAVES 1yr 1mth, KEITH STREET Grave no.13360
07/05/1906 THOMAS HARGREAVES 10mth, TARLETON STREET Grave no.A4335
15/05/1906 Stillborn Child HARGREAVES 0, PEAR STREET Grave no.A9655
24/05/1906 JAMES HARGREAVES 0, GREY STREET Grave no.16482
14/09/1906 BOOTH HARGREAVES 47, COLNE ROAD Grave no.A10678
12/10/1906 Peter Hargreaves 54, Piccadilly Road Grave no.A13655
08/12/1906 Squire Hargreaves 52, Humphery Street Grave no.A9429
19/12/1906 Stillborn Child Hargreaves 0, Pheasantford Street Grave no.A9355
26/12/1906 Esther Hargreaves 60, Alnwick court Grave no.A15778
08/01/1907 John Hargreaves 60, Unknown Grave no.A9431
12/01/1907 Harold Hargreaves 7mth, Slater Street Grave no.A9265
16/01/1907 Elias Hargreaves 51, Forest Street Grave no.1857
27/02/1907 Hannah Hargreaves 61, Trafalgar Street Grave no.11214
09/03/1907 Maud Ellen Hargreaves 42, Coal Clough Lane Grave no.17070
02/04/1907 Margaret Hargreaves 67, Swindon Street Grave no.6172
02/05/1907 Alfred Hargreaves 5, Brownside Grave no.1729
17/05/1907 JONATHAN HARGREAVES 11mth, ALNWICK COURT Grave no.A9440
24/08/1907 Albert Hargreaves 5mth, 19, Griffin Street Grave no.10339
31/08/1907 Richard Hargreaves 0, 25 Williams Rd Grave no.A9349
31/08/1907 May Bell Hargreaves 0, 25 Williams Rd Grave no. A9349
24/10/1907 James Victor Hargreaves 7mth, Union Infirmary Grave no. A9349
18/12/1907 Fred Hargreaves 4mth, 66 Shaw St Grave no.A9269
10/01/1908 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 38, 5 Clive St Grave no.1961
11/01/1908 John Thomas Hargreaves 59, 19 Stanley St Grave no.6585
18/01/1908 Esther Hargreaves 47, 14 Humphiey St Grave no. 16570
06/02/1908 James Hargreaves 51, 38 Shaw St Grave no.A11459
06/02/1908 Edith Hargreaves 27dys, 11 Sandy Gate Grave no.A15728
10/02/1908 John William Hargreaves 13dys, Union Infirmary Grave no.A9269
12/03/1908 Edith Hargreaves 2yr 2mth, 229 Accrington Rd Grave no.a12137
04/04/1908 Susannah Hargreaves 33, 11 Sandy Gate Grave no.A15728
10/04/1908 Allan Hargreaves 7dys, 46 Wordsworth St Grave no.A4251
20/05/1908 Martha Jane Hargreaves 1, 4 Watson St Grave no.A10751
08/12/1908 Harry Hargreaves 4mth, 19 Mt Pleasant St Grave no.14449
23/01/1909 Arthur Hargreaves 25, 27 Springfield Rd Grave no.16858
05/03/1909 James Henry Hargreaves 61, Caretaker 16 Derby St Grave no.A316
08/03/1909 Agnes Ann Hargreaves 60, 10 Coke St Grave no.2694
19/03/1909 Sarah Hargreaves 71, 252 Padiham Rd Grave no.4929
26/03/1909 Sarah Hargreaves 71, Horbury Grave no.9180
16/04/1909 Jane Hargreaves 34, 8 Chaffer St Grave no.6999
14/05/1909 Robert Hargreaves 67, Union Infirmary Grave no.16878
18/05/1909 Eleanor Hargreaves 59, Union infimary Grave no.A5923
31/05/1909 Child Stillborn Hargreaves 0, 51 Gannow Lane Grave no.16868
12/08/1909 Elizabetj Hargreaves 75, 38 Lord Street Grave no.6377
14/10/1909 Margaret Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, 54 Milson Street Grave no.A11269
26/10/1909 John Thomas Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, 14 Stanley Street Grave no.16065
29/11/1909 Frank Hargreaves 2mth, 50 Robinson Street Grave no.16065
02/12/1909 William Thomas Hargreaves 49, 87 Anne Street Grave no.A4315
30/12/1909 George Hargreaves 68, 20, Anne Street Grave no.16908
19/01/1910 Henry Hargreaves 70, Lawyers Clrk 24, St Matthews St Grave no.13945
08/02/1910 Mary Jane Hargreaves 29, 89, Gordon Street Grave no.12222
23/02/1910 Joseph Hargreaves 11mth, 31 Russell Street Grave no.A9862
28/02/1910 SARAH ANN HARGREAVES 13, 6 HEATHER STREET Grave no.A17447
09/03/1910 JAMES HARGREAVES 57, 25 CALDER VALE RD Grave no.9567
19/03/1910 EVELYN HARGREAVES 3yr 11mth, THE SANATORIUM Grave no.A14587
29/08/1910 RICHARD HARGREAVES 2, 25A NAPIER ST Grave no.A17298
17/09/1910 GEORGE HARGREAVES 17, 5 EVERY ST Grave no.9448
08/10/1910 WILLIAM HARGREAVES 52, WEAVER 10 GARSTANG ST Grave no.A8382
