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Author:  Mel [ Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Duerden MI's

Haggate and Hill Lane

Section A Grave 15
In Memory of
William RAWSON
of Lenches Marsden
Who died February 3rd 1875
In the 57th year of his age
His wife died March 30th 1854
In the 34th year of her age
their daughter
Died August 2nd 1865
In the 21st year of her age
their son
Died at Sangor, India
November 25th 1865
In the 24th year of his age
their daughter
Born March 21st 1855
Died December 29th 1901
Also of Betty DUERDEN
Born August 2nd 1825
Died Nov 22nd 1907

Section A Grave 21
In Loving Memory
The beloved wife of
of Haggate
Who died Sept 5th 1916
Aged 67 years
The memory of the just is blessed
Also Arthur, their son
Who died in infancy
Gone but not forgotten

Section A Grave 22
In Loving Memory of
Beloved wife of Joseph EMMOTT
died May 25th 1892
Aged 70
Also Robert DUERDEN
Died May 16th 1883
Aged 30
Also Mary Ann DUERDEN
Beloved wife of the above
Died Dec 31st 1911
Aged 58
Also Betty EMMOTT
Died Jan 10th 1939
Aged 76

Section A Grave 50
In Loving Memory
of Sackville St, Brierfield
Who died Dec 17th 1900
In his 73rd year
Also Betty his beloved
Wife, who died Oct 1st
1900, in her 72nd year
Also six of their children
Who died in infancy
Our Loved Ones Have
Only Come Before
In Loving Memory
Beloved husband of
Susannah JACKSON
of Hurtley St Burnley
Who died Oct 3rd 1903
In his 46th year
In The Midst of Life
We are in Death
Also three children
Who died in infancy

Section B Grave 12
In Affectionate Rememberance of
John HOLGATE of Nelson
Who departed this life Jan 22nd 1885.
in his 78th year.
Also of Sarah, his beloved wife
Who departed this life Jany 8th 18?1
in her 71st year
Also of John DUERDEN of Brierfield
Who departed this life May 16th 1886.
In his 70th year.
Also of Sarah his beloved wife
Who departed this lfe Decr 3rd 1880
Aged 32 years.

Secion B Grave 52
In Memory of
STANSFIELD, who died
March 1st 1869. aged 28 years.
she was the daughter of
Nancy DUERDEN of Spring House.
Also of Richard DUERDEN
of Spring House Who departed this
Life September 11th 1871 Aged 37 years.
Also of William, son of the above named
Richard DUERDEN, who died August 7th 1878
Aged 8 years

Section B Grave 57
Wiiliam DUERDEN of Briercliffe died September 16th 1907 aged 8yrs
Grace his wife died April 10th 1880 aged 31yrs
John their son died in infancy

Section B Grave 81
Margaret infant daughter of John and Ada DUERDEN Steep Causeway, Brierfield born April 10th 1918 died June 15th 1919

Section B Grave 119
In Loving Memory of
of Schofield
Who died Feby 19th 1893
Aged 80 years.
Also of Betty, his wife
Who died July 2nd 1873
Aged 57 years.
Also of George, their son
Who died Octr 16th 1883
Aged 27 years.

Section B Grave 129
In Affectionate
John DUERDEN of Colne
Who died March 30th 1872 in his 70yrs
Also Jane wife of the above
Who died August 2nd 1890
aged 84yrs

Section B Grave 159
John DUERDEN of Nelson died September 17th 1915 aged 82yrs
Martha his wife died August 5th 1866 aged 33yrs
Mary daughter died April 13th 1915 aged 57yrs

Section C Grave 11
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Haggate
Who died July 11th 1849 aged
31 years
Also of Ann DUERDEN her daughter
Who died Sep 5th 1864 aged 23 years
Also of Joseph EMMOTT her husband
Who died June 9th 1866 aged 51 years
Also of Grace their daughter
Who died March 26th 1874 aged 28 years
Also of William her son
Who died Dec 23rd 1902 aged 64 years
Also of Robert FOSTER
Who died July 18th 1914 aged 67 years
Also of Ellen his beloved wife
Who died Oct 4th 1917 aged 69 years

Section C Grave 52
Spring House,
who died January 8th 1883
in the 76th year of his age.
Also Ann, his wife
who died February 12th
1892, aged 78 years.
Also Donald BROWN,
Grandson of the above
who died December 15th
1901, aged 3 years.
Also William, the dearly
beloved husband of
Mary Ann BROWN,
who died October 20th 1934
in his 78th year.
Also Mary Ann,
wife of the above
who died August 6th 1937
in her 81st year

Section C Grave 88
John Kippax
Of Schofield Lane Top, Marsden
Who died December 23rd 1889
Aged 74 years
Also Maria his wife
Who died July 8th 1853
Aged 35 years
Also JAMES their son
Who died December 1st 1921
In his 75th years
The beloved wife of
James Duerden
Who died February 6th 1930
Aged 47 years
Dearly beloved wife of
Who died March 3rd 1962
Aged 81 years
Also the aforenamed
Who died May 17th 1963
Aged 84 years
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... 0Kipax.htm

