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 Post subject: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:03 pm 

Joined: Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:26 pm
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Hi, I'm saving photos of all the Pubs in Burnley and district can anyone remember the Pub at the bottom of Bankhouse Street opposite the Grown Court at the junction with Canning Street & Curzon Street and as anyone got a photo of it and a photo of the other Pub higher up I think it was the Queens or the Station I'm not quite sure. Cliff.

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 Post subject: Re: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:42 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:55 pm
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This is just one of the 'lists' I did some while ago. It may not help you with your current problem but it may be of some interest to you.


Adelphi Hotel,Railway st & Adelphi st
Albion Inn, Red Lion st
Alma Inn, 235 Accrington road '
Angel Inn, 80 Accrington road
Baltic Fleet 41 4/S Brierclife road
Bank Top Inn, 2 Parker st
Barracks Tavern, 64,Padiham road
Bay Horse Hotel, 58 St. Jame's street
Bee Hive Inn, 20 Marlborough street
Bee Hive Inn, 5 Holmes street
Black Bull Inn, Lanehead
Black Dog Inn, 4 Cannon st
Black Swan, 3 Royle road
Boot Inn, 18 St.Jame's street
Borough Hotel, 14 Halstead street :
Bowling Green Inn, 25 and 27 Clifton street
Brickmakers' Arms, 52 Yorkshire street
Bridge Inn, 162 Gannow lane
Bridge Inn, 2 Bankparade
Bridge Inn, Clow Bridge
Britannia Inn, 107 Oxford road
Britannia Inn, 9 Roper st
Bull and Butcher, Manchester road
Bull Hotel 1 Manchester road.
Bull's Head, 9 Riding street
Calder Vale Inn, 6 Calder Vale road
Cambridge Inn, 68 and 70 Oxford road
Canal Tavern, 68 Manchester road
Cattle Market Hotel,10 Elizabeth street and 49 Parker lane
Cheshire Cheese, 8 Edward street
Clifton Hotel, 127 Padiham road
Clock Face Inn, 32 St. James street
Clough Spring Hotel, 8 Parker lane
Coach and Horses Inn, 48b Church street
Coachmakers' Arms, 2 and 4 Adelphi street
Coal Clough Hotel, 41 Coal Clough lane
Commercial Hotel, 133 St. James street
Commercial Inn, Cop row
Corporation Arms, 47 Curzon street
Corporation Hotel, 31 Oxford road
Cottage in the Wood, 36 Rawlinson street
Craven Heifer, Cop row
Craven Heifer, 17 Holden street
Cricketers' Arms, 53 Anne street
Cricketers' Arms, Lowerhouse lane
Cross Gates Inn., 2 and 4 Coke street
Cross Guns, 50 Gannow ln
Cross Keys Inn, 170 C St. James street
Crown Inn, 34 Bridge st
Derby Arms, 29 Standish street
Derby Hotel, 177 Padiham road
Derby Hotel, 44 Grimshaw street
Derby Inn, 162 Colne rd
Devonshire Hotel, 9 Boot street
Dog and Duck Inn, 95 St. James street
Dog and Partridge, 90 Westgate
Dragoon Hotel, 72 and 74 Hebrew road
Duke of York Hotel, 129 Colne road
Empress Hotel, Market place and Chancery street : .
Engineers' Arms, 13 Parker street
Exchange Hotel, 24 Nicholas street
Finsley Inn, 58 and 60 Finsleygate
Fleece Hotel, 213 Accrington road
Flying Dutchman, 18 Engine street
Footballers' Arms, 55 Yorkshire street
Foreman's Arms, 5 Sutcliffe street