18/10/1910 MARTHA HARGREAVES 20mins, 24 SHAFTESBURY ST Grave no.11280
16/11/1910 ANNIE HARGREAVES 1, 22 HAPTON ST Grave no.A16076
18/11/1910 ANNA MARIA HARGREAVES 49, 9 FELIX ST Grave no.6496
22/11/1910 WILLIE HARGREAVES 4hours, 80 PADIHAM RD Grave no.16967
10/12/1910 ROBERT HARGREAVES 50, 10 EXMOUTH ST Grave no.9664
31/01/1911 MARTHA HARGREAVES 52, 27 JOB ST Grave no.1277
02/03/1911 FLORENCE HARGREAVES 2dys, 6 CARR ST Grave no.16561
19/04/1911 THOMAS HARGREAVES 3dys, 26 PICKUP ST Grave no.A17715
20/05/1911 JAMES HARGREAVES 56, Smallware dealer 36 BELVEDERE RD Grave no.A10180
12/07/1911 LUKE HARGREAVES 23, 16 BALDWIN ST Grave no.A8350
11/08/1911 FRED HARGREAVES 10mth, 8 ALMA ST Grave no.A11893
17/08/1911 WILLIAM HARGREAVES 3yr 7mth, 2B CHERRY ST Grave no.A11937
19/08/1911 DORA HARGREAVES 8mth, 3 KEITH ST Grave no.12873
05/09/1911 MARY ELIZABETH HARGREAVES 9mth, 33 CLOUGH ST Grave no.A12251
07/09/1911 GEORGE HARGREAVES 4mth, 280 COG LANE Grave no.9053
24/10/1911 ELIZABETH HARGREAVES 61, RAMSGREAVE RD Grave no.6074 (Note sys 'Mellor')
27/11/1911 MARY HARGREAVES 1yr 3mth, 15 HAPTON ST Grave no.10339
29/11/1911 FLORENCE GRACE HARGREAVES 23, 78 HIRST ST Grave no.A12213
07/12/1911 ANN HIRST HARGREAVES 49, 62 RECTORY RD Grave no.A10667
15/01/1912 TOM HARGREAVES 34, 6 CARR ST Grave no.A13655
27/01/1912 DOREEN HARGREAVES 4dys, 57 GREY ST Grave no.16179
09/03/1912 LUKE HARGREAVES 64, WEAVER 16 BALDWIN ST Grave no.A8351
14/03/1912 JAMES HARGREAVES 83, 12 HARRISON ST Grave no.A14689
09/04/1912 JANET HALLIDAY HARGREAVES 11, 6 ELLIS ST Grave no.A5768
17/06/1912 ELLEN HARGREAVES 58, 4 BANK ST Grave no.7871
06/07/1912 THOMAS HARGREAVES 13dys, 26 PICKUP ST Grave no.16193
31/08/1912 THOMAS HARGREAVES 59, UNION INFIRMARY Grave no.A17597
10/09/1912 RICHARD HARGREAVES 60, WEAVER 21 CONISTON ST Grave no.6073
11/09/1912 GEORGE HARGREAVES 6mth, 26 JOCKEY ST Grave no.A12137
28/09/1912 MARTHA ALICE HARGREAVES 62, 52 TRAVIS ST Grave no.A1488
30/10/1912 SAMUEL HARGREAVES 41, BUTCHER 80 PADIHAM RD Grave no.A9833
04/12/1912 JOHN HARGREAVES 3, 2B CHERRY ST Grave no.A16538
03/01/1913 EMILY HARGREAVES 55, 58 ROSE GROVE LANE Grave no.7235
06/01/1913 ANNIE HARGREAVES 1mth, 286 GANNOW LANE Grave no.A12239
27/01/1913 MARY JANE HARGREAVES 67, 13 RAGLAN RD Grave no.4449
04/02/1913 WILLIAM HARGREAVES 62, 17 BARRACKS RD Grave no.A13311
03/03/1913 JOHN HARGREAVES 59, OVERLOOKER VICTORIA HOSPITAL Grave no.5192 (Of 17 Lyndhurst Rd.)
17/03/1913 FREDERICK HARGREAVES 4mth, 7 ANGLE ST Grave no.A3153
29/04/1913 SUSANNAH HARGREAVES 52, 77 BARDEN LANE Grave no.A5489
24/06/1913 GRACE HARGREAVES 58, 368 PADIHAM RD Grave no.1525
02/07/1913 THOMAS HARGREAVES 75, GROCER 146 OXFORD RD Grave no.7339
10/09/1913 ELSIE HARGREAVES 3mth, 4 KEITH ST Grave no.12873
23/10/1913 HENRY HARGREAVES 74, PAINTER COUNTY ASYLUM Grave no.15389 Lancaster
29/10/1913 MARGARET HARGREAVES 69, 3 WOODSLEY ST Grave no.13360
29/11/1913 EDWARD HARGREAVES 46, MINER 22 HAPTON ST Grave no.A16076
24/12/1913 ADA HARGREAVES 42, 53 HUFLING LANE Grave no.15405
07/01/1914 CATHERINE HARGREAVES 2, 8 THORNEY BANK ST Grave no.A17943
13/01/1914 MARY HARGREAVES 54, 3 DEAN ST Grave no.A8059
15/01/1914 SAMUEL HARGREAVES 49, LABOURER 11 GLEN ST Grave no.A12521
22/01/1914 MARTHA HARGREAVES 12hours, 338 PADIHAM RD Grave no.A4821
19/03/1914 LILY HARGREAVES 2yr 2mth, 8 BRUNSWICK ST Grave no.A12213
30/03/1914 JOHN BURROWS HARGREAVES 10mth, 101 COLNE RD Grave no.A10747
31/03/1914 JOHN HENRY HARGREAVES 1yr 1mth, UNION INFIRMARYGrave no. NE3175
01/04/1914 ARCHIE HARGREAVES 7mth, 14 GARSTANG ST Grave no.NE2517
07/04/1914 LILIAN EUGENIE HARGREAVES 32, 77 RECTORY RD Grave no.2176
15/04/1914 AMELIA HARGREAVES 65, 5 BRUNSHAW RD Grave no.A2120
26/02/1915 ALFRED HARGREAVES 67, 16 MILTON ST Grave no.2756
21/04/1915 Moses Hargreaves 64, Wasste Dealer 43 Hollingreave Road Grave no.A1810