Section c Grave 91
William son of Thomas and susannah WIGGLESWORTH died September 2nd 1889 aged 39yrs
James their son died April 30th 1892 aged 18yrs
Agnes wife of John WIGGLESWORTH 90 Melville St, Burnley died October 15th 1921 aged 50yrs
Mary Ann WIGGLESWORTH died June 5th 1940 aged 64yrs
Nancy daughter died in infancy
Henry WIGGLESWORTH husband of Mary Ann died August 10th 1949 aged 79yrs
Shirley GABBOTT died in infancy May 23rd 1941
Thomas WIGGLESWORTH of Burnley died April 24th 1907 at Morecambe aged 76yrs
Susannah his wife died September 21st 1904 aged 71yrs
Thomas their son aged 43yrs
Louisa his wife aged 30yrs
Arthur Ernest their son died May 17th 1925 aged 37yrs
Sarah Ann wife of William DUERDEN died at Morecambe April 13th 1910 aged 53yrs
Above William died at Morecambe December 13th 1930 75?
Ellen wife of William Thomas DUERDEN 90 Melville St, Burnley died January 4th 1950 aged 68yrs
Above William died September 17th 1966 aged 85yrs
Alice wife of Higgin EDMONDSON 28 Ivy St, Burnley died July 1st 1915 aged 59yrs
Above Higgin died July 24th 1919 aged 70yrs

Section C Grave 95
James DUERDEN died April 10th 1951 aged 80yrs
Sabina DUERDEN died August 26th 1951 aged 83yrs

Section C Grave 102
Sarah wife of John DUERDEN of Cromwell St Burnley born August 18th 1837 died November 21st 1895
Above John died November 8th 1910 aged 74yrs
Mehetabel Hettie daughter died February 13th 1919 aged 47yrs
Betty daughter died February 24th 1930 aged 56yrs
Lavinia daughter of John and Sarah DUERDEN and wife of William J. PLAISTER of Swindon Wilts, died September 7th 1922 aged 54yrs
Ellen her sister died July 17th 1934 aged 58yrs
Alice sister died July 8th 1944 aged 77yrs
Foster husband of Mary Alice DUERDEN died August 27th 1948 aged 75yrs
Above Mary Alice died May 25th 1968 aged 93yrs

Section C Grave 136
Thomas DUERDEN of Briercliffe Road, Burnley died February 25th 1919 aged 78yrs
Martha his wife died April 19th 1883 aged 43yrs
Betty daughter died february 19th 1918 aged 39yrs
Martha his 2nd wife died June 28th 1900 aged 47yrs
Sarah Elizabeth daughter died January 20th 1936 aged 64yrs
Ellen daughter died January 27th 1936 aged 60yrs
Beatrice wife of Thomas DUERDEN died September 27th 1932 aged 41yrs
Above Thomas died September 17th 1945 aged 68yrs
Margaret Ann ALTON died December 22nd 1951 aged 70yrs

Section C Grave 143
William Thomas DUERDEN died January 6th 1928 aged 55yrs
Sarah his wife died April 27th 1939 aged 65yrs

Section C Grave 155
Loving Memory of
OF Harle Syke
Who departed this life
June 3rd 1902
In his 68th year
Also Margaret
Wife of the above
Who departed this life
March 27th 1924
In her 81st year
Also Margaret beloved wife of
Joseph INMAN
Passed away April 11th 1914 aged 27 years

Section C Grave 165
Benjamin STUTTARD died August 29th 1942 aged 74yrs
Elizabeth Ann died March 26th 1954 aged 84yrs

Section C Grave 196
Loving Memory
of Abel St Burnley
Who died Oct 23rd 1908
Also of Patience
His wife
Who died Nov 20th 1929
Aged 86 years
Also Thomas P. HIRST
Who died Dec 4th 1947
Aged 59 years
Also Alice HIRST
Dearly loved wife of the above
Who died Feb 1st 1958
Aged 71 years
Also of Alfred HIRST
Grand-son of the above
The memory of the just is blessed

Section C Grave 313
Frank DUERDEN Steep Causeway, Brierfield died June 13th 1930 aged 50yrs
Mary Martha wife died January 24th 1932 aged 51yrs

Section C Grave 373
Treasured Memories of
Dearly loved daughter of
William Henry and Florence DUERDEN
Died nov 15th 1948 aged 26 years
Also Baby William Died March 5th 1935
Also Florence, the dearly loved
Wife of William Henry DUERDEN
Died Dec 8th 1968 aged 71 years
Also William Henry DUERDEN
Died April 25th 1988 aged 91 years

Section C Grave 376
John DUERDEN, Kings Causeway, Brierfield, born October3rd 1882, died September 2nd 1939
Ada, his wife, born July 18th 1883, died April 9th 1970
Frank, son and husband of Doris DUERDEN, born January 31st 1909, died September 14th 1963

Section D Grave 89
Loving Memory of
Hartley Baldwin DUERDEN
of Burnley, who died
January 25th 1915
Aged 78 years
Also of Isabella
His beloved wife, who died
March 22nd 1921
Aged 86 years
Also their sons
Herbert Baldwin DUERDEN
Died Feby 5th 1923
Aged 55 years
And John Baldwin DUERDEN
Died March 19th 1923
Aged 49 years