Foresters' Arms, 49 Todmorden road
Foresters' Arms, 16 Bank parade
Fox and Pheasant, Cow lane
Free Gardners' Inn, 51 Mosley street
Friendship Inn, 19 Blackburn street
Garrison Hotel, 66 Padiham road
General Campbell Inn, 20 Barracks road .
General Havelock, 103 Accrington road
General Williams, 231 Manchester road
George IV., 708 Padiham road, Habergham
Globe Inn, 47 Bankhouse st
Golden Lion, 30 Boot st
Great Eastern Inn, 15 Stanley street
Gretna Green Inn, 259 Coal Clough lane
Grey Mare, 110 Gannow lane
Greyhound Inn, 10 Cannon street
Griffin Hotel, Rose Grove
Grimshaw Arms, 5 Temple street
Hall Inn, 2 Church st
HealeyWood Inn, 28 Healey Wood road
Hole in the Wall Hotel, 123 Sandygate
Hope and Anchor, 18 Royle road
Horse and Farrier, 14 and 16 Cannon street
Inkerman Inn, 236 Accrington road
Junction Hotel, Rose Grove lane
Lamb Inn, , 33 Red Lion at
Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, Padiham road
Lane Ends Hotel, 93 Lower House lane
Lord Nelson Inn, 39 Bridge street
Malakoff Tavern, 50 Trafalgar street
Marlborough Inn, 4 and 6 Parker lane
Masons' Arms, 60 St. James street
Meadows Inn, 2 King st
Mechanics' Arms, 8 Finsleygate
Millers' Arms, , 20 Junction street
Millers' Arms, 34 Parker street
Mitre Hotel, 120 Westgate
Nelson Hotel, 9 Trafalgar street
Neptune Hotel, 29 Sandygate
New Hotel, , 20 Cog lane
New Inn, 10 Roper at
New White Horse, 14 and 16 Hammerton street
Oddfellows' Tavern, 18 Boot street
Old Bank House, 29 Bankhouse street
Old Duke Inn, 56 Briercliffe road
Old Hall Inn, 16 Old Hall street
Old House at Home, 166 Sandygate
Old Wheat Sheaf, 112 CoIne road
Owl in the Wood, 5 Springfield road
Oxford Inn, 1 Temple st
Pack Horse, 6 and 8 Calder street
Park Tavern, 30 Mosley st
Park View Inn, 3 Higgin street
Pedestrian Inn, 30 Parker lane
Peel's Arms, 100 Padiham road
Plane Tree, Habergham
Prince of Wales Inn, 79 Sandygate
Railway Hotel, RoseGrove lane
Railway Tavern, 62 Bridge street
Reedley Hallows Hotel, 93 Byerden lane
Reindeer Hotel, Railway street and Adelphi street
Rifle Volunteers' Inn, 1 Smalley street
Roe Buck Inn, 128 Padiham road
Rose and Crown, 180 Manchester road
Rose and Thistle Hotel, 11 and 13 Grimshaw street
Royal Butterfly Hotel, 1 letcher, 83 Hufling lane.
Royal Hotel, 107 Colne road
Royal Oak Hotel 107 St. James street
Salford Hotel, 2 Royle road
Scarlett Arms, 46 and 48 Howe street
Ship Inn, 34 Finsleygate
Sparrow Hawk Hotel, 61 Church street
Spread Eagle Inn, 15 Temple street
St. Leger Inn, 15 Red Lion street
Stanley Hotel, 164 Oxford road
Star Inn, 21 Church street and 2 Hill Top street
Stork Hotel, 102 Westgate
Sun Inn, 4 Bridge street.
Swan Hotel, 46 St.James street
Talbot Hotel, 67 Church street and 2 Ormerod road
Thorn Hotel 67 St. James street
Tim Bobbin Inn, 819 Padiham road
Trafalgar Inn, 42: Trafalgar street .
Turf Hotel, ,49 Yorkshire street
Waggoners' Inn, holaw nook
Waterloo Hotel, 39 Trafalgar st and 41 Sandygate
Well Hall Hotel, 22 St. James street
Wellington Arms, 2 Todmorden road
White Bull, 21 Gannow lane
White Hart Hotel, 45 Church street
White Horse Hotel, 81 St. James street
White Lion, James, 22 St. James street
Woodman Inn, 127 Todmorden road
Yorkshire Hotel, 34 Yorkshire street