05/07/1915 Thomas Hargreaves 75, Whitesmith 9 Hawk Street Grave no.9305
08/07/1915 Mary Ann Hargreaves 75, 25 Williams Road Grave no.12222
10/07/1915 Robert Hargreaves 8mth, 3 Peter Street Grave no.NE3171
16/07/1915 William Hargreaves 59, P'loom O'looker 1 Stafford Street Grave no.A3061
28/07/1915 Nora Hargreaves 1yr 5mth, 18 Hapton Street Grave no.10339
03/08/1915 John Hargreaves 69, Union Infirmary Grave no.A4671
30/09/1915 Frederick Hargreaves 11mth, 27 Leyland Road Grave no.A1083
21/10/1915 Sarah Hargreaves 66, 165 Coal Clough Lane Grave no.7470
23/10/1915 John Hargreaves 1, 9 St Cuthbert Street Grave no.A6976
02/11/1915 Jane Hargreaves 61, 3 Ashfield Street Grave no.A5275
08/12/1915 Ann Hargreaves 69, 16 Tabor Street Grave no.11060
08/12/1915 George Hargreaves 22, 53 Huffling Lane Grave no.15405
14/12/1915 Sarah Hargreaves 75, 14 Newton Street Grave no.A7577
20/12/1915 Jane Hargreaves 50, 401 Cog Lane Grave no.12873
30/12/1915 Elizabeth Hargreaves 74, 9 Hawk Street Grave no.9305
01/01/1916 Rose Ann Hargreaves 37, 102 Hufling Lane Grave no.A17313
28/01/1916 Florence Hargreaves 1yr 2mth, 16 Fairholme Road Grave no.A12647
15/02/1916 John Robert Hargreaves 9mth, 7 Dane Street Grave no.2860
10/03/1916 Peggy Hargreaves 3wks, 16 Fairholme Road Grave no.A12647
19/06/1916 John Thomas Hargreaves 49, Baker 7 Livingstone Street Grave no.NE3183
12/07/1916 William Hargreaves 69, Warehouseman 97 Brougham Street Grave no.2771
17/07/1916 Ann Hargreaves 72, 5 Heap Street Grave no.6936
22/07/1916 John Hargreaves 63, Beerseller 25 Riding Street Grave no.9781
07/10/1916 John Henry Hargreaves 22, Soldier 56 Pritchard Street Grave no.A8267
27/10/1916 John Robert Hargreaves 57, Union Infirmary Grave no.NE3436
23/12/1916 Susannah Hargreaves 15, 118 Accrington Road Grave no.A15729
24/01/1917 Frederick Hargreaves 30, 401 Cog Lane Grave no.12873
03/03/1917 Mary Hargreaves 2hours, 1 Pine Street Grave no.A7888
07/04/1917 George Hargreaves 4yr 6mth, 24 Livingstone St vNE3450
23/05/1917 Elizabeth Hargreaves 65, 77 Rectory Road Grave no.2176
22/06/1917 John Hargreaves 53, Inn Keeper Warde St, Hulme Grave no.A3672
04/07/1917 Alfred Hargreaves 6, 23 Hopwood Street vA10747
14/08/1917 Leonard Hargreaves 32, 13 Zion Street Grave no.A12249
30/08/1917 Wilson Hargreaves 44, Union Infirmary Grave no.A14587
11/10/1917 Child Stillborn Hargreaves 0, Hollingreave Rd, Bly Grave no.NE3639
03/12/1917 Walter Hargreaves 3mth, 84 Olympia Street Grave no.A5768
14/12/1917 Child Still Born of Hargreaves 0, 44 Shale Street Grave no.NE3642
24/12/1917 Robert Hargreaves 3yr 10mth, 131 Branch Road Grave no.A12239
28/12/1917 John Hargreaves 74, Loom Overlooker 78 Plumbe Street Grave no.A5531
19/01/1918 Roger Hargreaves 75, Grocer Union Infirmary v13626
03/04/1918 James Hargreaves 72, Butcher 42 Sunderland Street Grave no.4930
04/05/1918 Ann Hargreaves 78, 9 Granville Street Grave no.2860
22/06/1918 Frances Hargreaves 84, 89 Anne Street Grave no.15555
14/08/1918 Alice Hargreaves 82, 26 St Matthew St Grave no.5902
17/08/1918 Albert Hargreaves 16, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A11507
07/11/1918 Jane Hargreaves 25, 10 Queensbury Road Grave no.A7342
07/11/1918 Frederick Arthur Hargreaves 9yr 6mth, 190 Cog Lane Grave no.1979
13/11/1918 John Hargreaves 72, 3 Robert Street Grave no.11059
14/12/1918 Clara Hargreaves 43, 359 Padiham Road Grave no.A3364+5
17/12/1918 Mary Ann Hargreaves 4yr 3mth, 57 Westmorland St Grave no.A12251
17/12/1918 Mary Hargreaves 5mins, 14a Clive Street Grave no.NE3681
24/12/1918 Benq Hargreaves 77, Draper Lancaster Ayslum Grave no.11322
27/01/1919 Edwin Hargreaves 2, 360 Accrington Road Grave no.NE4539
06/02/1919 Benjamin Hargreaves 75, 25 Lord Street Grave no.3095
08/02/1919 Emma Hargreaves 1mth, 65 Argyle Street Grave no.NE3631
17/02/1919 Ann Hargreaves 63, 1 Cronkshaw Street Grave no.5761