Section D Grave 126
Loving Memory
The beloved wife of
of Burnley Rd Briercliffe
Who departed this life
March 30th 1917
In her 75th year
Also the above named
Who departed this life
November 11th 1921
In his 84th year
Also of
Annie Elizabeth
their daughter
Who died Feb 7th 1926
In her 41st year
Also of John their son
Who died Sept 25th 1938
Aged 78 years
Also of Adam their son
Who died Sept 22nd 1943
Aged 77 years
Also of Rennie their son
Who died Feb 23rd 1955 aged 71 years

Section D Grave 140
Robert DUERDEN, June 21st 1941, aged 92yrs
Bessie, wife, December 11th 1923, aged 68yrs
Lily DUERDEN, March 1st 1919, aged 28yrs
Levi HARGREAVES, November 22nd 1955, aged 63yrs
Maud, his wife, August 15th 1961, aged 64yrs

Section E Grave 21
In Loving Remembrance of
Died Sep 24th 1928
Aged 68 years
Also Alice wife of the above
Died June 8th 1918
Aged 59 years
Also Tom son of the above
Died May 14th 1894
Aged 3 years
Fragrant Memories

Section E Grave 50
In Treasured Memory of
of Brierfield
Who died Nov 11th 1903
Aged 82 years
Also Ann her daughter
And wife of William DUERDEN
Who died Sept 8th 1921
In her 70th year
"Sweet Rest at Last"

Section E Grave 69
Ann DUERDEN, July 30th 1938, aged 64yrs
Joshua, husband, January 17th 1957, aged 83yrs
Hargreaves, son, January 22nd 1910, 13yrs

Section E Grave 95
Elizabeth Ann DUERDEN, August 14th 1913, aged 40yrs
Daniel, son, killed in action in France August 10th 1917, aged 19yrs
Fred, husband of Maay DUERDEN, January 23rd 1943, aged 34yrs

Section F Grave 94
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Steep Causeway, Brierfield
Who died Dec 27th 1915
Aged 75 years
Also of
Margaret, the beloved wife
of John DUERDEN, of Burnley Lane
Who died Feb 11th 1892
In her 52nd year
Also of
Thomas, Maria & Sarah
Their children who died in infancy
Also of
James Edwin DUERDEN
ARCS (Lond) M.Sc.Ph.D F2S
Emeritus Professor of Rhodes
University, Grahamstown, U.S.A.
Beloved husband of
Mary Haworth DUERDEN
And eldest son of the above
John and Margaret DUERDEN
Born April 7th 1865
Passed on 4th September 1937.
Also Priscilla, daughter of
John and Margaret DUERDEN
Who died Nov 14th 1948
In her 86th year
Also Mary Haworth DUERDEN
Wife of the above
Professor J DUERDEN
Who died April 27th 1950
(This part taken from MI)
aged 85yrs
Margaret, wife of Tom TAYLOR, and daughter of John and Margaret, January 21st 1939, aged 63yrs
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... erden9.htm

Section G Grave 77
Willie DUERDEN, February 23rd 1939, aged 65yrs
Emma, wife, July 3rd 1972, aged 96yrs

Section G Graves 224
James William, husband of Mary Jane DUERDEN, December 31st 1952, aged 56yrs
Above Mary, November 23rd 1957, aged 62yrs
Tom, husband of Peggy DUERDEN, October 8th 1968, 48yrs

Section G Grave 290
Nancy, wife of Richard DUERDEN, January 18th 1932, 63yrs
Grace DUERDEN, January 2nd 1942, aged 61yrs

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  James Edwin DUERDEN ARCS (Lond) M.Sc.Ph.D F2S

Section F Grave 94
John DUERDEN, Steep Causeway, Brierfield, XDecember 27th 1915, aged 75 years
Margaret, wife of John DUERDEN, Burnley Lane, February 11th 1892, aged 52 years
Thomas, Maria & Sarah, children died in infancy
James Edwin DUERDEN ARCS (Lond) M.Sc.Ph.D F2S Emeritus Professor of Rhodes University, Grahamstown, U.S.A. husband of Mary Haworth DUERDEN, eldest son of above, born April 7th 1865 died September 4th 1937.
Priscilla, daughter of John and Margaret, November 14th 1948, aged 86yrs
Above Mary Haworth DUERDEN, April 27th 1950, aged 85yrs
Margaret, wife of Tom TAYLOR, and daughter of John and Margaret, January 21st 1939, aged 63yrs

James Edwin Duerden – family tree

Photo of James Edwin Duerden

http://www.ru.ac.za/academic/department ... 202004.pdf
Biography on James Edwin Duerden
And in French
this is the translation:
James Edwin Duerden is a zoologist British, born in 1869 in Burnley, Lancashire and died on September 4, 1937 with Leeds. He makes his studies with the Royal College of Science of London of 1885 to 1889 when he becomes associated. In 1893, he is demonstrator in zoology and paleontology with the Royal College of Science of Ireland. Duerden then starts to work on the bryozoaires and the hydrozoaires present in the area. In 1895, it leaves for Jamaica to occupy there the station of conservation of the natural history museum. It is interested then in fauna of the caves and the marine animal-life. It continues its studies at the university Johns Hopkins where it obtains his Master of Sciences and its pH. D. in 1900. It leaves then to the university North Carolina where he is a professor of biology in 1902 and where he continues his research begun in Jamaica on the corals. Since 1903, he is a professor attending in zoology at the university of Michigan Ann Arbor. In 1905, it occupies the function of professor in zoology at the Rhodos university in Grahamstown in South Africa. Duerden then starts to study the ostriches and their feathers in order to improve their production. The First World War putting a term at the marketing of the feathers of ostrich, Duerden turns then to the production of wool, in particular in order to improve the production of wool merino.