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 Post subject: Re: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:59 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:55 pm
Posts: 175
I found another long lost list of 1936 Burnley pubs. What a mess. I was using some 'novel' character reading software in a DOS format to compile it. If its any use to you I'll try to open it up to something that can be read. Let me know.

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 Post subject: Re: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:29 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:55 pm
Posts: 175
If spit5054 is still with us there is a photo of the 'Queens' in the book by J Naden Burnley then & now.

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 Post subject: Re: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:50 pm 

Joined: Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:26 pm
Posts: 26
Hi, sorry for the delay in answering your brilliant work but I've been unable to login, but the lovely Mel as sorted it after a few try's thank you Mel & thank you for all your hard work I which I had the photos of the pubs as they were I have some but not all of them.Cliff.

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 Post subject: Re: Burnley Pub
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:46 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:55 pm
Posts: 175
Another list of Pubs from 1936. Not in alphabetical order.

Adelphi Hotel, Eliz. Griffiths, 31 Adelphi St
Albion Hotel, Geo.Romney, 20-22 Red Lion St
Alma Inn, Jas. Pickup, 235 Accrington rd
Angel Inn, Ruth H. Kenyon, 80 Accrington rd
Barracks Tavern, Arthur C. Redman, Padiham rd
Bay Horse Hotel, John Blake, 58 St. James St
Black Bull Inn. Chas. Hodda, 61 Marsden rd
Boot Inn, Frances Wright, 18 St. James st
Borough Hotel, Florrie Hopkinson, 14- 16 Halstead st
Bowling Green Inn, F'redk. Hartley, 25-27 Clifton st
Britannia Hotel, John Diggle, 107 Oxford rd
Bull & Butcher, Albt. E. Whalley, Manchester rd
Canal Tavern, Ernest Bannister, 68 Manchester rd
Cattle Market Hotel, WIn. Lord, 10 Elizabeth st and 51 Parker Ln Clock Face Hotel, Andrew Towers, 32 St. James st
Commercial Hotel, Wm. Place, 133 St. James st
Corporation Hotel, Walter S. Kay, 31 Oxford rd
CROSS KEYS HOTEL (family and commercial), Tom .Jackson, 170 St.James St

Crown Hotel 34 Bridge st
Derby Hotel, Fredk. Stancombe, 177 Padiham rd
Dog and Duck Hotel, John Ritchings, 95 St. James st
Dragoon Hotel, John E. Burrow, 74 Hebrew rd
Duke of York Hotel, Wm. Emmett, 129 Colne rd
Empress Hotel, Mary Aubrey, Howe st and Chancery st
Engineers' Arms, Walter Tiplady, 13 Parker st
Exchange Hotel, Tom Jackson, 24 Nicholas st
Garrison Hotel, Jas, Sumner, 66 Padiham rd
General Campbell Inn, Albt. E. Johnson, 18-20 Barracks rd
General Havelock Inn, John Wilkinson, 4-6 Barracks rd
George the Fourth Inn, Henry Wilkinson, 708 Padiham rd
Gretna Green Hotel, Francis Kendall, 297 Coal Clough Ln
Grey Mare Hotel, Thos. B. Blackburn, 110 Gannow Ln
Griffin Hotel, Henry P. Knowles, 128 Rossendale rd
Hall Inn, Emma Duerden, 2 Church st
Hare and Hounds Inn, Thos. Ward, 1 Todmorden rd, Briercliffe
Healey Wood Inn, Henry Hartley, 26- 28 Healey Wood rd
Hole-in-the-Wall Hotel, Edwd. Whittaker, 122-124 Sandygate
Junction Hotel, Wm. T. Rose, 63 Rosegrove Ln
Lane Ends Hotel, Lily Fryer, Lowerhouse Ln
Masons Arms, Elizabeth Nutter, 60 St. James st
Mitre Hotel, Harold Greenhalgh, Westgate
Nelson Hotel, Ernest Fell, Trafalgar st
New Hotel, Richd. Harrison, 20 Cog Ln
New Market Hotel, Benj. Crabtree, 25 Market st
New Red Lion Hotel, Wm. Sumner, 13 Manchester rd
Old Red Lion Hotel, John Boland, 2-4 Manchester rd
Old Sparrow Hawk Hotel, Wm. Higginson Mellor, 63 Church st
Parkers' Arms, Arthur Chapples, 10-12 Parker Ln
Plane Tree Hotel, Robt. Arkwright, 4 Westgate
Prince Albert Hotel, Robt. Hoyle, 95 Curzon st
Princess Alexandra Hotel, Geo. James, 78 Colne rd .
Princess Royal Hotel, Charles S~t- tard, Yorkshire st

Baltic Fleet Inn, Thos. Thornton, 48 Briercliffe rd
Bank Top Inn, Benj. Fox, 2 Parker st

Bee Hive Inn, Henry McMahon, 20 Marlborough st
Bee Hive Inn, Robt. Clough, 5 Holmes street
Brickmakers Arms, Thos. Nelson, 60 Yorkshire st
Bridge Inn, W'lfd. Burton, 168 Gannow Lane
Bridge Inn, John W. Barker, Clowbridge
Bridge Inn, Alfd. Basnett, 2 Bank Parade
Bull's Head, Arthur Hargreaves, 25 Riding st
Calder Vale Inn, Ellen Francis, 6 Calder Vale rd
Cambridge Inn, Bertie Holland, 68-70 Oxford rd
Clifton Hotel, John Crossley, 127 Padiham, rd
Coach and Horses Inn, James Sutcliffe, 48b Church st
Coachmakers Arms, Wm,. J. Parry, 2-4 Adelphi st
Coal Clough Hotel, Wm, Maden, 41 Coal Clough In
Commercial Inn, Richd. W. Brown, 446-448 Briercliffe rd
Corporation Arms, Jas. Wilkinson, Market plc
Cottage-in-the-Wood, Ada Smith, 36 Rawlinson st .
Craven Heifer Hotel, John R. Mellor, 1 Whittam, st
Craven Heifer Inn, Edgar Halstead, 376 Briercliffe rd
Cricketers' Arms, Jas. Ashworth, 49 Anne st
Cricketers' Arms, Albt. Parker, 108 Lowerhouse Ln
Cross Guns Inn, Benj. Constable, 50-52 Gannow Ln
Derby Arms, Rdbt. Tattersall, 162 Colne rd
Derby Arms, Jas. H. Hoyle, 29 Standish st
Derby Inn, Ernest Shambrook, 44 Grimshaw st

