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Author:  Mel [ Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Pickles MI's

Haggate and Hill Lane MI's

Section B Grave 24
Loving Memory
of Lomeshaye Rd Nelson
Who died July 30th 1910
Aged 51 years.
Also Sarah, his wife
Who died March 3rd 1882
Aged 24 years.
Also Frederick Wm
Their son,
Who died Nov 10th 1893,
Aged 13 years.
Also Selina Sophia WOOD
His wife
Who died April 8th 1889
Aged 34 years.
Thy will be done

Section B Grave 112
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who departed this life June 6th 1903
Aged 64 years.
Also of Mary, beloved wife of
The above, who departed this life
Jany 30th 1908, aged 66 years.
Also of Bertha the beloved daughter of
Thomas & Mary PICKLES
of Cockden
Who departed this life April 21st 1871
Aged 1 year.
Also of Thomas & Alice their children
Who died in infancy.
Also of Thomas BERRY, son of
Ezra & Betsy BERRY
and Grand son of the above
Who died May 18th 1908, aged 3 months.
Also of Betsy, the beloved wife of
Ezra BERRY, and daughter of the above
Named Thomas & Mary PICKLES
Who died Nov 9th 1918 in her 42nd year.
Also of Ezra, husband of the above
Betsy BERRY, who departed this life
Jan 3rd 1939, in his 68th year.

Section B Grave 113
In Affectionate Remembrance of
of Roggerham Gate
Who departed this life May 17th 1876
In the 72nd year of his age
Also of Alice his wife
Who departed this life Nov 11th 1878
Aged 77 years.
Also of Elizabeth their daughter
Who departed this life March 15th 1886
Aged 48 years.
Also of Alice their Grandaughter
Who departed this life May 29th 1875,
In the 21st year of her age.
Also of William their son
Who departed this life Oct 23rd 1887
In the 45th year of his age.

Section B Grave 114
In Affectionate Remembrance
of Betsy, daughter of James
and Hannah PICKLES, of Ex-
twistle, who died March 31st 1869
Aged 5 years.
Also of Mary, her sister, who died
April 8th 1869 aged 7 years.
Also Elizabeth Alice their sister
Who died Janry 31st 1876 Aged 15 years.
Also of the above named James
Who died Feby 9th 1886,
In the 55th year of his age.
Also of Rose Ann, the beloved wife of
James Herny PICKLES
Who died July 14th 1898, aged 22 years.
Also of Hannah, wife of the above named
Who died July 19th 1915, in her 80th year.
Also of Susannah SIMPSON
Daughter of the above,
Who died Oct 18th 1936, in her 71st year.

Section C Grave 2
James BERRY died December 25th 1875 aged 30? yr
Melina daughter died July 27th 1889 aged 18 yrs
Emily Alice daughter died October 27th 1910 aged 36 yrs
Elizabeth his wife died March 20th 1906 aged 62 yrs
Anne Roberta PICKLES daughter died September 25th 1956 aged 84 yrs

Section C Grave 57
Nancy wife of Thomas Henry WIDDUP of Nelson died February 12th 1888 aged 21 yrs.
Mary PICKLES her sister died June 27th 1893 aged 12 yrs
Greenwood PICKLES father died July 5th 1904 aged 60 yrs.
Mary his wife died December 1909 aged 65 yrs
Susannah HARRISON died April 5th 1916 aged 69 yrs.

Section C Grave 233
In Loving Memory of
Called to the higher life
on the 21st Dec 1919
Aged 62 yrs.
Also Thomas PICKLES
Husband of the above
Called on the 30th July 1910
Aged 51 yrs.
Also Gladys
Daughter of the above
Called on the 24th May 1957
Aged 61 yrs

Section C Grave 305
Headstone and Kerb
Margaret PICKLES 22 Talbot St Briercliffe died August 29th 1931 aged 67 yrs.
Frederick her husband died September 20th 1942 aged 77 yrs.
Frederick William PICKLES husband of Eveline died June 23rd 1952 aged 57 yrs

Section C Grave 310
In Loving Memory of
of Monk Hall
Who died January 17th 1931
Aged 75 years
Also Benjamin PICKLES
Who died April 16th 1931
Aged 72 years
Also Joseph
The beloved husband of
Who died December 20th 1960
Aged 82 years
Rest In Peace
Life's Work Well Done