24/02/1919 Henry Hargreaves 81, Weaver Union Infirmary Grave no.5524
27/02/1919 Charlotte Hargreaves 78, 10 Smith Street Grave no.9949 B
13/03/1919 Agnes Hargreaves 78, 144 Oxford Road Grave no.7339
19/03/1919 Fred Hargreaves 2, 65 Gordon Street Grave no.A12239
19/03/1919 John Hargreaves 3, 65 Gordon Street Grave no.A12239
12/04/1919 Doris Hargreaves 4, 8 Burdett Street Grave no.9053
02/05/1919 Lily Hargreaves 26, 24 Berry Street Grave no.A10042
07/05/1919 Ivy Hargreaves 3dys, 360 Accrington Road Grave no.NE3723
28/06/1919 Jonathan Hargreaves 81, Joiner 6 Lindsay Street Grave no.NE5343
02/07/1919 Martha Hargreaves 46, 124 Oxford Road Grave no.NE5237
24/09/1919 Mary Hargreaves 60, 36 Calder Vale Rd Grave no.A17438
11/11/1919 Robert Henry Hargreaves 59, Moulder 27 Clive Street Grave no.A10667
20/11/1919 Robert Hargreaves 1yr 1mth, 181 Cog Lane Grave no.A996
28/11/1919 Elizabeth Hargreaves 26, 36 Calder Vale Road Grave no.A17358
10/12/1919 Jane Ann Hargreaves 58, 90 Trafalgar Street Grave no.6377
29/12/1919 Catherine Hargreaves 2, 3 Buck Court Grave no.A17356
04/01/1920 Alice Hargreaves 62, Bloomfield Rd,B'pool Grave no.4524
16/01/1920 Frederick Alexander Hargreaves 62, Cloth Looker 108 New Hall Street Grave no.10032
19/01/1920 Edna Hargreaves 20dys, 13 Layfield Street Grave no.NE3714
22/01/1920 Thomas Hargreaves 71, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE3712
26/01/1920 Stephen Hargreaves 60, Weaver 15 Fielden Street Grave no.9053
09/02/1920 Lucy Hargreaves 33, 35 Hargher Street Grave no.A10751
12/03/1920 Elizabeth Hargreaves 71, 52a Plumbe Street Grave no.A7958
22/03/1920 Joseph Hargreaves 4mth, 18 Hallows Street Grave no.1961
05/04/1920 Elizabeth Hargreaves 78, Guisborough, Yorks Grave no.NE5343
06/04/1920 William Hargreaves 7, Victoria Hospital Grave no.NE3690
23/04/1920 Albert Hargreaves 2mth, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE3712
21/05/1920 Jane Ann Hargreaves 46, 118 Briercliife Road Grave no.NE3705
01/07/1920 Albert Hargreaves 34, Miner 213 Cog Lane Grave no.12872
24/11/1920 Julia Hargreaves 33, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.A17497
09/12/1920 Margaret Violet Hargreaves 43, 1 Pine Street Grave no. A7888
30/12/1920 Margaret Ann Hargreaves 59, 20 Dent Row Grave no.13893
18/01/1921 Thomas Hargreaves 62, P'loom O'looker Gordon St,Worsthorne Grave no.1719
19/02/1921 Doris Hargreaves 4, 224 Cog Lane Grave no.A10845
25/04/1921 Rosannah Hargreaves 66, 1 Reynolds Street vA8351
06/06/1921 Ada Jane Hargreaves 40, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A12609
04/08/1921 Doctor Tom Hargreaves 21, 12 Ashley Street Grave no.A10411
20/08/1921 William Hargreaves 42, 25 Belgrave Street vA5415
30/09/1921 Hannah Hargreaves 72, Rigby's Yrd,Preston Grave no.14578
26/10/1921 Willy Hargreaves 54, P'loom O'looker Dearnley,Rochdale Grave no.A1429
14/11/1921 John Stanley Hargreaves 4dys, 31 Bassnett Street Grave no.A3641
05/12/1921 Joseph Hargreaves 58, Secretary 6 Lebanon Street Grave no.A12487
24/12/1921 William Thomas Hargreaves 16dys, Bank Hall Hospital Grave no.A17489
30/12/1921 James Hargreaves 66, Miner 3 Allendale Street Grave no.A4067
07/01/1922 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 70, 37 Norton Street Grave no.10219
13/01/1922 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 34, 8 Admiral Street Grave no.A5767
24/01/1922 Esther Ann Hargreaves 71, 28 Grange Street Grave no.1561
26/01/1922 Martha Hargreaves 60, 33 High Street Grave no.9949c
01/02/1922 Mary Hargreaves 72, 13 Saxifield Street Grave no.A13311
11/02/1922 Edith Mary Hargreaves 10mth, 8 Burdett Street Grave no.9053
07/03/1922 Jemima Hargreaves 60, 26 Oak Street Grave no.7430
29/03/1922 Lily Hargreaves 2dys, 38 Shale Street Grave no.NE4528
29/03/1922 Thomas Hargreaves 5hours, 38 Shale Street Grave no.NE4528