Author:  Mel [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:15 pm ]
Post subject: 

Kris asked me to post these (Burnley cemetery records)

29/01/1857 Isaac Duerden M 0 9 Cable Street 3833
26/08/1857 James Duerden M 0 0 Sand Bed 2305
22/01/1858 John Duerden M 0 0 19 Back South St 3795
21/12/1858 Aaron Duerden M 9 0 Anne St 3991
13/04/1860 Henry Duerden M 64 0 Hawker Park St 3621
17/05/1860 John Duerden M 82 0 Labourer Roberts St 2456
21/02/1861 Ann Duerden F 25 0 Master St 8067
05/01/1862 Aaron Duerden M 50 0 Twister Anne St 4013
12/03/1862 Ann Duerden F 39 0 Rodney St 2747
30/03/1862 Matilda Duerden F 0 5 Hill Top 2507
27/07/1862 Robert Duerden M 69 0 Quarryman Burnley lane 1612
30/10/1862 Mary Duerden F 80 0 Workhouse 5472
26/03/1863 Mary Duerden F 53 0 Workhouse 5704
17/06/1863 John Duerden M 0 2 Rock Cliff, Lr Rawcl 6033
31/07/1864 Jonathan Duerden M 60 0 Twister Pendle View 12947
15/01/1865 John Thomas Duerden M 1 3 Mosley St 12985
24/03/1865 Mary Jane Duerden F 0 11 Mosley St 12987
06/11/1865 Sarah Ann Duerden F 3 0 John St 15908
23/11/1865 Samuel Duerden M 0 0 Bk Peter St 15893
16/02/1866 Robert Duerden M 4 9 Anne St 15688
06/04/1867 Mary Duerden F 2dys Bk Peter St 15648
24/08/1867 Ann Duerden F 1 2 Milton St 11093
27/11/1867 Abraham Duerden M 40 0 Stone Mason Parker Lane 16357
07/01/1868 William Duerden M 0 1 Anne St 15982
15/02/1869 Robert Duerden M 77 0 Workhouse 15720
07/03/1869 Margaret Ann Duerden F 37 0 Veevers St 15832
15/04/1869 Christian Gladstone Duerden M 0 5 Burnley Lane 11619
06/06/1869 Margaret Duerden F 0 3 Veevers St 16086
26/01/1870 Maria Duerden F 28 0 Aqueduct St 6033
28/03/1871 William Duerden M 0 3 Turf St 10977
19/06/1871 Ann Duerden F 5 0 Burnley Lane 15196
14/08/1871 Robert Duerden M 1 0 Glenn View 13667
09/09/1871 Margaret Ann Duerden F 0 7 Brick St 13751
28/12/1871 S E Duerden M 1 6 Saunder Bank 10130
27/01/1872 Agnes Duerden F 0 10 Birch Hall St 10112
07/06/1872 Ellis Duerden M 0 6 Turf St 10977
01/09/1872 Robert Duerden M 0 7 Hebrew Row 1612
26/11/1872 George Arthur Duerden M 0 11 Burnley Lane 2230
16/01/1873 Tom Duerden M 5mins Burnley Lane 2216
05/08/1874 George Duerden M 1 2 Bk Engine St 1831
07/10/1874 Bridget Duerden F 37 0 Treacle Row 1837
15/02/1875 Albert Duerden M 0 5 Brick St 2354
03/02/1876 Jane Duerden F 31 0 Bevil St 12529
26/03/1876 Margaret Alice Duerden F 0 2 Trafalgar St 3586
13/07/1876 Thomas Alfred Duerden M 0 3 Duckett St 1388
11/11/1876 Simon Duerden M 66 0 Labourer Hulme St 12597
26/06/1877 Arthur Duerden M 14dys Bk Albion St 16317
06/10/1877 Margaret Duerden F 35 0 Brierfield 16369
25/02/1878 Sarah Jane Duerden F 0 11 Saunder Bank 15755
22/03/1878 Sarah Ann Duerden F 26 0 Lomas St 11346
15/05/1878 Mary Duerden F 75 0 Hebrew Row 1612
01/01/1879 Margaret Ann Duerden F 0 2 Croft St 15807
19/05/1879 Parker Duerden M 0 6 Sandy Gate 15655
21/06/1879 Aaron Duerden M 13 0 Milner St 15659
05/04/1880 Sarah Duerden F 68 0 Barrat St 6346
24/06/1880 Emma Duerden F 3 0 Aqueduct St 6033
10/07/1880 Hartley Duerden M 43 0 Mason Aqueduct St 6033
16/07/1880 Midgley Duerden M 35 0 Weaver Parker St 10366
26/08/1880 Annie Duerden F 1 9 Devonshire Road 15603
13/01/1881 Esther Duerden F 0 2 Yatefield 1285
17/01/1881 James Duerden M 0 4 Vulcan St 13889
22/01/1881 Nancy Duerden F 56 0 Every St 11033
28/06/1881 Elizabeth Ellen Duerden F 4 0 Rectory Road 1285
04/08/1881 John Duerden M 52 0 Weaver Hebrew Road 1612
11/08/1881 Isabella Duerden F 0 9 Greenhalgh St 10420
05/11/1881 William Duerden M 49 0 Apperiter Coke St 15552
18/01/1882 Elizabeth Ellen Duerden F 0 9 Arch St 13345
01/04/1882 William Duerden M 65 0 Weaver Holton St 2933
27/04/1882 George Earl Thomas Duerden M 1 3 Milton St 6346
24/08/1882 Sarah Duerden F 54 0 Padiham Road 16696