Section C Grave 341
In Loving Memory of
The dearly loved husband of
Died March 12th 1941 aged 55 years
Also his dearly loved wife
Emma Jane
Died August 13th 1979 aged 95 years
Also James PICKLES
Died Oct 23rd 1949 aged 64 years
Also Clarence the dearly
loved husband of Helen ATKINSON
Died Jany 19th 1966 aged 57 years
"Worthy of Remembrance"

Section C Grave 348
In Loving Memory of
Mary Ellen
The dearly loved wife of
Who died Jan 6th 1937
Aged 61 years
Also Wilfred
Their beloved son
Who died Feb 23rd 1937
Aged 32 years
Also the above named
Who died Feb 8th 1954
Aged 86 years
Also their beloved sons
Thomas Leslie PICKLES
And Horace PICKLES

Section D Grave 142
John PICKLES, Nelson, March 30th 1919, aged 35 years.
Martha, sister, January 20th 1930, aged 56 years.

Section D 158
Thos PICKLES, 45 Burnley Road, Briercliffe, February 10th 1924, aged 53 years.
Sarah, wife, May 26th 1929, aged 54 years.
Francis Leslie, husband of Edna PICKLES, August 18th 1950, aged 50 years.

Section F Grave 28
In Memory of
of Extwistle,
Who died November 17th
In the 78th year of his age.
Also Hannah, his wife,
Who died September 30th
1864, aged 61 years
Also Mary, their
Who April 16th 1858,
Aged 29 years.
Memory of
Mary Ann,
The beloved wife of
Henry PICKLES, of Sweet
Well Farm, Extwistle, Who
died October 28th 1898,
Aged 53 years.
Francis, son of Henry and Mary Ann PICKLES, of Monk Hall, September 28th 1886,
Aged 7 years.
Betty, their daughter, November 22nd 1886, 4 years.
Memory of
The beloved daughter of
James and Nancy PICKLES
of Extwistle
Who died January 16th
Aged 14 years.
A flower when offered in
The bud is no vain sacrifice
Also the above named
James, who died
October 6th 188
Aged 58 years.
Also the above named Nancy,
Who died March 6th 1906
Aged 77 years
Rest After Weariness, Sweet Rest At Last
Also Joseph,
Their son,
Who died March 17th 1874,
In the 42nd year of his age.
Also Benjamin,
Their son, who died
August 14th 1858,
Aged 24 years.
Also Hannah,
Their daughter
& wife of James PICKLES,
of Roggerham Gate,
Who died May 18th 1887,
Aged 49 years.

Section L Grave 81
Emma the beloved wife of
Uttley PICKLES of Nelson
Who died Dec 9th 1902
Aged 42 years

Section L Grave 125
Jas. Henry PICKLES of Harle Syke died Feb 22 1932 aged 56.
Maretta his wife died Mar 14 1939

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  St James Briercliffe MI's

St James Briercliffe MI's

In Loving Memory of Margaret The beloved wife of Halstead PICKLES of 12 Queen St, Briercliffe who departed this life March 8th 1909 aged 64 years.
Also of the above Halstead PICKLES who departed this life August 25th 1921 aged 79 years.
Also Susan their daughter who died July 14th 1930 aged 56 years.
Also Annie May their daughter beloved wife of John Wm FOSTER Died March 25th 1945 aged 62 years.
Also John Halstead their son, beloved husband of Margaret PICKLES died June 12th 1957 aged 78 years.
Also the above Margaret PICKLES died June 14th 1975 aged 95.
"Peace Perfect Peace"

In Loving Memory of James BROWN of Burnley who died January 30th 1932 aged 75 years.
Also of Sarah BROWN sister of the above Died May 13th 1936 aged 77 years.
Also of Mary Elizabeth PICKLESwho died August 8th 1942 aged 76 years.