29/03/1922 Christopher Hargreaves 2dys, 38 Shale Street Grave no.NE4528
24/05/1922 George Hargreaves 1mth, 118, Briercliffe Rd Grave no.A16067
08/06/1922 James Henry Hargreaves 46, Engineer 7 Griffin Street Grave no.A13311
26/06/1922 Mary Hargreaves 65, 16 Cow Lane Grave no.A16537
19/10/1922 Hannah Francis Hargreaves 47, 30 Cobden Street Grave no.14460
22/12/1922 Joseph Hargreaves 74, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.A1488
23/12/1922 Susannah Hargreaves 78, 53 Hufling Lane Grave no.15575
01/01/1923 Nellie Hargreaves 3, 13 Bank Street Grave no.A14345
22/01/1923 Alfred Hargreaves 42, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.6936
03/02/1923 Kenneth Hargreaves 9mth, 3 Hinton Street Grave no.A2580
17/03/1923 Richard Hargreaves 20, 80 Piccadilly Road Grave no.A14354
26/03/1923 Lavinia Hargreaves 67, 89 Anne Street Grave no.NE1202
31/03/1923 Mark Thomas Hargreaves 64, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE4539
22/05/1923 William Henry Hargreaves 64, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.A10042
13/06/1923 Stephen Hargreaves 10mth, Bank Hall Hospital Grave no.9005
10/08/1923 Eliza Hargreaves 65, 65 Picadilly Road Grave no.A13655
20/09/1923 Henry Hargreaves 72, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE4512
09/11/1923 James Hargreaves 78, 14 Newton Street Grave no.A7577
26/12/1923 Ethel Hargreaves 2dys, 6 Thorneybank Street Grave no.A17602
26/12/1923 Grace Hargreaves 4dys, 6 Thorneybank Street Grave no.A17602
19/01/1924 Margaret Ann Hargreaves 66, 25 Riding Street Grave no.9781
07/02/1924 Annie Hargreaves 22, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A10921
16/02/1924 Allan Hargreaves 8mth, 101 Bougham Street Grave no.15372
27/02/1924 Alan Hargreaves 1mth, 4 Bruce Street Grave no.9005
26/03/1924 Rose Hargreaves 76, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no. A5531
06/05/1924 John Hargreaves 66, 1 Cronkshaw St Grave no.5761
01/09/1924 Child Stillborn Hargreaves 0, 24 Berry Street Grave no.NE1722
02/09/1924 Thomas Walker Hargreaves 67, Blackpool Grave no.4524
13/09/1924 Bert Hargreaves 3, 6 Mason Street Grave no.NE1669
06/11/1924 Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves 48, 5 Ormerod Road Grave no. 5192
21/11/1924 Edward Hargreaves 30, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A7910
01/12/1924 Samuel Hargreaves 68, 31 Netherby Street Grave no.5731
01/12/1924 Richard Hargreaves 67, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE1202
22/12/1924 Thomas Hargreaves 4, 65 Gordon Street Grave no.A12239
13/01/1925 Albert Hargreaves 51, 226 Coal Clough Lane Grave no.A3364
04/03/1925 Alan Hargreaves 6, 18 Moorland Road Grave no.A10180
23/03/1925 Alice Ann Hargreaves 54, Victoria Hospital Grave no.NE5825
07/04/1925 Leonard Hargreaves 26, Turner Memorial Home Grave no.7235
08/04/1925 Ruth Hargreaves 2, 43 Brooklands Road Grave no.A1809
24/06/1925 Emma Hargreaves 67, 43 Brooklands Road Grave no.A1810
14/07/1925 Child Stillborn Hargreaves 0, 61 Padiham Road Grave no.A17940
23/07/1925 Arthur Joseph Hargreaves 55, 1 Byron Street Grave no.A4848
12/09/1925 Annie Hargreaves 76, 11 Carey Street Grave no.A316
28/10/1925 Ann Hargreaves 58, 1 Sussex St Grave no.A14689
04/11/1925 John Halstead Hargreaves 52, 118 Briercliffe Road Grave no.NE4427
01/12/1925 Isabella Hargreaves 65, 20 Daneshouse Rd Grave no.9216
23/12/1925 Ann (Annie) Hargreaves 60, 6 Lubbock Street Grave no.1958
06/01/1926 Elizabeth Ann Hargreaves 53, 5 Fielden Street Grave no.NE4427
19/02/1952 Mary Alice Hargreaves 87, 18 Palatine Square Grave no.16347
03/05/1952 Mary Alice Hargreaves 76, 30 Church Street Grave no.A5853
07/07/1952 James Edward Hargreaves 75, 224 Cog Lane Grave no.NE11713
28/08/1952 Melinda Hargreaves 57, 74 Bly Rd,Clowbridge Grave no.NE9190
29/09/1952 James Hargreaves 69, 54 Carter Street Grave no.NE3690