28/10/1882 Robert Duerden M 68 0 Labourer Coal Clough Lane 7304
18/08/1883 Ellen Duerden F 59 0 Oxford Road A1033
27/08/1883 James Duerden M 0 8 Cog Lane 1285
17/11/1883 Margaret Ada Duerden F 1 10 Milton St 6346
19/02/1884 James Henry Duerden M 1 0 Arch Place 13345
10/01/1885 Martha Duerden F 65 0 West Gate 3574
21/04/1885 Ettie Duerden F 4 6 Regent St 12630
18/06/1886 William Duerden M 46 0 Weaver Mount Pleasant St 14920
06/09/1886 Stillborn child Duerden N 0 0 Short St A1369
12/01/1887 Stephen Duerden M 47 0 Stonemason Workhouse 12488
15/01/1887 Sarah Ellen Duerden F 1 2 Hebrew Road 1613
06/05/1887 Richard Duerden M 75 0 Weaver Workhouse 16457
21/06/1887 Howarth Duerden M 2 0 Finsley Gate 6068
24/06/1887 Violet Duerden F 9 0 Hampden St 13010
12/10/1887 Abraham Duerden M 0 7 Kepell St 14175
10/02/1888 Stillborn child Duerden N 0 0 Park St A903
18/02/1888 Flory Duerden F 0 6 Cog Lane A1235
06/03/1888 William Duerden M 49 0 Carter Turf Yard 10977
21/04/1888 Flora Duerden F 3 0 Workhouse 15174
30/07/1888 Florence Duerden F 0 2 Workhouse 15133
19/09/1888 Richard Duerden M 0 8 Whittlefield St 1502
04/03/1889 Elizabeth Duerden F 63 0 Workhouse 15848
07/03/1889 Sarah Alice Duerden F 0 2 Cop Row 13345
28/05/1889 Alice Duerden F 28 0 Cop Row 13345
22/06/1889 Mary Ellen Duerden F 0 4 Hapton St 15006
12/09/1889 Mary Jane Duerden F 0 5 Cog Lane A1235
31/10/1889 Robert Duerden M 3 0 Albert St 2398
02/01/1890 Edward Duerden M 13dys Bedford St 14175
06/01/1890 Jane Duerden F 1hour Workhouse 16909
01/04/1890 James Duerden M 2dys Cog Lane A2497
19/07/1890 Henry Duerden M 26dys Patten St 11010
09/08/1890 Robert Duerden M 63 0 Tackler Clegg St 1613
06/10/1890 Minnie Duerden F 0 2 Moseley St 10366
06/08/1891 Martha Duerden F 40 0 Hargher St 9575
11/01/1892 Joseph Duerden M 0 2 Sandy Gate A1235
04/06/1892 George Willie Duerden M 0 7 Lower Smallshaw A9084
29/12/1893 Albert Duerden M 1 3 Cog Lane A8657
24/01/1894 Eleanor Duerden F 0 3 Stock St A9153
10/01/1895 Benjamin Duerden M 57 0 Clock St A8182
12/01/1895 Thomas Duerden M 64 0 Spinner Patten St A9454
20/04/1895 Rebecca Duerden F 0 4 Garstang St 1502
09/07/1895 Florence Duerden F 0 3 Stock St A9153
27/09/1895 Annie Duerden F 2 0 Cog Lane A1235
31/10/1895 Sarah Duerden F 6 0 Violet St 12745
04/11/1895 William Duerden M 16 0 Finsley Gate A8544
03/10/1896 Elizabeth Duerden F 72 0 Colne Road 1505
06/07/1897 Wilson Duerden M 0 1 Bivel St A9522
25/08/1897 Rachel Duerden F 1 11 Watson St A1235
15/01/1898 Margaret Duerden F 82 0 Workhouset 2933
18/04/1898 Thomas Duerden M 6dys Church St 12993
06/05/1898 Mary Alice Duerden F 7 0 Barracks Road 14175
02/11/1898 Sarah Duerden F 61 0 Healey Wood Road 15552
16/03/1899 John Duerden M 74 0 Workhouse A9808
18/03/1899 James Henry Duerden M 0 2 Alnwick St A9688
17/08/1899 Evelyn Duerden F 4 0 Scarlett St 15240
28/04/1900 Charles Duerden M 20 0 Waterloo Road A5786
04/10/1900 Florence Duerden F 6 0 Alnwick St A8870
24/11/1900 William Duerden M 0 8 Hebrew Road 15603
16/07/1901 John Duerden M 0 7 Alnwick Court A13999
29/08/1901 William Duerden M 3dys Waterloo Road A4347
05/12/1901 Jane Duerden F 39 0 Workhouse A9415
12/12/1901 John Duerden M 46 0 Book Keeper Pear Street A1582
25/03/1902 James Duerden M 37 0 Leyland Road A9519
16/04/1902 Violet Duerden F 0 9 Church Street A1582
21/04/1902 Child Still Born of Duerden N 0 0 Waterbarn Street A9419
21/05/1902 James Duerden M 1 7 Doctor Street 6068
25/11/1902 Thomas Duerden M Stillborn Waterloo Road A9383
10/12/1902 Gertrude Mary Ann Duerden F 41 0 Waterloo Road A5787
01/05/1903 William Duerden M 1 1 Mosley Street A636
30/05/1903 George Duerden M 82 0 Workhouse A9391
16/10/1903 Joseph Duerden M 69 0 Workhouse A1033
28/05/1904 Margery Duerden F 73 0 Sandy Gate A9454
01/07/1904 Duerden N 0 0 Padiham Road A9196