In Loving Memory
Who died 14th May 1944
Aged 81 years.
Also Sarah his dear wife
Who died 2nd May 1949
Aged 81 years
Worthy of Remembrance

Author:  Mel [ Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Worsthorne Methodist & Wesleyan Methodist

Worsthorne Methodist & Wesleyan Methodist

Loving Memory
of William Henry
the beloved husband of
Law House Farm
Who died Sept 3rd 1900
in his 51st year
Also Mary Ann
his beloved wife
Who died Nov 5th 1926
In her 77th year
Loving Memory
of Alice wife of
of Butchers Farm Worsthorne
and daughter of the above
Who died Dec 20th 1917
in her 45th year
At Rest
Loving Memory
Who died May 6th 1979
Aged 84 years
and Constance his beloved wife
Who died Feb 2nd 167
aged 65 years
Also Alice May
their beloved daughter
Who died March 3rd 1942
aged 18 years
and Hugh
their beloved son
Who died May 2nd 1949
aged 22 years

Author:  Mel [ Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  St John Worthorne MI's

St John Worthorne MI's

To the memory of
Lord CROWTHER the son of Edmund
Departed this life on the 3rd day of
May 1837 aged 3 months
Also George CROWTHER of
Hurstwood who departed this life on
the 22nd day of November 1838 in the 54th
year of his age
"This saith the Lord set thine house in order for
thou shalt died and not live" Isiah Chap.38
Also Margaret the daughter of the
above named Edmund and Mary CROW
THER who died June 19th 1843 aged 25
"Watch for ye know not what hour Your Lord doth come"
Also to the memory of the above
named Edmund CROWTHER of
Hurstwood who departed this life April
13th 1858 aged 79 years
also Mary the wife of the above
named Edmund CROWTHER who departed
this life July 15th 1858 aged 68 years
"I waited patiently for the Lord and He
Inclined unto me and heard my cry"
Also Elizabeth PICKLES the wife
of Hitchon PICKLES and the
daughter of the above named Edmund
and Mary CROWTHER who departed
this life October 21st 1858 aged 36 years
Also Edmund son of
Edmund and Mary CROWTHER
of Hurstwood, the beloved husband of
Jane CROWTHER of Higher Naze End
Trawden who departed this life
February 15th 1897 in his
72nd year
Also James
the son of the
above named
Edmund and Mary
CROWTHER who died
December 10th 1861
Aged 30
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... owther.htm

to the
memory of Ellis
PICKLES who died
May 4th 1857 aged
38 years
Also Hitchon his son
Who died May 15th 1853
aged 6 years

In Memory of
son of Henry and Margaret
PICKLES who died April 25th 1856 aged 40 years
Also Margaret daughter
of Hitchon and Elizabeth PICKLES who died June 10th
1861 aged 17 years
Also John SAGAR their grandson who died April 7th 1879 aged 7 months
Also Harry their grandson who
died Jan 3rd 1884 aged 17 months
In Memory of
Son of Henry and Margaret PICKLES who died June 22nd 1854 aged 62 years
Also Hitchon son of
Henry and Margaret
PICKLES who departed this life Feb 26th 1892
aged 83 years
Also Mary Ann SAGAR
daughter of the above Hitchon PICKLES
Who died Jan 3rd 1915
aged 68 years
to the memory of
Margaret daughter of
the late Peter and Sarah HITCHON and
wife of Henry PICKLES
stone mason of
Worsthorne who departed this
life on the 9th day of
Feb 1839 aged 68
In memory of
Henry son of Henry and Margaret PICKLES
who departed this life
Sept 13th 1841 aged
34 years
Also Hitchon the beloved
son of the afore named
Mary Ann SAGAR and
grandson of Hitchon PICKLES
who died May 2nd 1924
in his 50th year.
http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... itchon.htm

In memory of
James HEAP
of Hurstwood
who died April 25th 1850
aged 31 years
Also Sarah Ann
daughter of the above
Who died April 28th 1869
aged 19 years
Also Mary Ann PICKLES
of Hurstwood
Who died Aug 3rd 1907
Also Alice HEAP
daughter of the above
Who died Feb 3rd 1892
aged 47 years
Also John grandson of above
who died Oct 16th 1889
in his 5th year
Also Ishmael PROCTER
who died April 6th 1911
aged 68 years
Also his beloved wife
Eliza Jane PROCTER
who died Sept 19th 1930
aged 83 years

In affectionate remembrance
Who died January 5th 1885
in the 80th year of his age
Also Mary wife of the above
Who died September 13th 1886
aged 80 years
Also William son of the above
Who died April 26th 1908
aged 64 years