13/11/1952 Bertha Hargreaves 62, 40 High Street Grave no.NE11090
30/01/1953 George Henry Hargreaves 71, 15 Fielden Street Grave no.A19767
04/03/1954 James Hargreaves 82, General Hospital Grave no.NE5237
11/05/1954 Ada Hargreaves 41, Blackburn Grave no.NE11603
05/07/1954 Albert Hargreaves 61, 90 Lyndhurst Road Grave no.A18717
10/08/1954 Joseph Hargreaves 77, 1 Admiral Street Grave no.NE7735
07/09/1954 Cyril Hargreaves 55, 9 Felix Street Grave no.6496
22/09/1954 William Hargreaves 84, B'pool Grave no.NE7046
04/10/1955 Margaret Hargreaves 72, 44 Queensberry Rd Grave no.NE8453
11/11/1955 Mary Ann Hargreaves 74, General Hospital Grave no.NE8933
17/02/1956 Emma Hargreaves 86, 1 Faiholme road Grave no.NE11480
21/03/1956 John William Hargreaves 85, Moorfields Grave no.16015
13/08/1956 Mary Ellen Hargreaves 77, 2 Selkirk Street Grave no.A19280
18/03/1957 James Williams Hargreaves 70, General Hospital Grave no.9449
03/06/1957 Stephen Hargreaves 70, 4 Bruce Street Grave no.9005
19/10/1957 Margaret Alice Hargreaves 57, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A12856
20/03/1958 Mary Ellen Hargreaves 78, Victoria Hospital Grave no.NE10706
16/05/1958 Ahes of Margaret Hargreaves 80, 20 Wordsworth St Grave no.NE11003
25/06/1958 Dora Hargreaves 67, 18 Ferndale Street Grave no.NE770
09/07/1958 Laura Hargreaves 73, Heysham Rd, Heysham Grave no.5192
24/07/1958 Florence Hargreaves 66, 42 Harling St Grave no.NE10520
15/10/1958 Hilda Hargreaves 70, 24 Parliament St Grave no.A20077
06/11/1958 Annie Hargreaves 56, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A19530
18/11/1958 Sarah Ann ingham Hargreaves 67, 2 Dickson Street Grave no.A9915
19/01/1959 Rhoda Hargreaves 67, Pinfold Place, Nelsn Grave no.A5251
29/01/1959 Lily May Hargreaves 85, Mossgrove Rd, Altrhm Grave no.NE3042
09/02/1959 Eliza Hargreaves 83, General Hospital Grave no.1202
11/02/1959 Flormei Hargreaves 65, General Hospital Grave no.A5767
26/05/1959 Henry Hargreaves 80, General Hospital Grave no.A19280
19/03/1960 Catherine Hargreaves 66, Victoria Hospital Grave no.A16575
27/05/1960 Robert Hargreaves 75, High St Grave no.NE9870
03/06/1960 Emma Hargreaves 91, Padiham Road Grave no.NE10504
14/07/1960 Frances Hargreaves 1yr 11mth, Bank Hall Hospital Grave no.A16599
03/11/1960 Lawrence Hargreaves 79, Springfield Road Grave no.NE1576
19/01/1961 Arthur Hargreaves 52, Wilfield St Grave no.NE8281
28/02/1961 Mary Ann Hargreaves 63, Bartle St Grave no.NE2518
05/05/1961 James Hargreaves 69, Harold Ave. Grave no.A20043
13/07/1961 Annie Hargreaves 82, Briercliffe Road Grave no.A1209
29/08/1961 Meretta Hargreaves 82, Catlow St Grave no.NE11261
07/09/1961 Mary Agnes Hargreaves 70, Dickson Terrace Grave no.A18367
13/10/1961 Bertha Hargreaves 64, General Hospital Grave no.A10041
25/07/1962 Walter Hargreaves 78, General Hospital Grave no.A20129
03/12/1962 Arthur Hargreaves 86, General Hospital vNE9498
03/12/1962 Gertrude Hargreaves 75, Blackpool Grave no.NE933
04/04/1963 Florence Hargreaves 87, Park Ave. Grave no.18041
06/05/1963 Sarah Ann Hargreaves 83, Rossetti Ave. Grave no.4769
02/10/1963 Ellen Hargreaves 81, General Hospital Grave no.A15553
22/02/1964 Alan Hargreaves 45, Tarleton Ave. Grave no.A6976
07/05/1964 Albert Hargreaves 62, High St Grave no.NE11090
31/07/1964 Richard Hargreaves 73, Ship Inn, Finsley Ga Grave no.A17133
04/01/1965 Annie Hargreaves, 84, Cog Lane, Grave no.1979
09/01/1965 William Edward Hargreaves, 54, Blackpool, Grave no.NE9333
25/01/1965 Alice Emmott Hargreaves, 74, Hebrew Road, Grave no.NE8052
09/02/1965 Emily Annie Hargreaves, 82, Scott St, Grave no.A20087
31/03/1965 Catherine Hargreaves, 74, Poulton, Grave no.1755/6
14/04/1965 Anne Hargreaves, 86, Canning St, Grave no.A12137
01/05/1965 William Henry Hargreaves, 61, Rectory Road, Grave no.NE1463
26/01/1966 Ernest Hargreaves, 54, Dickson St, Grave no.NE10005