27/07/1904 Alice Duerden F 60 0 Todmorden Road 10976
27/05/1905 John Duerden M 70 0 Union Infirmary A5600
10/05/1906 Stillborn Child DUERDEN N 0 0 WATERBARN STREET A9655
05/11/1906 Stillborn Child Duerden N 0 0 Hulme Street A4697
08/11/1906 Florence Duerden F 0 6 Alnwick Court A13999
12/08/1907 Minnie Duerden F 0 5 34b Sandygate A16240
21/01/1908 Joseph Duerden M 61 0 40 Hollingreave Rd 2399
29/02/1908 Martha Anna Duerden F 46 0 20 Healey Wood Rd 15552
11/04/1908 Mary Jane Duerden F 7 0 11 Earl St A17176
18/07/1908 Nathaniel Duerden F 24 0 253 Coal Clough lane A11803
01/09/1908 Beatrice Duerden F 0 8 7 Lindsay St A11803
12/09/1908 Amos Duerden M 0 8 253 Coal Clough Lan 12745
16/12/1908 Rufus Duerden M 0 8 19 Dorset St A9131
17/08/1909 James Duerden M 60 0 Farmer Deer Park Farm, Brunshaw 6069
20/09/1909 Herbert Duerden M 0 7 253 Coal Clough Lane 12745
19/01/1910 James Duerden M 68 0 Confectioner 69 Whittlefield St 16696
09/02/1910 James Henry Duerden M 53 0 Iron Dresser 4, Alnwick Court A13999
21/05/1910 NANCY DUERDEN F 71 0 30 FARADAY ST 6346
04/07/1910 MARTHA ANN DUERDEN F 21 0 15 REED ST 5827
16/09/1910 THOMAS DUERDEN M 25dys 13 TENTRE ST A5787
17/07/1912 JOHN DUERDEN M 4dys 18 CRAVEN ST A17958
16/03/1914 GLADYS DUERDEN F 6 0 30 FARADAY ST A15324
12/08/1914 KATE DUERDEN F 3 6 THE SANATORIUM of 12 Delph St A16123
12/12/1914 BETTY DUERDEN F 77 0 41 CLEGG ST EAST 1613
01/05/1915 Albert Duerden M 35 0 Mason Union Infirmary A16123
19/07/1915 Thomas Cross Duerden M 7 0 140 Finsley Gate 6068
06/10/1915 Frederick Duerden M 1 4 71 Lindsay Street A17094
08/12/1915 Alice Talbot Duerden F 3 0 25 Albion Street NE3452
28/12/1915 James Duerden M 70 0 10 Stoop Street 12630
29/01/1916 George Duerden M 78 0 P'Loom O'looker 30 Faraday Street 6346
11/03/1916 Ivy Duerden F 1 9 16 Stock Street A7348
05/04/1916 Mary Jane Duerden F 61 0 57 Argyle Street 16696
05/04/1916 Lawrence Duerden M 39 0 Union Infirmary NE3441
10/05/1916 Frances Duerden F 45 0 4 Alnwick Court A13999
02/06/1917 Elizabeth Duerden F 72 0 16 Padiham Road 9571+2
31/12/1917 Samuel Duerden M 1 5 71 Lindsay Street A17094
07/01/1918 Henry Duerden M 64 0 Union Infirmary A636
02/05/1918 Jane Duerden F 70 0 22 Moseley Road 2399
24/04/1919 Mary Ann Duerden F 48 0 6 Granby Street A9154
11/08/1919 James Duerden M 0 6 71 Lindsay Street A17094
11/03/1920 Moses Duerden M 65 0 Labourer 61 Curzon Street 12745
03/08/1920 Arthur Duerden M 2 33 Parkinson St 6008
11/04/1921 William Duerden M 3dys 4 Chaffer Street A4459
09/05/1921 Alice Ann Duerden F 65 0 4 Blenheim Street A636
29/09/1921 John Henry Duerden M 52 0 41 Clegg Street East 1613
26/04/1922 Esther Duerden F 67 0 2 Hollingreave Road 6069
02/12/1922 Charles Duerden M 68 0 Victoria Ter,Br'fld 2894
28/06/1923 Mary Ellen Duerden F 39 0 52 Towneley Street A2281
07/08/1923 Margaret Duerden F 0 2 17 Rochester Street A6678
17/03/1924 Joseph thomas Duerden M 39 0 5 Whittlefield St A7651
09/08/1958 James Duerden M 63 0 Victoria Hospital NE6309
27/11/1959 Mary Ann Duerden F 88 0 Creswick Ave. NE9154
06/12/1960 William Duerden M 68 0 Berry St NE7054
22/02/1961 William Duerden M 68 0 General Hospital A7650
16/06/1961 James Alfred Duerden M 18 0 Alexander Grove NE6734
23/09/1964 Grace Ellen Duerden F 86 0 Blenheim St NE9965
21/11/1964 Laura Duerden F 43 0 Waddington Ave. NE10811
18/02/1965 Thomas Henry Duerden M 79 0 Westgate A17577
18/12/1965 Danesbury Duerden M 54 0 Fleetwood NE11277
18/12/1968 Ethel Duerden F 75 0 Snowden St NE11949
28/01/1970 John Duerden M 86 0 Ebor House A4160
07/05/1970 Lily Duerden F 70 0 Laithe St NE7054
28/02/1972 Beatrice Ellen Duerden F 81 0 Morse St A7650
22/02/1975 Alice Duerden F 82 0 Brunshaw Ave. A17933
04/07/1975 Stillborn child Duerden N 0 0 Nelson A10414