Queen's Hotel, Wltr. W'ray, 80- 82 Curzon st
Railway Hotel, Wm. J. Ratcliffe, 1 Rosegrove Ln
Reedley Hallows Hotel, Susannah Gill, Barden Ln
Refreshment Rooms, Bank Top station, Railway st
Reindeer Hotel, Lnrd. Harrison, 30 Adelphi st
Rose and Crown Hotel, Arthw S. Hamby, 180-182 Manchester rd
Royal Bultterfly Hotel, Fredk. Nutter, 83 Hufling Ln
Royal Hotel, Wltr. Place, 107 Colne road
St. Leger Hotel, WIll. Boocock, 15 Red Lion st
Salford Hotel, Henry Nuttall, Royle road
Ship Inn, Ethel Sutcliffe, 68 Parker Ln
Spread Eagle Inn, Willie A-stin, 15 Temple st
Stanley Hotel, Ernest Riley, 164 Oxford rd
Stork Hotel, WIn. Swift, Westgate
Swan Hotel, Albt. Sutcliffe, 46 St. James st
Talbot Hotel, Willie Duerden, 2 Ormerod rd
Thorn Hotel, Lewis Hodgson, 67 St. James st
Tim Bobbin Hotel, Lena Turner, 319 Padiham rd
Trafalgar Hotel, Frank Williams, 42 Trafalgar st
Turf Hotel, Benj. Cross, Yorkshire street
Waggoners Inn, WIn. Parkinson, Manchester rd
Waterloo Hotel, Edith Keys, Sandygate
Well Hall Hotel, Wm. E. Pilkington, 22 Church st
Wellington Arms Hotel, Alfd. Thonlas, 2 Todmorden rd
White Bull Inn, Wltr. Shaw, 27 Gannow Ln
White Hart Hotel Francis H. Brown, 45 Church st
White Horse Hotel, Arthur Fryer, 81 St. James st
White Lion Hotel, Mary Jane Jackson, 22 St. James st
Woodman Inn, John Wilkinson, 184 Oxford rd
Yorkshire Hotel, Geo. E. Johnson, 36 Yorkshire st

Devonshire Hotel, Herbt. Horner, 7-9 Boot st
Dog and Partridge Inn, Tos. Sutcliffe, 90 Westgate
Fleece Inn, Jas. Gallagher, 213 Accrington rd .
Footballers' Arms, John R. Ridley, 55 Yorkshire st
Foresters' Arms, Thos. Redding, 49 Todmorden rd
Fox and Pheasant, Jas. B, Vernon, 3 Cow Ln
General Williams Inn, Wltr. Spencer, 311 Manchester rd
Globe Inn, Henry Harker, 47 Bankhouse st
Golden Lion, John Chapman, 30-32 Boot st
Inkerman Inn, Saml. Barlow, 234-236 Accrington rd
Lamb Inn, Chas. Wells, 33 Red Lion street
Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, Ernest Greenwood, 9 Padiham rd
Malakoff Tavern, Cecil PJetts, 50 Trafalgar st
Meadows Inn, Wm. Heap, 2 King st
Millers Arms, Ernest Catlow, 18 Junction st
Millers Arms, Marion Culpan, 32-34 Parker st
New White Horse Inn, Robt. Cragg, 18 Hammerton st
Old Duke Inn, Thos. Thorpe, 56 Briercliffe rd
Old House At Home, Lawrence Sumner, 166 Sandygate
Owl-in-the-Wood, Geo. H, Woodson, 5 Springfield rd
Oxford Inn, Florence Taylor, 1 Temple street
Pack Horse Inn, 8 Calder st
Park Tavern, Wm. Byrne, 30 Mosley st
Park View Inn, Henry Reynolds, 3 Higgin st
Peels Arms, Mabel Dearden, 109 Padiham rd
Plane Tree Inn, Mary Wilkinson, Rossendale rd
Prince of Wales Inn, Richd. Cunliffe, Sandygate
Rifle Volunteer Inn, Henry Morcombe, 1 Smalley st
Roe Buck Inn, Elizabeth Jane Pickard, 128 Padiham rd
Rose & Thistle, Alfd. Burton, 11-13 Grimshaw st
Shepherds Arms, Fredk. Duerden, 69- 71 Cog Ln
Sun Inn, Danl. McNulty, 1 Nelson rd, Briercliffe
Union Inn, John W, Walsh, 145 Padiham rd
Victoria Inn, Saml. Cryer, 86 Colne rd

Waggoners Inn, W"m. Nuttall, 168 Colne rd
Wheatsheaf Inn, Jph. Cartwright, 112 Colne rd
Wood Top Inn, Ernest Kershaw, 197 Accrington rd

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