08/02/1966 Martha Ann Hargreaves, 86, Accrington Road, Grave no.A4251
11/02/1966 Arthur Hargreaves, 83, Accrington Road, Grave no.A4251
18/04/1966 Annie Elizabeth Hargreaves, 93, Zion St, Grave no.A11475
27/04/1966 Barbara Hargreaves, 69, Todmorden Road, Grave no.A20028
15/07/1966 Tom Hargreaves, 49, West View, Cliviger, Grave no.13961/2
14/10/1966 Thomas Hargreaves, 72, Anne St, Grave no.A14208
17/10/1966 Albert Hargreaves, 75, Tentre St, Grave no.NE11652
28/01/1967 Edward Hargreaves, 72, Hapton St, Grave no.A18056
01/02/1967 Sarah Ellen Hargreaves, 90, Brunshaw Road, Grave no.A10180
20/04/1967 Hargreaves Hargreaves, 79, Sackville St, Grave no.A16575
16/06/1967 Alexander Benson Hargreaves, 85, Canning St, Grave no.A12137
02/10/1967 Robert Hargreaves, 72, Scarlett St, Grave no.NE7448
29/11/1967 Elizabeth Hargreaves, 87, Accrington Road, Grave no.NE4539
01/02/1968 John Hargreaves, 64, Springfield Road, Grave no.A1809
15/03/1968 Darryl John Hargreaves, 5hrs, Hapton St, Grave no.A20040
07/08/1968 Ellis Hargreaves, 71, Rossendale Ave., Grave no.9781
02/01/1969 Abraham Hargreaves, 74, Harling St, Grave no.NE10520
18/02/1969 Elsie Maud Hargreaves, 58, Grosvenor St, Grave no.NE1463
05/05/1969 AO Ellen Hargreaves, 91, Queen St, Grave no.NE10426
16/05/1969 Ernest Hargreaves, 72, Todmorden Road, Grave no.A20028
23/05/1969 John Hargreaves, 49, Lyndhurst Road, Grave no.A19905
25/07/1969 Kate Hargreaves, 92, General Hospital, Grave no.NE10788
03/11/1969 Edward Hargreaves, 55, Magdalen Terrace, Grave no.NE9017
03/04/1970 Elizabeth Hargreaves, 91, Lawrence St, Grave no.NE11713
10/04/1970 Mary Jane Hargreaves, 87, Airdrie Cresc., Grave no.A17091
20/05/1970 Sarah Alice Hargreaves, 66, Spencer St, Grave no.A11882
07/08/1970 James Hargreaves, 77, Gordon St, Grave no.NE6047
11/11/1970 Sarah Ellen Hargreaves, 76, Clough St, Grave no.NE11099
07/12/1970 Sarah Ednie Hargreaves, 88, Fir Grove Hostel, Grave no.A11507
29/12/1970 James Hargreaves, 75, Whiteacres Hostel, Grave no.A10041
05/01/1971 Thomas Hargreaves, 72, Whiteactes Hostel, Grave no.NE11090
07/01/1971 Eveline Hargreaves, 58, Deerstone Ave., Grave no.NE10706
12/03/1971 Amanda Jane Hargreaves, 5mth, Magdalene Terrace, Grave no.NE7663
31/03/1971 Maud Hargreaves, 86, Brierfield, Grave no.A19767
06/12/1971 Lily Hargreaves, 92, Brierfield, Grave no.NE2131
09/03/1972 AO Nora Hargreaves, 76, Stroyan St, Grave no.A5767
15/03/1972 Leo Hargreaves, 58, Hapton St, Grave no.A18462
09/05/1972 John Hargreaves, 71, Griffin St, Grave no.A18533
17/07/1972 Stillborn child Hargreaves, 0, Queen Victoria Road, Grave no.A10906
21/07/1972 Mary Ellen Hargreaves, 89, Girvan Grove, Grave no.A18179
26/07/1972 Lily Hargreaves, 83, Eastham St, Grave no.NE9427
08/12/1972 Elsie Hargreaves, 76, Clevelands Road, Grave no.NE11439
04/01/1973 Jane Hargreaves, 72, Hameldon House, Grave no.A18056
04/01/1973 Edna Hargreaves, 65, Rockwood Close, Grave no.A10450
14/03/1973 Edwin Hargreaves, 86, St Annes on Sea, Grave no.NE4539
27/04/1973 Albert Hargreaves, 57, Clarence St, Grave no.A18717
30/04/1973 Clarence Hargreaves, 66, Penistone St, Grave no.NE9817
26/10/1973 Harry Hargreaves, 59, Admiral St, Grave no.NE11809
15/11/1973 Rosanna Hargreaves, 84, Nairne St, Grave no.9005
04/01/1974 Jane Hargreaves 84, Airdrie Cresc., Grave no.NE2517
04/01/1974 Harry (BN 13936a) Hargreaves, 74, Lowerhouse Lane, Grave no.A12856 No noted as BN 139364A
26/04/1974 Mary Ellen Hargreaves, 70, Gribben St, Grave no.A18533
10/09/1974 Stillborn child Hargreaves 0, Fairfield Drive, Grave no.A11152
12/12/1974 Ernest Hargreaves, 85, Blackpool, Grave no.1755/6
28/02/1975 Mona Hargreaves, 60, Blackpool, Grave no.NE9333
27/05/1975 Mary Ann Hargreaves, 85, Albert St, Grave no.A18733
08/07/1975 Christine Mary Hargreaves, 20, Sandpiper Square, Grave no.NE6953
07/11/1975 Mary Ann Hargreaves, 94, Belford St, Grave no.NE7067