Author:  Mel [ Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

St James

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who died September 14th 1906
In his 79th year
Also of
Mary the beloved wife if John DUERDEN
Who died Sept 7th ???? in her 63rd year
Maria daughter of John and Mary
DUERDENof Bru??? Street Burnley
who died October ????? aged 22 years
Also of J?????? their son
Who died March ????????? aged 28 years
Also of Mary their daughter
Who died March ????????? in her 18th year
Also of L????? their son
Who died August???? aged 22 years
Also of Nanny Elizabeth
their daughter who died in infancy
Also of William their son
Who died Novr 20th 1891 aged 40 years

In Loving Memory of
Sarah Ann the beloved wife of
William DUERDEN who died July 11th 1910 aged 58 years

In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Ellen
The beloved wife of John DUERDEN
Who died Sept 29th 1900 aged 38 years

In Loving Memory of
Thomas the beloved husband of
Died July 4th 1939 aged 32 years
Also Gunner Sydney DUERDEN R.A.
beloved son of Willie and Alice DUERDEN
Died whilst serving in the Forces
Feb 22nd 1942
Aged 27 years
Also Willie beloved husband of Alice DUERDEN
Died Feb 24th 1956 aged 81 years
Also Alice beloved wife of the above
Died April 2nd 1966 aged 84 years

In Loving Memory of
Died Feb 24th 1931
Aged 69 years
Erected as a token of respect and
High esteem by the Briercliffe
Unionists Association, he having been
Their treasurer & a loyal worker
For the past 21 years
Also Louisa his beloved wife
Died Oct 13th 1949
Aged 85 years
At Rest
Also Harry and Francis
Children of the above died in infancy
Jim Robinson A dear husband and father
Died July 10th 1963 aged 72 years

Author:  Leaver [ Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  died Saturday, January 19, 2008

Burnley, January 2008
Former Cotton Queen dies at 85
An original figure from historic Burnley confectioners Duerden Sweets has died.
Mrs. Irene Duerden married founder Douglas Duerden in 1943 and helped out at the factory which produced the popular sweets sold around the country.
The remarkable woman was also the last Burnley Cotton Queen to ever be crowned in 1939.
Mother of Trevor Duerden, the current managing director of Harle Syke based Duerden Sweets, she lived for most of her life in Fence and also has ties to Nelson and Cliviger. The great-grandmother, who died aged 85 at the Windsor Rest Home, Padiham worked as a weaver on leaving school, but devoted much of her time to being a mother and home maker.
Born in Cliviger, Mrs. Duerden (nee Harrison) was the elder of two sisters. She began married life in Albert Street, Brierfield, and then, in 1957, moved to Wheatley Lane Road, Fence, where she lived for almost 50 years. Mr. Duerden died in 1977.
Mrs Duerden was very fond of playing golf and was lady captain of Nelson Golf Club in 1978.
She also liked to travel abroad and, as she was very family-minded, took pleasure visiting Trevor and his family in Sweden when he lived for a time.
Devoted son Trevor said she was “houseproud and very independent” until she became ill with dementia.
She also leaves grandchildren Neils (who runs Duerden Sweets with his father), Anna-Stina and Kaisa, great-granddaughter Alva, sister Yvonne and good friends Margaret Fell and Joan Stansfield.
Family and friends will be attending her funeral at Burnley Crematorium at 11-20 a.m. on Monday.

Author:  Mel [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:10 am ]
Post subject: 

I read this in the paper, is Irene connected to your Duerdens Kris?

Author:  Leaver [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:07 am ]
Post subject: 

No, but Janice sent it to me because she thought it was. I added it for the Harle Syke connection.