In memory of
Catharine the wife of Joseph
PICKLES of Holden within Extwistle
who died May 14th 1836 aged 27 years
Also Margaret wife of william
SIMPSON who died February 7th 1837
aged 37 years
Also James PICKLES of Holden who
died July 31st 1844 aged 70 years
Also Mary widow of the above
James PICKLES who departed this
life on the 22nd day of January 1847
in the 71st year of her age
Also Edmund the son of James
and Mary PICKLES of Worsthorn who died
November 17th 1852 aged 11 years
Also James SIMPSON
the son of the aboce named
William SIMPSON who departed this life
September 12th 1861 aged 30 years
Also the above named William SIMPSON
who departed this life June 9th 1874
aged 71 years

Treasured memories of
died Feb 25th 1941
Aged 72 years
Ann Elizabeth STANWORTH
his beloved wife
died Dec 1st 1948
aged 78 years
their beloved son
fied Aug 16th 1968
aged 60 years
their beloved daughter
died Nov 8th 1975
aged 75 years
Also Robert PICKLES of
Roggerham who died
November 4th 1869
aged 53 years

In Loving Memory of
Hubert TODD
who died Feby 1st 1939
aged 55 years
also Mary TODD
who died Novr 16th 1962
aged 82 years
Also Peter son of the above
who died in infancy
Also Maud Elizabeth PICKLES
who died Aug 19th 1956
aged 71 years

In loving memory of
Alfred Henry PICKLES
Justice of the Peace
for the County of Lancaster
Died Jan 30th 1949 aged 71 years
Also Eliza PICKLES
wife of the above
died May 29th 1953
died Feb 1st 1909 aged 65 years
Elizabeth PICKLES
died June 14th 1923 aged 76 years
died April 19th 1943 aged 61 years
Also Franklin PICKLES
died June 27th 1964 aged 55 years

In loving memory of
a dear husband and
father Thomas Hargreaves PICKLES
Died March 6th 1967
aged 62 years

With Love we remember
the dearly loved wife
of Basil PICKLES
died May 15th 1960
aged 37 years

Author:  Leaver [ Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:19 am ]
Post subject: 

When- 23 October 1887
Where – Roggerham Gate, Extwistle
Name – William Pickles
Sex - Male
Age – 44 years
Occupation – Out Door Labourer
Cause – Pneumonia, certified by J. Burns
Informant – James Pickles, cousin, present at death, of Roggerham Gate, Extwistle
Registered – 24 October 1887
Registrar – Robert Munn, Registrar

Author:  Leaver [ Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:31 am ]
Post subject: 

When- 15 March 1886
Where – Roggerham, Extwistle
Name – Elizabeth Pickles
Sex - Female
Age – 48 years
Occupation – Cotton Weaver
Cause – Rheumatic (Heart Disease) Dropsy, ?, certified by ? Smithwaite, surgeon
Informant – Thomas Pickles, Brother, present at death, of Haggate Briercliffe
Registered – 15 March 1886
Registrar – Robert Munn, Registrar

Author:  Leaver [ Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

When – 29 May 1875
Where – Elmwood Terrace, Habergham Eaves
Name – Alice Pickles
Sex - Female
Age – 20 years
Occupation – Sewer
Cause – Valvular Disease of Heart, Dropsy certified by T. Willis
Informant – Mary Halstead, Mother, of Elmwood Terrace, Habergham Eaves
Registered – 31 May 1875
Registrar – Robert Munn, Registrar

Author:  Leaver [ Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

When – 14 July 1898
Where – 7 Townley Street, Briercliffe
Name – Rose Ann Pickles
Sex - Female
Age – 22 years
Occupation – Wife of James Henry Pickles a cotton weaver
Cause – Typhoid Fever, perforation of bowel certified by T.M. Scott
Informant – James H. Pickles, widower of deceased in attendance, of 7 Townley street, Briercliffe
Registered – 14 July 1898
Registrar – A.A. Bellingham, Registrar

http://www.briercliffesociety.co.uk/Gra ... impson.htm

1901 Census - RG13; Piece: 3868; Folio: 59; Page: 29.
7 Townley Street, Briercliffe
Hannah PICKLES, Head, Widow, 64yrs, b. Extwistle
James H. PICKLES, Son, Widow, 25yrs, Cotton Weaver, b. Worsthorne
Susannah SIMPSON, Daughter, Widow, 35yrs, Cotton Weaver, b. Extwistle
Florence SIMPSON, Grand-daughter, 12yrs, b. Briercliffe
Clara SIMPSON, Grand-daughter, 9yrs, b. Briercliffe
Mary E. SIMPSON, Grand-daughter, 6yrs, b. Briercliffe
Rose H. SIMPSON, Grand-daughter, 2yrs, b. Briercliffe