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:38 pm 
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Thankyou on behalf of all the people with Hargreaves in their family, how I wish I did :(


I'd be dangerous with a brain.

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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 10:51 am 
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The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser
Saturday March 31 1804

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries


On the 6th inst. Mr Henry Halstead, at Heir's House, near Colne, aged 61, Abraham Hargraves, Esq.


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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 11:52 am 
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The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser
Saturday, April 13, 1805

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries


On Sunday last, at the White Lion Inn, Manchester, Mr. Jonathan Hargreaves, of Fence, near Burnley


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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 12:23 pm 
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The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser
Saturday, February 15, 1806

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries


On the 3d inst., in the 30th year of her age, Mrs. Hargreaves, wife of Captain Hargreaves, of Ormerod House, near Burnley.


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In Memory of RICHARD HARGREAVES, of Habergham-Eaves, who died February the 13th, 1853, aged 51 years, and was this day interred at Trinity Church, February 17th, 1853.
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... reaves.htm

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Express and News

May 11, 1938

Collapsed in Street
Former Weaver's Death After Seizure

At an inquest yesterday on Sagar Thomas Hargreaves (74), retired cotton weaver, of 160, Grey-street, who died after a seizure in New Hall-street last Monday, the Borough Coroner (Mr. H. Ogden) returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."
Lily Hargreaves said her husband was in receipt of the old-age pension. He ceased work as a weaver about five years ago, and had chest trouble, for which he had been medically attended. During the last twelve months he appeared to be worse, and had complained of shortness of breath. Last Monday he left home at 6 p.m., and was brought home at 10-45p.m. by Arthur Whitehead, 25, Spencer-street, Burnley, who said he had found deceased in a sitting position on the footpath, being attended by two young men.
The cause of death was given as valvular disease of the heart.


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