Author:  Leaver [ Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

Burnley Express and News, Wednesday, January 7, 1942.
An inquest was held at Brierfield Town Hall last Monday on Grace Duerden (61), spinster, 27, Burnley road, Briercliffe. William Henry Duerden, caretaker, 23 Craw street, Briercliffe, nephew, said Miss Duerden was the daughter of a retired farmer, and she had lived alone for 20 years. She followed her occupation as a cotton weaver up to four years ago. Since then she had been treated for sugar diabetes. He last saw her on Boxing Day, when she appeared to be in her normal health. On Saturday he was told by Mr. R. Yates, of 25, Burnley road, Briercliffe, that he had not seen her since the previous Wednesday. Witness gained access to the house by a coal chute, and upstairs found his aunt dead in a crouched position against the bed in the front bedroom. Behind the door there were three daily newspapers which had not been opened. Dr. Patin, police surgeon, said death was due to myocardial degeneration. A verdict of “Natural causes” was returned. The internment takes place this (Wednesday) afternoon at Haggate Chapel.

This might be the William Henry Duerden mentioned http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... erden6.htm

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Burnley Express and News, November 11, 1939. page 11 (There is a photo of William Duerden with the news article)
The internment took place in Burnley Cemetery last Monday of Mr. William Duerden of 18, Fielden street, Burnley whose death occurred at the Burnley Hospital the previous Thursday in his 75th year.
A native of Burnley, Mr. Duerden had resided in the Cog-lane district the whole of his life. For over 42 years he was in the service of the G.P.O. as a postman, and on his retirement he received the King’s Medal and a gold watch and chain. He is survived by a widow, one son and one daughter.
The Rev. D.H. Curtis, vicar of St. John’s Church Gannow, officiated, and floral tributes were sent by: Sorrowing wife; daughter Hannah and Wilfred, Lawrence and Gladys; and Harry, Ethel and Eva, daughter in law Ethel and grandchildren Harry, Irene and Frank; Aunt Bell; his little love, Gladys; Dora, Harry, Ronnie; Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson and Minnie; the neighbours; postmaster and staff, Burnley General Post Office. Arrangements by Burnley Co-op. Society.

Author:  Mel [ Mon May 19, 2008 8:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

Private Thomas Duerden


Author:  Leaver [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Duerden MI's

Mel, do you have a photo of Richard Duerden’s grave at Haggate Chapel?

Richard Duerden died 10 June 1879 at Bridge Street, Brierfield, Marsden, aged 80 years. Martha Duerden (nee Hudson) his wife died 24 October 1860

There is nothing in the MI’ for this Richard so I presume no headstone exists, but I thought I would ask anyhow.

Thanks, Kris

Author:  Leaver [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Duerden MI's

Sorry Mel, you answered this question in another thread.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duerden MI's

No problem Kris. I know we looked for this quite some time ago for Bobbie and the search was fruitless then. The only option I can see now is a search of the burial registers. Gloria and I have provided Bobbie with contact details so that she can pursue that avenue.

Author:  Mel [ Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Duerden MI's

Owned by Joseph Duerden
Duerden Ellen 18/08/1883 59, Oxford Road A1033
Duerden Joseph 16/10/1903 69, Workhouse A1033

Owned by Nancy Coulthurst
Coulthurst William 17/01/1887 21, Weaver Clark St 15240
Coulthurst John William 08/07/1893 1yr 2mth, Argyle St 15240
Couch Nancy 09/02/1894 25, Cotton St 15240
Duerden Evelyn 17/08/1899 4, Scarlett St 15240
Coulthurst Nancy 22/3/1921 75, 15240
Thomas David 12/02/1916 56, 10 Hartley Street 15241
Coulthurst Amelia 10/08/1934 26, 15241
Eglin Jane 22/01/1934 73, 15241

Owned by Ethel Duerden
Taylor Mary Ann 18/08/1933 82, NE8111
Duerden William 06/11/1939 74, NE8111
Duerden Harry 09/07/1940 47, NE8111
Cook John Henry 19/05/1952 73, NE8111

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re:

Leaver wrote:
Burnley Express and News, November 11, 1939. page 11 (There is a photo of William Duerden with the news article)
The internment took place in Burnley Cemetery last Monday of Mr. William Duerden of 18, Fielden street, Burnley whose death occurred at the Burnley Hospital the previous Thursday in his 75th year.
A native of Burnley, Mr. Duerden had resided in the Cog-lane district the whole of his life. For over 42 years he was in the service of the G.P.O. as a postman, and on his retirement he received the King’s Medal and a gold watch and chain. He is survived by a widow, one son and one daughter.
The Rev. D.H. Curtis, vicar of St. John’s Church Gannow, officiated, and floral tributes were sent by: Sorrowing wife; daughter Hannah and Wilfred, Lawrence and Gladys; and Harry, Ethel and Eva, daughter in law Ethel and grandchildren Harry, Irene and Frank; Aunt Bell; his little love, Gladys; Dora, Harry, Ronnie; Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson and Minnie; the neighbours; postmaster and staff, Burnley General Post Office. Arrangements by Burnley Co-op. Society.

Burnley Express and News, April 14, 1943.
A resident in the Accrington-road district for 50 years, Mrs. Gertrude Duerden, of 18, Feilding-street, died suddenly on Wednesday last in her 78th year. She was the widow of Mr. William Duerden, postman. Mrs. Duerden leaves one daughter. The Rev. R. Hill, vicar of St. John’s Church, Gannow, officiated at the funeral on Monday. Arrangements by Burnley Co-op.

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