Author:  Mel [ Mon May 19, 2008 8:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

Private Charles Pickles

Private James Henry Pickles

Author:  Leaver [ Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pickles MI's

Burnley Express and News, May 20, 1944
On Wednesday afternoon the internment took place in the family grave at St. James’s Church, Briercliffe, of Mr. Charles Pickles, of 11, Cuerdale-street, Harle Syke. Mr. Pickles, who died on Sunday, was one of the oldest and most highly respected Briercliffe residents. He was in his 82nd year and was born in Burnley. When 18? he joined a Regiment of Hussars and served for two years. He then went to America for two years, and on his return to Burnley he married. That was 58 years ago. Mr. Pickles, who was a member of the old Burnley Volunteers, had resided at Briercliffe for the past 39 years. He was very well-known throughout the town, having been in business on his own account as a coal dealer and contractor. Mr. Pickles is survived by a widow, three sons and three daughters. One son is at present serving with H.M. Forces in the Middle East, and two of his sons were killed during the Great War. The Rev. A. B. Dex, M.A., Vicar of Briercliffe, offered prayers at the home and officiated at church and graveside. Arrangements by Burnley Cp-op. Society.

Author:  Mel [ Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pickles MI's

Burnley Advertiser
Saturday 24 April 1858
On the 16th inst., Mary Pickles, within Extwistle, aged 29.

Burnley Gazette
Saturday 28 March 1874
On the 17th inst., aged 42 years, Joseph Pickles, Extwistle

Burnley Express
Saturday 20 March 1886
PICKLES. -On March 15th, Elizabeth Pickles, Extwistle, aged 48 years

Author:  Mel [ Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pickles MI's

Express and News

March 18, 1939

Death While Spring Cleaning

Harle Syke Widow's Fall Down Stairs

"This is an ordinary domestic accident. The lady was engaged in spring cleaning, the stairs carpet had been removed. There was nothing unnatural in her wearing clogs. Obviously the skip on the stairs had caused her death. It is a very unfortunate accident," said the East Lancashire Coroner (Mr. F. Rowland) at an inquest at the Nelson Town Hall last Thursday on Marretta Pickles (59), widow, 19, Kimberley-street, Harle Syke. A verdice of "Accidental Death" was returned.
Harry Pickles, weaver, said that for a number of years his mother had enjoyed good health, except for an occasional cold. On Tuesday afternoon at 1-50 she was washing up in the kitchen when he left the house. When he returned home at 5-40p.m. he saw her lying at the bottom of the stairs in a huddled position. Her head was about half-way in the centre of the lobby. She was fully clothed and was wearing clogs. On the third step from the top of the stairs he saw an open tin of polishing wax, and at the bottom was the tin lid, along with two dusters.
The Coroner: There is no doubt that she had fallen from the stairs top to the bottom?
-That is so.
Witness added that he went for assistance, and when a doctor arrived he pronounced life extinct. During the past week his mother had been assisting in the spring cleaning, and the stairs carpet had been removed for the purpose.
P.C. Holden said that he examined deceased and found a bruise on the shin of the left leg and another on the left hand. He found a scraped mark on the right-hand side of the wall, and also a piece of paper missing from the right-hand side. This had been done recently.
The Coroner: This was consistent with the fact that she had fallen?
- Yes.
Dr. Palin, police surgeon, said the post-mortem examination revealed that death had been accelerated as a result of the fall down stairs. He thought she was taken ill while she was on the stairs.

Author:  Mel [ Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pickles MI's

Burnley Express and Advertiser

27 February 1932

While in Motion
Briercliffe Man Falls Off 'Bus
Conflict of Evidence at Inquest

Sitting with a jury, the Eat Lancashire Coroner (Mr. F. Rowland), last Wednesday, investigated at Nelson the death of James Henry Pickles (55), cotton weaver, 19, Kimberley-street, Briercliffe, which took place last Monday, following an accident. Mr. Britnell (Messrs. Pollard and Co.), appeared for the widow, and Mr. Lister (Messrs. Oddie and Roebuck) represented the Nelson Corporation 'Bus Department.
Maretta Pickles said that up to the last five years her husband had enjoyed good health, but had since been troubled with bronchitis, for which he had received treatment. Last Saturday they left home to go to Nelson on a Nelson Corporation 'bus, which left Harle Syke at 6-30 p.m. On nearing Lomeshaye-road, he said, "We get off here." Her husband vacated his seat and went to the front of the 'bus. She saw him standing near to the exit, and the conductor, who was near him, signalled the 'bus to stop. On getting up from her seat she missed her husband. As she was stepping off the conductor said "You have got off before it has quite stopped." She thought the 'bus had stopped. On leaving she found her husband lying in the roadway about two 'bus lengths in the rear of the vehicle. She did not know what had happened to him, and she did not know whether they had reached a 'bus stage. On going to her husband he did not speak or try to get up. He was assisted into the vehicle and taken to a doctor's surgery, and later to the Fire Station to the ambulance and then removed home. As soon as he reached home the doctor was summoned. Her husband was badly hurt on the right side of the head, the right hand, and he had also other injuries. That night he laid on the couch, but the following morning the bed was brought down. During the week-end he had some sleep, but complained of pain in his head, and he was very restless. He did not actually lose consciousness, but he was not able to talk much.
The Coroner: Did he say how the accident happened? -He said that he never got off the 'bus.
I suppose he meant that he never intended to get off? -He said that he never got off the 'bus while it was running.
But he must have done? -I cannot say, but he said that he never got off while the 'bus was running. I have never known him do such a thing.
Witness added that last Monday morning he appeared better, and went to sleep at 10 a.m. Half an hour later she found him with his mouth open and making a gurgling noise. She sent for the doctor, who pronounced life extinct.
Walter Jackson, -Duke-street, Briercliffe, said that he travelled on the same 'bus. He saw deceased standing near the exit, the conductor being near to him. Mrs Pickles was standing behind her husband waiting to get off.
The Coroner. You could not say what happened immediatly after that? -No, but somebody said that a man had fallen off, and the conductor was stopping a woman from getting off.
Did the conductor stop the woman? -Yes, he said, "You will be falling off."
The 'bus was still travelling? -Very slowly then.
The Coroner: Did the conductor ring the bell? -I did not hear him.
Deceased was picked up about fifteen yards behind the 'bus? -Yes.
Is it downhill there? -I am not familiar with the district, but I believe it is downhill.
Mr. Britnell: Were there many people on the 'bus? -I should say eight or ten.
How many were getting off? -Two, Mr and Mrs Pickles.
Was the 'bus travelling down the hill fast, slow or medium? -I should say medium.
What was the speed of the bus going down Hibson-road? -The usual speed for 'buses, about fifteen to twenty miles per hour.
Does the road curve sharply? -It does at the corner of the public-house, but not lower down.
A juror: Was the 'bus slowing down when the man got off? -I did not see him get off.

Driver Denies He Swerved.
Stephen Garnett, 18, Beddington-street, the 'bus driver, said that when he got sixty yards from Lomeshaye-road, he heard the bell ring, and immediately slowed down before he approached the stopping place. He heard a bump on the near side of the 'bus and on looking round saw the conductor preventing a lady from jumping off the wrong way. He applied his brakes slowly, because had he done otherwise he would have thrown both the conductor and the lady off their feet. He got out and assisted Pickles into the 'bus to be taken to a doctor's, and later to the ambulance.
The Coroner: As to your speed - were you going slow, moderate or fast? -I should be going slowly because I had already commenced to pull up after hearing the ring.
You heard the witness say that he did not hear the conductor signal? -Yes, he did signal.
Was the man unconscious when you first saw him? -He came round before reaching the Fire Station.
Mr. Britnell: Did you leave Harle Syke up to time? -Yes at 6:30
What time did you reach Lomeshaye? -About 6-40.
What distance is it? -About two miles.
Did you have any stops on the way? -Yes, but I cannot remember how many.
Did you swerve around the corner of the road? -No, there was no need to do because there was nothing in the way.
Did you look at the speedometer on this particular night? -No.
Have you ever had an accident before? -No.
Tom Astin, 49, Princess-street, the conductor, said that about fifty yards before the 'bus reached Lomeshaye he gave the driver a signal to stop. The driver at once began to slow down. About twenty yards from the stopping place Pickles and his wife got up from their seats, and walked to the front of the 'bus. Pickles stepped on to the step, Mrs. Pickles being behind him. When Pickles had got on to the step he watched him and formed the impression that he was not going to get off until the 'bus stopped. Witness proceeded to pick up his waybill, and then heard Mrs Pickles say "Oh." On looking up, he missed Pickles. He took hold of Mrs. Pickles and prevented her from getting off, because the 'bus was still travelling. He did not see Pickles fall.
Mr. Britnell: When he was standing on the step had deceased hold of the handrail? -Yes.

A Thing That Happened Every Day.
Did you notice the 'bus swerve at all? -No.
Is it your practice to allow people to stand in that position while the bus is running? -It happens every day.
Do you never stop them from standing on the step? -Yes, when they are old.
Can you suggest any reason why if Pickles had hold of the handrail he should suddenly disappear? -No.
Are you sure the 'bus did not swerve? -No, there was nothing to swerve for. He took the turn gradually.
What speed was he going? -About twelve miles per hour.
Mrs. Pickles was recalled. Addressing her, the Coroner explained taht she was in a difficulty. He understood her to tell him that she saw her husband standing at the front of the 'bus, and that when she got up her husband had disappeared. The difficulty was that there had been three witnesses called, the 'bus driver, the conductor, and Jackson, the latter an independent witness, and they said that at the time that her husband was standing on the 'bus near to the door. Mrs. Pickles was also standing up apparently behind him.
Mrs. Pickles: I did not. When my husband got up he stood on the platform. I did not get up then. The conductor rang the bell and I got up and when I went to the exit I missed my husband.
The Coroner: You don't know how he alighted from the 'bus? -I did not know there had been an accident when I got off. The conductor never said anything to me.
Did the conductor prevent you from getting off the 'bus? -He never did. He said that I had got off before it had stopped.
It is suggested that he prevented you from getting off? -No, he didn't, he never touched me.
It was suggested by the driver that you were getting off the 'bus in the wrong way? -It is not right.
P.C. Riley described the injuries, which were chiefly on the right side.
The Coroner remarked at this stage that he was calling as a witness P.C. Dodson, but he did so with hesitancy.

Constable and Widow's Statement.
P.C. Dodson spoke to receiving information about the accident. He saw Mrs. Pickles, who made a statement to him, and he wrote it down in his pocket book. She told him that the accident was caused through her husband stepping off the 'bus while it was in motion, and that there was no blame attached to anybody else.
Mr. Britnell: She would be very upset atthe time? -Yes.
Did you press her to make a statement? -No sir.
Did you ask her questions as to what had happened? -Yes.
She was very upset. Do you think that she knew what she was saying? -It would be hard to say.
She would hardly know what she was saying? -No, she would not.
The Coroner: Have you any doubt in your mind as to whether this woman understood what she was saying? -She was very upset at the time because of her husband's condition.
Was she so upset that she was unable to know what she was saying? -It is hard to say.
I take it that you would not have taken a statement if you thought that she did not comprehend? -Well, she was in her own mind.
The Coroner: I think we understand.
The Coroner, addressing the jury, remarked that there was a distinct conflict in the evidence given by Mrs. Pickles and that of the other witnesses. They had also the evidence of P.C. Dodson, who said that she told him that her husband was the only one to blame. There had been a suggestion about the speed and about swerving, but there had been no evidence of the latter. The evidence showed that the 'bus proceeded along in quite the ordinary way. He added, "Even 'buse must move. There seems to have been no extra ordinary speed about this one. The driver and the conductor have acted properly. The conductor cannot act as a nursemaid to his passengers on the 'bus. You must not expect too much from these men. They do their duty remarkably well. Sometimes they are a little short-tempered and do offend, but perhaps we might show the same discourtesy under similar circumstances. There is nothing in this case which warrants you in finding that there has been any improper conduct."
After a short retirement, the foreman of the jury said that they had come to the conclusion that the deceased met his death accidentally by falling off the 'bus. They returned a verdict of "Accidental death," and expressed sympathy with the relatives.

http://briercliffesociety.co.uk/Soldier ... ickles.htm

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Burnley News

Wednesday, July 21, 1915

Death of an Old Inhabitant

Residents in the village will learn with deep regret of the death of Mrs. Hannah Pickles, of 7, Townley-street. The deceased lady, who was in her 80th year, was born at Extwistle, and had lived all her life in Briercliffe district. She had always been very active and had carried out the full household duties right up to three weeks ago, when she was confined to bed with bronchitis. The illness developed, and after suffering very severely she passed away on Monday morning. The funeral will take place at Haggate to-morrow. (Thursday)

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